J & R Vintage Auto Museum – Rio Rancho, NM (USA)

While waiting for my luggage to appear on the carousel at Albuquerque airport, I wandered over to the local Tourist Information stand, and my eye immediately fell on a flyer about a local automotive attraction, the J & R Vintage Auto Museum, no less. I picked up the leaflet, and resolved to include it in my plans for my stay in New Mexico. Here is a report on what I found.

The Museum is tucked away in an unlikely place. It’s in a large building, well off the NM Route 528, about 2 miles off the main I25 Freeway, some 12 miles north of Albuquerque. It’s open daily during the summer months, but not on Sundays during the Winter Season. This is an unpretentious place, full of cars owned by the proprietors, who have decided to make their collection available for more people to enjoy. It’s not a flashy sort of place, at all, with simple hand-written signs telling you what the cars are, and with a little bit of history. The vast majority of the exhibits have been restored, and there is a workshop attached, where several more vehicles were in “for surgery” at the time I was there.

1912 Buick Model 28

1926 Ford Model ‘T’

1914 Ford Model ‘T’ Touring

1915 Dodge Touring

1924 Ford Model ‘T’ Roadster

1926 Ford Model ‘T’ Pickup

1914 Ford Model ‘T’ Depot Hack

1933 Plymouth 4 Door

1934 Chevrolet Master

1932 Ford V8 Coupe

1934 Ford V8 Cabriolet

1935 Ford V8 Roadster

1956 Ford Thunderbird

1940 Ford PickUp

1950 Ford Custom deLuxe CrestLiner

941 Plymouth Special de Luxe

1923 Mack Type ‘C’

1932 Diamond T

1938 Mack EH

1939 Mack ED

1935 Buddy Stewart

1962 Ford Unibody

1947 Lincoln Continental

1953 Ford F100

1959 Studebaker Transitor

1959 Ford F100 Custom


1916 White

1934 Ford V8 Roadster

1922 Marmon Speedster

1932 Packard Roadster

1917 Marmon Chumany

1932 Hupmobile

1931 Ford Roadster Pickup

1931 Ford Model ‘A’ Cabrio

1931 Reo Speedwagon

1941 Cadillac

1948 Ford V8 Super deLuxe Convertible – this is the only survivor of a series of 10 cars that Ford built specially to transport tourists over the Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes, in Michigan

1931 Packard

1930 Packard Model 733 Convertible Coupe

1932 Packard Coupe Sedan

1927 Marmon

1932 Chevrolet deLuxe Sports Roadster

1931 Reo Royale

1928 Ford Model ‘A’ Special Coupe


1931 Ford Model ‘A’ 400

1929 Ford Roadster Pickup

1929 Ford Sedan Delivery

1936 Ford V8 Phaeton

1938 Buick Century Phaeton

1929 Buick

1926 Rickenbacker


1927 Peerless 6-90

1923 Buick 55 Sport Touring

1964 Mercury Comet Caliente Convertible

1931 Devaux

1928 Willys Knight – famous for a sleeved valve technology that never caught on elsewhere


1960 Studebaker Lark Convertible

1979 Ford Thunderbird

Mercury Eight

1935 Ford deLuxe Touring

1923 Page 7 Passenger Phaeton

Well worth seeking out if you are in the Albuquerque/Santa Fe area of New Mexico. And if you are not, well there’s plenty of other attractions in the area to make a visit to New Mexico an enjoyable experience. After all, the strap-line on the licence plates is: “Land of Enchantment”.

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