Cholmondeley Pageant of Power – June 2013

In the six years in which the Cholmondeley Pageant of Power has been run, it has built up a strong reputation. People love the variety of things to see and do, and the relaxed atmosphere which recaptures the early days of the Goodwood Festival of Speed before it became such a busy and over-crowded event. Sadly, also, it seems that no matter which weekend the Pageant is held, it is pretty much guaranteed that the heavens will open and everyone and everything will get drenched. In 2012 there was an added problem that the ground was seriously water-logged which made getting cars into the display area all but impossible and despite generous lashings of straw added to the main walkways, waders would have been more useful than boots let alone shoes. Whilst the organisers can do nothing about what happens in the skies above, they did promised that a lot of drainage work had been done, and mindful of the fact that this is such a good event, I enrolled Abarthisti for a Car Club Display area, and bought my ticket, and hoped the Weather Gods would be kind.

In the days leading up to the Pageant, it looked like once again, the event was going to be a wash out, but right at the last minute, the rain stayed away most of the weekend, making it soft but not boggy underfoot, and on the Sunday, the day I attended the sun shone most of the time. That made the unspeakably early start, necessitated to get the car in situ before the stated 8am deadline all seem worthwhile, and there was so much to see and do that I stayed until early evening. As well as a Paddock packed with a mixture of historically significant machines, racers, supercars and some downright bizarre creations, there were also bikes and rally cars, all of which ventured out onto the track to show what they were capable of doing, there were the Car Club Displays, an array of new cars from local dealers, afternoon air displays which included a trio of Lancaster. Hurricane and Spitfire, followed soon after by the antics of the Abarth Stunt Plane, there were rib rides and displays on the lake, there were bike displays and a pair of mad Aussies who were doing somersaults in their Honda buggies, there was a Wall of Death, more than enough food stalls to keep everyone full, and that’s before mentioning the splendid grounds.  A lot to take in, then, and this report can only present some of the highlights, which are these:



1958 Monoposto. Not quite the sort of AC with which we are all familiar!

 photo P1340173_zps61226401.jpg


As in previous years, a collection of aero engined cars were among the most dramatic both when fired up and then when they set off with intrepid drivers trying to control these huge beasts on the narrow, tight and twisting track. Among them was the 24 litre Napier-Bentley owned and driven by Chris Williams, along with Mavis, his 42 litre Packard-Bentley. Shipped over from the German Technik Museum in Sinsheim were “Brutus”, a 46.5 litre BMW and the 23 litre Maybach Zeppelin. Chris’ daughter had the fun of driving her mother round the track in an Austin fitted with a 3 cylinder ariel engine. None of these cars are easy to drive around the circuit, with their prodigious levels of torque and lack of much control over anything, as well as their sheer size which is at odds with the tight turns and narrow confines of parts of the circuit making them a real challenge. Of these cars, after engulfing everyone in tyre smoke at the start line, as is his wont, Chris Williams’ Napier posted the fastest run in the end, with a time of 81.90 secs.

 photo P1340441_zpse23a9c5d.jpg  photo P1340440_zps38393ac9.jpg  photo P1340439_zpse280a20e.jpg  photo P1340438_zps8c60f021.jpg  photo P1340437_zps8ed7e52b.jpg


Not the V8 model this year, but “just” the regular 3.5 model with its supercharged Honda engine. With a fastest lap of 61.18 seconds, it beat its nearest rival, the BAC Mono by a second, which went down well with the factory support personnel.

 photo P1340226_zps5c354c08.jpg


1980 Arrows A3

 photo P1340185_zps68712394.jpg  photo P1340184_zps565535ac.jpg


In celebration of Aston Martin’s centenary, there was a whole class for Aston cars, ranging from one of my (many) favourites of the day, an 1934 Ulster, all the way to the brand new V12 Vantage S.

 photo P1340435_zpsda2a9fa2.jpg  photo P1340404_zps8fb61649.jpg  photo P1340403_zps0947660a.jpg  photo P1340235_zpsfd1ae3b3.jpg  photo P1340402_zpsa8addf0f.jpg  photo P1340401_zpsc30ea8e6.jpg  photo P1340398_zpsb23c0a60.jpg  photo P1340230_zps6cd4f2a9.jpg  photo P1340399_zpsb5760ca9.jpg  photo P1340400_zps9a2451b4.jpg  photo P1340397_zps3adc765f.jpg  photo P1340176_zpseb2754d0.jpg  photo P1340233_zps0956e950.jpg  photo P1340232_zps8921c634.jpg  photo P1340231_zps2262031c.jpg


