Queen Square Bristol Breakfast Club – April 2013

One look at the schedules of car events across the country will quickly tell you that the Breakfast Club meeting, made famous perhaps by the monthly Goodwood meetings, has become particularly popular with gatherings of interesting cars taking place at regular intervals across the country. I finally managed to experience my local event, which takes place in the delightful Queen Square, last November, and made a mental note to try to return whenever I could. With this event taking place on the second Sunday of the month, my busy diary has meant that several months have passed before in April 2013 I finally managed to get along to see what was on show on a morning which could not make up its mind whether to be sunny, cloudy or wet. I was rewarded with a very disparate array of cars, as this report will evidence.


As well as my own car, Rich Eason, a local owner, brought his Campovolo Grey 500 down.

 photo P1150110_zpscf8eccbb.jpg


A trio of recent Alfas were a V6 engined 156 in the rare colour of white, and a couple of GTVs.

 photo P1150086_zps63fc32c1.jpg  photo P1150168_zps92a45194.jpg


A couple of Austins, both from the 1950s and from contrasting ends of the range, with the diminutive A35 saloon joined by the plush A135 Princess.

 photo P1150075_zps9a3ee7b5.jpg  photo P1150079_zps8c0381bb.jpg


Fabulous 3 litre.

 photo P1150119_zps0fc70f67.jpg


An array of M3 models, ranging from the splendid E30 that I have seen at some other local events, through an E46 model to a number of the recent E92 cars.

 photo P1150139_zps3ccdaf5e.jpg  photo P1150138_zpse6655507.jpg  photo P1150145_zpsbed187a2.jpg  photo P1150146_zps39e64c7c.jpg  photo P1150149_zps01e89166.jpg  photo P1150150_zpsb6d2920c.jpg  photo P1150166_zps4abb9afb.jpg  photo P1150148_zpsb07f27ff.jpg  photo P1150147_zpsfd378a10.jpg  photo P1150167_zps90bfce99.jpg


Bel Air

 photo P1150154_zpse55bbbf8.jpg


 photo P1150087_zpsdb27db45.jpg


Probably the highlight of the morning for most people was this lovely purple 1971 Challenger.

 photo P1150123_zpsbe2caeb4.jpg  photo P1150122_zpsa6bb907a.jpg  photo P1150121_zps46da2385.jpg  photo P1150120_zpsf921ea60.jpg

Imagine my surprise when a second 1971 Challenger arrived a bit later in the morning. As far as I could tell, the two cars and owners were not connected in any way.

 photo P1150160_zps21deb01d.jpg  photo P1150159_zpsf4e62126.jpg  photo P1150158_zpsed46e451.jpg  photo P1150157_zps6e630420.jpg  photo P1150156_zps99de19f9.jpg


Sole Ferrari present was a 348ts.

 photo P1150081_zps14bf78ca.jpg  photo P1150080_zps17e40fac.jpg



 photo P1150131_zps46dde238.jpg


This Model Y was launched in 1934 and was a genuine £100 car, which was achieved by making it particularly basic.

 photo P1150143_zps99d3d640.jpg

Basic is also the word to describe this, a 1960 Popular.

 photo P1150089_zpsd32f9e19.jpg  photo P1150088_zpseaddcf3c.jpg

The Consul Classic had a short and unsuccessful production life of just 3 years from 1961 to 1964.

 photo P1150125_zps2492b28d.jpg

More recent sporting Fords included an Escort RS2000 and an Escort Cosworth

 photo P1150091_zpse66e66f1.jpg  photo P1150090_zpsc86ab8ae.jpg  photo P1150144_zps012aaaa4.jpg

There was also a Probe, the short lived coupe that Ford imported in the mid 1990s. Not particularly successful when new, these are rare cars now.

 photo P1150128_zpsdf9e6e3b.jpg

This 1967 Mustang GT arrived in convoy with the second of the Challengers. Sadly once it was parked up, it could be seen leaking coolant fluid, so I am not sure how well the driver would have coped getting it home. It made a glorious noise on arrival, though.

 photo P1150163_zps70fb0b5f.jpg  photo P1150162_zpsf3973f52.jpg  photo P1150155_zps4a7dca29.jpg


This Avenger GL was joined briefly by a 2 door yellow model which escaped again before I got across the Square to it with my camera.

 photo P1150101_zps061dc78c.jpg


A very nice E Type was an early arrival, and one of the first to depart.

 photo P1150074_zps7cdf114e.jpg  photo P1150073_zps0f740089.jpg


I enjoyed seeing this lovely Appia Coupe at the last Queens Square event I attended, and so was pleased to see it get another outing this time.

 photo P1150099_zpse6f0b4f6.jpg  photo P1150098_zps99ce6634.jpg  photo P1150097_zps3f19f916.jpg

Thema Turbo 2.0 ie model, the very art of restraint in its external styling

 photo P1150170_zps87d9307d.jpg  photo P1150169_zps7afabe5e.jpg


An early Land-Rover made a brief appearance at the event.

 photo P1150095_zpsd978a7a2.jpg


Purely by chance, both Lotus cars were bright yellow: an M100 Elan and a late model Esprit.

 photo P1150137_zpsb0e2027e.jpg  photo P1150136_zps9a5c9abf.jpg  photo P1150096_zps03cd219c.jpg


