La Vie en Bleu at Prescott Hillclimb – June 2013

 photo P1180398_zps67a85bf3.jpg  photo P1180476_zps6e13f2fe.jpg  photo P1180402_zps5c0fb8c9.jpg  photo P1180607_zps0b2bbc4b.jpg  photo P1180475_zps5d0d9390.jpg
La Vie en Bleu, a celebration of all things French, has been held at Prescott, the Gloucestershire home to the Bugatti Owners Club, ever since 2007, and during that time, it has become a firm favourite among forummers, repeatedly constituting our largest annual gathering. After 2 very wet years in 2007 and 2008, the weather has generally been kind, with all following years enjoying plenty of sunshine. With plenty of participation from Owners, Racers and the Paying Public, and benefitting from the fact that the event has taken place over the late May Bank Holiday weekend, there has always been plenty to see ranging from a number of Bugatti Veyrons and other older French cars in the Paddock, a series of displays by all the major Car Clubs for French cars, and several others besides, quite apart from a paddock stocked with competitors for a busy 2 day hill-climb programme, and public car parks which tend to attract all manner of interesting and rare cars as well.

For reasons I still do not quite understand,  the 2013 event was moved back a weekend, and the fact that this meant it no longer coincided with a Bank Holiday did seem to impact both the Car Club displays and also the paddock, though with crowds of the paying public arriving all morning on both days, the event still felt busy, and there was still plenty to see. Sunday was noticeably busier than Saturday, as tends to be the case with all events like this. The weather gods were feeling kind, too, with some most welcome spring sunshine and only a few clouds bathing the venue on both days. Despite spending two very full days revelling in everything that was going on, and the 500 photos in this report record much of what I saw, there was still plenty that I missed out on. A look at Prescott’s Facebook page will fill in some of those gaps (and a judicious Google will probably complete the picture), but there is plenty here for you to enjoy.


It has become quite a tradition that at least one participant manages to bring along a surprise new acquisition. In 2012, that was me, but in 2013 it was down to two others to do so, though both had dropped a couple of clues in the days leading up to the event. Ross Yallup’s 1 day old Fiesta ST was unquestionably a very nice brand new car, but the star of the show had to be the Phase 2 Citroen CX Turbo GTi in which Chris Hendrie arrived. Fresh from a visit to the paint shop, this splendid machine turned out to be the very last CX to be sold in the UK, and judging by its H plate and 1991 registration, it clearly had quite a delay in hitting the road after the successor XM model went on sale. Although the CX disappeared relatively early on Saturday, Chris brought it back on the Sunday, giving Meadhbh, his partner, her first opportunity to experience a long journey in this wondrous machine.

  photo P1180277_zps04757946.jpg  photo P1180195_zpsbfb3bf5d.jpg  photo P1180288_zps4ec3f825.jpg  photo P1180199_zpsb5695639.jpg  photo P1180198_zps1e65b0ae.jpg  photo P1180450_zpsc87f62b1.jpg  photo P1180449_zps7bbd956d.jpg  photo P1180197_zps96f3ee78.jpg  photo P1180196_zps3a084c76.jpg  photo P1180204_zps9b01ec44.jpg  photo P1180213_zpsbe519359.jpg  photo P1180212_zps6ca50fbf.jpg  photo P1180254_zpsf472d8f8.jpg  photo P1180256_zps4ef36de0.jpg  photo P1180289_zps95d92af6.jpg

The CX may have been the star of the show, but between us, we put on a very impressive, and varied show, and all the vehicles attracted attention not just from among the forummers, but also other event attendees, with plenty of questions asked and photos taken.  With 18 cars in TheMotor’s reserved parking area on the Saturday and 16 on the Sunday, this was our biggest assembly yet. Needless to say, James Swan’s Standard Big 9 proved particularly eye-catching, and I heard many people on looking at Connor Gray’s newly restored Mini Van (and what a splendid job has been done) wondering out loud how they managed to pack everything into such a small device.

 photo P1180209_zps5a980dbf.jpg  photo P1180276_zps7334a613.jpg  photo P1180395_zpsf6a1a71e.jpg  photo P1180452_zps0fb1ba23.jpg  photo P1180251_zpsfeb82dff.jpg  photo P1180326_zps2429459f.jpg  photo P1180447_zps6a7ca70a.jpg  photo P1180255_zps34137d7e.jpg  photo P1180208_zps921ed3b3.jpg  photo P1180282_zpse0fe99e5.jpg  photo P1180281_zps7607a004.jpg  photo P1180206_zps1eaa7df9.jpg  photo P1180280_zps40b4bc2d.jpg  photo P1180432_zps5571558c.jpg  photo P1180443_zps364bdf51.jpg  photo P1180442_zpsac2e7767.jpg  photo P1180284_zps713f97e0.jpg  photo P1180200_zps5ab7b9ea.jpg  photo P1180192_zpsc65742cb.jpg  photo P1180191_zps7e2440d7.jpg  photo P1180325_zps94a89f39.jpg  photo P1180193_zps19600738.jpg  photo P1180211_zps42416025.jpg  photo P1180278_zpsda8686a7.jpg  photo P1180330_zpsc2008eaf.jpg  photo P1180331_zps269f8dfd.jpg  photo P1180446_zps207120e0.jpg