This 80 was built to compete in the French Supertouring series in 1990. Talk about  loud, you could not believe the noise, which was also very distinctive thanks to its 5 cylinder engine.

 photo P1340200_zps836a3ecc.jpg

Sadly the trio of le Mans cars remained static exhibits throughout the weekend, but what a sight they still made. The three are the 1999 R8C 2000 R8 and 2009 R15TDi

 photo P1340181_zps6d0d2cfa.jpg  photo P1340180_zpsd5e739ad.jpg  photo P1340179_zps2e6ab98a.jpg  photo P1340414_zpsa9cbe67d.jpg  photo P1340413_zps1c3e315a.jpg  photo P1340412_zpsae96445e.jpg


Mono, competing for honours, and losing out to the rival Ariel Atom by a second.

 photo P1340360_zpse3ec01f0.jpg


One of the real highlights for most people was the chance to see not one, nor even two, but three of the 2003 Le Mans Speed 8 cars. One of them, the actual Le Mans winner made regular sorties around the circuit, driven by Guy Smith, in commemoration the 10th anniversary of the initial race success.

 photo P1340416_zpsc976ce84.jpg  photo P1340415_zps5014dfd8.jpg  photo P1340178_zps7104b038.jpg  photo P1340177_zpsc7e4271c.jpg  photo P1340359_zps6e0e6f1e.jpg  photo P1340358_zps0be530a9.jpg

There were also a couple of classic 1930s Bentleys, one of which was the 1929 ex Tim Birkin “Blower” model, and the other was a Works 4.5 litre car. Both were absolutely fabulous.

 photo P1340196_zpsa9eb4667.jpg  photo P1340195_zps72617c3d.jpg

The Ice Speed Record Continental GTC was also present.

 photo P1340164_zps8dc15f38.jpg


Dating from 1968.

 photo P1340172_zps36ea3c2f.jpg


A factory supplied car, the Veyron SuperSport Vitesse, and in a different colour scheme from the ones I have seen before, this car seemed to take the circuit in its stride, as it wooshed around. Technically very impressive, for sure, but lacking some of the emotion of the rest of the field. It was certainly attracting the crowds when parked up, though.

 photo P1340407_zpsb8572e53.jpg  photo P1340406_zps3d30df19.jpg  photo P1340405_zpse227300e.jpg  photo P1340408_zps5a5f9074.jpg  photo P1340225_zps217c8711.jpg


This 2009 NASCAR created a lot of interest when it was fired up. I amazed that the ground under it was no singed given the heat that it put out, as well as the noise.

 photo P1340199_zpsd470d708.jpg


Possibly the loudest car of the day, and also one of the fastest, this GT3 is a particularly effective track machine.

 photo P1340228_zpsabf2b74f.jpg


1963 Mark 1.

 photo P1340224_zps18da0c11.jpg


Slightly surprisingly, there were no new Ferrari in the supercar part of the Paddock, but there was this glorious 1989 F40 to enjoy.

 photo P1340170_zpsdaafecd6.jpg  photo P1340376_zpsbcc667c5.jpg


2005 Force PC

 photo P1340182_zps82e1a044.jpg


The original GT40 was joined by the modern recreation.

 photo P1340169_zps4aa236a5.jpg  photo P1340194_zps574f066e.jpg

Another American beast was this Mach 1 Mustang.

 photo P1340229_zps26e5be9f.jpg



 photo P1340168_zps4969d597.jpg


The neatly styled G60 started life as the Farboud, and the rights to the design were bought by Ginetta a couple of years ago, since when they allegedly have put it into “production”, though volumes are very low.

 photo P1340198_zpsa14f9a5c.jpg  photo P1340197_zps62a3b07a.jpg


The Scorpion, an unusual machine with its three wheels.

 photo P1340443_zpsc2b36f94.jpg


One of the more unlikely track contenders was this, the FX50 Vettel Edition. Big and ungainly it may look, but it made a great sound and the driver attacked the tricky circuit with more than a little enthusiasm.