An example of the first generation RX7, in facelifted form.

 photo P1150133_zpsf1c8bb7b.jpg  photo P1150132_zpsbf4de823.jpg


A lovely R107 model 300SL

 photo P1150094_zps0c5f7940.jpg  photo P1150127_zpsff4c83ac.jpg


A very nice chrome bumpered MGB.

 photo P1150100_zps383b7e85.jpg


This one was badged Cowley, and I would guess dates from the 1920s.

 photo P1150142_zps63ee0bc5.jpg

More recent was this Morris Mini Cooper and the replica 1800 Rally Car which has appeared at a couple of local events before.

 photo P1150104_zps6660090c.jpg  photo P1150126_zps3a312561.jpg  photo P1150161_zps4fea8e91.jpg


A trio of 300ZXs arrived and departed in convoy. All three were modified, some more than others.

 photo P1150082_zpsf0517505.jpg

The GT-R needs no introduction.

 photo P1150135_zps1c60c48f.jpg

A single Figaro arrived, and yes, as per the stereotypes, this one was indeed driven by a lady, but it is clear that she is quite an enthusiast who attends a number of meetings.

 photo P1150141_zpsb881e666.jpg


This pair of Manta B and Ascona B arrived together. These were among the first of the cars where Vauxhall and Opel designs started to coalesce, though there were sufficient visual differences especially between the Ascona and its Vauxhall Cavalier equivalent that there was no chance of mixing the identification of them up.

 photo P1150109_zps2fcee4a0.jpg  photo P1150108_zpsa017b7bb.jpg  photo P1150107_zpsa644da62.jpg  photo P1150106_zps4eb3147b.jpg  photo P1150105_zpsb05fa740.jpg


A very nice 205GTi

 photo P1150103_zps84e71b34.jpg


A variety of 911 models arrived during the morning.

 photo P1150140_zps9597c5f1.jpg  photo P1150092_zps68590721.jpg  photo P1150124_zpsca38f4da.jpg  photo P1150093_zpsdab1aa2a.jpg  photo P1150116_zpsbe6c59e3.jpg  photo P1150115_zpsd4eede72.jpg  photo P1150083_zps3f35294b.jpg

There were also a couple of 944s

 photo P1150117_zps90d58469.jpg


Scimitar GT Coupe

 photo P1150164_zps01939fec.jpg


A pair of these slightly quirky machines were among the first to arrive.

 photo P1150070_zps08faa822.jpg  photo P1150069_zps1042ee6d.jpg


A Series 2 Vanguard. The early models were designed very much with the American market in mind, with their fastback styling which was very similar to the domestic models being offered. The Series 2 cars had the fastback cut away to produce a definite “boot” to the design.

 photo P1150130_zpse7cfe791.jpg  photo P1150129_zps9f77a995.jpg


One of the newest cars that still qualifies thanks to the interest it generates was this BRZ.

 photo P1150134_zpsbbde95f0.jpg


Definitely one of the rarest cars of the day was this a Doretti, a British sports car produced in the mid 1950s., based on TR2 mechanicals.

 photo P1150068_zpse8b5f94b.jpg  photo P1150067_zpsf0252cfe.jpg


One of my favourite cars of the day was this Pageant Blue 2500S. It was in pristine condition, and was provoking a lot of very positive comment. This car was from the near to the end of production and by that time, the motoring press were baying for its demise claiming it to be very dated (and in comparison to the futuristic Rover SD1 which replaced it, I guess it was), but now it just appears very elegant, and with a beautifully presented and spacious interior.

 photo P1150114_zps8bdad2e8.jpg  photo P1150113_zpsffca92e1.jpg  photo P1150118_zps0ebb3bc4.jpg  photo P1150112_zpsb9dc05fc.jpg  photo P1150111_zpse176f05b.jpg

As if one of these cars was not enough, there were two more examples, another Mark 2, which looked a bit faded and an earlier Mark 1 model.

   photo P1150085_zps647380df.jpg  photo P1150153_zps4ad45707.jpg  photo P1150152_zps27e10de7.jpg

There were a pair of Stags, another favourite of mine.

 photo P1150072_zps1c60c25d.jpg  photo P1150071_zpsb868b311.jpg  photo P1150084_zpsbcc354fe.jpg

Also among the Triumphs were a pair of TR6s.

 photo P1150102_zpsc3965018.jpg


A trio of nice TVRs included a Tuscan, and a couple of S models.

 photo P1150066_zpsd54f3323.jpg  photo P1150078_zps0020f527.jpg  photo P1150077_zps33bde50e.jpg  photo P1150076_zpsb25e8471.jpg


This Beetle, dating before the real sales take off in the UK, was in splendid condition.

 photo P1150151_zps40c7bf93.jpg

There was also a big-bumpered Mark 2 Golf GTi.

 photo P1150165_zpsaa9e4a80.jpg

This was a very varied gathering of cars, with people coming and going all morning. The only slight disappointment is that people with non-theme related cars parked up among the display, seemingly not caring that they were so doing. I guess that this is a hazard and inevitable consequence of the fact that the event it still relatively unofficial, with no closures approved by the council. Even so, it was still most definitely worth getting up a bit earlier than I otherwise would have done to go and see a mixture of interesting and rare cars.

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