Ace Cafe Italian Night – June 2013

During most of 2012 and stretching into 2013, the weather has not been kind to Ace Cafe’s usually popular monthly Italian night, and so attendance overall has diminished somewhat, reaching a low point, so I gather, in May 2013 when only 4 Abarths and a couple of Maserati braved some particularly unrelenting torrential rain. My excuse that month was that I had afternoon meetings in Cardiff, so it does feel like I have missed out on catching up with the “regulars”, which is why I was particularly looking forward to what turned out to be my third Ace Cafe meeting within a week. Sadly, the rain fell during the morning, and although the forecasters promised a sunny end to the evening, and this appeared to put off many people, and by 7pm, there were still only a few cars present. By 8pm the car park had filled up somewhat, though the event lacked anything really unusual, and then with the arrival of one special car, it all changed, as you will see…………


Not quite the dominant marque at this event that Abarth has often been, there were still a good number of 500 based models, and Kai Kan’s Punto Evo, as well as an earlier Grande Punto model that slipped into the side of the car park during the mid evening.

 photo P1180909_zpsd67c41ec.jpg  photo P1180908_zps686aad7c.jpg  photo P1180917_zps89a47dfb.jpg  photo P1180916_zps01fd4c9f.jpg

Some variety was provided when one of the now rare 695 Tributo Ferrari models arrived. Nice though this car is (despite the lofty price tag that it carried when new), it was what the driver’s husband brought, arriving immediately behind that really livened the evening up.

 photo P1180937_zps26593344.jpg  photo P1180936_zps46e76018.jpg  photo P1180935_zpsfdb17d93.jpg

This 1000OT model was from the earlier Abarth era and was attracting a lot of attention.

 photo P1180913_zps5e94a8a3.jpg  photo P1180912_zps563ca4de.jpg  photo P1180911_zps9987f310.jpg


Most numerous Alfa of the evening, and not for the first time, was the 155, with 4 of them present.

 photo P1180922_zpse7d89575.jpg  photo P1180921_zps3e6f1957.jpg  photo P1180920_zps04578b52.jpg  photo P1180919_zpsa6eae446.jpg

The 155’s predecessor was also present, a beautifully present 75. This was a special car, as evidenced by the discrete Turbo badge on the boot, one of 500 Turbo Evoluzione models built in 1987 to homologate the car for Group a racing.

 photo P1180957_zpsa6c080a7.jpg  photo P1180958_zps5f845099.jpg  photo P1180956_zps45af51a4.jpg

Predecessor to that car was also on site, the 116 series Giulietta. This stubby tailed saloon was on sale from 1978 until 1986, but survivors are rare. I don’t recall having seen this particular car, a 2 litre version, before.

 photo P1180925_zps94644bf9.jpg  photo P1180924_zps9d37dcb3.jpg  photo P1180926_zps5d419228.jpg  photo P1180923_zpsfd147eb7.jpg

There were plenty of more familiar and more recent Alfa present, as well.

 photo P1180955_zpseb490160.jpg  photo P1180954_zpse5a51781.jpg  photo P1180953_zps6cbbe25a.jpg  photo P1180952_zpsc69639b2.jpg  photo P1180951_zpsccbaa762.jpg  photo P1180950_zps2610fc6b.jpg  photo P1180945_zpsdc895a04.jpg


Without doubt, this car was the highlight of the evening. Although I have seen the F12 Berlinetta model at a couple of shows since its launch last year, I’ve never been able to get this close to one before. It turned out that person who brought it has it on loan from Ferrari, as they had delayed the order for his own car, hence the left hand drive and Italian plates. When it pulled into the parking area, it was as if the cars had all but disappeared as just about everyone’s attention shifted to this very elegant machine.

 photo P1180927_zpsb913af61.jpg  photo P1180949_zps9bddab58.jpg  photo P1180948_zps750e6d10.jpg  photo P1180942_zps8d9ae241.jpg  photo P1180934_zps0e0785b1.jpg  photo P1180941_zps66eab96a.jpg  photo P1180940_zpsd812757c.jpg  photo P1180939_zps47ed9f1f.jpg  photo P1180938_zps271808ed.jpg  photo P1180933_zps667ce61a.jpg  photo P1180932_zps596c4a74.jpg  photo P1180931_zpsa2db83d4.jpg  photo P1180929_zps8f8b340d.jpg  photo P1180930_zps2d5472fc.jpg  photo P1180928_zps39cb7e18.jpg


As a lover of the glorious Dinos from the 1960s, I tend to remember the ones I have seen, and am pretty sure that this car, on F plates suggesting it was an early model is that I had not come across before. The paintwork clearly still needs some attention, but the interior looked good, and it sounded just phenomenal when the owner fired it up to pull away.

 photo P1180906_zps5643d177.jpg  photo P1180905_zpsb93a6ddc.jpg  photo P1180944_zpsefc402d4.jpg  photo P1180943_zps693427f8.jpg

The Dino was by some measure the oldest Fiat present, with the handful of other models all dating from more recent times. Next most venerable was this Uno SX, whose red paintwork had done what red paint often does.

 photo P1180947_zps91d7542b.jpg  photo P1180946_zpsc160f7ca.jpg  photo P1180907_zpsdd78dad5.jpg

Among the other Fiat were a trio of the stylish Coupe model.

 photo P1180918_zpsda7c7afe.jpg  photo P1180914_zpsf1f0f948.jpg


Just two Lancia models, and both of them were Beta Spiders.

 photo P1180910_zpsc5d2f022.jpg  photo P1180915_zpsc9fd6571.jpg

Not perhaps an epic showing, but still a very agreeable (if rather nippy, especially for mid June!) evening.

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