 photo P1340363_zps2f58e0bb.jpg


The factory had sent along a new F Type. Of course. And why wouldn’t they? Here was a chance for plenty of people to see and hear one for the first time, and for me to have yet another drool over one of the most covetable new cars of 2013.

 photo P1340165_zps847c8926.jpg  photo P1340227_zps4bc04559.jpg

Now nearly 60 years old was this fabulous D Type. Now owned by Peter Neumark, OKV1, a finned, short-nose model, this was the second D Type ever built and the earliest of a trio entered at Le Mans by the factory for 1954. It finished second in the 24-hour race that year.

 photo P1340411_zps1072dfb3.jpg

From the 1990s were two models, each of which was splendid. An XJR15 was joined by the Martini liveried racing XJ220 which I had seen at this event last year.

 photo P1340171_zps56325685.jpg  photo P1340236_zpsb477bed9.jpg

Back in an earlier era was this works Mark 1 3.4 litre saloon from 1957.

 photo P1340201_zpse1eccb62.jpg


A 1935 Rapier based single seater racer.

 photo P1340214_zpsd2e463a2.jpg


This 1991 Type 87 Formula 1 car was driven by Nigel Mansell when new. Not easy to get it around the course, it posted a fastest lap time of 63. 39 seconds.

 photo P1340186_zpsffa839e2.jpg

Nearly as quick was this Type 35 from 1966.

This Type 18 dates from 1961, and features an Alfa Romeo engine.

 photo P1340174_zps913ee212.jpg

My favourite of the historic Lotus racers was this Type 23B.

 photo P1340223_zps19f40bbf.jpg

There were also some “road” cars in action, including DAD10, a famous 1960 Elite and an Elan.

 photo P1340193_zps6ab2e45e.jpg  photo P1340191_zps7f1a2e29.jpg


Not one, but 2 of the iconic 250F were here, one of them belonging to Nick Mason, though I did not see him whilst I was there .

 photo P1340189_zps55096848.jpg  photo P1340188_zpsc8428b3d.jpg  photo P1340187_zps68029f81.jpg


Another noisy beast was this rotary engined RX7.

 photo P1340203_zps5a9d9db9.jpg


Almost ignored, as it was parked up next to the F Type and the Veyron was this 12C car.

 photo P1340166_zps65c1ecd1.jpg


Another of the many stars of the weekend was this fabulous W125 replica that had made a trip over from its usual home in the Donington Collection. Not often that you get to see it in action, and what a sight!

 photo P1340175_zpsae0146e5.jpg  photo P1340374_zpsac53513a.jpg


Just bonkers was this 1956 Kabinenroller fitted with a propellor at the back. Great comedy value, if nothing else!

 photo P1340213_zps1cde7db4.jpg


Just, well, err, what is this? !!

 photo P1340442_zps0c063660.jpg  photo P1340222_zps901980ee.jpg


Needless to say, there was a Three-Wheeler tucked in among the paddock cars.

 photo P1340361_zpsf406a530.jpg


As in previous years, there was quite a collection of bikes, of all vintages, ranging from old to some more modern machines, and some with Side Car (of sorts!).

 photo P1340221_zpsbc69749e.jpg

This one was at the event last year and is the longest wheelbase bike ever made. It was taken at rather sedate pace around the track, as manoeuverability is not that great.

 photo P1340211_zpse0a2c418.jpg


I am still not sure that Noble have built more than a few of the M600. The lucky driver of this one was none other than Anthony Reid.

 photo P1340202_zps1d3fabfc.jpg  photo P1340409_zps652426d6.jpg


The latest 911 Carerra 4S was joined by the Carrera GT.

 photo P1340163_zps91272c0e.jpg  photo P1340192_zpsbaa1a08d.jpg  photo P1340190_zpsa879ad24.jpg


Another of the specialist track day cars was this, a brand new RXC.

 photo P1340262_zps3788c63e.jpg


Jap engined racer from 1952.

 photo P1340410_zps8f5ab924.jpg


Or is it a Holden? This VXR8 Tourer was Steve Cropley’s drive for the weekend, and when he was interviewed, he did say that despite the Vauxhall badges in the UK, this is really a product of his native land, and so it’s really a Holden HSV.

