Bristol Classic Car Show – April 2013

The Bristol Classic Car Show is one of the longest running events of its genre in the UK, and in 2013 it marked its 34th occurrence. The show moved out of the city of Bristol some years ago when its initial home, the Exhibition Centre on the waterfront was demolished, and it now takes place at the Bath and West Showground on the fringes of Shepton Mallett. A more recent change was to the date, which was initially forced on the organisers when in 2009, a heavy snowfall just before the show meant a last minute postponement of the time-honoured February date. After moving the Show to May for the following year, the last couple have taken place in April, and have coincided with “Drive It Day”, which has meant that as well as the contents of the exhibition halls, visitors have been able to enjoy the sight of several hundred additional classic cars parked up outside the venue. After a winter that seemed as if it would never loosen its grip on the UK, the forecast suggested that the 2013 event would be marked by some lovely spring sunshine, and so it seemed as if even more classics had been brought out from their winter hiding places, meaning that I probably spent more time outside the exhibition halls than in them, as there was so much to see. There were several groupings of cars among these displays, suggesting that a certain amount of Owners Club planning had taken place, with a particularly impressive display of 10 Sunbeam-Talbot 90 and Alpine cars, along with Peugeot and Reliant Clubs as well as a number of Geography based groups. The 550 photos in this report represent both the cars that were on display all weekend in the halls, and as many of those as I saw outside on the Sunday. Inevitably I missed some, but you will find plenty of rarities here.


As this event coincided with Spring Alfa Day, it is no surprise that were not few Alfa on show, even though that was taking place up in Cheshire. This SZ was the lone example of the marque.

 photo P1150768_zpsf4cd29ef.jpg


There was an Alvis Owners Club stand in the main halls, but it was small, cramped and always crowded whenever I went past, so no pictures from that. There were a couple of Alvis to be seen outside, though including a TC21/100 and a TF, as well as a Graber bodied TC.

 photo P1340877_zpsc0c7a531.jpg  photo P1150710_zps2d5ae494.jpg  photo P1150750_zpsbe0711f3.jpg  photo P1150751_zps4b258e00.jpg


A Sapphire model, one of the last produced before production ceased in 1960.

 photo P1340865_zpsf86d8fff.jpg


A club display contained a variety of DB models, ranging form DB4 through to DB7. In Aston’s centenary year, I am a little surprised that more of a song and dance of this fact was not being made.

 photo P1150508_zps000dbf3d.jpg  photo P1150507_zps4d3d0515.jpg  photo P1150509_zps838faf43.jpg

There was another DB6 outside.

 photo P1150682_zpsa608ce7d.jpg


A pair of Quattros were about the only Audi in evidence in the displays.

 photo P1340943_zps6fa7a5c1.jpg   photo P1340942_zps6e3c4c0d.jpg   photo P1340941_zps73ffd001.jpg  photo P1150579_zps3f880804.jpg  photo P1150576_zpsf44d577e.jpg


This 1930s Fourteen Westminster was in a splendid recreation of a period picnic, and came complete with a caravan of the era as well.

 photo P1150475_zpsa54d9905.jpg  photo P1150711_zps253ab47f.jpg

A later model bearing the Westminster name was this A90 from the mid 1950s. It was complemented by the later facelifted A95 model,

 photo P1150548_zpsd9a79cad.jpg  photo P1150547_zpsdfd09836.jpg  photo P1340840_zps1851fec6.jpg  photo P1340839_zps7bfc203a.jpg

Among other Austins of the period were an A60 Cambridge estate, and a A40.

 photo P1150607_zpscf0bc515.jpg  photo P1150611_zpsa61e04d2.jpg

The “Landcrab” Owners Club always create a diaorama style stand, and this year’s offering was the recreation of a tyre fitting company, into which they had placed two cars, one of which was an Austin 1800 and the other a Wolseley Six.

 photo P1150489_zps75cbb724.jpg  photo P1150712_zps3ea27852.jpg

Of more recent provenance was this Metro, in the period shade of Clove Brown. There was also a Van version inside.

 photo P1150720_zpsbcdf7495.jpg  photo P1340790_zpsf0ea316d.jpg

There were a couple of Austin Sevens parked up outside.

 photo P1150550_zps7632820d.jpg  photo P1150604_zps28119735.jpg

Austin Ten models from the same period were to be found inside, where the stand had been decorated to resemble a used car garage of the period.

 photo P1150718_zps432df505.jpg  photo P1150717_zps38824e73.jpg  photo P1150716_zps767c0055.jpg


There were a mix of Sprites and Big Healeys

  photo P1150590_zpsc569ae03.jpg  photo P1150591_zpse72c14d0.jpg  photo P1150643_zpse65b0737.jpg  photo P1150741_zpsda262e2f.jpg


A rather majestic S2 Convertible

 photo P1150620_zpsa6fb17f3.jpg  photo P1150618_zpsac628ff5.jpg


 photo P1340880_zps33054623.jpg


Despite their popularity of new BMWs. there are rarely more than a couple at classic car shows, and this event was no exception. Accordingly, it was quite a surprise to find this, the economy special 525e.

 photo P1340936_zpsdf1f37bd.jpg


Two rare and very different models: a convertible version of the 2000 and the earlier diminutive  Bond Minicar

 photo P1150639_zps32fbeb50.jpg  photo P1340925_zpse8d618e4.jpg  photo P1340924_zps85b00510.jpg


A 1937 car.

 photo P1340928_zpsa5ecfb14.jpg  photo P1150683_zps76869759.jpg


 photo P1340793_zpsb5d2ccbf.jpg

The Corvette Owners had a trio of different generation models in a line on side of one of the halls.

 photo P1150514_zpsd639e9b2.jpg  photo P1150513_zps84bfa832.jpg  photo P1150512_zpse685f3b1.jpg

