Queen Square Bristol Breakfast Club – May 2014

Given the unpredictable nature of the British weather, it was perhaps too much to hope that after some lovely sunshine had bathed both the March and the April 2014 Breakfast Club meetings in Queen Square, the same could occur in May. The forecast suggested otherwise, with at best a dull and damp start that would dry out during the day, but long after the cars would have gone home. Had I done my research more thoroughly, I would also have discovered that the Bristol 10k race was due to start from The Centre at 10am, meaning not only that a number of city centre roads would be closed off, but also that, with an expected 12,000 people competing, there would be cars parked up all over the place, leaving the Square less than ready to receive those intrepid enough to brave the elements. Undeterred, I set off, to see who else was not going to be put of by drizzle and strong winds. The answer turned out to be disappointingly few people, so this is only a short report.


This 916 series Spider was one of just a couple of Alfas at the event.

 photo Picture260_zpsa16e15bc.jpg


An event newcomer, as the owner said he had only just found out about this event, was this lovely urQuattro. It’s a shame that he has had to cut a rather ugly vent in the bonnet to aid cooling, but otherwise this car looked absolutely splendid. One of my favourite cars from the 1980s!

 photo Picture271_zps1fc8e1ce.jpg  photo Picture270_zps4da9d889.jpg  photo Picture269_zps89995142.jpg  photo Picture283_zpsba093df8.jpg


This little Seven attracted lots of attention, and plenty of comments from people who opined that they simply would not fit in it! Certainly, the seats looked small, narrow and with a backrest that did not come very far up the middle of your back, but it was the car that put Britain on wheels, and many would have been grateful for that when it was new in the 1920s.

 photo Picture273_zps033479f2.jpg  photo Picture285_zps7cdbc687.jpg  photo Picture284_zps07a8f6db.jpg


There are usually lots of M cars, most of which are M3s and M5s, but they were conspicuous by their absence today. However, their place was taken by this rather nice 1M Coupe.

 photo Picture264_zpsd92a1712.jpg  photo Picture289_zps5ff55748.jpg


No Queens Square Breakfast Club seems complete without and American classic or two, and the nicest one today was this 1968 Charger R/T.

 photo Picture287_zpsbf0fab83.jpg  photo Picture286_zps7474c496.jpg


One of the highlights of the meeting, for me at least, was this, a 512i Berlinetta Boxer. I don’t recall seeing this car at the event before. Let’s hope it stages another appearance soon.

 photo Picture268_zps3c80ae4c.jpg  photo Picture267_zps9ca2695a.jpg  photo Picture282_zpsdb2844ae.jpg

A second Ferrari was a nice F355 GTS, a car I have seen at this event many times before.

 photo Picture281_zpsdddafa02.jpg  photo Picture279_zpsfbe3c78c.jpg


Quite a variety of Ford models on show, with the oldest being the diminutive Model Y that appears regularly at this event.

 photo Picture276_zps9895aff1.jpg  photo Picture275_zps49b0192e.jpg

This Mark 3 Cortina GXL is a car I don’t recall seeing at the event before. Once a common sight on our roads, these are rare now.

 photo Picture257_zpsf2b6c368.jpg

This Corsair bore a plaque suggesting it had been out and about yesterday, so it is good to see that it is still getting used.

 photo Picture263_zps071c5e51.jpg  photo Picture259_zps1109ef12.jpg

This “lowline” Mark 2 Consul is another event regular.

 photo Picture255_zps87112fb5.jpg  photo Picture254_zps2904d3a1.jpg


Who’d have guessed that the most numerous car at an event like this would be a limited edition version of a family car that is now over 40 years old? Yes, there were two of the distinctive Hillman Avenger Tiger models on show.

 photo Picture256_zps2cc48572.jpg  photo Picture277_zps9b54b07d.jpg


This XK150S was really rather nice.

 photo Picture258_zps42f1f567.jpg


Every event here seems to include an RX7, though you never know which generation will be represented, Today it was a third generation car.

 photo Picture265_zpscad1238d.jpg

There were a couple of MX5 models present, as usual.

 photo Picture266_zpsbf429ce0.jpg


Another event regular, the 1926 Cowley Saloon.

 photo Picture292_zps30c54fea.jpg


The ever popular Skyline GT-R.

 photo Picture288_zps5c3808b4.jpg


Another event regular, this time I got to see it with the hood erected.

 photo Picture262_zpse1243f8e.jpg  photo Picture261_zps018a3dd8.jpg


Another striking American machine, a late 1980s Firebird

 photo Picture278_zpsc1d129bd.jpg  photo Picture280_zpsa6f54487.jpg


A late model Herald 13/60 Estate, clearly in need of a certain amount of tidying.

 photo Picture290_zps7081fbb8.jpg  photo Picture291_zps5e01eca5.jpg


There are usually lots of TVRs at this meeting, but today there was one Chimaera and this rather nice 350i “Wedge” and that was it.

 photo Picture272_zps867e4d7e.jpg


Although far from pristine, it was nice to see this Type 3 1600TL Fastback.

 photo Picture274_zpse5d0b22d.jpg


Form your own conclusions on this, a sort of pastiche of the Mercedes SSK. The owner sat in it, with the windows firmly up, so I was unable to elicit any more information about it.

 photo Picture253_zpsb68d0def.jpg

Not quite the Breakfast Club gathering that I was hoping for. With luck, my diary is clear for June, and there will be more to see and far more temperate weather in which to enjoy it.

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