 photo P1180253_zps2a46d10e.jpg  photo P1180214_zps67c91df8.jpg  photo P1180327_zpsead261f0.jpg  photo P1180252_zps8d0b2eed.jpg  photo P1180279_zps0decaa11.jpg  photo P1180257_zps496c11b6.jpg  photo P1180216_zps28050f97.jpg  photo P1180329_zps9e8acf36.jpg  photo P1180283_zps71364205.jpg  photo P1180207_zps121a770f.jpg  photo P1180205_zps2a912d30.jpg  photo P1180328_zpsf6c1bb87.jpg  photo P1180203_zps1ff0c459.jpg  photo P1180335_zps0d3c0574.jpg  photo P1180334_zpse04e47b5.jpg  photo P1180215_zps2724c627.jpg  photo P1180210_zpsb77e19e9.jpg  photo P1180454_zps7d2c661a.jpg  photo P1180448_zps05683f80.jpg  photo P1180381_zps559438a9.jpg  photo P1180575_zps4ed7874b.jpg  photo P1180573_zps1d658040.jpg  photo P1180572_zpsc3e7f6d9.jpg  photo P1180571_zpsb1c891eb.jpg  photo P1180569_zps31a6f5be.jpg  photo P1180576_zpsa976938d.jpg  photo P1180444_zpse1808ad7.jpg  photo P1180453_zpse0cd9dec.jpg  photo P1180441_zps59cecf47.jpg  photo P1180568_zpsb897f7a8.jpg  photo P1180621_zps3892278c.jpg  photo P1180620_zps7a7dd3e3.jpg  photo P1180574_zps568bdfe2.jpg  photo P1180194_zpsae613611.jpg  photo P1180217_zps5dd9fa1d.jpg  photo P1180202_zps7ce7378e.jpg  photo P1180445_zps1402e146.jpg  photo P1180290_zps467089c7.jpg  photo P1180201_zpsf9c682b1.jpg  photo P1180570_zpsd0f653e4.jpg



Although the area allocated to the Citroen Owners Club was not full on either day, there were still plenty of interesting Citroen to inspect and enjoy. Oldest machines were the Traction based cars, and there were several different Limousine and Cabriolet models on both days.

 photo P1180266_zpscec133d3.jpg  photo P1180246_zps14d7a915.jpg  photo P1180691_zpseabb4bee.jpg  photo P1180268_zps2ef414d0.jpg  photo P1180267_zpsfa3ea5e7.jpg  photo P1180558_zpsdd55c17d.jpg  photo P1180394_zpseb21fa86.jpg

There were far fewer DS models this year. Most unusual was a one-off 4 door cabriolet conversion, which sported a 2.7 litre V6 engine (ex Citroen SM) under the bonnet.

 photo P1180690_zps5a8585ce.jpg  photo P1180436_zpse7b0a356.jpg  photo P1180435_zpsa4325c57.jpg  photo P1180245_zpse8ca4adb.jpg  photo P1180689_zpsfaa2c13a.jpg  photo P1180392_zpsd3621efa.jpg  photo P1180380_zps997b3de8.jpg

A lone CX GTi Turbo sported For Sales signs, with the asking price of just under £4000 being bound to tempt someone.

 photo P1180265_zps8fad5ca3.jpg  photo P1180320_zps080b73d5.jpg

There were plenty of 2CV models, though with the exception of a late Sunday afternoon arrival of an early cream car, all of them were relatively late models, including some of the limited edition derivatives such as the Beachcomber and the Spot.

  photo P1180264_zps909ce75f.jpg  photo P1180433_zpsfb57366b.jpg  photo P1180314_zpsa2f8fdb1.jpg  photo P1180248_zps86104648.jpg  photo P1180247_zpsa1568893.jpg  photo P1180520_zps4250b0d6.jpg  photo P1180519_zps18c83728.jpg  photo P1180557_zps0e6d143d.jpg  photo P1180515_zps2824c178.jpg  photo P1180516_zps6ae59e0c.jpg  photo P1180317_zps36e03378.jpg  photo P1180522_zps96382d3e.jpg  photo P1180523_zpsd07b11c9.jpg  photo P1180517_zps977e378e.jpg  photo P1180249_zps290ca03a.jpg  photo P1180321_zps1c0025d7.jpg   photo P1180319_zps262dff4f.jpg

This rather odd looking device is built on a 2CV chassis, which is why it was included in the Citroen display area.

 photo P1180434_zps098716ab.jpg

This year there were quite a few Dyane, which was good to see.

 photo P1180518_zpsa5fc9dd9.jpg  photo P1180683_zpsf3666155.jpg  photo P1180437_zps4aeb5f69.jpg  photo P1180241_zpsbb8a244f.jpg  photo P1180684_zps9931883d.jpg  photo P1180556_zps250094dd.jpg  photo P1180316_zpsd65db51d.jpg  photo P1180243_zps5d949f28.jpg  photo P1180323_zps254e42d6.jpg  photo P1180242_zpsadc29000.jpg  photo P1180438_zps54ad672e.jpg  photo P1180521_zps9bdc296a.jpg  photo P1180322_zps18295bb6.jpg

There was only one Ami, though, an 8 Estate.

 photo P1180318_zps5619ad8a.jpg  photo P1180315_zpsfe8d08b4.jpg

A single GS model was joined on the Sunday by the last UK registered GSA, a car which I had seen at the Bristol Classic Car Show a few weeks ago.

 photo P1180269_zpsf22ff896.jpg  photo P1180244_zps6225ebd0.jpg  photo P1180525_zpsad01427a.jpg  photo P1180524_zps3e7f6a14.jpg

The C6, now sadly out of production, has by common consent got all the attributes of “instant classic” about it. Such a marvellous looking car.

