Abarths at Duxford Imperial War Museum – September 2016

When I bought my Abarth in May 2010, the Abarthisti Owners Club had been up and running for over a year and there had already been a few organised meets. The one that everyone talked about had been held at Duxford at the Imperial War Museum. Some of the reason for this, I am sure, as it got mentioned in just about every conversation concerning the event, was that it had taken place in January and had been bitterly cold, as only former airfields seem to be, though it was also remembered for the spectacular setting, and indeed there were plenty of photos from the meeting of rows of Abarths parked in front of that most distinctive arch-fronted building, the American Hangar. Over the years, the event came up in conversation less frequently, as many of those early owners and attendees of the event moved on, but I did not forget, as knowing venues that are not just Car Club friendly, but also which hit the spot with the attendees is always useful. Following the success of two Abarth specific meets earlier in 2016, I resolved that as many Abarths as we could muster would pay a return visit to the site, so a whole new generation of owners could enjoy it. In selecting a date in late September, I also hoped that it would not be the temperature which would linger on in everyone’s memories. The site certainly was welcoming, with a very enthusiastic approach to my initial enquiry. so a date was agreed, and the task of selling tickets began. Every venue does this differently. For Duxford, they ask that you sell at least 50 admission tickets – a target I thought should not be too hard, and which indeed was surpassed more than twice over. I’d never been to the site before, as somewhere off the M11, north of Cambridge is not exactly close to home, or even en route to anywhere else much. There is more than one way of getting there from the West Country, depending on day of the week and time of travel. On a Sunday morning, the most logical route takes you along the M4, around the M25 and up the M11. With no traffic to speak of, it does not take anything like as long as you might expect, which is why I arrived just after 8am, nearly an hour before I had agreed to my site host. There was nothing for it, but to wait at the gate area. Patiently.

 photo Picture 002_zpsruveujwk.jpg  photo Picture 001_zpsqwzznxem.jpg

Needless to say, the first cars started to arrive around 9am, so it was a case of figuring out how to park them up. I knew from my conversations with the site staff that we would not be parking in front of the American Hangar, but elsewhere on site in an area that contains a nice square and then a long line backing onto the air-field. Space was not going to be an issue, it was more a case of working out whether to separate the cars in any particular way, such as by model type. There are pros and cons to this, and plenty of people have an opinion on what they think is the “right” thing to do, which you can be pretty sure will be different from what you chose. However, I did know that there were going to be two 124 Spiders attending, and figured that as this would be the first time that most people would have seen them in the metal, and that also the owners would be particularly chuffed with their new toys, then these should have a central and prominent place. Keeping it clear until they arrived was not so easy, but I managed it. Bertie Bryant’s car, the black, one, was the first privately registered 124 Spider in the UK, having been ready for the roads on the Thursday before this event. and Jay Tee’s car, the grey one, followed two days later, on the Saturday, the day before this event, a replacement for his much-loved Funk White 500. It will be interesting to see how the market takes to the 124 Spider. Many have criticised the price, which at a few pounds under £30k as a starter, means the car is not cheap, and several have opined that they would have expected more than 160 bhp from the 1,4 litre turbocharged MultiAir engine, especially as the chassis is clearly capable of handling it. That will surely come (in exchange for ££). Meanwhile, this is an interesting alternative to the Mazda MX5, with which the car shares much under the skin, but with its own personality and style, and a particularly great-sounding exhaust.

 photo Picture 003_zpsgwlylsho.jpg  photo Picture 004_zpsmji4zzcx.jpg  photo Picture 073_zpsl9aniuly.jpg  photo Picture 072_zpsiiqfuztq.jpg  photo Picture 071_zpsswqttcjg.jpg  photo Picture 087_zpsoqxakkdb.jpg  photo Picture 081_zps76vbgscq.jpg  photo Picture 080_zpsqbcyhw9j.jpg  photo Picture 085_zpspirlnbmy.jpg  photo Picture 083_zps3gtrhf8h.jpg  photo Picture 084_zps2xwigtal.jpg  photo Picture 082_zpsnb4oqsy9.jpg  photo Picture 079_zpsw8iujgpx.jpg

Beyond leaving room for the 124 Spiders in the area by the Spitfire, I decided to let the owners make their own decisions as they arrived and when I returned from the main gate area, I could see the various lines of cars already in position. That did mean that there was a mix of 500-based cars and Puntos in the same line. Some shuffling of cars during the day did take place, as some owners wanted to move things around for photos and other purposes. 500-based models were by the far most numerous of the three body-styles of the modern Abarth. As ever, no two cars here were exactly the same. There was a good mix of the colour palette which has been offered on the car since it went on sale in Spring 2009, and plenty of the different versions which may be only a marque expert could distinguish were also on show. These ranged from some of the early cars, when there was only a choice of a standard 135bhp car of an upgrade to 160 bhp with the Esseesse kit, and just 5 colours (two of which were white), to the later 500C and then the 595 Turismo and Competizione models.