Outside I came across this El Camino from the mid 1960s.

 photo P1150647_zps89a0c1e9.jpg


An interesting display of Citroen inside the halls, of which this car was unquestionably the rarest. It is an Oltcit, a model built for the Eastern European market in the 1980s that was loosely based on the Visa. This particular car was brought to the UK from Hungary a few years ago and is believed to be the only example on the UK roads.

 photo P1340787_zps951b3027.jpg  photo P1340786_zpsf3a88cbe.jpg  photo P1340785_zpsc9545f57.jpg  photo P1340784_zps1479fe98.jpg

Also believed now to be unique was this Ami Super. There are still Ami models that survived the dreaded tin worm, but the Super, which was launched in 1973 was a low volume seller, even if some claim it was the sort of precursor to the warm “hatch” (not that the Ami was a hatch, being offered in saloon and estate guise). The 1015cc engine from the GS meant it was much more powerful than the regular 602cc engined cars.

 photo P1340782_zps185ca6d9.jpg  photo P1150761_zps99904e65.jpg  photo P1340781_zps17ba25c2.jpg

There were a couple of GS based cars, too, including one of the very last GSA models which was not registered til mid 1985, some 10 months after it was built.

 photo P1150760_zps5cdd836b.jpg  photo P1340780_zpseeecc400.jpg  photo P1340783_zps3a76aa95.jpg

2 Dyanes occupied a separate display area.

 photo P1340799_zpsb84f624d.jpg  photo P1340798_zps7f2f1244.jpg  photo P1340797_zps14fb5120.jpg

Yet a further Citroen display contained a duo of BX models, with one of them an early BX19RD estate which has covered 235,000 miles. In need of a lot more tlc, it is believed that this is the sole survivor of the first generation BX Estate models before a light facelift was applied.

 photo P1150765_zpsbbf80637.jpg  photo P1340779_zps152c27db.jpg

Some more Citroen were to be found outside, with a mix of Traction Avant, 2CV, GS and GSA as well as a C6, surely an almost instant classic now that it is out of production.

 photo P1150584_zps18670999.jpg  photo P1150571_zpsf4cb963f.jpg  photo P1150573_zpsacd67d44.jpg  photo P1340846_zps4c4c35fc.jpg  photo P1340845_zps98836a8c.jpg  photo P1150572_zps4e5736f6.jpg  photo P1150570_zps6eb8a51a.jpg  photo P1150744_zps83bad616.jpg  photo P1340761_zpse2894230.jpg  photo P1340760_zps8a7714b9.jpg


A couple of models on the Daimler Owners Club stand, from either side of World War Two, showing how the later cars, as represented by the 1954 Consort had reduced in size somewhat from the majestic 1930s offerings.

 photo P1150438_zpseeea072d.jpg  photo P1150437_zps28873805.jpg  photo P1150436_zps86a5bce0.jpg

The V8-250 was a close relative of the popular Mark 2 Jaguar, and even now sits well in its shadow, though the refined V8 engine does indeed have much to commend it for those who want a relaxed cruise.

 photo P1150649_zps5b55671c.jpg

The SP250 “Dart” sports car shared an engine with the saloon model, and these days is better known, even though it was not that well thought of when new.

 photo P1150673_zps3e12917e.jpg


 photo P1340887_zpsfacfd4ad.jpg


 photo P1150638_zps5b0b1075.jpg


Dart GT

 photo P1340932_zps5e53c34a.jpg


Both the Strada 105TC and the Uno Selecta had been on show in Bristol the day before.

 photo P1150598_zps0aed7a77.jpg  photo P1150685_zps5809359e.jpg


A number of model specific Ford Owners Club stands were grouped together, though sadly all them had too little space to be able to enjoy the cars properly.

The Cortina Owners did best, and they had a number of cars from Mark 2 to one of the last Mark V cars in limited edition Crusader spec. There were a few more Cortinas outside including a Mark 1 Lotus Cortina, a Mark 2 1600 GT and a Mark 4 1.6L.

 photo P1150542_zps0ec3f922.jpg  photo P1150541_zpsbd6e2b82.jpg  photo P1150540_zps1ef30fb8.jpg  photo P1150532_zps8862ec1f.jpg  photo P1150531_zps6dcc06db.jpg  photo P1150533_zpsff04bbec.jpg  photo P1150530_zpsd719fc44.jpg  photo P1150529_zps7b030b3b.jpg photo P1340903_zps7d42dbd1.jpg  photo P1340934_zpse12d593a.jpg  photo P1150664_zpsd627b6f7.jpg  photo P1340864_zpsda3a055f.jpg

The Anglia Owners had space for three cars, and there was an Anglia Super parked up outside.

 photo P1150537_zps27fe05c9.jpg  photo P1150536_zpsfa2547c9.jpg  photo P1150535_zpsa2773951.jpg  photo P1150534_zpscfaee261.jpg photo P1340832_zps55e22ff8.jpg  photo P1150585_zpse7e5fb9f.jpg

Just two Corsairs, one of which was the very rare Estate model, Less than 1000 of these were ever produced and there are very few survivors.

 photo P1150539_zpsf13380e6.jpg  photo P1150538_zpsa04714c2.jpg

There were plenty of Fords in the outdoor displays, too, ranging from the rare Mark 2 Zephyr Estate to a Probe.

 photo P1340855_zps69857ba4.jpg  photo P1340854_zps7b39c628.jpg  photo P1340951_zpse8aad76c.jpg  photo P1150558_zps442dca1d.jpg

A couple of Zephyr Mark IVs were attracting a lot of attention, as people reminisced on how as a small child they used to slide from side to side of the car that the father had, with its bench seats, vinyl seats and no seat belts.