 photo P1180391_zps6a66aa9e.jpg

Bringing things right up to date was Citroen’s latest model, the DS3 Cabrio, a car with plenty of appeal. I confidently predict that in years to come, we will see a whole row of this generation of DS3 hatch and cabrio cars.

 photo P1180693_zps7342e846.jpg  photo P1180692_zpsf4f7d8cd.jpg


The small Matra showing was tucked away at one of the French Car Club displays, where speckled shadows from the surrounding trees may photography difficult. There were no Rancho models on either day, sadly, but as well we as the familiar Bagheera and Murena models, on the Sunday there was both an earlier M530 and the Bonnet inspired antecedent even to that.

 photo P1180382_zpsadbae5a8.jpg  photo P1180618_zpsfc21e95a.jpg  photo P1180386_zpsd13098ac.jpg  photo P1180387_zps0811ec4f.jpg  photo P1180567_zps579d257f.jpg


Sole Peugeot on the Saturday appeared to be a 206CC, but on Sunday it was all very different, with two separate displays. Unsurprisingly, there were numerous 205 GTi based models, in both the regular hatchback and convertible formats. Some had been quite extensively modified, and one of the CTis had been cleaned and improved so it was probably in a better state than when it left the factory.

 photo P1180687_zps2fd4fbcc.jpg  photo P1180686_zps549688a2.jpg  photo P1180681_zpsa226adc5.jpg  photo P1180676_zps05b44127.jpg  photo P1180680_zps16c5aee7.jpg  photo P1180685_zpsd400deca.jpg  photo P1180534_zpsee6c54af.jpg  photo P1180537_zpsaf1ef743.jpg  photo P1180536_zps0af584ea.jpg  photo P1180535_zps366f4155.jpg  photo P1180526_zps76a84b6f.jpg

The 205 Owners Club display did also include the three successive generations that have been sold in the last 30 years. The 206 GTi and 207 GTi are never likely to be viewed with anything like the same enthusiasm,. but the newly released 208 GTi just might, as it is by all accounts a decent car, though until the sort out of the driving position, such that you can actually read the instruments, and ideally have a steering wheel that it is not in your lap, then it is not the car for me.

 photo P1180553_zpsdd84e82e.jpg  photo P1180552_zpsaa261675.jpg  photo P1180688_zpsa2c579e7.jpg

From the “03” generation of Peugeot, and indeed the oldest example of the brand on show was the 203 Estate that makes regular appearances at Prescott.

 photo P1180529_zps84218597.jpg

The 204 and 304 were Peugeot’s first front wheel drive cars, and were very popular in France. Not so here, where the pretty Coupe and Convertible cars were perceived to be particularly expensive compared to market expectations.

 photo P1180682_zps757f8f32.jpg  photo P1180694_zps11859e69.jpg  photo P1180533_zpsa1e4af48.jpg  photo P1180555_zps33f366db.jpg

The larger 504 did sell in large quantities, though you would never know that now. This Pickup model was a real time warp. There was also a very nice 504 Coupe

 photo P1180531_zpsafcd35f3.jpg  photo P1180530_zps4bb11bf6.jpg  photo P1180528_zps3d91a571.jpg  photo P1180527_zpsf06e472f.jpg

505s are rare these days, too, and this GTi was a particularly unexpected sighting.

 photo P1180679_zps807a795a.jpg  photo P1180532_zps7a8f1107.jpg  photo P1180678_zpsa5db172f.jpg  photo P1180677_zps2432e688.jpg

Although the very latest Peugeots are not quite as willfully ugly as their cars of the past 15 years, the 406 remains, to my eyes, the last truly pretty Peugeot, especially in Coupe form. Shame that the one I tested years ago was then a let down to drive (it was a 2 litre automatic, so probably the weakest model by far).

 photo P1180538_zps2360294a.jpg

Final representative was the RCZ, a car which many like, but which still has not really appealed to me.

 photo P1180554_zpsd44d9f62.jpg


The Renault Owners Club area is traditionally augmented by cars from Renault UK’s own collection and this year was no exception. Creating lots of interest were the two brand new vehicles on show, a Twizy and the first right hand drive Clio RS200. I have to say that the latter does not impress me, and its bilious interior with nasty orange plastic trim around the gearlever surround, air vents and on the door casings doing little to look better than chav-y, even if the rest of the interior is made of decent quality materials. The real test of this car will be how it drives, and reading between the lines, I get the impression that most journalists who have sampled the car are somewhat disappointed.

 photo P1180462_zps45be0a6c.jpg  photo P1180461_zps6072300f.jpg  photo P1180456_zps0ac040df.jpg

Completely different from this were the two R4 models, Renault UK’s own Plein Air car (one of just 6 right hand drive cars ever made) and a splendidly restored early R4L from early in the model’s production life. Sporting a non-original 845cc (rather than 747cc) engine, this car really does appear basic these days, but it still has charm in a way that Clio 4 will never have.

 photo P1180583_zps8a3a4c5f.jpg  photo P1180455_zps5a70a2f4.jpg  photo P1180673_zps0d621975.jpg  photo P1180670_zpsb8668933.jpg  photo P1180669_zpse4bf4a7d.jpg  photo P1180560_zps96b2fbc0.jpg  photo P1180671_zps3340f123.jpg  photo P1180561_zpsa0f443c9.jpg

Also dating from the 1960s was this R8 which was joined on the Saturday by a race equipped Gordini model.

 photo P1180675_zps00a4cbb3.jpg  photo P1180439_zpsfef0750f.jpg

Continuing the Gordini theme was the R12 Gordini as well.

