Queen Square Bristol Breakfast Club – September 2013

During the latest Queens Square Breakfast Club meeting, I was talking to David Roots, whose Alfa Special has starred regularly in reports from this event, when someone overheard what we were saying and asked us if we were “organisers”, as he wanted to talk to them. We explained that apart from a thread on Pistonheads which is updated by about 3 regulars with a few pictures and a couple of comments each month, this event is largely self organising. As the months go by, it seems to have become ever more popular, so if you want to be sure of getting a parking space on the inner side of the Square, you probably should aim to arrive no later than 9am. There are plenty of comings and goings all morning, though, and the real beauty of the gathering is that whilst there do indeed appear to be quite a group of event regulars, there are always plenty of surprises among the assembled vehicles as well. That was certainly the case for this September 2013 meeting which entertained me for the first part of the morning, before moving my car to the second event of the day, a full report on which is presented separately. The two were close enough together that I did wander back to see any late arrivals at this one. Here are my highlights:


Four Abarth 500s again this month. Not entirely a surprise, given that all are reasonably regular attendees and that the second event of the day was for Italian cars, though not all of them made it over to M Shed for that.

 photo Picture425_zpsd1af285b.jpg  photo Picture413_zpsd8ceda10.jpg


Also a predictable presence from a number of AC Cobra, or rather from replica and recreation Cobra. These cars still attract lots of attention even when parked up. Fire the engine though, and the crowds come literally running.

 photo Picture426_zps88993611.jpg  photo Picture443_zps48c2572d.jpg


Another “regular”, a 156 V6 in the rarely specified colour of white.

 photo Picture386_zps7d347177.jpg


A nice ur-Quattro.

 photo Picture411_zpsbd1030aa.jpg


This lovely 1930s Austin Ripley is believed to be one of just six such cars surviving. This one started out life serving the Derbyshire Constabulary, which I found quite surprising, as it is not the sort of bodystyle I would have expected to find favour as a police vehicle.

 photo Picture416_zps56acc03e.jpg  photo Picture417_zps0ec188df.jpg

This Mark 3 1800 is an event regular

 photo Picture407_zps1554e917.jpg


A couple of Big Healeys were present.

 photo Picture389_zps880111bd.jpg  photo Picture436_zps6133e309.jpg


Another outing for this fabulous E30 model M3.

 photo Picture414_zps84777ae3.jpg


The Allante was an ill-fated attempt to try to change Cadillac’s image in the late 1980s with an Italian designed (and built) grand tourer (I could not in all honesty call this a sports car!). With bodies built in Italy and mechanicals in America, this venture was too costly which sealed the fate of a car that was not even that good. Nice to see one in the UK, though.

 photo Picture375_zps6dfc1ec2.jpg  photo Picture377_zps63b462f8.jpg


Not one, but 2 BX cars present this month. Lighting challenges from the sun, clouds and leaves on the overhanging trees meant that I intended to return to take photos of the navy blue hatchback, but then never did

 photo Picture409_zps77ddaaec.jpg


The Viper GTS Coupe proved to be a crowd puller, even before the engine was fired.

 photo Picture400_zps88d12f9a.jpg


Fewer Ferrari than some months, perhaps, but these red Italian sports cars are still very popular with the crowds.

 photo Picture381_zps91f136e7.jpg  photo Picture442_zpsd699ae78.jpg


Lots of old Ford models, many of them stalwarts of the event, such as this Mark 2 Consul, a 100E Popular, a Capri and a one-off Pilot based Special.

 photo Picture385_zps31c6432b.jpg  photo Picture391_zps7eab925b.jpg  photo Picture446_zpsf786cb1d.jpg  photo Picture421_zps94f15ea7.jpg


 photo Picture412_zps8869f2b0.jpg


Another appearance for this Avenger GLS

 photo Picture406_zps73507ab9.jpg


The Sceptre was an upmarket version of the prosaic Hillman Hunter. They rusted just as much as the humbler cars, though, so survivors are rare.

 photo Picture435_zpsf370e0a7.jpg  photo Picture434_zps17c5df11.jpg


A very nice Series 2 E Type Coupe.

 photo Picture378_zps35120704.jpg


I’ve seen this lovely Appia Coupe several times before at the event. Surprisingly the owner did not transfer over to the Great Western Italian day, but simply drove away completely once he had had enough of this event.

 photo Picture390_zpsa27089ae.jpg

This Delta 1300LX is the same one that I had seen the previous weekend at Haynes’ Rare Breeds event, and it was to stage another appearance later in the day. Nice to see a Delta that is not an Integrale as very few of these survive.

 photo Picture382_zpsdd9575c2.jpg  photo Picture383_zpsbace4b95.jpg


By some measure, the largest car on show, this vast Lincoln Continental measures over 20 feet in length. It is wide as well. Very imposing and an interesting display car.