 photo P1340902_zpsb57b3f47.jpg  photo P1340901_zps9986562d.jpg  photo P1340935_zpsc3818e8c.jpg  photo P1340885_zps715c43d3.jpg

Its predecessor, the Mark 3 was also represented, with a couple of models, one of which had covered a mere 5000 miles in 50 years.

 photo P1150603_zps40b2549c.jpg  photo P1340899_zps496a8231.jpg

There was also a first generation Granada on display.

 photo P1150709_zps9c4d7389.jpg  photo P1150708_zpsc28dab51.jpg

Among the Escorts were a couple of Mexico, a Mark 2 RS2000, and from the front wheel drive generation, XR3i and RS Turbo cars.

 photo P1340893_zps079a2932.jpg  photo P1150606_zps7def3a50.jpg  photo P1340878_zps0488fa61.jpg  photo P1340870_zps2449631d.jpg  photo P1340869_zpsd0634b09.jpg  photo P1340868_zps798a055e.jpg

There were surprisingly few Capris. The black 2.0S model was a limited edition trim offered in 1975/76 and there was also a Series 3 model on display.

 photo P1340763_zpsfbb259f1.jpg  photo P1340875_zps6e5a6069.jpg

With the newest Sierra now more than 20 years old, these cars are minor classics, and accordingly a couple were parked up outside. One is the XR4i project car which Practical Classics have been restoring and it was to be found alongside a late model XR4x4 model. There were also a couple of Sierra Cosworths, in both hatch and saloon guises.

 photo P1150564_zpsfe2d2624.jpg  photo P1150567_zpsa4ea831e.jpg  photo P1150566_zpsbcbec805.jpg  photo P1150565_zpsd52e9e54.jpg  photo P1150582_zps31c4fff9.jpg  photo P1340906_zpsd06833ae.jpg

This Fiesta is a reminder of what entry level motoring was like 25 years ago, though the L model was of course plusher than the ultra basic Popular and nearly as spartan Popular Plus.

 photo P1150748_zpsb6dce3dc.jpg

Among the American Fords were a first generation model and a Thunderbird

 photo P1150587_zps0a81dee8.jpg  photo P1150684_zps48738a16.jpg


No display of historic tractors inside the halls this year, but this one machine was parked up among the cars outside.

 photo P1340766_zps63a3c660.jpg


The ever enthusiastic Gilbern Owners Club had a trio of cars on their stand, all of them based on the Invader model, a nicely put together grand tourer that featured a 3 litre Ford V6 engine and a hefty price tag when new. A fourth car was another stand.

 photo P1150434_zps004a7ca2.jpg  photo P1150433_zpse9f84a67.jpg  photo P1340822_zpse97a61b5.jpg  photo P1150452_zps7ee55457.jpg


Although the survival rate of the 99 Gordon Keebles built is very high (not quite 100%, but close), it is still rare to see one, but there was one here.

 photo P1340823_zps7639eb93.jpg


2013 marks the 50th anniversary of the launch of the Hillman Imp and the Owners Club, always one of those who puts a lot of effort into their stand marked the occasion by representing one of their cars as a quasi space shuttle.

 photo P1150463_zps386c7a6e.jpg  photo P1150462_zps86337e2a.jpg

There were several Imps parked up outside, including an example of the limited edition Caledonian, made in the final months of production in 1976.

 photo P1340849_zpse59c3fa1.jpg  photo P1340904_zpse27b1b0e.jpg

The Minx Owners had a trio of the 1930s Aero Minx cars, which look quite different from the rather staid saloon cars on which they were based. They were joined by one of the 1950s New Minx models in convertible guise.

 photo P1150520_zps82c0c2d5.jpg  photo P1150516_zps84d5357e.jpg  photo P1150521_zps3b5c3894.jpg  photo P1150759_zpsa9f78708.jpg  photo P1150515_zps31789854.jpg  photo P1150519_zpsb6129bdc.jpg  photo P1150758_zps16b490bd.jpg  photo P1150757_zpsd772d9f2.jpg  photo P1150522_zps920d6300.jpg

Parked up outside were a couple of the larger Super Minx models, with a saloon joined by a couple of the short lived Convertible models, along with the early “Audax” based model, and the later “Arrow” based car. This last, I was a little surprised to discover, had the rare automatic gearbox fitted.

 photo P1150563_zpse24161a7.jpg  photo P1150562_zpsa68cdd24.jpg  photo P1150617_zps5e1f0b46.jpg  photo P1150616_zpsf33bcab6.jpg  photo P1340900_zpsbf0fad86.jpg  photo P1340844_zpsd62b91bd.jpg  photo P1340843_zps7dbcf8f2.jpg  photo P1150675_zps18a4d9fa.jpg  photo P1150674_zpsd7324d47.jpg  photo P1150672_zps4ca95263.jpg  photo P1150671_zps17f85285.jpg  photo P1150670_zpscb5e358e.jpg

Another Hillman stand inside had three Avenger models on it, including the distinctive Tiger model.

 photo P1340778_zpsbb73b207.jpg  photo P1340777_zpsedc1e224.jpg  photo P1340776_zpsd63aa269.jpg  photo P1340775_zps47455d23.jpg  photo P1340774_zps2708e3d6.jpg  photo P1340773_zpsbf12831c.jpg  photo P1340772_zpsb7db0100.jpg  photo P1340771_zpsf38134fb.jpg  photo P1340852_zps14e74c7a.jpg


 photo P1340927_zps657290a1.jpg


A couple of Hawks were the examples of this long obsolete marque.

 photo P1340813_zps9c24b71c.jpg  photo P1340812_zps73fb2976.jpg

Joining them was an earlier Super Snipe model, and elsewhere in the show, both an early Sceptre and an Arrow-based model.

 photo P1340814_zps29a9a42b.jpg  photo P1340833_zps8cb1b9ec.jpg  photo P1340930_zps77ec11e0.jpg