  photo P1180273_zps1351ce69.jpg  photo P1180389_zpseabb66e0.jpg

Oldest Renault in the display was this 4CV model.

  photo P1180270_zps187b394c.jpg  photo P1180559_zps7bf61407.jpg

Although I hate the horrid non-original side stripes on this car, I do otherwise like this R30 TX, one of only a handful of such cars that has survived. With over 325,000 miles on the clock, this is far from a pampered car

 photo P1180393_zps36735890.jpg

There were a number of Renault-Alpine on show, pleasingly including an A310  as well as the more common A110 and GTA/A610 cars.

 photo P1180539_zps3ce24eeb.jpg  photo P1180540_zpsa80d4d92.jpg  photo P1180260_zps9b16edcc.jpg  photo P1180262_zps52f2f06c.jpg  photo P1180459_zpsee086db9.jpg  photo P1180259_zps994f6f62.jpg  photo P1180258_zps06a01d2b.jpg  photo P1180458_zps38c5a827.jpg  photo P1180292_zps3a8e5dca.jpg  photo P1180544_zps543d7144.jpg  photo P1180543_zps22f418c8.jpg

Gone are the days when the Avantime is in evidence in double figures, but there were a few of these very distinctive machines on show.

 photo P1180261_zpscd9399f2.jpg  photo P1180506_zpsa574690a.jpg  photo P1180505_zpsb9202ee1.jpg  photo P1180562_zpsebec5830.jpg

Sporting Renault from the last 30 years have a deserved following and there were plenty of these starting with an R5 Turbo and the tamer R5 GT Turbo.

 photo P1180274_zpsfd5b28d6.jpg  photo P1180507_zps05ee4b8d.jpg  photo P1180674_zps5eb07efb.jpg  photo P1180388_zps28366822.jpg

Sporting Clio were dominated by the V6 cars, though there examples of all three generations, and there was the more recent Megane R26R as well.

 photo P1180511_zpsdd225e74.jpg  photo P1180509_zps10aec872.jpg  photo P1180672_zps680b54eb.jpg  photo P1180272_zpsf935694d.jpg  photo P1180271_zps20e97b54.jpg  photo P1180457_zpsbb490997.jpg  photo P1180508_zps05832a49.jpg  photo P1180545_zps5d44512c.jpg  photo P1180513_zps09f9ae92.jpg  photo P1180514_zps5ae4c16b.jpg  photo P1180512_zpsccb3cbf1.jpg  photo P1180510_zps8c419ef8.jpg

There was also an example of the commercially rather unsuccessful Sport Spider.

 photo P1180460_zps0d080f97.jpg


Just one Simca this year, a nicely presented example of the 1100. This mid-sized hatchback was the best selling car in France for many years, and it also did quite well in the UK, though you would barely believe it now, as survivors are rare, thanks in no small measure to the rust prone body and rather stolid mechanicals. This particular car followed me on the Cavalcade up the hill on the Sunday and had no problem in keeping up with modern machines, though i suspect it had to be worked rather harder than my Audi to do so.

 photo P1180619_zps5793baf5.jpg


Not quite the impressive assembly of these cars as sometimes can occur, but there were a few of this elegant model on show on both days.

 photo P1180250_zps94c00143.jpg



Highlight here,for many people, year after year is the appearance of some number of Veyrons. Whilst the record attendance of 7 such cars in  2008 has yet to be repeated, a combination of factory support and some enthusiastic owners has meant that the display has been different every year. For 2013, there were three factory-supplied cars, one of which was the very distinctive Vitesse model, and this was the one which made regular forays up the hill on both days.

 photo P1180403_zpsfd745af0.jpg  photo P1180227_zpsce9d95ca.jpg  photo P1180229_zpsdccebf3f.jpg  photo P1180221_zpse61100de.jpg  photo P1180412_zps9e1e8a62.jpg  photo P1180226_zpsed2741a8.jpg  photo P1180228_zps16778fba.jpg  photo P1180408_zps77b9448d.jpg  photo P1180233_zps00031d7e.jpg  photo P1180406_zps980da0c8.jpg photo P1180407_zps24cf3875.jpg

Parked up nearby in a separate marquee were the predecessor car, the EB110. The silver car that was there on Saturday was joined by a second model on Sunday. Ian Patton, Prescott’s General Manager, and a man lucky enough to have driven one, told me that the car is vastly under-rated and is a superb machine.

 photo P1180219_zps24c4b778.jpg  photo P1180218_zpsa04ebfb1.jpg  photo P1180466_zps06246530.jpg  photo P1180232_zps95020e16.jpg  photo P1180465_zps79e0df87.jpg

Needless to say, there were plenty of classic Bugatti from the 1920s and 1930s in the Paddock and parked up in an area reserved for the marque. Most numerous were the early Brescia cars and the later Type 35, but there were several other models as well, including a rare Type 57 with a saloon body.

 photo P1180504_zpsfcdbba67.jpg  photo P1180503_zpsb98e2c67.jpg  photo P1180239_zpsa2f4f012.jpg  photo P1180410_zpscb06bdea.jpg  photo P1180502_zps054d5389.jpg  photo P1180501_zps03b06228.jpg  photo P1180414_zps68fbfba4.jpg  photo P1180413_zps10720ccf.jpg  photo P1180404_zps50d72597.jpg  photo P1180615_zps4d4b7255.jpg  photo P1180614_zps464a7d6a.jpg  photo P1180220_zps5af51de3.jpg  photo P1180548_zps3967a5ee.jpg  photo P1180500_zps476e579d.jpg  photo P1180499_zps51a533c3.jpg  photo P1180471_zps4747730c.jpg  photo P1180470_zps88cb6c89.jpg  photo P1180490_zps9316260f.jpg  photo P1180486_zpse6c15b41.jpg  photo P1180483_zps965f66a8.jpg  photo P1180482_zps2cb81ae9.jpg  photo P1180418_zps907cdaad.jpg  photo P1180417_zps3c027df0.jpg  photo P1180416_zps2eb97841.jpg


