Maserati in Modena (I)

Modena has been the home of Maserati ever since the founding of the marque by the 5 brothers, exactly 100 years ago, but unlike the other world renowned rivals whose home is also in the area, there is (as yet, at least) no official Museum for marque devotees and other enthusiasts to visit. There is a privately owned collection, the Panini Collection, not far out of the city, which can be visited by prior appointment. Sadly, my request to do so coincided with the owner being away for a week, and so he only responded after I had returned to the UK (very apologetically!). However, there is still something for the Maserati lover to see in the town. You can’t miss Maserati’s presence, as the factory is right in the middle of Modena, close to the railway, and as well as the signs on some of the buildings, there is a huge tall tower, the top of which bears the iconic Maserati trident. The site is not huge, covering 50,000 square metres, of which 30,000 are covered space, comprised of a mix of historic buildings which date back to 1937, with the more modern edifices having been added in the time 2000 – 2003.  There are 2 assembly lines from which 4700 cars emerged in 2013, each having taken an average of 22 days to build, and 700 employees work on site.

 photo Picture019_zps678822d0.jpg   photo Picture018_zpsfc2facab.jpg  photo Picture001_zps1bdc8378.jpg  photo Picture023_zpse57dd796.jpg  photo Picture022_zps0a5be40a.jpg  photo Picture021_zps0b200565.jpg  photo Picture002_zps975bb3b6.jpg photo Picture020_zps4e807d24.jpg

There is a small showroom and collection centre which is on one corner of the site, and I was able to get admission to this and have a look around. Cars on display included the latest Quattroporte and Ghibli, though as I understand it, neither of these are actually manufactured here.

 photo Picture012_zps49486672.jpg  photo Picture014_zpsec9fdbb0.jpg  photo Picture011_zpsa2ed25a4.jpg  photo Picture013_zps4b11de9f.jpg  photo Picture010_zpsae9a7ad5.jpg  photo Picture009_zps49db6558.jpg photo Picture008_zps13437e9a.jpg  photo Picture006_zps7184357d.jpg  photo Picture005_zpsf3a95e24.jpg  photo Picture004_zpse96afc9a.jpg  photo Picture017_zps30f3b35b.jpg

The display contained a really lovely 3500 GT Spider as well, that supremely elegant Vignale styled open topped version of the first “volume” (it’s a relative term!) Maserati from 1961.

 photo Picture007_zps163cff14.jpg

Also on show are a number of classic engines, and various other items of memorabilia.

 photo Picture016_zps2aa04f99.jpg  photo Picture015_zpsf6d25df7.jpg  photo Picture003_zps20eafe26.jpg

It’s certainly worth popping in if you are in the town, especially as it is only a 5 minute walk from the Casa Enzo Ferrari. For those with more time, factory tours are available, but must be pre-booked. More information is available from http://www.maserati.com

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