Not surprisingly, the most numerous Jaguar model on show was the E Type, with several models displayed.

 photo P1150723_zpsa0b598d4.jpg  photo P1150728_zpse1a261a5.jpg  photo P1150726_zpse039c954.jpg  photo P1150722_zps82a8ec87.jpg  photo P1340897_zpsb50e3dbd.jpg

The XJ-S has gradually wormed its way into the classic car fraternity’s affections, and there were a few of these on show, too.

 photo P1150745_zps9d948c8d.jpg

Other Jaguars included a lovely XK150 a number of Mark 2s, the gargantuan Mark X and a 420 saloon

 photo P1150610_zps1141a089.jpg  photo P1150609_zpsc7a8c6c6.jpg  photo P1340874_zpscac7c857.jpg  photo P1150727_zps1aeaafde.jpg  photo P1340883_zps004d2532.jpg  photo P1150689_zps6f4732a3.jpg


The Jensen Owners stand contained a 541S and a couple of the Interceptor model.

 photo P1150460_zps1bbbcdfd.jpg  photo P1150457_zpsfc9e207c.jpg  photo P1150458_zps24309b1a.jpg  photo P1150459_zps3fad9dea.jpg

There were further Jensen models parked outside including additional Interceptors a Healey and a GT.

 photo P1340886_zps708eaf61.jpg  photo P1150721_zps90c4a8e5.jpg  photo P1340758_zpsb9c09c16.jpg  photo P1150731_zpsbab72814.jpg  photo P1340757_zpsdc48be56.jpg


Compare and contrast the regular Jupiter model which was to be found outside with one of the very rare Farina bodied coupe models inside.

 photo P1150678_zps184a60e6.jpg  photo P1150715_zps6197961e.jpg  photo P1150714_zpse6e10a78.jpg  photo P1150713_zps9979378a.jpg


This one had more than a few people scratching their heads, not knowing what it is. The answer is a Lagonda 3 litre, a design launched in 1949. Not a popular car when new, so perhaps not surprising it is not well known now.

 photo P1150677_zps6c482725.jpg  photo P1150676_zps3229305a.jpg


There were a couple of Aurelia models to be found inside, a B50 Convertible and a B20 GT Coupe. Both very nice indeed.

 photo P1150432_zps27fc9ab4.jpg  photo P1150431_zps4238b567.jpg  photo P1150444_zps42703fd0.jpg  photo P1150435_zps0236e479.jpg

Outdoors there was an Aprilia

 photo P1150642_zps28962353.jpg


A couple of early Land Rover models were on show indoors.

 photo P1340811_zps1ade86dc.jpg


Everyone’s comments on seeing these early Elans were on just how small they are, and they are right. It really is tiny compared to modern cars.

 photo P1150738_zps7403d617.jpg  photo P1340944_zps73e3d753.jpg  photo P1150577_zpsedcf5274.jpg

The Plus 2 models are not that much bigger.

 photo P1150749_zps8958ef0e.jpg

Other Lotus included Esprit and Excel and a rare Series IV Seven.

 photo P1340850_zps4457db30.jpg  photo P1340873_zps44f3de8f.jpg


A couple of Marcos models on the stand inside, both from the later end of production, during which period a bewildering array of different models were produced, all based on the same basic design. There were a few more cars outside.

 photo P1150440_zps6710ccf6.jpg   photo P1150439_zps28a7aa15.jpg  photo P1150747_zpsc1d5c768.jpg  photo P1150623_zpse8c056df.jpg


There were a few Mercedes at the show, mostly relatively recent ones, but it seems that this 500E is the only one at which l pointed a camera.

 photo P1340938_zps9d987edc.jpg


As you would expect, there were lots of MGs at the event, both in the display halls and parked up outside.

As in previous years, there was a nice display of early large MGs, the 18/80 based models, with 5 cars on show, two of which were in part restored state

 photo P1150756_zps2d3ed855.jpg  photo P1150518_zps583befc5.jpg  photo P1150517_zps400d1546.jpg


 photo P1150583_zps566a9311.jpg

Of the earlier sports that MG offered, there were both TC and TFs on show

 photo P1150706_zps887c4ac1.jpg  photo P1150613_zps24665d19.jpg

There were a number of MGA models, including the rare Coupe car.

 photo P1150737_zps21fe6328.jpg  photo P1150764_zps3d68c1b1.jpg  photo P1150697_zps37331400.jpg  photo P1340896_zps5ca5fba0.jpg  photo P1150767_zps2b82914c.jpg

There were plenty of MGB and MGC models, reflecting the immense popularity of this classic British sports car

 photo P1340816_zps27567a9f.jpg  photo P1150511_zps49e02f91.jpg  photo P1150510_zps02d4b7ba.jpg  photo P1150743_zps284da20f.jpg  photo P1150740_zps0d8f424e.jpg  photo P1150739_zps35e65f87.jpg photo P1340892_zps0b60fbc8.jpg  photo P1340890_zpsc280cbe8.jpg  photo P1150555_zps99726918.jpg  photo P1150589_zps675f1c90.jpg  photo P1150601_zps36b6a28e.jpg  photo P1150640_zps147ddd5a.jpg  photo P1150615_zps5ce6582f.jpg  photo P1150608_zpscd22b80e.jpg  photo P1150622_zpsd29cb93a.jpg  photo P1150667_zpscec4e905.jpg  photo P1150699_zps0d0205ed.jpg  photo P1150698_zps8b668951.jpg  photo P1150693_zps0572ae71.jpg  photo P1150694_zps75dafa81.jpg  photo P1150696_zpsdd18c0fc.jpg  photo P1150690_zps52262121.jpg  photo P1150691_zpsd0d55757.jpg  photo P1150692_zps034505c1.jpg  photo P1150701_zpseb3965f8.jpg  photo P1150730_zps9ab7995b.jpg  photo P1150525_zpsa02dc159.jpg


 photo P1150580_zpsc5bb12a3.jpg

This MG Metro has recently surfaced after being tucked away in a garage for a long time. It seemed to be in excellent condition.

