Great Western Italian Day – September 2013

Yet another Italian event? Well, yes, such is the enthusiasm for the cars of Italy that there are plenty of occasions when the proud owners want to show them off. This one is organised by Paul Hanmore, who is also the driving force behind the Bristol Italian Auto Moto Festival. That one takes place in April, more or less at the start of the events season, whereas the Great Western Italian Day comes in September, more or less at the end of the season. Smaller in scale, it also moves location, having been in Swindon in 2012 and Gloucester in 2011. That meant that it was Bristol’s turn for 2013, with a display space right outside the M-Shed in the heart of the old docks. Sadly, the weather was rather grey, with a significant enough downpour in the early afternoon, so some of the photographic potential of this interesting setting was reduced, but even so, with The Matthew right alongside the gathering, there was plenty of opportunity for the creative snapper. Most of the cars arrived mid morning, many having come from the nearby Queens Square Breakfast Club gathering, but every time I walked away from the display and then came back, I found some new arrivals. The old Docks area is a popular area these days, so it was no surprise that there were lots of passers-by who stopped to admire the diverse collection of cars assembled, much to the delight of quite a few who had no idea that the event was taking place. Here is what they could see:


As well as my car, there was another locally owned Abarth 500, the owner of which expounded at great length on just how he keeps it looking immaculate. As well as making me feel guilty, I also realised yet again how red is a better colour to hide the lack of detailing effort!

 photo Picture030_zps325f585b.jpg


Oldest Alfa on show was a lovely Giulietta Spider, which was joined by a number of other open topped Alfas from the past 40 years. Jeremy Dutton’s early 105 series car is also a particularly nice car, and the recent Brera-based model will surely also be seen as a classic in years to come.

 photo Picture023_zpsd1c7599e.jpg  photo Picture040_zps75b93e03.jpg  photo Picture002_zps61585795.jpg  photo Picture037_zps33282579.jpg  photo Picture008_zps6001f7aa.jpg

Classic status has not yet affected the prices of the 916 series GTV cars, which remain available at bargain basement prices. There were a couple of these on display, one of them a limited edition Cup car.

 photo Picture015_zps7d27602d.jpg  photo Picture003_zps74f13042.jpg  photo Picture006_zps5c7c1112.jpg

Also really rather nice was this 2000 GTV

 photo Picture033_zps62cab072.jpg

The 145 is now quite a rare car, so it was good to see one of these distinctively styled hatchbacks. There was also a 156, in the relatively rare colour of white.

 photo Picture036_zps22cc8144.jpg  photo Picture004_zpsd3d47b81.jpg

David Roots brought his Alfa Special over and was delighted to be awarded one of the prizes of the day.

 photo Picture014_zps997c3278.jpg


As is so often the case, none of the Ferraris stayed for very long. Fortunately, a couple arrived late to fill the gaps created by those who took the proverbial early bath. There was plenty of variety with a 308 GT4 Dino and a 400i as well as the more recent 348 tb,  360  Modena and 430 Spider.

 photo Picture020_zps69ceeed0.jpg  photo Picture034_zps7daa52ff.jpg  photo Picture042_zps1319dc22.jpg  photo Picture012_zps2207f78a.jpg  photo Picture005_zpsc85ee8dd.jpg  photo Picture001_zpsa80ac934.jpg  photo Picture019_zpsc42975f3.jpg  photo Picture018_zpse93b7c58.jpg


The trio of Nuova 500 models attracted lots of attention, and it’s not hard to see why. Looking very small compared to everything else parked up, these cars still have huge appeal to almost everyone.

 photo Picture025_zpsf6359011.jpg  photo Picture026_zps834d20ee.jpg  photo Picture027_zps76429c32.jpg  photo Picture029_zps4b3587aa.jpg  photo Picture028_zps1a9a81ef.jpg  photo Picture013_zps69c42e04.jpg photo Picture035_zpsd899c68d.jpg

The Seicento was a late 1990s version of the same concept, but it has never really gained the same level of affection.

 photo Picture009_zpsb10f8be6.jpg

A regular at Italian events in the area was this Uno Selecta.

 photo Picture010_zps27abb119.jpg

Other Fiats included a pair of X1/9s, both of them from late in the model’s production life, with a VS and a Gran Finale.

 photo Picture043_zps483dca9b.jpg  photo Picture044_zps505efcd1.jpg  photo Picture039_zpsf861fa1f.jpg  photo Picture022_zpsf4ba0195.jpg  photo Picture021_zpsec70ce52.jpg


To me, and indeed to many others, this Aurelia Cabrio was the highlight of the day. There was one of these at last year’s event, too, but it was dark blue, so it is nice to know that there are at least 2 of these rare cars in the area.

 photo Picture032_zpsad2e7cc8.jpg  photo Picture031_zps0db9d691.jpg

The Thema Turbo and the Delta 1300LX that I had seen in Queens Square earlier in the day had made the short journey over to the docks.

 photo Picture007_zps2d2cc479.jpg  photo Picture024_zps11b5e3aa.jpg  photo Picture038_zpsba9c20b1.jpg


As well as organiser Paul Hanmore’s 4200GT, there was an example of the earlier 3200GT model.

 photo Picture011_zpsdcbab0bf.jpg  photo Picture017_zpsa9d675f9.jpg  photo Picture016_zps98d594c9.jpg  photo Picture041_zpsfaae171f.jpg

This was an fun event, with lots of friendly conversation between owners and visitors, a nice setting and easy access to the attractions of the docks (the M-Shed museum is very good and it is free to attend).

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