June 2010 Update at Mercedes-Benz World – Brooklands (GB)

It is only a month since I last paid a visit to Mercedes-Benz World, adjoining the historic Brooklands site, but as I was in the vicinity, I thought it was worth popping in to see if there were any new displays. I am very glad I did.
To the right of the main door, instead of the SL65 Black Series that was there last time, I found something even more rare. This CLK GTR is one of only 5 open topped cars that was made. It was built for the Sultan of Brunei, hence the right hand drive, who clearly then never drove it, as it has covered a mere 34 km. Just amazing, even if its location made photography very difficult!
Further towards the back of the ground floor was this fascinating 1979 CIII-3 car.
On the first floor, the main display area contained three notable vehicles from Mercedes’ long history of motor sport, with examples of the 1999 and 2007 Formula One cars, of Mikka Hakkinen and Lewis Hamilton, respectively, along with a 1979 450SLC rally car.
On the top floor, the exhibits had all been changed around. First car that I came across was this splendid W120 model 1959 220S “Ponton” saloon.
The real treat was towards the end of the floor area, with a special display for the new SLS AMG. First, I found a rolling chassis and an example of the unpainted body.
The SLS itself was on a plinth. It was locked, but you could go right up to it and admire it from close up.
Parked up in a line behind it were three other landmark cars: another CLK GTR, an example of the CIII and a 28/95 model.
The production car displays had not changed since early May, so having drooled over these splendid cars, I returned outside to the Double Twelve event.
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