Queen Square Bristol Breakfast Club – March 2014

The monthly impromptu gatherings of classic and interesting cars in Bristol’s Queens Square have become very popular, and it is not uncommon for all the spaces both on the inside and outside what is a fairly sizeable Georgian square to be occupied by mid morning. Even when the weather is damp and grey, there are always plenty of people keen to turn out, show off their cars, have a chat, take a few photos and leave in time for Sunday lunch. Factor in not just pent up desire for some car events after a long winter with a truly glorious spring day, with not a cloud in the sky all day, and it is no surprise that the March 2014 proved to be extremely busy. I arrived at 8:15am, and was far from the first to do so. There was more or less a constant stream of further arrivals from then on, so that by 9am the square was full, and yet cars continued to arrive for a good hour or more after that, at quite a rate. I’m sure I’ve never seen such a busy Breakfast Club as this one, ever, and although there were plenty of familiar cars, there was also plenty that I had not seen before.


I posted details of the event on Abarthisti earlier in the week, hopeful that a few fellow owners would decide to come. Response was non-existent, but even so, there were 5 Abarth 500s present during the morning, most of which do indeed belong to Abarthisti members. Most are local, and I would guess decided to come when they saw just how glorious the weather would be.

 photo P1230630_zpsd4314615.jpg  photo P1230531_zpsb1dd84af.jpg  photo P1230482_zps9266eade.jpg


There were a number of Cobra replica models present, as always.

 photo P1230638_zpsc465881a.jpg


Without a doubt, my favourite car of the day had an Alfa badge on it. When I saw this splendid black 164 Cloverleaf arriving, I had to head towards it for a closer inspection. It turned out that the current owner bought it last autumn, and it is in fine fettle indeed, with just a bit of bubbling on the door mirror mounts (mine did that, too!), but otherwise the bodywork looked to be pretty well perfect. A truly splendid car!

 photo P1230703_zps03475e5d.jpg  photo P1230708_zps8a2fb014.jpg  photo P1230705_zpsc84ff92f.jpg  photo P1230704_zpsc932dc69.jpg  photo P1230701_zps265e1ce2.jpg  photo P1230702_zps765b6d80.jpg  photo P1230706_zpsdbd4e713.jpg photo P1230707_zpsa4031b05.jpg  photo P1230562_zps641c092e.jpg  photo P1230561_zpse2c0ccd1.jpg  photo P1230686_zps99b82485.jpg  photo P1230685_zpse64ce28c.jpg  photo P1230684_zpsc4dcee21.jpg photo P1230590_zps5e7de415.jpg  photo P1230589_zps4e215fc5.jpg  photo P1230588_zps7a42c124.jpg  photo P1230568_zpsf1172b9f.jpg  photo P1230570_zps75ec4919.jpg  photo P1230569_zps078da4a5.jpg photo P1230565_zps582a2484.jpg  photo P1230567_zps0df110cc.jpg  photo P1230566_zpsf5ad35f6.jpg

There were plenty of other nice Alfa present, with Jeremy Dutton’s GTV2000 joined by a second example of the model, and there was a related Spider.

 photo P1230560_zps6e3315a2.jpg  photo P1230559_zps6836017b.jpg  photo P1230580_zpsbaf270d2.jpg  photo P1230624_zps0904a862.jpg  photo P1230623_zps7a59c4cb.jpg  photo P1230625_zpsb95ebdd1.jpg

More modern Alfa included a 75 which I have seen at this event before, and a 33 which I have not.

 photo P1230483_zpsf8c5c5c9.jpg  photo P1230498_zps2bb2622b.jpg


One of a handful of pre-war cars at the event was this, an absolutely pristine Silver Eagle. By the look of it, I would guess that it has just emerged from a complete restoration.

 photo P1230471_zps095947eb.jpg


Just a couple of Aston Martins that my camera captured, a DB7 and a V8 Vantage. There was also a DBS which for some reason I do not appear to have recorded.

 photo P1230598_zps30cb9317.jpg  photo P1230490_zps8bb3af64.jpg


A late arrival was this R8 Spider.

 photo P1230694_zps691dd141.jpg


The A35 was a small car even when new in the 1950s, though I did hear one person reminisce on how 5 of them used to pack into one to go to Saturday afternoon football games in his youth.

