Bristol Motor Show – June 2010

Britain no longer has a national Motor Show. There have been numerous attempts to create some form or replacement for what the once popular events at the NEC which used to comprise a massive display of new cars with many UK and world debuts, but all have been deemed to be a failure and few have been repeated more than once. However, that does not mean that there are not shows of new cars dotted up and down the land, at various points of the year. One of these is the Bristol Motor Show, which is organised by the local newspaper, the Bristol Evening Post, in conjunction with some of the area’s local dealers. It takes place over a three day period, with cars displayed at various points in the Cabot Circus and Broadmead shopping areas. I went to have a look, and here are some of the cars that I found:


One of the few UK newcomers was the latest model A8, which is just poised to go on UK sale.

More familiar cars included a TT RS, as well as A3, A4 and S5 models
“Display” would seem a rather kind phrase to describe the way that various Honda cars seemed abandoned in close proximity of each other. Newcomer here is the CR-Z, along with the facelifted CR-V.

A number of these cars were on show in the Podium area of Broadmead. Nothing new or particularly notable.

A representative sample of this range were on show, including the recently revised Shogun model.

Some of the cars were to be found at one of Broadmead, and the others on the first floor area of Cabot Circus

The first car that I saw was this special liveried 207.

Pride of place should really have gone to the new RCZ, a car that was attracting plenty of attention.
Other display cars included the relatively new 3008 and 5008, as well as examples of the 308 Hatch and CC
Star of the whole show should really go to the new 9.5, with a left hand drive Swedish spec model on show. Although this is a large car, it did not strike me as being the size equal of a 7 series, as was recently reported. UK sales start at the end of next month, I was told, and you can order the car now, though there are none available to test drive.

With the exception of the recently facelifted Auris, there was nothing new, or particularly notable on show here.

Hardly an impressive show, it has to be said, but as a relatively cheap way of attracting additional interest in your cars, doubtless it is worthwhile for those dealers who chose to participate.
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