 photo Picture 005_zpswpjdyyoj.jpg  photo Picture 006_zpseustenyd.jpg  photo Picture 032_zpskmwwdpxx.jpg  photo Picture 030_zps8ylttwsz.jpg  photo Picture 029_zpsisxmj44x.jpg  photo Picture 028_zpshy1gfcox.jpg  photo Picture 031_zpsy5hoxtmz.jpg  photo Picture 022_zpsjk7iu8k3.jpg  photo Picture 023_zpsks74aene.jpg  photo Picture 048_zpsvfxv9f4c.jpg  photo Picture 047_zpslkb7za2w.jpg  photo Picture 050_zpszrjbxzws.jpg photo Picture 045_zpsaasr17ms.jpg  photo Picture 052_zpsnmupftdh.jpg  photo Picture 043_zpsufuihzpk.jpg  photo Picture 046_zpsvvpwaggj.jpg  photo Picture 044_zpser5jq41f.jpg  photo Picture 041_zps0vuydzsv.jpg  photo Picture 042_zpsr1v5noz2.jpg  photo Picture 053_zpshpoyhyis.jpg  photo Picture 049_zpsd9tpihcc.jpg  photo Picture 039_zps7za6w2cj.jpg  photo Picture 040_zpseew6ydsc.jpg  photo Picture 065_zps8ivkmymg.jpg  photo Picture 063_zpsofehpemj.jpg  photo Picture 066_zpsyqeyspwu.jpg  photo Picture 051_zpsbnmbmjdg.jpg  photo Picture 010_zpsoulj8cpp.jpg  photo Picture 008_zpsgyue9hwc.jpg  photo Picture 016_zpswcxznhqa.jpg photo Picture 011_zpskiog0ycf.jpg  photo Picture 012_zps07wj5qbw.jpg  photo Picture 017_zpsqyc3ajw2.jpg  photo Picture 013_zpsmtbhshxt.jpg  photo Picture 064_zpswpflydpn.jpg  photo Picture 067_zpsypurnuz3.jpg  photo Picture 062_zps0vewlvsw.jpg  photo Picture 061_zps3vxwnld2.jpg  photo Picture 075_zpsdjyewxwz.jpg  photo Picture 074_zpsg3jg7vrz.jpg  photo Picture 076_zpsgi4lkkzj.jpg  photo Picture 078_zpsahkauykr.jpg  photo Picture 069_zpsifjjiqcv.jpg  photo Picture 068_zpskvg9ruhr.jpg  photo Picture 077_zps4oogzhzs.jpg  photo Picture 018_zpsd7yzf7s0.jpg  photo Picture 059_zpsheivitsm.jpg  photo Picture 060_zpsau8xsgca.jpg  photo Picture 058_zpsa8d6vaws.jpg

There have been four distinct “Series” of 500 model over the years. The latest has only just started to appear on British roads, and is the easiest to identify, as there are plenty of detailed changes, ranging from a new lower front end, reshaped front lights (except on the Competizione models, with their Xenon lights, which keep the round units for now), new rear light clusters, a new rear diffuser, new wheel trims and some new paint colours. Of these, all the indications are that Modena Yellow, a colour offered on the 695 Biposto Record Edition last year, will prove particularly popular, and there was an example of that here.

 photo Picture 057_zpsioadlpit.jpg  photo Picture 055_zpsqoppxdxt.jpg  photo Picture 056_zpsyzlmnzbj.jpg  photo Picture 054_zpslenqsiof.jpg

There was just one example of the 695 Biposto here, that belonging to Carla and Jerry Rigden. They acquired it earlier in the year, and although they’ve brought it to quite a few events over the summer, it is a car that many had not seen, as Biposto models are understandably quite rare.

 photo Picture 020_zpsdbt1vylo.jpg  photo Picture 021_zpspnrh5byh.jpg

I guess you could say that all the heavily modified cars are rarer still, as they are all unique, with the tastes of their respective owners on display for all to enjoy (or not!). There were several of them here. Laura Croft’s car, with its distinctive turquoise blue/green wrap certainly comes in that category, and in case the visuals are not eye-catching enough, the air suspension that is fitted, and which she demonstrated many times during the day, is a novelty many enjoyed seeing, and the sound system, is, well, LOUD!

 photo Picture 086_zpsdyzex5ad.jpg

It was not the only car that looked far from standard, as this gallery will evidence.

 photo Picture 007_zpsk2jsmrsq.jpg  photo Picture 014_zps7fdsxvs6.jpg  photo Picture 015_zpsrpbnqukx.jpg  photo Picture 038_zpspxzva65b.jpg  photo Picture 037_zpsxyigu2ll.jpg  photo Picture 036_zpsu7l8dsvy.jpg  photo Picture 034_zps0kjvzo7v.jpg  photo Picture 033_zpsmqnkjcrs.jpg  photo Picture 019_zpssw4kibiw.jpg  photo Picture 027_zpstkn6uomp.jpg  photo Picture 025_zps2osaxena.jpg