 photo P1230493_zps4f67bc44.jpg

Far rarer than that was this fantastic Austin Gipsy, Austin’s ill-fated effort at competing with the Land-Rover.

 photo P1230601_zps76e1f395.jpg


One “Big Healey” was parked up early on, and then a quartet more arrived in convoy during the morning.

 photo P1230516_zps90c9d85e.jpg  photo P1230515_zps22089920.jpg  photo P1230551_zps0c8c8730.jpg  photo P1230692_zpsc768dd11.jpg  photo P1230691_zpsd5ef193a.jpg

There was also an example of the second generation Sprite, the car that was a close relative to the longer-lived MG Midget.

 photo P1230610_zpse0a0aca7.jpg


There are always a good number of BMWs present at this event, most of them M3 and M5 cars, and today was no exception. My favourites, by some margin, where the duo of Zinnober Red E30 cars, one of which (D555CFR) is a regular here.

 photo P1230695_zps8926c846.jpg  photo P1230696_zps86624f74.jpg  photo P1230532_zps8f61ae41.jpg  photo P1230521_zps44fa2860.jpg  photo P1230495_zps816d9250.jpg


One of a handful of pre-war cars present was this 1920s BSA.

 photo P1230646_zps28cde4ee.jpg


This is a 1925 Type 35, which means it has a 4 cylinder engine, as opposed to the 8 cylinder of the 35B and supercharger of the 35C. There are visual differences, too, I was advised, around the length of the bonnet and the angle of the side of the radiator, but you would need to get a good look to spot them.

 photo P1230585_zpsb3f7c766.jpg  photo P1230586_zps59ba1967.jpg


One of the most imposing cars of the day was this, a fabulous Coupe de Ville Convertible. Simply massive!

 photo P1230607_zps26fdd031.jpg  photo P1230606_zpsedfc49f6.jpg  photo P1230539_zpsc2edf5b4.jpg  photo P1230540_zps18fc20b7.jpg


Equally huge was this 1976 Caprice Convertible, the last year that the Caprice was quite so huge before the launch of a smaller model, devoid of an open topped variant.

 photo P1230608_zpsfb6504f0.jpg  photo P1230538_zps483e0da6.jpg

There are usually a few Corvettes at this event, and this one was no exception. A bright pair were parked up early on: a rare split-screen C2 model and a very recent C6 car with the 60th anniversary badging on it.

 photo P1230462_zps1344f299.jpg  photo P1230492_zpsf9eefd4d.jpg


There were a couple of classic Chargers from the late 1960s. Fabulous!

 photo P1230530_zpsde3e9a1c.jpg  photo P1230529_zps67e8edd9.jpg

More recent was this Viper GTS Coupe.

 photo P1230612_zps5a83205e.jpg  photo P1230611_zpsa04cee63.jpg  photo P1230537_zpsc491f277.jpg


Nothing particularly unusual among the Ferrari present, but there were F355, 360 and 430 models all in attendance.

 photo P1230639_zps1d078f60.jpg  photo P1230499_zpsac6341ea.jpg


This diminutive Nuova 500 looked almost lost parked among the much bigger modern machinery, but it still generated a lot of interest, as these cars always do wherever they are seen.

 photo P1230489_zps3204dcce.jpg

The little Uno Selecta does appear small, too, these days, even though when launched it was a tiny bit larger than most of its then competitors.

 photo P1230698_zpsece882f9.jpg  photo P1230667_zps13e3ae98.jpg  photo P1230626_zps3ecddc6e.jpg  photo P1230627_zps73ec965b.jpg

The only other Fiat present was a late model 2000 Spider.

 photo P1230597_zps0bfca1f0.jpg


When I saw this colossal F750, I reached for my phone, to text Dan, knowing that he would be massively disappointed if he learned that one of these behemoths had been present and he had not seen it. Before I even got the phone ready to text, I saw him drive by in quest of a parking space, though I did wonder if he would be able to control his enthusiasm for this monster pickup while driving. It certainly proved to be quite a talking point during the event.

 photo P1230484_zps15d16024.jpg

Just as imposing was this fantastic 1959 Thunderbird. No-one could miss it, with its bright red paint, and the interior was equally bright.

