Abarth Brooklands to Brighton Drive – July 2016

One of the most popular Abarth events in 2015 was the epic London to Brighton drive. It took all day, but we managed to get 19 Abarths, drivers and passengers from a meeting point at the Ace Cafe on the North Circular, to Brooklands, in most cases down some A roads through the Surrey and Sussex countryside, to a (rather late) lunch stop at Monza Tuning, and finally all assembled in Brighton. It was clear that we needed to plan a repeat of the activity for 2016, and apply what we learned from the 2015 event. That bit was easy: Starting at the Ace was all very well, but the traffic getting away from there on a Saturday morning was one of the main reasons why we were quite so late arriving at our lunch stop, so we decided we would start elsewhere; anyone who simply programs destinations, even if they are the next stop, as opposed to just “Brighton” in their sat nav is going to end up on a different route from the rest of us, and likely arrive well before the main group, so we needed to provide more guidance on the route; we also needed to be more explicit about where precisely we were assembling in the Brighton Marina, at journey’s end, as in 2015 we had ended up in several different places. What was not so easy was to find a date that was going to work for everyone, as the summer months get packed with other diary attractions. Noting that Sundays are generally preferable to Saturdays for many people, I eventually spotted that there was a clear date towards the end of July, and hoped that not too many people would declare that they would be on their summer holiday. I need not have worried, as word had clearly got out about just how much fun the 2015 event had been, and far more people signed up for this one (and indeed turned up!). All we needed now was to hope that the weather gods would be kind, and to plan a route. The first of these was out of our hands, but luckily, did not present a problem, with a mix of sun and clouds all day, and the second, well, let’s just say that the “just in time” delivery came into effect and we did have one, but only about 24 hours before setting off. Doing a recce would perhaps have been a good idea, but there was no chance to do that.

 photo Picture 064_zpsquabxhol.jpg  photo Picture 092_zpsv110gwts.jpg  photo Picture 115_zpsz4bznaql.jpg  photo Picture 102_zpsefyi1nip.jpg

Assembly point was declared to be at the Mercedes-Benz World at Brooklands. We had used this as our first stop in 2015, and the area at the end of the old banking, which is these days used as an overflow car-park had been a popular spot for people to take their first set of photos. That was the plan. Like all plans, though, they are subject to change, as I would find out. I spotted my first Abarth as I pulled into the adjoining Tesco petrol station to fill the tank, which turned out to be the car of Edward Sinfield and his girlfriend Kiara Jade, who had been on the same errand, and they promptly followed me around the corner to Mercedes-Benz World. When we got to the point where you head to the banking, there was a very locked barrier precluding us from doing so. We decided to carry on to the end of the road, and use the gravel parking opposite the entrance to the Brooklands site, and there we found a couple of Abarths had beaten us to it. And no, neither of them was Paul Hatton, who usually manages (by design) to arrive before everyone else. Moments later, Jerry and Carla Rigden arrived in their Biposto, and as you don’t see one of these very often, once some introductions were over, there was plenty to look at as we waited for others to arrive.

 photo Picture 001_zpsmkhcvcgo.jpg  photo Picture 003_zps1wdvlerg.jpg  photo Picture 004_zpsehggjulj.jpg  photo Picture 005_zps42m7l3qx.jpg  photo Picture 002_zpsws3xylth.jpg  photo Picture 007_zpsd4pnbp2a.jpg photo Picture 006_zps09kbdzfa.jpg  photo Picture 008_zpstkva6yag.jpg

When no more cars did appear where we were parked, I decided to investigate, and sure enough that locked barrier had been unlocked, and everyone who had subsequently arrived was starting to assemble where we had always planned. The four cars that were with me duly moved to join the others, which were in a long line, with the exception of one Legends Blue car, parked among an array of other vehicles. The owner of this one came over, and I wondered if she was perhaps a new member who knew none of us, but it turned out that she was in fact employed at Mercedes-Benz World, and she was intrigued as to why quite so many cars like hers were suddenly on site. She went into the building, to work, whilst we waited for more what promised to be a large group with over 30 cars expected, to turn up. There was quite a mixture, of course, with plenty of Punto models as well as the 500s, and we were also joined by one classic 595.

 photo Picture 011_zpsodynt6x8.jpg  photo Picture 016_zpsshl3dost.jpg  photo Picture 012_zpstqf2joxv.jpg  photo Picture 014_zpszar2ftar.jpg  photo Picture 020_zpseil5w6sx.jpg  photo Picture 013_zpseupvrbyc.jpg photo Picture 010_zpsqjdiuy4t.jpg  photo Picture 019_zps7y94opmh.jpg  photo Picture 009_zpspjirkbpg.jpg  photo Picture 017_zps8fnax4on.jpg  photo Picture 015_zps6cbuc6av.jpg  photo Picture 021_zpsei1qwxnu.jpg

You can’t accumulate this number of cars without drawing attention to yourself, and it was not long before the Site Security came over to see what was going on. We assured them that we would be moving soon, and they left, but about 20 minutes later they reappeared and told us that we needed to leave immediately, as the space was needed for customers (the fact that several of us had been into grab a coffee from the cafe in their building was never really going to cut it, so I did not try!).