There were far fewer Punto models here. That is only to be expected, as with only around 375 of each of the Grande Punto and Punto Evo having been sold in the UK, not all of which are still with us, compared to the five figure sum of 500/595 cars now on our roads, then the ratio is always going to be stacked against the larger car. Nonetheless, there were several cars here, all of them well-known in Owners Club circles.

 photo Picture 009_zpsgegun7hs.jpg  photo Picture 026_zpslefamrmf.jpg  photo Picture 024_zpszixssua6.jpg  photo Picture 070_zpsag6mmpwy.jpg  photo Picture 035_zpsmdhxfj2j.jpg

The day started off as a rather typical sort of cloudy day which was warm enough, though there was a constant threat of rain in the air. But by lunchtime, the skies were looking brighter, and during the afternoon, the sun burned off the clouds, revealing plenty of blue sky. For the photographers, that gave rise to some more possibilities and another round of the assembled cars to get some more photos.

 photo Picture 089_zpsgjg6zkis.jpg  photo Picture 107_zpsboen0kcd.jpg  photo Picture 088_zpsu3r950fh.jpg  photo Picture 097_zpscx2q6qsy.jpg  photo Picture 092_zps93pcgxrx.jpg  photo Picture 098_zpsxmefwod6.jpg  photo Picture 093_zpsoe50i8nw.jpg  photo Picture 100_zps5qlr4vkf.jpg  photo Picture 120_zpstuuvhzwj.jpg  photo Picture 099_zpsswdcp09k.jpg  photo Picture 119_zps5bwovvsy.jpg  photo Picture 118_zpspfz7gmnp.jpg  photo Picture 117_zpsbueejwdv.jpg  photo Picture 110_zps8cg7sova.jpg  photo Picture 113_zpsypbspi8i.jpg  photo Picture 090_zpswy6lqk3o.jpg  photo Picture 095_zpsfe05hc9r.jpg  photo Picture 091_zpszokidfpz.jpg  photo Picture 094_zps6kqdnhvp.jpg  photo Picture 096_zpszx1ixs2b.jpg  photo Picture 105_zpswkw8hnv3.jpg  photo Picture 104_zpsc6coox93.jpg  photo Picture 102_zpsrjgdvrhl.jpg  photo Picture 101_zpsk60p6gxc.jpg  photo Picture 103_zpskdyrihte.jpg  photo Picture 106_zpsrdrhmt0a.jpg

Having seen the photo I had used to publicise the event, from that January 2010 meet, with Abarths in front of the American hangar, everyone wanted to repeat the display there, to get some photos, especially as the weather had now improved. Enthusiasm was such that several attendees had asked the site staff, and more than one person reported back to me that they had been told that by mid-afternoon it “would be OK”. Sure enough, as sometimes happens when you get a group, someone – I know not whom – took the initiative, and started to head down there, with many others following. Barely were the first cars in position, with every imaginable camera and phone in action, when my site contact came running over, in a panic, saying that we could not go down there, and by doing so, we’d broken just about rule going, as they need to separate cars and the public. She asked that we move the cars – very slowly – back to where they were, and that we did not post all the photos online, at least not before she made sure she was not going to be held to account for our inadvertent transgression. So there are only a few pictures that I managed to get of cars in this part of the site.

 photo Picture 116_zpspf9dlg8v.jpg   photo Picture 112_zpsaftjvgyo.jpg  photo Picture 115_zps1gesqcqw.jpg  photo Picture 114_zps0hcjzjok.jpg  photo Picture 111_zpslxqyo0lm.jpg

Many of the attendees did manage to get a good look around the many displays in the various Hangars and outside, and reported that there is a lot to see, and it was all well presented. I was just too busy running the event to do that and by the time more or less everyone else had gone, was mindful of the fact that the journey home was probably going to take longer than the one to get there, so I really saw very little of the Duxford IWM itself. That will have to be for next time. And I am sure there will be a next time. Despite the issues caused by our unauthorised movement on site, I was assured by my contact that we will be welcome to return, and judging by the comments from those who went along, plenty would welcome the chance to do so. Duxford 2016 will go down in Abarth Owners Club memories, and not because it was unspeakably cold, but simply because it was a great day out.

 photo Picture 109_zpsqgwivhze.jpg  photo Picture 108_zpsehfrurwl.jpg  photo Picture 125_zpsgj84jfl7.jpg  photo Picture 127_zpsa5ghhhaz.jpg  photo Picture 122_zpsbznf0wmg.jpg  photo Picture 121_zpsqehgoojz.jpg  photo Picture 123_zpsoos7lmxc.jpg  photo Picture 126_zpsh1gzcmby.jpg  photo Picture 124_zpsyayy9hnf.jpg

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