 photo P1340167_zpsc18bc8d1.jpg  photo P1340362_zps00b3a83a.jpg


This 1941 Type 166 Schwimmwagen was making another appearance, after delighting the crowds last year. I was not aware of it taking to the lake as it did in 2012, but it was still quite a contrast to most of the other cars going round the track.

 photo P1340212_zpsd45668a2.jpg


This FW06 car dates from 1980 and was driven by Alan Jones. It just seemed so small compared to modern F1 cars.

 photo P1340183_zps4057f099.jpg


New for the 2013 was an extensive collection of Rally Cars. They had their own paddock area, and we were treated to the sight of many of them being exercised on the circuit at lunchtime.

 photo P1340354_zps2435b6e3.jpg  photo P1340353_zps9ac57e96.jpg  photo P1340352_zps9b894e44.jpg  photo P1340351_zpsec1191ab.jpg  photo P1340350_zps50976ed8.jpg  photo P1340349_zps2cbadb09.jpg  photo P1340348_zps06cfc30f.jpg  photo P1340347_zpsb6310b70.jpg  photo P1340346_zpscd4aad45.jpg  photo P1340345_zps9aee97ee.jpg  photo P1340344_zpsbf853d89.jpg  photo P1340393_zps3a8a4f5c.jpg  photo P1340392_zps2f61f51c.jpg  photo P1340391_zps6ff1648e.jpg  photo P1340390_zpsbd7ea896.jpg  photo P1340389_zps86d2b994.jpg  photo P1340388_zps75981576.jpg  photo P1340343_zpsa8ee1729.jpg  photo P1340342_zpsafc2d491.jpg  photo P1340341_zps203a0f70.jpg  photo P1340340_zpsfce667b8.jpg  photo P1340339_zpsc03d1ccd.jpg


There were over 40 different Car Clubs who had applied for display space. A couple of the pitches were empty, but it is quite likely that they had been present on one of the other days of the event, and I know that the Abarthisti area would/should only have had one car in it on the Saturday


Slightly disappointingly, there were only 4 Abarthisti cars in our display area in the end: my 500, Ed Tan’s 500C, Jan Vermeer’s 595 and Shawn and Bev Yates’ Punto Supersport. I am delighted to report that although we were situated right at one of the line of display areas, our 4 cars seemed to be attracting an unfair share of attention, with a constant stream of people coming up to them, inspecting them closely, and when any of us were around, asking lots of questions.

 photo P1340275_zpsc104a93f.jpg  photo P1340274_zps74aa611b.jpg  photo P1340273_zps97e6081f.jpg  photo P1340272_zpsddb1c751.jpg  photo P1340271_zps40dfdf5e.jpg  photo P1340270_zpsb0b49b9e.jpg  photo P1340425_zps9afccd8b.jpg  photo P1340424_zpsd3a4305c.jpg  photo P1340375_zps02838549.jpg


The Greyhound is far more unusual than Ace and Aceca models of the same period, let alone the Cobra

 photo P1340323_zps60ff3dca.jpg


Lots of Healeys, dominated by the Big models, in both 100 and later 3000 guise, but there were some Sprites as well.

 photo P1340286_zps0b42445c.jpg  photo P1340285_zps62a7f7b8.jpg  photo P1340284_zpse411bc93.jpg  photo P1340283_zps9fd05440.jpg  photo P1340282_zpsec951237.jpg


Quite a contrast between the late 1940s R Type and the modern Continental GT Coupe.

 photo P1340318_zps94067847.jpg  photo P1340371_zps56d9956c.jpg


A nice 550 Maranello

 photo P1340372_zps8ca225e4.jpg


A quartet of Fiat Coupes, all in different colours. This truly is one of those cars which became an almost instant classic.

 photo P1340364_zpsb0a1ebae.jpg  photo P1340387_zpsc2e68f84.jpg  photo P1340386_zpse34c3418.jpg  photo P1340385_zpsd6b6fd6a.jpg  photo P1340338_zps2d4da135.jpg


A small collection of classic sporting Fords included a couple of Escorts and a Sierra Cosworth

 photo P1340305_zpscbff74f3.jpg  photo P1340304_zps2c415f02.jpg  photo P1340303_zpse5f4e61e.jpg

One of the area clubs had a Mark 5 Cortina amongst its display cars.

 photo P1340326_zps5fd3ca68.jpg


An S800 Coupe, a little tiny sports car with a high revving 800cc engine. Very rare.