 photo P1230472_zps1dc810ab.jpg

2014 is the 50th anniversary of the Mustang, and there were a couple of examples present, one from the first generation, and a Fox-bodied car from about 20 years ago.

 photo P1230511_zpsfbba1b56.jpg  photo P1230512_zpsdbb13255.jpg  photo P1230510_zps8c05e97a.jpg  photo P1230503_zps98e89ab7.jpg  photo P1230504_zpsf3023981.jpg

Dating from the early 1960s was this Consul Classis. a short lived mid sized car which ran from 1961 to 1963.

 photo P1230644_zps874cc4fc.jpg

Two saloon versions of the Mark 2 Consul were joined later by a Convertible model.

 photo P1230460_zps879833cd.jpg  photo P1230461_zps7f1b3e24.jpg  photo P1230481_zpsb28c65a6.jpg  photo P1230690_zps25d1fff5.jpg

There was a Mark 3 Zephyr saloon, as well. This car had a body which always looked too wide for the chassis, with the wheels well inset from the wheelarches.

 photo P1230496_zpsbf52fe1f.jpg

Among the Cortina models on show, most were Lotus versions, with a couple of Mark 1s and a mark 2, though there was also a 1600E.

 photo P1230648_zpse5b8b896.jpg  photo P1230668_zps9003bbee.jpg  photo P1230463_zps6796eb3f.jpg  photo P1230464_zps980eb2ec.jpg

Parked up on the square much later in the day was this Mark V model. Too late for the event, but I have included it here as an example of a once common car that is now a rarity.

 photo P1230781_zps576c7e55.jpg

The Escorts on show included a Mark 1 made up in the style of an RS2000, and a genuine Mark 2 RS2000, as well as (unshown) an Escort Bonus 90, a limited edition model produced at the end of the life of the third generation car. There was also an Orion saloon .

 photo P1230524_zps9f08a82d.jpg  photo P1230528_zpsdd23dafc.jpg  photo P1230502_zps1baff131.jpg  photo P1230645_zps6dd070b3.jpg

Sierra models included a lovely RS Cosworth in original hatchback guise as well as the later 4 door saloon as well as a regular 2 litre Sierra Sapphire saloon.

 photo P1230595_zpsd401a879.jpg  photo P1230682_zps16acfbf0.jpg

More recent cars included a number of hot Focus models, both ST and RS.

 photo P1230513_zps8029c4ad.jpg  photo P1230619_zps36fd035c.jpg  photo P1230509_zps89435933.jpg  photo P1230497_zps84c70059.jpg

Backing up this replica GT40 must have been quite a challenge, as rear vision is, let’s call it, “limited”.

 photo P1230617_zps9eb06b5f.jpg

Oldest Ford on show was this 1930s Model Y 8hp car, an event regular.

 photo P1230571_zpsdb30b9b3.jpg

This Prefect was an example of the immediate post war production.

 photo P1230592_zpsca24302e.jpg


Had the Ford F750 not been present, this would have seemed like a huge truck, but, large though it was, the ford made it seem almost mid-sized!

 photo P1230507_zps22eb6462.jpg  photo P1230506_zpsa378d265.jpg


Perhaps not what you would typically think of as a “Classic”, but when did you last see a second generation Honda Civic from the early 1980s? This one was in amazing condition.

 photo P1230534_zps24280bd0.jpg  photo P1230535_zpsb8adb2e3.jpg


Another appearance for this “Arrrow” based Sceptre, the posh version of the Hillman Hunter.

 photo P1230700_zpsc1d19920.jpg  photo P1230581_zps5f446d37.jpg


I first caught sight of this splendid machine in my rear view mirror as I came to the bottom of the M32, and I guessed that it would be headed to Queens Square, and so it proved. Chatting with the owner, he told me that this is a Mark VIII, distinguishable from the Mark VII as it has a one piece windscreen. This car was first owned by Lord Wills (of Tobacco fame), who kept it until 1968 when it was laid up. The current owner has had it for 16 years, and had to do a lot of work on the bodywork and mechanicals, meaning that this was its first outing.

 photo P1230468_zps845da2d4.jpg  photo P1230467_zpsd5d76ca2.jpg  photo P1230470_zps22bd2f74.jpg

There were a number of E Type models, unsurprisingly.

