Rolls-Royce Museum – Dornbirn (A)


If you were asked to guess where in the world you would find the largest single collection of Rolls Royce cars, I am sure that few people would suggest a small town just over the Swiss border, in Austria. But that – Dornbirn, to be precise, is exactly where such a collection is to be found. There are a lot of exhibits. Actually, far too many for the space available, as they are somewhat crammed in, and it is difficult fully to appreciate these majestic motor cars. The majority are Phantom models from the launch of this car, to replace the Silver Ghost, in 1925, right up the Phantom III cars that were being made in 1939 when war broke out. Many of the cars were originally owned by Royalty, and there is a huge variety of body styles and different coachbuilders represented. A lot of the cars – not unsurprisingly – still have English plates on them



As well as the museum, there is a workshop and restoration area, and a couple of people were hard at work, even on a Saturday morning when I visited. There looks to be plenty to keep them occupied for a while!


There is but one car in the museum that is not a Rolls-Royce. It’s a 1948 Delage, and as it is very elegant, I guess I can forgive its inclusion in the collection!

The museum is located just outside the Austrian town of Dornbirn, close to the Swiss and German borders at the eastern end of the BodenSee and 10km south of Bregenz. It is well sign posted from the A14 Autobahn, which is just as well, as it is outside the town and you are convinced you must have passed it. The museum is open every day of the week except Monday. Admission costs a reasonable 8 Euros, but they charge a rather steep additional 10 Euros for a photo permit. More information can be found here: Rolls-Royce Museum

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