 photo P1340322_zpsb0c16607.jpg


There were plenty of E Types, and separately, a couple of more recent XK models and a Mark 2

 photo P1340377_zps3e482eb0.jpg  photo P1340309_zpsaade070a.jpg  photo P1340308_zpsbee49002.jpg  photo P1340307_zps6fe4df8d.jpg  photo P1340288_zps48372a9e.jpg  photo P1340289_zpsf7fc6935.jpg  photo P1340319_zps426206b0.jpg


The Lancia Owners Club had a mixture of Delta Integrale and Stratos (replica) models on show

 photo P1340337_zps14e6b2cc.jpg  photo P1340336_zps0fb84e57.jpg  photo P1340335_zps8f2c632a.jpg  photo P1340334_zps1961a9b8.jpg  photo P1340333_zps6136946c.jpg


No Lotus Club stand per se, but there were a few Lotus cars on some of the geographic clubs present, including an Elan a Plus 2 and the recent Europa.

 photo P1340423_zpse599b437.jpg  photo P1340325_zps9843ed93.jpg  photo P1340324_zpsff90dbde.jpg


Probably the rarest car of all car club machines was this, a 1973 RX3 Coupe. Mazda never sold that many of these in the UK, and the 1973 Fuel Crisis pretty well killed off sales of all their rotary engined cars, which was a shame as they never had the reliability and longevity issues that bedevilled NSU.

 photo P1340422_zpsc1605f54.jpg  photo P1340380_zpsef60f773.jpg  photo P1340379_zpsa45b26ea.jpg

The MX5 Owners Club had probably the largest collection of cars of any Club, with a vast assembly of the three different generations of this popular modern sports car.

 photo P1340294_zps94a02dbd.jpg  photo P1340293_zps14c8fa14.jpg  photo P1340292_zps33a5d052.jpg  photo P1340291_zps0f562349.jpg  photo P1340290_zps0ed61c51.jpg



 photo P1340381_zps8f0bb508.jpg


A rather nice Mini Cooper.

 photo P1340378_zpsf4ce7d59.jpg  photo P1340306_zps9c9e94a1.jpg


There was quite a gathering of Morgans. All bar one were relatively recent, with Plus Eights the dominant model, but there was an Aero and a Four Seater as well.

    photo P1340281_zpsabbd9bb6.jpg  photo P1340280_zps7d303cd0.jpg  photo P1340279_zpsf907dd22.jpg  photo P1340278_zps5e4cebe4.jpg  photo P1340277_zpsc911ac08.jpg  photo P1340276_zpscfacf5cd.jpg  photo P1340454_zpsa034d3ae.jpg


An array of Skylines and GT-Rs were largely in the “modified beyond belief” category, though this is a car which does seem to attract more than its fair share of modifiers, and few of them do so in anything other than a crass way. I took just this one picture!

 photo P1340287_zpsc0e47c66.jpg  photo P1340428_zps38799331.jpg


One of relatively few vintage cars in this area was this rather nice 9 model.

 photo P1340317_zpsa1d503aa.jpg


The local TR owners had an impressive display of cars which were mainly TR4s and TR6s, though there was also a nice TR2.

 photo P1340122_zps7b7932f9.jpg  photo P1340300_zpsf24d12d0.jpg  photo P1340298_zpsb7d9a887.jpg  photo P1340302_zpsba1afe7d.jpg  photo P1340301_zpsa1a1cd9f.jpg   photo P1340299_zps9b7f61e4.jpg  photo P1340297_zps2467f403.jpg  photo P1340296_zps77c41346.jpg

The Stag Owners had a quartet of cars, and then promptly sat guard over them all day, barely moving from their pitch.

 photo P1340384_zps73e4fa77.jpg  photo P1340383_zpsbf78980e.jpg

Also on display were a 2000,  and both a Herald Coupe and a Vitesse Convertible

 photo P1340295_zpsf5cc27ef.jpg  photo P1340370_zpsa9b527c7.jpg  photo P1340320_zps089e2ac4.jpg