 photo P1230466_zpsf5e0e27e.jpg  photo P1230469_zps903c76e0.jpg  photo P1230669_zps18ad7a91.jpg  photo P1230672_zpsd97cb478.jpg  photo P1230671_zpsf0883ea4.jpg  photo P1230579_zps032caa36.jpg

Also seen now as a “classic” is this XJS, seen in open top XJS-C guise

 photo P1230652_zps056601a9.jpg


Attracting lots of attention was this Gallardo Spider. Surprisingly, this was not the loudest car at the event…… keep reading to find what that might have been!

 photo P1230487_zps698e08c1.jpg  photo P1230488_zpsa75e1814.jpg


Another favourite (there were plenty of those today!) was this fabulous Delta Integrale.  I don’t recall seeing this particular car at this event before.

 photo P1230550_zps13fa9b61.jpg  photo P1230549_zpsdacf3235.jpg

I don’t seem to have a photo of the Thema Turbo that does appear quite often here, though.


There were Elans of both the front wheel and rear wheel drive kind.

 photo P1230613_zps769370e6.jpg  photo P1230614_zps7ba82e63.jpg  photo P1230526_zps3dbcf7db.jpg  photo P1230525_zps0ee23a68.jpg

The Esprit was also represented with this nice example.

 photo P1230681_zps28cdcb35.jpg  photo P1230520_zps0e6d92e7.jpg  photo P1230519_zps52cf05b4.jpg

Also present was this, which I assume was a replica, based on the Lotus XI.

 photo P1230542_zpsd8dcf694.jpg  photo P1230541_zpse70bc468.jpg

Definitely genuine was this Seven, a Series IV, which is not as well regarded as its antecedents or the subsequent Caterham models.

 photo P1230649_zpsc5c240da.jpg


Two Maserati models, a 4200 Coupe and the current Gran Cabrio.

 photo P1230699_zps53c75248.jpg  photo P1230603_zps2b3e10dd.jpg


A gold first series RX7 is a regular at this event, but there was no sign of it today. What were here, though, were example of the second and third series cars that replaced it.

 photo P1230689_zps7200c09d.jpg  photo P1230564_zps4b36493d.jpg

The MX5 owners were out in force, as usual, with an array of NA, NB and NC models that they were displaying.

 photo P1230643_zps1b7ce62d.jpg  photo P1230557_zps43ff56e4.jpg


Probably the most talked about Mercedes was not the SLS AMG that made quite a stealthy arrival mid-morning, sounding just too quiet…….

 photo P1230687_zps8b118867.jpg

…… but this lovely “fin tail” 220SE. Judging by the interior, this one has been restored, and it looked absolutely stunning. I came across it again later in the day, parked up on the side streets of Bristol.

 photo P1230770_zps279db6df.jpg  photo P1230769_zps6898e8bc.jpg  photo P1230573_zpsc1b0a2ae.jpg  photo P1230575_zps3d4f01a1.jpg  photo P1230574_zps1f62a86c.jpg  photo P1230572_zps46b51da8.jpg photo P1230640_zpse8c67bf4.jpg

Also rather nice was this R107 model 280SL.

 photo P1230587_zps47010a89.jpg


A great array of MG models, as you would expect, with the MGB represented by several examples and there was the six cylinder version, the MGC, present, too.

 photo P1230556_zpsd0aa1a70.jpg  photo P1230555_zps8d245f22.jpg  photo P1230563_zpse96bb027.jpg  photo P1230552_zps1cb184b4.jpg  photo P1230473_zps9d56acb3.jpg


A 1963 example of the classic Mini.

 photo P1230651_zps34d7be29.jpg


This 1920s Cowley is an event regular.

 photo P1230576_zps2b10308d.jpg  photo P1230577_zpsbad9783e.jpg

The popular Minor was represented by a Tourer and a Van.

 photo P1230599_zps619a55c6.jpg  photo P1230653_zpse55d6ba4.jpg  photo P1230596_zps242ec922.jpg


This pale green Figaro is another event regular.

 photo P1230558_zps50d472a4.jpg


The Opel GT was a European-ised version of the short lived Saturn Sky, offered in the US for a couple of seasons until GM axed the brand. These cars were never sold in the UK, as it was not possible to engineer them for right hand drive. I drove the mechanically identical Pontiac Solstice a while back, and despite its rather unimpressive 4 cylinder engine, quite liked it, but it is definitely a car for good weather, so today was clearly a great opportunity to get it out and show it.

