Brooklands Autumn MotorSport Day – October 2013

Pity the poor event organiser! Of course, all plans have to assume that the weather will be favourable, but at any time in the year, the vaguaries of the British climate can turn any day into a complete washout. And sadly, that is exactly what happened at the Brooklands Autumn MotorSport event in 2013. Having enjoyed lovely autumn sunshine in the two previous years when the event had been held, it was all change for 2013, with unrelenting heavy rain all day. Not surprisingly, this deterred not just many of the people who were doubtless planning to attend, but also a lot of exhibitors and competitors. When I arrived, admittedly, quite early, there was barely anyone else on site, and although competitor and display cars did gradually start to appear, there was probably an absentee rate of more than 50%. The rain did not ease up at all during the day, so I confess that by early afternoon, with soaked feet, and feeling generally cold, I had to abandon things, too, but as far as I can tell, I did not miss out on any of the interesting vehicles that had braved the elements, and here they are:


One of the very first display and competitor cars to arrive was this, an Abarth Fiat 1500. Not a vehicle I’ve ever seen before, though I gather it was in action at the recent Goodwood Revival, you would be amazed at the amount of noise that it produced when fired up!

 photo Picture003_zps55142956.jpg  photo Picture002_zps637278bd.jpg  photo Picture001_zps957f2216.jpg  photo Picture025_zps1a3986ac.jpg  photo Picture024_zps83567a30.jpg

Other Abarths were more familiar, with an array of classic models including Tony Castle Miller’s Tornado which made its post-restoration debut here a couple of years ago, as well as a 595, an OT 1000 Coupe. the X1/9-based prototype and one of the recent 500 Trofeo cars.

 photo Picture064_zpsf802a012.jpg  photo Picture065_zpsc7e6602a.jpg  photo Picture054_zps8df40570.jpg  photo Picture056_zpse1aac848.jpg  photo Picture053_zps8e3bf699.jpg  photo Picture060_zpse1d8bf5a.jpg  photo Picture058_zps6e0bc2de.jpg  photo Picture059_zpse6388a10.jpg  photo Picture072_zps187d04db.jpg  photo Picture073_zps0c340474.jpg  photo Picture071_zpsc8b0a051.jpg  photo Picture055_zpsa9ece085.jpg

There were plenty of modern Abarths, too. Not quite the 20 who had signed up on Abarthsti, but there were a dozen cars, which made the marque the most numerous of the day, and Abarth UK also had some display cars from the current range.

 photo Picture061_zpsfa430d83.jpg  photo Picture063_zpsd031fa82.jpg  photo Picture062_zps9357bf3d.jpg  photo Picture008_zps2ce1f6ac.jpg  photo Picture009_zps293f5a1c.jpg  photo Picture007_zps4cacc3ac.jpg  photo Picture006_zps20e784b8.jpg  photo Picture005_zps3f3acc76.jpg  photo Picture004_zps287b86bd.jpg  photo Picture022_zpscf1a5e0a.jpg  photo Picture023_zps80557f20.jpg  photo Picture026_zpsc7196828.jpg photo Picture075_zps7a5e07f2.jpg

This Giulietta Berlina was ready for action on the track.

 photo Picture068_zpse8bec1cf.jpg  photo Picture069_zpscf369c53.jpg

One lone 156 GTA and parked up with the Ferrari Owners was this lovely 2000 GTV.

 photo Picture048_zps02e3707e.jpg  photo Picture049_zps63e71bc4.jpg  photo Picture105_zpse412cc87.jpg  photo Picture106_zps1dc0702f.jpg  photo Picture108_zps010a9b55.jpg


 photo Picture057_zps121c2429.jpg



 photo Picture074_zpsef0e633e.jpg


Ferrari Owners Club members are renowned for disappearing when the rain falls, so it was quite a surprise to discover an array of different cars parked up around the museum sheds.

 photo Picture114_zps67886213.jpg  photo Picture101_zpsd44ef68a.jpg  photo Picture100_zpsf59956c3.jpg  photo Picture095_zps58458dbb.jpg  photo Picture096_zps0dc542e1.jpg  photo Picture099_zps92a6d5c6.jpg  photo Picture098_zps29042a34.jpg  photo Picture097_zps8146c4ec.jpg  photo Picture102_zpsa308bbef.jpg  photo Picture104_zps6eea4615.jpg  photo Picture103_zps18bd2e3b.jpg  photo Picture107_zps6dec2537.jpg  photo Picture109_zps4bc5541a.jpg

Far more visible, though it did remain parked up in the Paddock under cover was this, a 1951 Ferrari 212. One of just two such cars (the other is in the Schlumpf Collection), Based on an F2 car but fitted with a 2.5-litre V12, it made its debut in 1951 at the Siracusa Grand Prix, driven by Dorino Serafini and is thought to have also been driven by Villoresi, Marzotto and Gonzalez. Raced extensively during the 1950s, it was later discovered stored in Uruguay and eventually found its way into various UK, Italian and Japanese collections. Restored by DK Engineering in 2008, the car is currently owned by a UK collector.

 photo Picture020_zpsbcb49c43.jpg  photo Picture019_zps0cdfd026.jpg  photo Picture018_zpsbed68c79.jpg