 photo P1340866_zpsea7048ab.jpg


 photo P1150702_zps1763a164.jpg

Final MG was the sports saloon of the 1960s, the MG1300

 photo P1150763_zpse154d564.jpg


 photo P1340872_zps2ddf4c87.jpg


Inside the halls, a duo of late model Minis, including one of the rare factory-approved Cabrio cars were joined by a Cooper S.

 photo P1150443_zpsebd4c5ac.jpg  photo P1150528_zps5006846c.jpg  photo P1150527_zps4302d962.jpg

There were plenty more classic Minis on show outside, with a mix of Cooper and ordinary models, with early and late cars.

 photo P1340931_zpsa0bf5343.jpg   photo P1340929_zps0d9e18a0.jpg  photo P1340857_zps372313e0.jpg  photo P1150554_zpsb8e9ebb9.jpg  photo P1150545_zpsedb5a720.jpg


There were a number of Morgans on show in the halls, though I seem not to have taken their pictures. I did, however, photograph some of those I found outside, which ranged from some early models through to more recent cars.

 photo P1150578_zps5415f4c2.jpg  photo P1340862_zpsb95fc246.jpg  photo P1150575_zps92e1c031.jpg  photo P1340894_zps05dee8d7.jpg  photo P1340881_zps1c22493f.jpg


In celebration of Morris’ centenary, there was an impressive display of Morris vehicles which occupied about the half the length of one side of one of the halls, with a variety of beautifully presented models on show.

Oldest model was a 1024 Cowley 2 seater. This car sports the famous “bull nose” style grille, and was in production from 1913 until 1925.

 photo P1150502_zps8f53ac0f.jpg   photo P1150497_zps281355af.jpg  photo P1150496_zps33091bc1.jpg

By the end of the 1920s, Morris had established themselves with some new larger models, of which this 1930 Oxford Six Saloon and 1931 Cowley 4 door Sliding Head Saloon are examples

   photo P1150499_zpscd512fd8.jpg  photo P1150498_zpsbcfe74e4.jpg  photo P1150500_zpse62d0e0e.jpg  photo P1150473_zpsc11a4cfa.jpg

A 1933 Ten Saloon

 photo P1150472_zps44f5719f.jpg

As a riposte to the Austin Seven, Morris introduced the Minor, and there was a 1933 4 door and a 1934 2 seater version in the display.

 photo P1150471_zpsca87135d.jpg  photo P1150470_zps3a97b35c.jpg  photo P1150468_zps8213cc48.jpg

By 1935, the popular Morris 8 had been introduced, and the display included several of these models, ranging from a 1935 Tourer to an 1938 Series 2 Tourer, a 1938 Series 3 Saloon, and a 1939 Series E Tourer.

 photo P1150469_zpsc4e9b6ec.jpg  photo P1150467_zpsd1026370.jpg   photo P1150466_zpsda718ce1.jpg  photo P1150465_zps01b4c905.jpg  photo P1150464_zps457a4998.jpg

Two post war Morris were included as well, a 1946 Ten Series M and a 1953 Series Z Van.

 photo P1150501_zpsacba4d68.jpg  photo P1150461_zps000ea428.jpg

The Minor Owners Club had packed a lot of cars onto their stand, which meant that it was hard to appreciate the finer points of all them, and then they had put window shades in them in accordance with the “Cars” movie theme which they had adopted for this year’s display.

 photo P1150456_zps9f40444c.jpg  photo P1150455_zpse7451729.jpg  photo P1150454_zps210fc8d1.jpg  photo P1150453_zps3d21b680.jpg

Outside were a gathering of Minors and this rather nice 8 Series E.

 photo P1340889_zps77bfa4b7.jpg  photo P1340882_zpsd1e2ac57.jpg  photo P1150645_zpsb3ffd71d.jpg  photo P1150614_zpsa4bb55c9.jpg   photo P1150612_zps6c62d659.jpg


The Cedric/Gloria Owners Club were celebrating their 10th anniversary and they had three 300C models on show. A fourth example was to be found outside. Given how few of these were sold when new, it is quite surprising to find even that number on show at a regional event like this.

 photo P1340770_zps94a395ff.jpg  photo P1340769_zps61953148.jpg  photo P1340768_zps6013a6c9.jpg  photo P1340767_zps70cb4096.jpg  photo P1150650_zps9766ca68.jpg

There was also an example of the earlier 260C from the late 1970s.

 photo P1150736_zps4a78ea3f.jpg  photo P1150735_zpsf78cd4c2.jpg  photo P1150734_zps6a555a65.jpg

Perhaps even more surprising a find was this Sunny Estate which scores points simply because so few have survived.

 photo P1150569_zps4860700b.jpg  photo P1150568_zps4ba88bed.jpg

The Z cars were not forgotten, with a couple of these on show.

 photo P1340796_zps162a5c26.jpg  photo P1340795_zps133adea8.jpg


A nice display indoors comprised a couple of the Manta B models, and the same Ascona B that I had seen on show at the Queen’s Square Breakfast meeting the previous weekend.

 photo P1150488_zpsb29091a5.jpg  photo P1150487_zpsbdc70dcb.jpg   photo P1150482_zpsbbb1b274.jpg  photo P1150481_zps3e9b851f.jpg  photo P1150480_zps14ddb69e.jpg  photo P1150479_zpsc6f7cbcd.jpg  photo P1150478_zps251c05f7.jpg