There were several of these French Light Cars and Cycle Cars dating from the 1920s.

 photo P1180484_zps9135c1c4.jpg  photo P1180469_zpsfe42bb76.jpg  photo P1180263_zps7e56f670.jpg  photo P1180324_zpse44df336.jpg


These odd cycle cars have the passenger sitting (in the loosest sense of the word) in front of the driver.

 photo P1180491_zpsf0e5251d.jpg


I particularly liked this fabulous 1920s lorry.

 photo P1180695_zpsbcd481a3.jpg  photo P1180696_zpsc560d8fc.jpg

It was joined by a 1922 5CV “Cloverleaf” model and an H Van.

 photo P1180485_zps888d4cb4.jpg  photo P1180234_zps904d55ae.jpg  photo P1180411_zpsa3a24955.jpg


An example of one of the last designs produced by Panhard before the Citroen takeover, this PL17  was made in 1960. Sporting a commodious body, it is largely a response for the French fiscal regime of the era which meant that it has just 850 cc of flat twin under the bonnet. Needless to say, “rapid” is not really the word!

 photo P1180609_zps9ab742c3.jpg  photo P1180698_zps7225ad62.jpg  photo P1180401_zpsf6ce7ca7.jpg  photo P1180399_zps286e5a48.jpg  photo P1180400_zpsda6e8e56.jpg


The Bebe Peugeot.

 photo P1180487_zps46750621.jpg


 photo P1180405_zps8076968f.jpg


 photo P1180608_zps36ce723c.jpg  photo P1180697_zps738ea5ac.jpg


Not exactly in the spirit of the French theme, but so splendid that no-one would complain about their inclusion were two very different Ferrari, separated by 30 years: the 2 litre V12 166 model we have seen many times before, and the 1985 288 GTO is a car that I would willingly see many times more. This example appeared absolutely pristine.

 photo P1180489_zps527f783a.jpg  photo P1180488_zps9ae665e7.jpg  photo P1180223_zps65673e09.jpg  photo P1180222_zpsc21f3623.jpg  photo P1180611_zpsdd1fcb7d.jpg  photo P1180231_zps1a86a651.jpg  photo P1180230_zps66d7cd3b.jpg  photo P1180225_zps4f4c9499.jpg  photo P1180224_zps06ce0977.jpg  photo P1180397_zps69291691.jpg


Sadly, a static exhibit only, but still very nice to see this Formula 1 car

 photo P1180464_zps80183e90.jpg  photo P1180463_zps27af6baa.jpg


A number of pre-war Astons were parked up, with 14/98, Ulster and International cars all on show.

 photo P1180551_zps15a1834e.jpg  photo P1180420_zpse1f5ef2b.jpg  photo P1180496_zpsef4cd766.jpg  photo P1180419_zps2e3f45ac.jpg  photo P1180468_zps8566dd12.jpg  photo P1180495_zps8707277d.jpg  photo P1180467_zps995ea3a7.jpg  photo P1180494_zps99cd235f.jpg  photo P1180493_zpsac1488c8.jpg


A rather nice early Seven

 photo P1180610_zpsf64236b4.jpg


 photo P1180240_zps8487e092.jpg


As ever, a very varied program of different classes and types of car were competing for honours on the hill. With the distraction of an event also taking place at nearby Shelsley Walsh, this meant that some of the familiar cars were not in evidence, and some different machinery was lined up ready to tackle the ascent challenge. On Sunday the lower Paddock area looked more like the VSCC meet than usual.

 photo P1180606_zps7498a3ca.jpg  photo P1180235_zps7e55905e.jpg  photo P1180613_zps59446ab7.jpg  photo P1180424_zpsdf62d132.jpg  photo P1180605_zps371a8097.jpg  photo P1180472_zps6a557cab.jpg  photo P1180425_zpsbd7fd364.jpg  photo P1180612_zpse20a6e71.jpg

A series of DB2 Astons

 photo P1180604_zps8c677275.jpg  photo P1180603_zps65689c03.jpg  photo P1180602_zps6c99ee25.jpg  photo P1180601_zps31c0a619.jpg  photo P1180372_zps622876be.jpg


 photo P1180474_zps1f76c58a.jpg  photo P1180480_zpsce8decbe.jpg  photo P1180481_zps9757bfee.jpg


 photo P1180492_zpse11cf189.jpg


  photo P1180427_zps8e9eb394.jpg  photo P1180497_zpsdb1a9fc3.jpg

Several three wheeler Morgans

 photo P1180423_zpsb6603235.jpg  photo P1180426_zps7867acfe.jpg  photo P1180421_zpsc11f2ab0.jpg  photo P1180422_zps5134c461.jpg

PicPic (!)

 photo P1180479_zpse054f3d8.jpg

Perhaps the most surprising contender for honours on the hill was this, the brand new all electric Renault Zoe

 photo P1180478_zpsec2a5cf3.jpg  photo P1180477_zpsfcbad018.jpg

A rather splendid early Sunbeam

 photo P1180473_zps0e2f2562.jpg


 photo P1180238_zpse4b0d3e0.jpg  photo P1180237_zps183d8092.jpg  photo P1180236_zpsa12df775.jpg


As always, the local Land-Rover dealer had an array of the latest cars on show, though the Range-Rover Sport model was the outgoing car, not the all new one. The price tag on the Evoque was nearly as eye watering as the rather unfortunate choice of colour, at £48,000.

  photo P1180431_zps7fcdbbf5.jpg  photo P1180430_zpsc8bdac2d.jpg  photo P1180429_zps8c93732b.jpg


The public car parks at an event like Prescott are always worth a visit, as often there are just as many cars to be found in them as there are in the main event. La Vie en Bleu 2013 was no exception, with a wide variety of cars which I deemed worthy of a photograph (or two!).