A couple of Fiat Coupe models were parked up in an area that was clearly intended to house a lot more! Event organiser, Phil ward’s blue model was also to be found in a more central location.

 photo Picture051_zps1b944477.jpg  photo Picture050_zps699ca6b0.jpg  photo Picture094_zps82da530e.jpg  photo Picture093_zps318bd5a2.jpg


A lone Lotus Cortina Mark 2 was displayed on the approach to the banking.

 photo Picture029_zps16e520f9.jpg  photo Picture030_zps576c43a8.jpg  photo Picture028_zpsf3c9510c.jpg

This Anglia 105E was ready for action.

 photo Picture012_zpsdcf52ce0.jpg  photo Picture013_zpsd09e7f89.jpg


Super Snipe

 photo Picture092_zps1a572118.jpg


This Rivolta has been used for racing since the mid 1970s. Loud does not begin to describe it!

 photo Picture066_zpsba4be6ee.jpg  photo Picture067_zpsb46d2ae9.jpg  photo Picture070_zps49931a01.jpg  photo Picture112_zps4648105a.jpg


This D Type stayed under its cover all morning, so I was pleased when it did finally emerge.

 photo Picture111_zps7a396f18.jpg


 photo Picture016_zpsf54e24da.jpg  photo Picture015_zps7a31efd8.jpg


A lone Lamborghini was this Gallardo.

 photo Picture091_zps3875254f.jpg


A single Fulvia Coupe was later joined by a Delta Integrale. That seemed to be the sum total of the Lancia Owners Club cars.

 photo Picture027_zps44460b17.jpg


A brief chat with the owner of this car elicited that it is a heavily modified Lotus 6.

 photo Picture014_zps4911b1f1.jpg  photo Picture017_zps847ccb6c.jpg


This SLS AMG attracted lots of attention when it arrived and later when it was started up in readiness for its trip to the track.

 photo Picture076_zpsb4511565.jpg



 photo Picture113_zps28eafa63.jpg


There were a few classic Minis on show.

 photo Picture052_zpse6d58542.jpg


Taking a breath of fresh air from its usual resting place in the museum was the 1933 24 litre aero-engined Napier Railton. It was clearly quite a handful on the soaked track, so progress was relatively tentative.

 photo Picture110_zps219b7608.jpg


A lovely 550 RS Spider.

 photo Picture010_zps1dd51e36.jpg  photo Picture011_zpsd90a6375.jpg

This 911 GT3 RS arrived around lunchtime.

 photo Picture116_zpsef5a7ece.jpg


There were a number of classic Renault models, including a couple of rarities, of which this R20 TX was the most unusual. Owned by the same guy who has the gold R30TS that he tends to show more often, these cars are really rare now.

 photo Picture082_zps3b142b5b.jpg  photo Picture079_zps01c3d0e2.jpg  photo Picture090_zpsb9fd9f10.jpg

There were a couple of example of the R5, a Gordini version of the first car, and a rare surviving Monaco Automatic Supercinq.

 photo Picture089_zpsaa52cee2.jpg  photo Picture081_zpsa833c9e7.jpg  photo Picture080_zps48b3ba05.jpg  photo Picture031_zps55a3bd43.jpg  photo Picture035_zps46709224.jpg

Even the R19 is getting rare now, and there were a couple of Phase 2 cars on show.

 photo Picture038_zps20ce9fd5.jpg  photo Picture037_zps740f05a6.jpg  photo Picture036_zpseea7ff08.jpg

This 4CV looked very small in comparison, and it is clearly light, as at one point, I saw two people simply pick up the front and lift it, without any difficulty.

 photo Picture033_zps8f14b1b9.jpg  photo Picture034_zps81311e27.jpg  photo Picture032_zpsfe60a5b4.jpg


A small gathering of Subarus comprised examples of the Impreza and one lone Forester STi.

 photo Picture085_zpsb86cb377.jpg  photo Picture084_zps0eed8094.jpg  photo Picture083_zps2a3278be.jpg  photo Picture086_zpsd0007245.jpg  photo Picture087_zps1451b1e0.jpg  photo Picture088_zpsb853de68.jpg


There were several of the lovely Alpine and Tiger sports cars from the early 1960s on show.

 photo Picture043_zps09c36e5f.jpg  photo Picture042_zps2f9b2326.jpg  photo Picture077_zps79d23f7a.jpg  photo Picture041_zps3f195a80.jpg  photo Picture040_zpsbc3b7f77.jpg  photo Picture039_zps370792bd.jpg photo Picture078_zpsbcbc5466.jpg


Stag and Herald were the two Triumphs present.

 photo Picture045_zps95e13586.jpg  photo Picture115_zpsb6078263.jpg


 photo Picture021_zps47aa86da.jpg


The “droop snoot” Firenza.

 photo Picture044_zps388d7ba1.jpg  photo Picture046_zpse108eec8.jpg  photo Picture047_zpsf5c8dac9.jpg

Such a pity that the weather got the better of this event. There were some interesting cars on show, and in action on the adjoining Mercedes-Benz World track, so it was worth getting cold and wet, but it would have been so much more enjoyable had it at least been dry. Let’s hope for better luck in 2014.

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