As well as the Lima and Kallista sports cars on this stand there was the very rare De Ville Convertible. These pastiche cars were based on Jaguar XJ12 mechanicals and were seen as rather over-the-top at the time that they were new in the mid 1970s. Compared to how some of the world’s wealthier spend their money on these days, they almost look restrained now!

 photo P1150753_zps5c5eee24.jpg  photo P1150493_zps68056287.jpg photo P1150503_zpsd24d98c2.jpg  photo P1150754_zpsa50abd94.jpg  photo P1150494_zps78308109.jpg

There were a couple more Lima parked up outside.

 photo P1340907_zps10bffd39.jpg  photo P1340884_zpsa478d85f.jpg


A small gathering of Peugeot Owners Club gathered together such rare sightings as a late model 104, a 504 and a 604. These were the glory days for Peugeot, which they are struggling to recreate. At least I feel with their very latest products they are trying, which is not something I would have said 5 years ago!

 photo P1340947_zps2bd4ad07.jpg  photo P1340946_zpsef511ee5.jpg  photo P1150636_zps02170a31.jpg  photo P1150635_zpsfbdc1d7f.jpg  photo P1150633_zps944306ea.jpg  photo P1150632_zps3b1dcb13.jpg  photo P1150631_zps9a1f6d8f.jpg  photo P1150630_zps76d128f0.jpg  photo P1150629_zps84749670.jpg  photo P1150634_zps95098463.jpg


A 1941 model.

 photo P1340838_zps2a316aec.jpg


An early Firebird parked up outside was joined by a Le Mans that was on show inside.

 photo P1150641_zpse754d3ec.jpg  photo P1150762_zpsd79998fd.jpg


There were a few Porsche models present, ranging from the 356 through various generations of 911 to the front engined 924/944/968 cars and a 928.

 photo P1340879_zps131bebde.jpg  photo P1150742_zpsc6ccb42e.jpg  photo P1150646_zpsad695a8d.jpg  photo P1150544_zps1c4f3fbc.jpg  photo P1340765_zpsc23cf3e4.jpg


A nice line up of Scimitars arrived up during the morning, with the GT Coupe, GTE and GTC models all represented, along with a late model from the small sports car sold in the 1980s and 1990s which also adopted the Scimitar name. A few other cars were scattered around the outdoor display.

 photo P1340912_zpscf197ff7.jpg   photo P1340911_zpse146d07e.jpg   photo P1340910_zpsbf28f40c.jpg  photo P1340909_zps296734a8.jpg  photo P1340908_zpsf1ed4fef.jpg  photo P1150665_zpsa93cc3d9.jpg photo P1150546_zps6fa17fd5.jpg  photo P1340913_zps4523105f.jpg

Inside there were a number of three wheelers on show. These cars seemed to have acquired something of a cult status.

 photo P1340789_zps9b56ed33.jpg  photo P1340788_zps6ed7e907.jpg


Without question the rarest Renault was this Fuego. Not exactly pristine, it was still good to see one of these cars, which I always thought were an elegant design when new.

 photo P1150600_zpsf01a7ed6.jpg  photo P1150599_zpsa7140cef.jpg

Other Renault included a 4CV and an early NN Tourer model.

 photo P1340847_zps8aaa5933.jpg  photo P1150679_zpsedbecebc.jpg


In the same display as the Austin Fourteen was this Lynx model. Splendid!

 photo P1150477_zpse001a6df.jpg  photo P1150476_zpsd7f24ef3.jpg

The RM Owners had an example of the RMB 2.5 litre saloon and the roadster bodies on show indoors.

 photo P1150755_zpse9156f29.jpg  photo P1150766_zpse78f740f.jpg

Outside there were some more RM models on display, as well as the later One Point Five.

 photo P1150644_zps185d137e.jpg  photo P1340853_zps05eeb71d.jpg  photo P1340848_zpsef59a33d.jpg

There were also a couple of 1930s models.

 photo P1150666_zpsef53c6e0.jpg


This Mark 1 Silver Shadow was on the Attwell Wilson Motor Museum stand

 photo P1150495_zps9e9c9eda.jpg


Once a common sight, the R8 family of Rovers now have an enthusiastic (but small) band of followers, as the model teeters on the edge of Classic status. The stand featured two and a half cars (yes, one was the chopped off rear end of a 3 door hatch),m all in Nightfire Red.

 photo P1150524_zpsf9d69bd0.jpg  photo P1150523_zps99113498.jpg

There were a few examples of the P4, P5 and P6 models.

 photo P1340888_zps6cd78c7b.jpg  photo P1340856_zpsed1a0740.jpg  photo P1150574_zpsab5030ee.jpg  photo P1150719_zpse8a13d2d.jpg  photo P1150637_zps45dafaa4.jpg  photo P1340815_zps529a3256.jpg  photo P1340939_zps93ae77c8.jpg

Completing the Rover line up were a couple of SD1

 photo P1150581_zpsada1e666.jpg  photo P1150592_zpsca443174.jpg


The local SAAB Owners Club had a splendid display of cars showing the progression of the marque during its production history. A trio of the 96 models showed the evolution of this iconic design from the bull-fronted cars of the early 1960s through the V4 models that appeared in the 1960s to the last models with their rubber bumpers. The blue car was actually a limited edition model made for the Dutch market.

 photo P1150421_zps6bbcbd7f.jpg  photo P1150426_zps88cbf689.jpg  photo P1150425_zps8720afd6.jpg  photo P1150424_zps17901ff9.jpg  photo P1150423_zpsf19f329c.jpg  photo P1150422_zpsa5ec4c1e.jpg    photo P1150428_zps1044ac10.jpg  photo P1150430_zps4093deae.jpg

This Sonnet was a splendid example of the sports car that proved popular in America, but which remains almost unknown in the UK.

 photo P1150429_zps8c9ac237.jpg  photo P1150420_zps5f573e78.jpg  photo P1150427_zps4d206281.jpg  photo P1340837_zpsd8bc79e2.jpg