As well as my own car, which I brought on the Saturday, I came across this 595 Turismo belonging to fellow Abarthisti, Alec Macfie, and there was a further 500 Esseesse model parked up on the slopes, the owner of which I did not either known or determine.

 photo P1180336_zpsc303cd0e.jpg  photo P1180587_zps3db0752a.jpg


This lovely Giulia Super was parked up near to our area, and it sported For Sale signs. A certain Nick Way started off by taking a photo of the seller’s details, but when later in the day it was pointed out to him that the bonnet was up, he hot-foot over for a closer look. This ended up with him being taken for a ride and then a drive, and he has now gone away to have a think………….  what a cool addition to TheMotor’s fleet this would be. Not quite standard, as a 2 litre engine has been fitted under the bonnet, the car appeared very sound, and would surely deliver its new owner (whether it is Nick or someone else) lots of fun.

 photo P1180275_zps09cc205d.jpg  photo P1180333_zps320a7f27.jpg


A couple of lovely DB2 models.

 photo P1180586_zpsd647822e.jpg  photo P1180396_zps496b79b1.jpg

This supreme DB4 was parked up near the museum.

 photo P1180547_zps4ca8313a.jpg

There were a couple of the long running V8 models

 photo P1180666_zps5b0e5a55.jpg

Although it does not now get a very good press, the early Vanquish still looks good, in an imposing sort of way.

 photo P1180354_zpsecb7128a.jpg


Not many “classic” Audi, with this B6 model S4 Avant about the closest one might get to the type.

 photo P1180350_zps54e28884.jpg


An early Seven

 photo P1180348_zps4407abb7.jpg


 photo P1180581_zps3fb435b4.jpg

An early Mini, though I suspect that it should probably have had Se7en badges on it to be truly authentic?

 photo P1180345_zpsd76f92d6.jpg


Among the Healeys were both Sprite and 3000 models.

 photo P1180376_zpse7b006e1.jpg  photo P1180578_zps305e9fbf.jpg  photo P1180642_zpse72cd7a8.jpg


Our first sight of this imposing limousine was on arrival at our morning rendez-vous point, and I did wonder if James Swan had been able to trade up, as it is the sort of car that appeals to him. I was right in that he positively drooled at it, and he was able to identify it as an R Type with James Young body (I would have guessed S Type and been unsure of the coachbuilder), but it turned out that another trio had chosen the same assembly point as us. Very splendid.

 photo P1180342_zpsc0cbb9de.jpg  photo P1180340_zpse9763dea.jpg  photo P1180341_zpsba54e03d.jpg

There was a standard bodied Type R.

 photo P1180648_zps66a45b2d.jpg

There were a few of the classic 1920s and 1930s models, with both 3 litre and 4.5 litre models evident.

 photo P1180375_zpsb403f766.jpg  photo P1180650_zps91fb596b.jpg  photo P1180550_zps684e98de.jpg

The Continental R of the early 1990s remains a particularly elegant machine, and a rare sight as this model pre-dates the vast increase in production that came with the next car to bear the Continental name.

 photo P1180358_zps8a6e8bed.jpg  photo P1180357_zpsac264c19.jpg


This fabulous 328 was present on both days, parked in different places.

 photo P1180384_zpsa6a35b15.jpg  photo P1180383_zps3ac43308.jpg  photo P1180593_zps47eb3c26.jpg

This particular earlier 319 model is an inveterate attendee at Prescott.

 photo P1180596_zpsc9913737.jpg

Outrageously expensive when new, the Z3M Coupe still has lots of appeal.

 photo P1180599_zps4e3d72ce.jpg

Probably the most elegant of the current range is the 6 series Gran Coupe, such as this one.

 photo P1180665_zps25b8b37e.jpg


There were some more classic Citroen in the car parks, including 2CV and DS

 photo P1180628_zpsbeeb408b.jpg  photo P1180647_zpsd6497117.jpg  photo P1180629_zps64459010.jpg  photo P1180360_zpsf9a29d74.jpg


 photo P1180627_zps5244827e.jpg


Tucked away in the carpark was this.

 photo P1180651_zps619e49f1.jpg


There were not many Ferrari present, but we did come across a lovely 246 GTS Dino, a 308 GTS, an F355 Berlinetta and this 430 Spider. I saw a rather modified 599 GTB drive in, but never found it on site. Given the modifications made it, my camera might refused to photograph it anyway!

 photo P1180378_zps084bf68c.jpg  photo P1180377_zps26cf4911.jpg  photo P1180352_zpse6c6c6a1.jpg  photo P1180598_zps04bfb99d.jpg  photo P1180638_zps5ec872e8.jpg


Strictly speaking. this is a Pininfarina Europe 2000, identified by the door mirrors which are mounted through the front quarter lights, so from the last couple of years of production of the long running 124-based sports car.