 photo Picture 026_zpseeimnmas.jpg  photo Picture 024_zpsnwqk9agw.jpg  photo Picture 025_zpsphravbv8.jpg  photo Picture 023_zpsyhep6qnz.jpg  photo Picture 022_zpsqicbg2mb.jpg  photo Picture 018_zpswjtmnzgd.jpg photo Picture 030_zpsud9k4tpx.jpg  photo Picture 029_zpsot054ihz.jpg  photo Picture 028_zps94wdgrbo.jpg  photo Picture 027_zpsqdgc7kic.jpg  photo Picture 031_zps2sj7lbk1.jpg

With some people still expected, we clearly needed to try to ensure they could find us, but departing was what we were going to have to do. Back to Tesco, who have a large car park, which at this time on a Sunday morning was still pretty empty, seemed like the obvious choice. What we should have done was left one car on the entrance to M-B World (there’s only one way in), to tell people, but enough people have each other’s phone numbers that a combination of that and Facebook Messenger allowed us to ensure no-one failed at the first hurdle.

 photo Picture 032_zpsytb69qqs.jpg  photo Picture 034_zpsjsxc8iiy.jpg  photo Picture 035_zpsldlin9ut.jpg  photo Picture 033_zps0o7ms6ot.jpg

The first planned stop was at Ryka’s Cafe, on the A23 just outside Dorking. Everyone had been given details of the planned stops, and the recommended route, which many had programmed into their phones or sat navs, but even so when we got the cars to the roundabout with the A3, I was surprised to see cars doing a complete lap, and heading off on every exit, in all directions. I don’t think many people followed the route we had actually suggested, and the consequence was that the cars got somewhat separated. Certainly I ended up in a convoy of 1, which was OK, or so I thought  My route brought me out on to the A23, so all I had to do was to find the Cafe. Not sure quite what I was looking for, I drove past it, and had to loop back, which, as the A23 is a dual carriageway, means quite a few extra miles. I got to the correct roundabout, and turned right, suspecting that the rendez-vous’ entrance was not on the main road, and actually turned into the correct car park, which was jammed full of bikers, saw no Abarths, and concluded that I was in the wrong place, so left, and headed further up the road. At this point, I met Oliver Sormaz, equally lost. The problem with this now rather rural location is that mobile phone signal was next to non-existent, so trying to contact the rest of the group to find out where they were was not easy. Eventually, we found out – having gone back to the main road, and done a bit more on the A23 that the place I first went to was indeed correct, but that had I gone further into the car park, there was a turning through a height-restrictor and into a field, and the Abarths were all parked in there. So, reunited with the group, it was time to take some more photos.

 photo Picture 041_zpssbrpjbrm.jpg  photo Picture 039_zpsxgh73r6z.jpg  photo Picture 056_zps8foh4y9g.jpg  photo Picture 045_zpspsnnffg7.jpg  photo Picture 053_zpssayn7qvs.jpg  photo Picture 060_zpsgthtmeo8.jpg
 photo Picture 036_zpsrmaqdpp0.jpg  photo Picture 037_zps71e53q6e.jpg  photo Picture 042_zpsdcbn2ozf.jpg  photo Picture 040_zps2j4ogpmb.jpg  photo Picture 038_zpsbk3cahpu.jpg  photo Picture 052_zpswevbdmuf.jpg photo Picture 051_zps1f7dtglt.jpg  photo Picture 043_zpsaujliww2.jpg  photo Picture 046_zpsacgyvobm.jpg  photo Picture 050_zpsik3hjbhf.jpg  photo Picture 048_zpssg2xzsdd.jpg  photo Picture 049_zpsdydmdvjx.jpg photo Picture 047_zpszszxheqg.jpg  photo Picture 054_zpsksi2dlox.jpg  photo Picture 044_zpsyn8cnufl.jpg  photo Picture 055_zpsmw29fj6h.jpg  photo Picture 057_zpsvsjnhtn1.jpg  photo Picture 059_zpsdls2ol80.jpg photo Picture 058_zps2lluxibl.jpg  photo Picture 061_zpseqguzngg.jpg  photo Picture 063_zpsbmouy50y.jpg  photo Picture 062_zpsncubsuhl.jpg

A quick count suggested that Oliver and I were not the only ones to have struggled to find this one, as I noted that there was no Biposto here, and a couple of other cars were missing. Noting the passage of time, we decided to set off, for what turned out to be a very interesting next section of the drive. This was down a series of country lanes which would take us “the back way” to Ashington. There would be no lunch at Monza Tuning this year, as they would be closed, it being a Sunday, but there was a pub, The Red Lion,  just up the road, and that was the next assembly point. The lanes were quite a challenge as they were barely wide enough for an Abarth, and we kept coming across cyclists, masses of them practising for a London to Brighton cycle race scheduled for the following weekend (note, ensure you avoid that sort of thing when planning an event like this!),and whenever we met a car, someone generally had to pause or even back up. Progress was slow, and the journey of less than 20 miles, which would have taken less than that straight down the A23, took nearer an hour. Cars did stay in groups here, and I have to say that as a sole driver with no navigator on board, I would have struggled with this route had I not been following anyone. Eventually, we came into Ashington, and there was the pub, and a load of Abarths. The hungriest of the group decided to order food, and this would have been a good idea, as it would be some time before dinner would be available. A couple of people who had been missing from Ryka’s cafe were here, so it was good to learn that we had not lost them, but it emerged that Carla and Jerry had given up, sadly, and gone back home.