The rest of the display comprised the models offered from the 1980s, with 900s of each generation and the much loved 9000 car.

 photo P1340836_zps268710aa.jpg   photo P1340835_zps7ed94027.jpg   photo P1340834_zpsadb212df.jpg  photo P1150451_zps1487abef.jpg


Inside the show, the Singer Owners had a display of 4 cars, all of them over 80 years old, with a couple of Junior models and a couple of the diminutive sports cars that they also offered at the time.

 photo P1150450_zps88598f62.jpg  photo P1340827_zps779a9aa8.jpg  photo P1150446_zpsbb3a3d3d.jpg  photo P1340826_zps923c5e13.jpg  photo P1150448_zps15f3ad11.jpg  photo P1150447_zpsa60d7545.jpg  photo P1340825_zps693efa26.jpg  photo P1340824_zpsc2fb927a.jpg  photo P1150449_zps47adc54c.jpg

Parked up outside were another collection of cars, which included some more 1930s models, as well as a trio of Vogue Estate cars, all of them in the same shade of olive green.

 photo P1150654_zpsd6822621.jpg  photo P1150653_zps4b048577.jpg  photo P1150652_zps89e95524.jpg  photo P1150651_zps936e0b00.jpg  photo P1150655_zps9d0ced2c.jpg  photo P1150658_zps36f1f54e.jpg  photo P1150662_zps7d7e9e76.jpg  photo P1150660_zps1b88f529.jpg photo P1150661_zps0ec6b0a9.jpg  photo P1150659_zpsfdda7f1a.jpg  photo P1150656_zpsd718b61b.jpg  photo P1150657_zps605419e2.jpg photo P1150752_zps076cc292.jpg  photo P1150707_zps41591787.jpg


A trio of very different models on the Standard Owners Club stand. The earliest model was a 1913 Rhyl.

 photo P1150504_zpsd9848853.jpg

The other two cars were far more recent, with a 1950s Ten joined by a very rare 1962 Ensign de Luxe Estate. This particular car was apparently shown on the Earls Court Motor Show stand that year, which is probably the reason why it was finished in black, which was not a common colour for the car, and it then had a very gentle life ever since, so the current owner has not had to restore it, and yet it appeared in excellent condition.

 photo P1150474_zps727f9bbc.jpg  photo P1150492_zps96f14ddd.jpg  photo P1150491_zpsab1d6890.jpg  photo P1150490_zpscdce2704.jpg


Outside the halls, I came across a line of 10 of the 90 and Alpine based models produced in the early 1950s, which made for a most impressive display. Along with the Rileys of the ear, these sports saloons were the BMW 3 series of their day, and they enjoyed considerable success in motor sport events of the period.

 photo P1340922_zps1f656cba.jpg  photo P1340921_zpsdf60511d.jpg  photo P1340920_zpsc22f15ad.jpg  photo P1340919_zps4e231b7e.jpg  photo P1340918_zps179f4d73.jpg  photo P1340917_zps5789a4ac.jpg  photo P1340916_zpsbcd34d1a.jpg  photo P1340915_zps1ec4db79.jpg  photo P1340914_zps0722c488.jpg  photo P1150553_zpsc567d0bb.jpg

There were a number of vintage Sunbeams from the 1920s on show as well.

 photo P1340762_zps3b590d21.jpg  photo P1340923_zps94ca1b1f.jpg  photo P1150648_zps43adce4d.jpg

Based on the “Audax” Minx was this Rapier, with a sports coupe and convertible offered from 1955 until 1967 at which time it was replaced by a fastback coupe model of the same name based on the Hillman Hunter.

 photo P1150486_zps9219a5d0.jpg  photo P1150485_zps540adb31.jpg  photo P1150484_zps9a99898e.jpg  photo P1150483_zps2e91962a.jpg

Sunbeam’s sports car offering from 1959 until 1967 was the pretty Alpine, and a couple of these were on show inside the halls, and there were some more, along with the more potent Tiger variant, parked up outside.

 photo P1150506_zps866d5f20.jpg  photo P1150505_zpsf4bf4bd3.jpg  photo P1340764_zpsad36e8dc.jpg  photo P1340926_zps079f1ee7.jpg  photo P1150688_zps7023cbe7.jpg  photo P1150621_zps97eeb1ea.jpg   photo P1150619_zps7013e679.jpg


This unusual vehicle was on the Practical Classics stand, as was Sam Glover, their staff writer who recently brought it back from Poland. It was based on FSO components, but to a local design, and appeared rather crude. I’ve never seen one before, so it certainly counted on the list of unusual vehicles of the day.

 photo P1340831_zpsc2de8b8c.jpg   photo P1340830_zps7e1add3c.jpg  photo P1340829_zps7e9e23bc.jpg  photo P1340828_zps5d72f0cb.jpg


There were examples of every generation of TR from an early TR2 all the way to a TR7 convertible.

 photo P1150526_zps91c3efd6.jpg  photo P1150700_zpsba7c34b5.jpg  photo P1150586_zps08357bf0.jpg  photo P1150733_zps018f6885.jpg  photo P1150588_zps190752db.jpg  photo P1150663_zps6d48e3c0.jpg  photo P1150725_zpsb0e7ca97.jpg  photo P1150746_zpsd3e10500.jpg

Among the smaller models were a couple of Spitfire and GT6 cars.

 photo P1150724_zpsceb68576.jpg  photo P1150695_zpsbfaf95c9.jpg  photo P1150602_zps06b7342b.jpg

There were plenty of Stags on show.

