Display from Ford (UK) Historic Collection

I spotted an ad in the local rag that advised that Brunel Ford at Ashton Gate had a display of 10 historic Fords in their showroom for a week, so I went down there this afternoon, to have a look. And I am glad I did. 10 immaculate cars from the Ford Heritage collection were occupying the showroom. I talked to a charming salesman who not only welcomed me taking pictures, but told me to move any display boards so I could get a better picture……… so, here they are:

1986 Sierra Cosworth:
1970 Ford Escort Although this is immaculate, it bore stickers suggesting it had seen serious action in historic events in the mid 1990s.
1974 Ford Escort Mexico
1967 Ford Corsair 2000
1961 Ford Zodiac Mark2 Automatic Only done 22,000 miles this one…..
1986 Ford Capri 280 Brooklands The very last Capri made…….
1974 Ford Cortina 1300 L Over 1.1 million Mark 3 Cortinas were made. At its peak, this car had 10% of all new car sales in Britain. Hard to imagine any one model being so dominant now
1967 Ford Cortina 1600 XL Mark 2
1953 Ford Zephyr Rally This is actually a replica of the 1953 Monte Carlo winning Zephyr……. hard to imagine a more unlikely rally car, yet it was surprisingly successful in its day!
1977 Ford Fiesta 1.0 L An original, and very basic Fiesta.
Ford has a collection of approx 100 vehicles, stored at Dagenham, but the collection is not open to the public. But they do quite commonly loan out cars like these to its dealers, so definitely worth looking out for.

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