 photo Picture376_zps20f47a00.jpg  photo Picture374_zpsad24ab7e.jpg


An Elan Sprint.

 photo Picture431_zpsc621cb97.jpg


This event is popular with local MX5 Owners, and as ever, there were plenty of this little sports car present.

 photo Picture437_zpse15af7ac.jpg


A very nice M Type Midget, not a car that I have seen at this event before, and parked next to it was the later TC.

 photo Picture399_zps79a89fda.jpg  photo Picture408_zpsce1d4f78.jpg

This early MGB GT was rather nice, too.

 photo Picture438_zps2ddb0a81.jpg


Early Minis have become extremely valuable. This was not a 1959 car and it was not as pristine as some, but still a nice period piece.

 photo Picture405_zpsba8c5792.jpg  photo Picture430_zps5738b555.jpg


This Colt Sigma was another of the rare cars that was staging its second consecutive appearance at the event.

 photo Picture447_zpsa45fe742.jpg  photo Picture403_zps00f023f1.jpg  photo Picture404_zps4ca3fe41.jpg


This Figaro was making another appearance at the event.

 photo Picture415_zps699b2acc.jpg

There are always plenty of “fast” (and extensively modified) Nissan, mostly 300ZX cars, but this month there were also some Skylines of various generations.

 photo Picture380_zps2f9beda0.jpg


A trio of interesting Opels: Manta B, Ascona B and a very nice Monza GSE. The Monza must have been one of the first cars on site, but when the Manta and Ascona arrived and parked around the other side of the Square, I noticed that the Monza moved to join them.

 photo Picture393_zps65d90dad.jpg  photo Picture394_zps0a5894e0.jpg  photo Picture427_zps52de4dc2.jpg  photo Picture395_zps9d714edf.jpg  photo Picture428_zps0e153590.jpg


Last month I came across the Paramount, and presented a short summary on this little known marque in my report. The same car was present again.

 photo Picture384_zpsd1b5a8e7.jpg

Only 8 models survive and just 3 of them are currently roadworthy, so imagine my surprise when a second Paramount arrived at the event.

 photo Picture445_zps144ad33b.jpg  photo Picture444_zpsc16a8926.jpg


Nice to see one of the “cooking” 205 models rather than a GTi.

 photo Picture410_zps60f02b79.jpg


Another appearance for this rather fabulous Plymouth de Luxe.

 photo Picture432_zps7a8ae3b9.jpg


Porsche 911s are popular even when it is not their 50th anniversary year, so no surprise that there were several of these much loved cars at the event.

 photo Picture402_zps4b1d53de.jpg  photo Picture398_zpsa0014cd0.jpg  photo Picture429_zps68147ef4.jpg


This bright orange Scimitar GTE is another of the event regulars.

 photo Picture379_zpsb3af2788.jpg


Plenty of these, as ever.

 photo Picture392_zpse88f4429.jpg


Silver Shadow Mark 1

 photo Picture422_zpscfcc59dc.jpg


A late appearance from this P6 model Rover 3500.

 photo Picture448_zps3c84b9de.jpg


This 14/40 dates from 1925, and is one of nearly 3000 such cars that were built over a 3 year period.

 photo Picture388_zpsdd51870e.jpg  photo Picture387_zps383c64a5.jpg


The Sunbeam Lotus

 photo Picture423_zps84b103ad.jpg


This duo of TR6 and 2500PI Saloon arrived and departed jointly. Both nice cars from this much missed British marque’s heyday.

 photo Picture419_zpsa863f4ae.jpg  photo Picture420_zps8321e407.jpg


TVR models were much in evidence as ever, with an S, a Tamora and a Tuscan.

 photo Picture424_zpsb9d87678.jpg  photo Picture401_zps6d80b329.jpg  photo Picture418_zps8ca2935a.jpg


Really nice mark 1 Golf GTis are not that easy to come by. This one looked well up to scratch.

 photo Picture397_zps5a2b32ab.jpg  photo Picture396_zps817b8554.jpg

There was also a second generation Scirocco.

 photo Picture433_zpsd058a8cc.jpg


This little 750 was a Serbian built version of the Fiat 600, and seemed to appeal to lots of the event attendees judging by the enthusiastic comments I heard.

 photo Picture440_zps15ea85d2.jpg  photo Picture441_zpse8ede2c2.jpg  photo Picture439_zpsdaeadef9.jpg

As ever, I enjoyed this event. As well as talking to David Roots, it was good finally to meet Ralph Colmar, prolific author of a fascinating daily blog which you can find at http://www.psychoontyres.co.uk/  My current diary shows that I will miss the October event, as I will be elsewhere in the country that day, but November will be upon us sooner than we think and I look forward to seeing what vehicles are brought along.

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