Ace Cafe Italian Night – August 2014

Although the UK seems to have been blessed with lots of sunny weather for the past few months, there has been rain, and some of it quite heavy. It seems that it has come, right on cue, on the second Thursday of just about every month in 2014, with the result that Italian Car night at the Ace Cafe has been one disappointment after another. Sadly, the forecasters suggested that August could see even more troubled by a summer downpour than was the case in preceding months, and sure enough, during the afternoon, it lashed it down for a good 30 minutes just at the time when people might have been contemplating getting their car ready to take and show off. Another shower around 5 pm probably sealed the fate of this event, and although it had more or less stopped when I arrived at 6pm, there were just 5 cars parked up, 4 of them Abarths and an Alfa. There were only 3 bikes, far fewer than I’ve ever seen present before. 30 minutes later, and the numbers had barely grown, and as the evening passed, although a few more cars did arrive, this amounted to the least well attended evening that I can recall in quite a while. Just as well that there were enough Abarthisti friends present to chat to, or I guess I would not have stayed long. I did take pictures of pretty much everything present. There was nothing particularly unusual at all.


Modern Abarths dominated the event, with more of them present than any other marque. All were 500-based cars except Will Webb’s much loved Punto SuperSport.

 photo Picture334_zps1ec49d25.jpg  photo Picture333_zps90f883d2.jpg  photo Picture336_zps53ebf852.jpg  photo Picture344_zps8c52d4d2.jpg  photo Picture341_zpsb6aa762a.jpg  photo Picture340_zpsf49e185f.jpg  photo Picture342_zps45e77211.jpg  photo Picture337_zpsb344e2ed.jpg  photo Picture353_zpsb9aa71bc.jpg


By mid evening there were 4 examples of the 147GTA, making it the most popular Alfa model of the evening, which is perhaps not quite what you would expect.

 photo Picture335_zpsb97fdf7e.jpg  photo Picture339_zps6991f821.jpg  photo Picture351_zps30e388f3.jpg  photo Picture352_zps08a66e2a.jpg

This 155 looked quite smart, but there was something not quite right about the very scarlet paintwork, which I don’t believe was an original Alfa colour.

 photo Picture346_zps27771605.jpg  photo Picture345_zpse9496335.jpg

Other Alfas included a regular 147, and the top version of its replacement, a Giulietta Cloverleaf, as well as 156 and a Brera-based Spider

 photo Picture348_zps444a86ef.jpg  photo Picture347_zpsf8732952.jpg  photo Picture338_zpsd9cdeb0d.jpg


There were only three Fiat models present: a couple of Coupes and a Croma.

 photo Picture350_zpsd6c641af.jpg  photo Picture349_zpsd05b4e71.jpg  photo Picture343_zps149b90e2.jpg

And that was it. Such a pity that the weather deterred so many. I’ll be away in September, and by October, the evening daylight will be much reduced, so perhaps I have to start hoping that 2015 will bring better weather at least on the second Thursday evenings of each month.

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