 photo Picture 077_zpsjvpywq3h.jpg  photo Picture 078_zpsx90uf6ro.jpg  photo Picture 091_zpsvdnvdj42.jpg  photo Picture 082_zps8pm6cxg9.jpg  photo Picture 081_zps8e5fhmus.jpg  photo Picture 069_zpstpdkqzhw.jpg  photo Picture 076_zpsbwgtxwhf.jpg  photo Picture 075_zps5kkujx5n.jpg  photo Picture 074_zpslzz01exn.jpg  photo Picture 073_zps3cxw8rgb.jpg  photo Picture 079_zpshjfoymas.jpg  photo Picture 068_zpsgpzq7f6z.jpg  photo Picture 071_zpsqi48wm1o.jpg  photo Picture 072_zpsjdqztqkq.jpg  photo Picture 085_zpsrlesfere.jpg  photo Picture 084_zpsrvshi6pz.jpg  photo Picture 086_zpsdmynxhvb.jpg  photo Picture 087_zpsi7loya0i.jpg  photo Picture 083_zpsknayltlr.jpg  photo Picture 066_zps7u0kd9au.jpg  photo Picture 070_zpsnonxbypx.jpg  photo Picture 080_zpsnbacqw7l.jpg  photo Picture 067_zps026n8w8l.jpg  photo Picture 065_zpsamd0oft2.jpg photo Picture 090_zpseqpjl5tb.jpg  photo Picture 089_zpsvrqqevlx.jpg  photo Picture 088_zpslo7dkewu.jpg

Leaving The Red Lion, the route would take us on some faster roads towards Haywards Heath, down to Burgess Hill and then to our third stop, Ditchling Beacon. It was much easier to keep cars in groups on this part of the route, but even so there were challenges and surprises. A whole load of cars turned off down a minor road that was not part of the route, and I recall reaching a junction where at least 50% of the cars went one way and 50% a different one. I struck lucky, as I was following brothers Hugo and Felix, who live in the area, and know it well, so following them ensured I got to the destination easily. Ditchling Beacon is, as you might expect, on the top of a hill, and has only quite a small car park. Certainly not big enough for 30 Abarths, and that is assuming there is no-one else there. But there was. Because there is a Bus which goes there from Brighton, the car park has to be kept clear enough for it to get in, and turn round, so there is a warden to ensure that once the car park is full, it is a case of one car out and then one in. That meant we caused a bit of a traffic jam on the approach road. Some decided not to bother and simply to head on to Brighton. but it only took a few minutes, and I was in, and parked up. And it was definitely worth waiting, as the views from here over the Sussex countryside were very impressive.

 photo Picture 095_zps4ee58odm.jpg  photo Picture 094_zpsmhueyaa4.jpg  photo Picture 093_zpshaftt6lq.jpg  photo Picture 101_zpsbh0ox9aw.jpg  photo Picture 096_zpsjps2fzer.jpg  photo Picture 097_zpsolg7tupl.jpg photo Picture 100_zps30ybt34u.jpg  photo Picture 099_zpssbh0f93k.jpg  photo Picture 098_zps1yoct7mq.jpg

From here. it was an easy journey to the Brighton Marina, and the Asda car park, which we had declared to be the finishing point. We had also suggested that everyone aim for the far corner, as last year we had two different groups in the car park who failed to spot each other. It was by now around 4:45pm, so the journey of 60 miles (as the crow flies) had taken us around 6 hours including stops. But lots of fun had been had on the way, and that was the whole point of this day out. It was not quite over for those who wanted to stay on and grab a bite to eat. Although it was across to the other side of town, we decided to go back to La Choza, as this had been a favourite haunt for Bertie Bryant when he was a student in the town. Even with a relatively small group of us, we had to wait til a quite specific time for a table booking, as when we turned up early, the place was packed and could not accommodate us. It was worth it, though, as the food was as good as I remembered from the year before. A great end to a fun day. I have no doubt that there will be a repeat in 2017.

 photo Picture 113_zpsdbtxf7mv.jpg  photo Picture 112_zpspdpwdd4a.jpg  photo Picture 110_zpsncovn57r.jpg  photo Picture 109_zpscbde9gbk.jpg  photo Picture 111_zps4bfshr9q.jpg  photo Picture 108_zps2imivj7i.jpg photo Picture 105_zpsii1wrnhh.jpg  photo Picture 106_zpsaeomg8hg.jpg  photo Picture 107_zpsxj59cfpj.jpg  photo Picture 104_zpsmaadgyzf.jpg  photo Picture 103_zpsv7lvy4wu.jpg  photo Picture 114_zps5mnxkwao.jpg photo Picture 116_zpsmt7cgdu1.jpg

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