One of the most colourful and varied displays was provided by the TVR Owners Club, who had an array of different models from the past twenty or so years, including Chimaera, Griffith, Cerbera, Tuscan, Sagaris and T350

 photo P1340369_zps33f56a0d.jpg  photo P1340368_zps04807157.jpg  photo P1340367_zps0a32fc6c.jpg  photo P1340366_zps909fe44c.jpg  photo P1340365_zps85512883.jpg  photo P1340316_zpsff68fa84.jpg  photo P1340315_zpsba1e6b22.jpg  photo P1340314_zpse7e62615.jpg  photo P1340313_zps5e3c3f6e.jpg  photo P1340312_zps9252fb43.jpg  photo P1340311_zps8839e57a.jpg  photo P1340310_zpsa3f9d532.jpg  photo P1340327_zpseca789b8.jpg


The Chevette and Cavaliers Owners Club display, at least on the Sunday, was confined to the latter, with a quartet of first generation Cavalier models on show, including the very first car ever made, which saw service as the (note the use of the singular definite article) Press Car, as well as the only surviving 2000LS and the neat Sports Hatch. There was also an example of the rather tacky Calibre limited edition model which came at the end of production life of the second generation car.

 photo P1340429_zpsb51aec07.jpg  photo P1340427_zps6cf49789.jpg  photo P1340426_zpsb326e368.jpg  photo P1340373_zps202e19e6.jpg  photo P1340269_zpsdebb35cc.jpg  photo P1340268_zps212f77cc.jpg  photo P1340267_zps161234c8.jpg  photo P1340266_zps209cbd58.jpg

The local VXR Owners Club had a large display, with everything from Corsa to a couple of the Holden-derived VXR8s on show, all of them recent cars, and mostly modified in some way or other.

 photo P1340434_zps655db3eb.jpg  photo P1340433_zps604bcc9f.jpg  photo P1340432_zps45e32cbb.jpg  photo P1340431_zps13ac9804.jpg  photo P1340430_zps3f827306.jpg  photo P1340265_zpsd8493d2c.jpg

The Droop Snoot Club had an example of the short-lived Firenza and a couple of Chevette HSR models.

 photo P1340331_zpsb8646aa7.jpg  photo P1340330_zpsd0f62ccd.jpg  photo P1340329_zpsdcc1501a.jpg  photo P1340328_zpsdd4ab52e.jpg  photo P1340382_zps625501e0.jpg

Also on show was this FD series VX4/90. I don’t think that the ochre paintwork is an original colour for this car.

 photo P1340332_zps927f9ffb.jpg


This Mark 1 Golf GTi looked to be in excellent order.

 photo P1340321_zpsc4bddbb6.jpg


There were special displays to mark 2 notable anniversaries: Lamborghini’s 50th and Aston Martin’s Centenary. The former was quite restrained with 2 historic Lamborghinis joined by 2 new models, one of which, the Aventador Spider was making its UK debut.

  photo P1340244_zps78e0ba1e.jpg  photo P1340243_zpsfbd002a0.jpg  photo P1340242_zpse8caf5e8.jpg  photo P1340238_zps41c1c091.jpg  photo P1340237_zps5f9f964e.jpg  photo P1340396_zpsfb5f18c3.jpg  photo P1340395_zpsc4d7a368.jpg  photo P1340447_zpseae9f2e0.jpg

The Aston display comprised a range of models from a DB4 Convertible through to the latest Vanquish.

 photo P1340156_zps95aad6e0.jpg  photo P1340155_zpsdf83f480.jpg  photo P1340154_zps2f08fc19.jpg  photo P1340153_zpsfdc0bca6.jpg  photo P1340152_zps987176aa.jpg  photo P1340151_zps01c11b89.jpg  photo P1340150_zpsdbf068da.jpg  photo P1340436_zps0a80d4ae.jpg  photo P1340446_zps8aa53428.jpg  photo P1340445_zps39d5a344.jpg  photo P1340444_zps68c6b084.jpg

There were just 2 classic Lamborghinis parked up by the duo of new models, a Countach and a Jalpa.

 photo P1340394_zpsc717faf3.jpg  photo P1340450_zpsef6986c3.jpg  photo P1340449_zps452b8b35.jpg  photo P1340448_zpsdc691be1.jpg

This glorious Derby Bentley 3.5 litre was parked up looking rather isolated, as if an array of other cars should have been present, but at least on the Sunday, they never were.

 photo P1340207_zps59efe635.jpg  photo P1340208_zpsea070ccc.jpg  photo P1340206_zps30244b29.jpg

The AA brought along some vehicles from their historic collection.

 photo P1340256_zps3581579a.jpg  photo P1340254_zpse9ffe9df.jpg  photo P1340255_zps4a7353ff.jpg

SCD TV had a display comprising a disparate collection of cars ranging from a Jaguar XJ220 through an MG X-Power SV to the latest Morgan Three-wheeler

 photo P1340257_zpsc6dabff1.jpg  photo P1340145_zps34ee168e.jpg  photo P1340357_zpsff3c14e8.jpg


There were rather fewer dealer display stands than in previous years, but this was a chance to have another sit in some current cars, and I availed myself of the opportunity.