 photo P1150441_zps78de2748.jpg  photo P1340809_zps18a146a2.jpg  photo P1340807_zpsa67b4557.jpg  photo P1340759_zps55e08ad5.jpg  photo P1150729_zps749be743.jpg  photo P1150705_zps42fed893.jpg   photo P1150704_zpsc33d60db.jpg  photo P1150703_zpsc3b01980.jpg  photo P1340891_zps72132a5b.jpg  photo P1340895_zps44a23d2e.jpg

There were only a couple of Herald and Vitesse models.

 photo P1340950_zps340b90e1.jpg  photo P1150556_zps928eda69.jpg  photo P1150595_zps4b466990.jpg  photo P1340792_zpsf0a5d659.jpg  photo P1340791_zps1dfc27b0.jpg  photo P1340898_zps3474e52c.jpg photo P1340876_zps3fbf2010.jpg

From the popular mid-sized cars, there was a 1500 and couple of Dolomites.

 photo P1150597_zpsa8e0ebaf.jpg  photo P1150596_zpsb78c36d0.jpg  photo P1340842_zpsc0bb184e.jpg  photo P1340841_zps87d35cea.jpg

Several examples of the large 2000/2500, a popular executive saloon from the 1960s and 1970s.

 photo P1340808_zps802f3a3b.jpg  photo P1340810_zps3bcff9a2.jpg  photo P1340940_zpsca4834d5.jpg  photo P1150669_zps7f7b8462.jpg  photo P1150668_zps3a7ad5d9.jpg  photo P1150594_zpsdf679e5a.jpg  photo P1150593_zps4a57e889.jpg

The Renown was offered in the late 1940s and was a more luxurious offering than its Standard Vanguard stablemate.

 photo P1340794_zpsc253a308.jpg


A number of TVRs were parked up outside, all of which were from the more recent production models, with Tuscan and Griffith both present.

 photo P1150559_zpsa5859d3d.jpg  photo P1340905_zpsff189a56.jpg  photo P1150543_zps6fd2c121.jpg  photo P1150552_zpsceb976a2.jpg  photo P1150549_zps42516b36.jpg


Among the classic Vauxhalls on show were an HA Viva, a PB Cresta, a Firenza 2300SL (the pre droop snoot model) and a Chevette HSR.

 photo P1150561_zps92f645ae.jpg  photo P1150560_zpseeca6674.jpg  photo P1340949_zpscb6739b5.jpg  photo P1340948_zps297a6c16.jpg  photo P1340860_zps39411fbc.jpg  photo P1340859_zps45b830ce.jpg  photo P1340858_zps5d5f61e0.jpg  photo P1340861_zpsa613f30a.jpg

This VX2300 represents one of the last Vauxhalls made that was not a design shared with Opel. Initially launched as the FE Series Victor, the last couple of years production saw the car renamed as the VX Series, and this is a top of the range model, with automatic gearbox. By this time, though, the car was seen as dated, with the futuristic Rover SD1 or dependable Ford Granada featuring higher on people’s wish list.

 photo P1150681_zpsd46fcbe2.jpg  photo P1150680_zpsa6edf3a9.jpg


One of the more remarkable cars at the show was this early first generation Polo, which looked absolutely pristine.

 photo P1150628_zpscce9cf24.jpg  photo P1150627_zpsc2e118c5.jpg  photo P1150626_zps84ac9051.jpg  photo P1150625_zps2ea2e839.jpg  photo P1150624_zps3c8750ef.jpg

As if one early Polo was not enough, there was also an immaculate second generation Polo Coupe.

 photo P1340945_zpsee350a5b.jpg

Other classic VWs included a couple of Golf GTis

 photo P1340851_zpseae69bfc.jpg  photo P1150557_zpscf208bfd.jpg


There were a couple of the P1800 cars a couple of the “Amazon”  122/132 and a 145 estate car.

 photo P1150445_zps79938500.jpg  photo P1150732_zpsca1000a7.jpg  photo P1340933_zpseca5bebb.jpg  photo P1150605_zps19baf7cb.jpg  photo P1340937_zps874f2496.jpg


As luck would have it, the Wolseley Register had a stand next to the Farina Owners, and the latter had just one car on display, which was a Wolseley 16/60, thus presenting a neat contrast with the earlier 15/60 on the Wolseley stand.

 photo P1340806_zps3ab1994d.jpg  photo P1340805_zpsfe7fe2fb.jpg  photo P1340804_zps861c063b.jpg  photo P1340802_zps403d5def.jpg

Very impressive indeed was the centrepiece of the Wolseley Register stand, though a 1946 model 18/85 Series 3, which was one of the first cars made after production resumed following the second World War

 photo P1340801_zps928e6ad3.jpg

Final model on the Register stand was this 4/44, a luxury oriented version of the MG Magnette.

 photo P1340800_zps4708c5d9.jpg  photo P1340803_zps0786f9c2.jpg

A second Wolseley stand, for the Owners Club, contained a couple of 6/80, a 1500 saloon and a 1930s model.

 photo P1340820_zps6bc84c1c.jpg  photo P1340819_zpscf8de2a2.jpg  photo P1340817_zps9c4242ff.jpg  photo P1340818_zpse122ff27.jpg  photo P1340821_zps743bb01e.jpg  photo P1150442_zps490ec45b.jpg

Among the Wolseley models outside were another 1500, a 4/44, a 6/110 and a Hornet.

 photo P1150551_zps9c6d65bf.jpg  photo P1340871_zpsa527ed1c.jpg  photo P1340867_zps2e6094c3.jpg  photo P1150687_zps8847f412.jpg  photo P1150686_zps202ca7bb.jpg  photo P1340863_zpse6b4e22b.jpg

The 2014 event will move to a new date again, already announced as the 14/15th June. Unlike the April timing when the events calendar is not unduly congested, by June there is a lot more going on, and the event will also fail to coincide with “Drive It Day”, so it will be interesting to see what effect this change has. I guess I have nearly 14 months to wait, to find out the answer.

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