 photo P1230533_zpsf49223c7.jpg  photo P1230536_zps7ca8c1cb.jpg

This late model Manta GT/E sported Irmscher decals on the side, so I suspect that it may have been the beneficiary of the tuning that this company offered to GM cars of the period.

 photo P1230693_zps95065f9c.jpg  photo P1230647_zps86b00734.jpg


Not for the first time were there two example of the very rare Paramount on show here. This was a British marque, founded in 1950 by WA Hudson and S Underwood from Derbyshire, the Paramount had an aluminium over wood frame body with a BMW like grille and was mounted on a separate tubular steel chassis with front transverse and rear semi elliptical leaf springs. It was originally intended to have Alvis engine and suspension but to reduce cost the production versions used Ford 10 components including the 1172cc side valve engines, but fitted with twin SU carburettors, which resulted in poor performance. The car was however well built and equipped and was listed in both 2 and 4 seat versions. In 1953, the company was bought by Camden Motors and production moved to Leighton Buzzard and the Ford Consul 1508cc engine was an option in a longer chassis as also was a Wade or Shorrocks supercharger. The price was now an uncompetitive £1009 and production ceased in 1956 after about 70 cars had been made, of which it is believed that just 8 survive and only 3 are roadworthy. The red car shown here dates from 1956 and is a 1.5 litre Roadster.

 photo P1230485_zps0f638f61.jpg  photo P1230658_zpsac6219a8.jpg  photo P1230657_zpsd5f23aef.jpg  photo P1230656_zpsc0ee8c96.jpg  photo P1230655_zpsffa1c0c8.jpg


Another outing for this brightly hued 1970 RoadRunner.

 photo P1230594_zps92d01d28.jpg


One of the American cars that I’ve not seen at this event before was this, a 1969 Firebird. I do like the shape of the early Firebird (and Camaro) cars, and this one had been well cared for or well restored.

 photo P1230500_zpsbf67e4ab.jpg  photo P1230680_zpsa97a6ca4.jpg  photo P1230665_zps70cf4206.jpg  photo P1230501_zps53322028.jpg

This LeMans Coupe arrived mid morning.

 photo P1230683_zps2c9311a4.jpg


I’ve seen this Boxster Spyder at this event a couple of times before. With a roof that is such hard work that you would not bother. then today was the perfect opportunity to take this car and enjoy it.

 photo P1230676_zpsa2d35ab0.jpg  photo P1230677_zps79f40d85.jpg  photo P1230679_zps31183303.jpg  photo P1230635_zpscbdfb814.jpg  photo P1230678_zpsbfc8d8ec.jpg  photo P1230476_zpsbb6c54b1.jpg  photo P1230475_zps3c4aa2c5.jpg

There were other examples of the Boxster and Cayman as well.

 photo P1230688_zpsd6f4c45b.jpg  photo P1230650_zpsb8529ac2.jpg

There were lots of 911 cars, ranging from G Series “classic” models, right through to a 14 plated 991 Turbo S

 photo P1230636_zpse428fd54.jpg  photo P1230637_zps9ee6c797.jpg  photo P1230602_zps4c481bb3.jpg  photo P1230600_zps36aa2f72.jpg  photo P1230523_zpse1096798.jpg  photo P1230527_zps0868fc99.jpg photo P1230477_zps06ca4c35.jpg  photo P1230491_zpsc6b48f5e.jpg


Another appearance at this event for this very bright orange Scimitar GTE

 photo P1230583_zps29d5eab7.jpg


A classic in the making? Perhaps not, but this third generation Clio Cup was parked up with everything else, and certainly scores points for being the only one of its kind there.

 photo P1230615_zps6efbd06b.jpg


As well as a regular P6 model 2000TC, there was a US spec 3500S car.

 photo P1230628_zpsa0948543.jpg  photo P1230629_zps4f7b79de.jpg  photo P1230622_zpsc34445e1.jpg  photo P1230621_zpsd951f1b0.jpg  photo P1230620_zpsa45f3e1b.jpg

There was also one of the more stately P4 models.

 photo P1230641_zpsa9545d5e.jpg  photo P1230642_zps17e0c53b.jpg


Not an original, of course, but this Daytona Coupe replica was still rather nice.