 photo P1180646_zpsee27aa01.jpg

This first generation Panda 4×4 was in a “plush” (it’s a relative term) finish compared to the strictly utilitarian green models that are more often seen.

 photo P1180635_zps3a52b79f.jpg


There were a couple of early Fords, including these Model A

 photo P1180662_zpsb5c81e2c.jpg  photo P1180428_zpsfde9a4f7.jpg

Surprisingly few more recent “classic” Fords were evident, though this rather nice Mark 2 Zephyr did make some amends for the lacuna.

 photo P1180564_zpsf5309a2e.jpg  photo P1180563_zps49b52186.jpg

Not exactly a “classic”, but quite rare is this non-Cosworth Sapphire from late in the model’s production life.

 photo P1180367_zps56e8579c.jpg


I confess that when we saw this car parked up on the hill, up above’s parking area, none of us were able to identify it with any certainty, even though it did look rather familiar. Closer inspection revealed a Frazer Nash badge on the nose. This is a Le Mans replica car, made in around 1956.

 photo P1180451_zps1601943e.jpg



 photo P1180343_zps64c285e9.jpg


One of the rarest cars of the public car park was this, a Lele.

 photo P1180639_zpsda5f42b0.jpg


Parked up behind the museum was this C Type. There are plenty of very well presented replicas out there, but as far as I could tell, this is not one of those and is indeed a genuine 1950s factory car.

 photo P1180549_zps44008525.jpg

There were plenty of E Types, with Series 1, 2 and 3 well represented.

  photo P1180353_zpsac5bf823.jpg  photo P1180658_zps05632580.jpg  photo P1180630_zpscf9886c8.jpg  photo P1180649_zps10297679.jpg  photo P1180591_zpsd45a5f89.jpg  photo P1180584_zpse7527fab.jpg

Pre-dating the E were the XK sports cars and there were an XK120 as well as an XK150 Roadster to relish.

  photo P1180368_zpsdb52e700.jpg  photo P1180369_zpsefced3ee.jpg  photo P1180390_zpsafab31b7.jpg

There were also a number of Mark 2 saloons and an S Type in bright red

 photo P1180633_zps27846b7f.jpg  photo P1180626_zps6473e808.jpg


 photo P1180643_zpsabeb6e4c.jpg


Nearly missed this one, as just as I started to approach it to take picture, the owner fired the engine and off he headed. A Flavia Coupe, and very elegant it is, too.

 photo P1180645_zps13c96f45.jpg  photo P1180644_zpsc1888bc6.jpg

More recent, and far better known was this Delta Integrale.

 photo P1180542_zpsa106137e.jpg  photo P1180541_zps0ae76afe.jpg


 photo P1180546_zps968f365f.jpg


Oldest Lotus on display was this VI

 photo P1180667_zps4ca00a83.jpg

There were also a couple of Sevens, including a very rare example of the Mark IV, the least well rated of the Lotus built Sevens, easily identifiable by its squared off wings.

 photo P1180337_zpsc16b8c06.jpg  photo P1180592_zps26555f18.jpg

The Europa really is tiny in every dimension.

 photo P1180347_zps82d7f4dd.jpg  photo P1180346_zps5e1fc015.jpg

From a more recent era was this Esprit Turbo

 photo P1180597_zps5bcb9957.jpg


 photo P1180577_zps789f2c40.jpg


The very elegant 4200GT

 photo P1180374_zpsc5a99c11.jpg


A further example of the oh-so-pretty Murena

 photo P1180636_zpsf19ea5d8.jpg


A classic W123, in entry level 200 guise.

 photo P1180655_zpsdfbbbf93.jpg

Nicer yet, in my opinion was this W108 model 280SE.

 photo P1180355_zps06ca3f3b.jpg  photo P1180356_zpsbcf7933d.jpg


The MGB remains one of Britain’s most popular classics and there were lots of these on site.

  photo P1180379_zpsa5804d9f.jpg  photo P1180339_zpse301b676.jpg  photo P1180361_zpsbef96177.jpg  photo P1180657_zps859edcf6.jpg

Among earlier models were a number of the T Series cars, with TC and TD parked up

 photo P1180624_zpsef4cea73.jpg  photo P1180588_zps8ed36798.jpg  photo P1180365_zps269da3a4.jpg  photo P1180371_zps881080c7.jpg  photo P1180590_zpsd7423d6b.jpg

Earlier still were the pre-war cars which included a J2 and a model I don’t specifically recognise.

 photo P1180595_zpsdafc3786.jpg

There were also a couple of the popular Midgets.

 photo P1180385_zps4f924c0e.jpg

The ZT Owners Club had a much reduced display on the Saturday, compared to previous years when they have filled a large space in The Orchard.

 photo P1180313_zpsfa67f9d9.jpg  photo P1180312_zps7e82a8be.jpg


There were a number of Morgans, from early 3 wheelers to the more numerous PLus 4 and Plus 8 cars and one very nice AeroMax.

 photo P1180291_zpsb6d9b67c.jpg  photo P1180623_zps773281b3.jpg  photo P1180634_zpsa37ff0ce.jpg  photo P1180364_zpsa5169448.jpg  photo P1180349_zps08f9f06b.jpg  photo P1180600_zps0d238ccb.jpg


Eight Tourer

 photo P1180653_zps6830ed2c.jpg


The GT-R must surely be a classic-of-tomorrow, if anyone can afford it! This will be a very difficult car to keep running once manufacturer support runs out.

 photo P1180656_zpsc18012b0.jpg


A further 304 Convertible was in the public car park.