Local dealer Bauer Millett had an array of Abarths from 500 to 595 and Punto Evo

 photo P1340139_zps7480a1e4.jpg  photo P1340138_zps97feacfd.jpg  photo P1340137_zpsd593a39b.jpg  photo P1340135_zps6ffd5dc0.jpg  photo P1340136_zpsb7dfb849.jpg  photo P1340134_zps08b18784.jpg


Separate from the historic display were an assembly of the current range, with Rapide, DB9, Vanquish and V8 Vantage all present.

 photo P1340241_zpsdabd7fdf.jpg  photo P1340240_zpsec3b7453.jpg  photo P1340239_zps49d71e7e.jpg  photo P1340234_zpsb3c9fab3.jpg


As befits the local manufacturer (Bentley Motors are based less than 15 minutes away from the venue), Bentley had a large and visible presence, complete with a sizeable hospitality suite for their customers and prospects. On show outside this were example of their latest range including the new Flying Spur.

 photo P1340162_zpsd82e2ac5.jpg  photo P1340205_zps2d456a46.jpg  photo P1340204_zps39617dde.jpg


BMW had examples of both brand new and more established models on show, with Andy Priaulx’ DTM “3 series” acting as the centrepiece of the display.

 photo P1340160_zps8875e3ca.jpg

The M6 Gran Coupe is very nice, though the cream leather interior would probably no stay that colour for very long, but with a starting price of £97,100 before options, I suspect that this version of my favourite current BMW design is likely to stay a rare sighting.

 photo P1340159_zpsec0e4039.jpg

There was an example of the new 3 Series GT, which I predict we will soon be seeing on a daily basis. It is an impressively roomy car, though I am less than convinced about some of the detailed design features which make it looks a bit awkward from some angles. After the refreshing honesty from the sales representative at Canary Wharf, I got someone here who was utterly convinced that BMW not only have all the answers but that no-one else has. When she tried to tell me that even an entry level MINI (a First) is a thrilling car to drive, a point I can rebuff from personal experience of its rather gutless engine, and she then launched into how no-one else had impressive CO2 numbers like BMW, to which I suggested that whereas they had indeed led the way but others had largely caught up and there was now a leap frog game going on, she just got less and less credible. She did not take the clue that I drive an Audi to be an indication that I might not be quite so enthusiastic about the marque as her, and when I said that an M3 was not an option last year as the then CO2 rating was too high, she said that I should have had an M-Sport, as it is “just as good”. She then went on to rubbish what she called “Nissans that she had never heard of” – which meant Infiniti, who were elsewhere at the event. Belief in your brand is great, but she was rather more blinkered than credible! I escaped at this point.

 photo P1340420_zps81334c08.jpg  photo P1340419_zpsf2edeaba.jpg  photo P1340418_zpsf06700be.jpg  photo P1340158_zpsaf6459c6.jpg

Fortunately I had grabbed the other pictures I wanted, so did not have to risk a repeat conversation with her!

 photo P1340417_zpsdd74a11f.jpg  photo P1340157_zps1944150c.jpg  photo P1340161_zpscc005e1f.jpg


Chevron had a marquee with three examples of their very focused machines on display.

 photo P1340210_zpsb10afffe.jpg  photo P1340209_zpsa3c887c8.jpg


A choice selection from the vast Ford range concentrated on some of the most recently launched new models, so the latest Kuga was there, along with a Fiesta ST and a Focus ST.

 photo P1340144_zps3e61f215.jpg  photo P1340143_zps69508dbc.jpg  photo P1340142_zps42e02236.jpg  photo P1340141_zpscc99ee35.jpg  photo P1340140_zpsbfe2952b.jpg