 photo P1230547_zps2947dc29.jpg  photo P1230548_zps7b3a1e9e.jpg


No fewer than 3 Tigers and an early Alpine model were present today. These cars remain massively undervalued in comparison to the more popular MGB, but they’ve always appealed to me, especially in potent V8 engined Tiger form.

 photo P1230545_zpsbeb0dca9.jpg  photo P1230546_zps8f006b71.jpg  photo P1230670_zps7e97d4fc.jpg photo P1230605_zps1a08cd59.jpg  photo P1230543_zps5bd1d193.jpg  photo P1230604_zps2df8a3c5.jpg photo P1230582_zpsebbd98eb.jpg


Something of an usual sight were a quintet of historic tractors, a trio of David Brown, an Allis Chambers and a Massey Ferguson.

 photo P1230660_zps5093b48c.jpg  photo P1230662_zps26dcebd0.jpg  photo P1230659_zps5e834fd5.jpg  photo P1230661_zpsdf7e62b3.jpg  photo P1230664_zpsc46b811e.jpg  photo P1230663_zps4e5364aa.jpg


Stags were out in force, with at least 5 of them, all in different colours, present.

 photo P1230508_zps98aae73d.jpg  photo P1230505_zps967d60a6.jpg  photo P1230618_zps6e4e952d.jpg  photo P1230616_zps44a7bd80.jpg  photo P1230486_zpsdd89577e.jpg  photo P1230474_zpsc6f7b97f.jpg

Not to be outdone, there were several TR models, too, with TR6 and TR8.

 photo P1230554_zps74aba11b.jpg  photo P1230553_zps45b4cf3a.jpg  photo P1230634_zps0e42e22d.jpg  photo P1230479_zpsda8472e8.jpg  photo P1230478_zps2c6c70b5.jpg  photo P1230522_zps350f30c8.jpg

There were also a trio of the large 2000/2500 saloon cars, my favourite of the British duo of Rover and Triumph from the 1960s and 1970s.

 photo P1230633_zps1854fb57.jpg  photo P1230632_zps284c7b13.jpg  photo P1230578_zps383243be.jpg

Although there were not any Spitfires, there were a couple of examples of the fixed top version, the GT6.

 photo P1230654_zps78d0e47c.jpg  photo P1230593_zps61147ed5.jpg


Without doubt the smallest car of the day, this little Trojan has been to quite a few of these Breakfast Club meets, and it always attracts masses of attention, even before the owner arrives, and demonstrates the rather inelegant way in which you have to get in it.

 photo P1230609_zps58933937.jpg


There were plenty of TVRs present, as usual, with the highlight (until it dropped half the contents of its radiator!) being a 420SEAC, the very rare model made in the mid 1980s in tiny numbers. It was joined by another “wedge”, a 350i

 photo P1230480_zps05a96ef6.jpg  photo P1230674_zpse0d216bd.jpg  photo P1230675_zpsa2697829.jpg  photo P1230673_zpsc763a8e7.jpg  photo P1230514_zps621254c8.jpg  photo P1230465_zps96e2fbd9.jpg

More recent TVR included Chimaera, Griffith, Cerbera and Tuscan.

 photo P1230584_zps42bc2285.jpg photo P1230517_zps64fea1fb.jpg  photo P1230591_zpsba084e06.jpg  photo P1230631_zpsc4a5adb6.jpg  photo P1230518_zpsaa263e28.jpg  photo P1230494_zps7f277f95.jpg


Another one of the “when did you last see one” cars was this Magnum 1800 Coupe. Vauxhall rebranded the larger engined versions of the HC Viva into the Magnum range in 1973, but despite their vinyl roofs and rostyle wheels, I don’t think they really fooled anyone as to what these cars were.

 photo P1230697_zps9ea3d4d1.jpg  photo P1230666_zpsf8d0ec39.jpg


As well as a number of T2 Buses which I did not photograph, there were a couple of classic Beetles present.

 photo P1230544_zps263a6482.jpg

This was a simply stunning assembly of cars, as this report will have evidenced. Not only was there lots to see, but the weather more redolent of summer than early March and the chance to catch up with a number of friends from TheMotor.net, and elsewhere made this a particularly pleasant morning out.

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