 photo P1180640_zps2b2e6540.jpg


2013 is a big year for the 911, and with 50 years of production, and a decent survival rate, it is always likely that a fair number of these much loved cars will show up at an event like this, and indeed they did.

 photo P1180660_zpsae481b36.jpg  photo P1180622_zpsa2ef7abd.jpg

This VW-Porsche 914 had clearly had a recent repaint, but sadly this had been done before completing a really good job at integrating the rather bulbous wider wings that had been attached to both front and back.

 photo P1180363_zps6266baec.jpg

The 928 is a favourite and there were a couple of these in the car park, including an early car.

 photo P1180659_zps4cb8f8d0.jpg

The smaller front engined cars were also present, with 924 and 944 models parked up

 photo P1180631_zpscd003adc.jpg

There were also a number of Boxster and Cayman models.

 photo P1180366_zpse7a29f43.jpg


Compared with more recent vehicles, this Scimitar GTE just looks plain small, in every dimension.

 photo P1180338_zps47203d2c.jpg


A further Avantime was parked up in the main public car park and there was a rather nice R5 GT Turbo in the Cotswold Classic Car area.

 photo P1180668_zps4d6b9dd6.jpg  photo P1180566_zpsb0b84c7d.jpg  photo P1180565_zps0a0153b5.jpg



 photo P1180632_zps136b0487.jpg

The photo of this One Point Five was deliberately taken from this angle so the utterly inappropriate and rather unpleasant wheels cannot be seen.

 photo P1180585_zpsc8f7da6c.jpg


A relatively early P4 model.

 photo P1180580_zps0c9231d8.jpg


A quick spotters clue issued by our resident expert on 1930s cars, James Swan, when we came across the first Salmson meant that when I found another one, I could assert the marque with confidence without having to look at the badge. The clue is the very distinctive shape of the grille.

 photo P1180625_zps168c80bc.jpg  photo P1180415_zpse888422c.jpg


 photo P1180359_zps705fccfe.jpg


There were a couple of the 1950s Ten models in this display put on by the Cotswold Classic Car Club.

 photo P1180579_zps1e12c654.jpg  photo P1180582_zpsd1df3739.jpg


An early Alpine model

 photo P1180370_zps74b186ea.jpg


There were a wide variety of TR models, ranging from the first TR2 cars, through all the subsequent generations to the TR7 and 8 cars

 photo P1180362_zps73f945a6.jpg  photo P1180332_zps6748795e.jpg  photo P1180664_zpse44fa84b.jpg  photo P1180661_zpse63b4441.jpg  photo P1180637_zps49f12bba.jpg  photo P1180641_zps72a90e15.jpg

The Stag was also much in evidence.

 photo P1180652_zps2793fafb.jpg  photo P1180373_zps36ee1baa.jpg

There were also a number of the smaller Spitfire and GT6 cars.

 photo P1180654_zps140ba928.jpg


One of the British sports cars made in the late 1950s, this one is based on Austin A30 components.

 photo P1180594_zps0765cf03.jpg


The local area of the TVR Owners Club had a sizeable display of cars parked up in the Orchard on the Saturday, with a wide variety of models included from M Series and Taimar, through the “wedges” to S and then the better known cars of the 1990s, with lots of Chimaera, Griffith, Cerbera and Tuscan as well as a T350 and a Sagaris.

 photo P1180301_zps22125980.jpg  photo P1180302_zpsdffa2783.jpg  photo P1180311_zps6d269eea.jpg  photo P1180310_zps44383d0e.jpg  photo P1180344_zps6ab3fe20.jpg  photo P1180294_zpsaee67b02.jpg  photo P1180309_zps992f26d5.jpg  photo P1180293_zps5fc6fc50.jpg  photo P1180308_zpsdc6d8f64.jpg  photo P1180307_zpsf06ef51f.jpg  photo P1180306_zps9bec63c6.jpg  photo P1180305_zpsa0363065.jpg  photo P1180304_zpscb64f931.jpg  photo P1180303_zps4aec8987.jpg  photo P1180300_zps2491c6c5.jpg  photo P1180299_zps703179e7.jpg  photo P1180298_zpsb9223ca4.jpg  photo P1180297_zpsd3d1be35.jpg  photo P1180296_zpsa1871987.jpg  photo P1180295_zps49d78012.jpg  photo P1180287_zpsd6d677c7.jpg  photo P1180286_zps34f93709.jpg  photo P1180285_zps6652918a.jpg  photo P1180663_zpsc6e88b95.jpg


The VX220 is one of those often sports cars that thanks to a short production run became an instant minor classic. A couple were parked up.

 photo P1180589_zpsae5bc74a.jpg  photo P1180351_zps3782aeb9.jpg

Far older, indeed a model that celebrates its centenary this year is the sporting 30/98 such as this one.

 photo P1180498_zpse7c5223c.jpg


This Type 1 Karmann Ghia arrived mid morning on the Sunday and was parked up under the trees near to the footbridge across the track.

 photo P1180617_zpse18fc6d4.jpg  photo P1180616_zpsc5182768.jpg

Dinner on the Saturday evening was enjoyed at the nearby Teddington Hands Inn, who looked after us very well, and with enormous portions ensured that no-one left hungry.

 photo P1180440_zpsf1e98525.jpg

Without question, this was one of the best, if not the best, of the 7 La Vie en Bleu weekends in which I have participated. The 2014 dates have already been announced – 24 and 25th May, so back to the Bank Holiday weekend – and there are requests on Prescott’s Facebook page for suggestions on what people would like to see included. Get your requests in early, and black your 2014 diary now!

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