A vast display from Honda provided ample reminder that cars are only a part of the range of products that this Japanese giant produces. All manner of machinery was on show from a miniature lawn mower that directs itself to an array of bikes, quad bikes, generators, and of course the latest range of cars.

 photo P1340246_zps9feddc4d.jpg  photo P1340251_zps05f6e852.jpg  photo P1340245_zps860b49a0.jpg  photo P1340249_zpsfdd7fda0.jpg  photo P1340253_zps066da11c.jpg  photo P1340252_zpsb2e541d3.jpg  photo P1340250_zpsed2eb2e9.jpg   photo P1340248_zpsca586e67.jpg  photo P1340247_zps98ba0cf4.jpg


Icon were showing their upgraded Land-Rover Defender products.

 photo P1340133_zps19790cd0.jpg  photo P1340132_zps82b066fe.jpg


No sign of the soon to be available Q50 here, so the display was confined to the current range, with examples of G37, M30d and the 2 SUV models of EX and FX on show.

 photo P1340149_zps7ba94e0e.jpg  photo P1340148_zpsa48eacab.jpg  photo P1340147_zps958a5764.jpg  photo P1340146_zps387902a5.jpg


For sure, Kia have one of the best looking ranges of cars on sale at present, and there were examples of most of the different models offered to UK buyers, from the diminutive Picanto to the large Optima saloon and Sorento SUV.

 photo P1340261_zps4fdeef95.jpg  photo P1340260_zpsc8be91ed.jpg  photo P1340259_zps3988c708.jpg  photo P1340258_zps7f3bd6d3.jpg


The local dealer had a representative selection of the latest Porsche which included the recently released Cayman, as well as the 991 model 911, the latest Boxster, Cayenne and Panamera.

 photo P1340128_zpsb11cd517.jpg  photo P1340124_zpsdc22d9ce.jpg  photo P1340127_zps7f604bc9.jpg  photo P1340126_zpsfd3c385d.jpg  photo P1340125_zps8d666538.jpg   photo P1340123_zps829afba7.jpg  photo P1340453_zpsd6bd3dcc.jpg  photo P1340452_zpsd4b7f381.jpg  photo P1340451_zpse9dcfa19.jpg


Second collection of modified Defenders were from Twisted, who had gone to the trouble of pre-empting the notorious Cholmondley weather with a covered display unit.

 photo P1340264_zps24cf57cd.jpg  photo P1340263_zpsafb54839.jpg


VXR was the theme for most of the vehicles displayed, with the recently revealed SuperSport Insignia being perhaps the highlight for many. The interior, despite all the criticism levied against it, is actually quite nicely done, and with staggering levels of performance available, this car will be an absolute bargain secondhand, as I suspect that depreciation levels will be simply terrifying. It won’t be cheap to run, though.

 photo P1340131_zpse95e1875.jpg  photo P1340355_zps1ba2a54a.jpg

More familiar were the Astra GTC and Corsa VXR cars, the latter in Nurburgring Edition guise.

 photo P1340130_zps24104d91.jpg  photo P1340356_zps92106e71.jpg

The Adam was on show, in one of the more, let’s say “imaginative” colour schemes. I am really struggling to like this car even as a static object, and I understand that the driving experience is unlikely to make one feel better about it.

 photo P1340129_zps40f2ed67.jpg


I did not get the chance to tour around the car parks, but there were  a few other cars parked up which did attract my attention.

Most notable was this Ferrari 599 GTO.

 photo P1340217_zpsad529783.jpg  photo P1340216_zpse19b87cd.jpg  photo P1340215_zpse7e92773.jpg

Not that the Ultima and Lamborghini Murcielago SV that parked up adjacent to it were any less noteworthy.

 photo P1340220_zps4455fb38.jpg  photo P1340219_zps96408659.jpg  photo P1340218_zps4be6a417.jpg

Blessed with a combination of much better weather and relatively dry conditions underfoot, this was in many ways the most enjoyable Pageant of Power which I have so far attended. Sadly, I think the display areas were not as full as in previous years, as the challenges of the past probably deterred both Dealers and Car Clubs, though I was pleased to read that total public attendance figures were up and constituted a new record for the event. As it never felt unduly busy,  there is clearly scope to get more stuff to see and more people to see it without spoiling things, and I know that this is the organisers’ goal for 2014. I will return to see how well they have met their objective.

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