Brooklands Auto Italia – May 2013

Italian cars may have received very mixed reviews from the British press for many years, but there can be little doubt that the automotive offerings from that country do engender lots of love and affection, as evidenced by the considerable number of themed events that take place up and down the country every year. None are bigger or better supported than the one held at Brooklands, organised by Auto Italia magazine, and which has been running now for 27 years. I’ve attended every year since 2008, and always enjoyed it a lot, so it is a top priority in my events calendar for the year, even though there is plenty of competition for other things taking place on the same weekend. In 2012 the weather was particularly cold, and this kept both some crowds and display cars away, but the days leading up to the 2013 event had all been perfect sunshine, so I was hopeful for a bumper turn out. The vagaries of the British weather meant that a band of cloud and rain was forecast to interrupt the spring sunshine, and indeed it proved not only damp in the morning but far colder than my clothing was designed for, but that failed to deter not only me, but also hundreds of other owners, who came en masse, ensuring that there was a lot to see. During the day the sun did finally burn through the clouds, leaving a bright end to proceedings, and not a few people with slightly tender looking faces and arms. Reminder to self – sun tan lotion and a hat are a Good Idea, despite what the forecasters may tell you! That apart,, there was so much to enjoy, as is evidenced by the record number of photos I took during the day. Over 600. Enjoy!

 photo DSC08028_zpse14c5870.jpg


Nearly five years since the relaunch of the Abarth brand, and with about 5000 cars sold in the UK, it should be no surprise that the number of Abarths at the event continues to grow year on year and there were far more present this time than in 2012. As well in the area dedicated to the marque, some were parked up with the classic 500s, and others with the Fiats, so I don’t think anyone counted them all, but I would guess that there were at least 60 cars present, with all just about all variants on show.

  photo P1160491_zpsf8c92801.jpg  photo P1160399_zpsac88c744.jpg  photo P1160398_zps06377a0f.jpg  photo P1160188_zps72c2c0bb.jpg  photo P1160191_zps6377ca6b.jpg  photo P1160382_zpsff53fead.jpg   photo P1160193_zps77456792.jpg  photo P1160392_zpseeed04da.jpg  photo P1160380_zps5c432551.jpg  photo P1160379_zps0c6743d3.jpg  photo P1150993_zps487b55e7.jpg  photo P1150992_zps3d6a140b.jpg  photo P1150991_zpsc34add6a.jpg  photo P1150981_zps98c93521.jpg  photo P1150980_zpsc5518295.jpg  photo P1150979_zpsd6a4a499.jpg  photo P1150973_zps18ef83d0.jpg  photo P1150966_zps89d638ca.jpg  photo P1150974_zps3cdbf5a8.jpg  photo P1150960_zpse1aae95b.jpg  photo P1160017_zpsa8df1296.jpg photo P1150963_zps1a966de6.jpg  photo P1150959_zpsb7084285.jpg  photo P1150958_zpse4598e12.jpg  photo P1160132_zpsc0a21670.jpg  photo P1160205_zps24d9d57f.jpg photo P1160204_zps32fa6da1.jpg  photo P1160202_zps94297f6a.jpg  photo P1160201_zps61461cca.jpg  photo P1160116_zps710c3ae9.jpg photo P1150970_zps50695d4f.jpg photo P1160126_zps7b2e2a8e.jpg  photo P1160123_zps71c82619.jpg  photo P1160110_zps672f81e7.jpg  photo P1160200_zps1b0d317c.jpg  photo P1160400_zps0ee3ac60.jpg  photo P1150978_zpsfd749a61.jpg  photo P1150977_zps9866b4ba.jpg  photo P1150976_zps12cf9e6d.jpg  photo P1150975_zpsa04fd567.jpg  photo P1150969_zps62c739f9.jpg  photo P1150968_zps7308f1f2.jpg  photo P1150967_zps12866c9e.jpg  photo P1150965_zps7b889f15.jpg  photo P1150964_zpsa66c8c27.jpg  photo P1150961_zps4f427610.jpg  photo P1160203_zps7b7c4c1e.jpg  photo P1160111_zpsced22e3a.jpg  photo P1160108_zps5f24aade.jpg  photo P1160107_zpsc8e713d1.jpg

Thames Slough, the local dealer, had a display which included the familiar 500, the more recent 595 versions, a 695 Tributo Ferrari, an Assetto Corse car, and a Punto Supersport

 photo P1150870_zpsff16dfb1.jpg  photo P1150869_zps0cbc224b.jpg  photo P1150891_zps3b966035.jpg  photo P1150890_zps305c1b58.jpg  photo P1150889_zpsebaf238c.jpg  photo P1150888_zpsc8134009.jpg  photo P1150865_zps5e2c9657.jpg  photo P1150867_zps7dc738cd.jpg  photo P1150866_zpsae16da27.jpg  photo P1150868_zps1a2afb44.jpg  photo P1150864_zps2a2eb492.jpg

There were several “classic” Abarths, too, including 595, 695 and OT1000 models.

 photo P1160293_zpsf30bc710.jpg  photo P1150883_zps42714916.jpg  photo P1150892_zps13db22a5.jpg  photo P1150882_zpscc7b1b9f.jpg  photo P1150884_zpsee5f40a2.jpg  photo P1150885_zps3b8d38bd.jpg


The 378 Zagato model was making another appearance.

 photo P1150806_zps6ea70a2d.jpg  photo P1150805_zps9dddd32c.jpg  photo P1150804_zps44ab625f.jpg  photo DSC07997_zps5f28e2bc.jpg  photo DSC07996_zpsd17ec77c.jpg photo DSC07995_zpsc13e6ea3.jpg  photo DSC07994_zpsb3564ec1.jpg


 photo DSC08027_zps3e30aeb1.jpg  photo DSC08026_zps9ae38c66.jpg  photo DSC08113_zps5a140a05.jpg  photo DSC08098_zpsb5f7586f.jpg  photo DSC08093_zps18946872.jpg

Numerically, I would estimate that there were more Alfa Romeo on show than anything else, but with strong showings from other marques, their  dominance is perhaps coming under challenge. There were no pre-war cars, sadly, so the oldest model on show was Robbie Savage’s lovely 1900 SS Touring Coupe, a stalwart of many Italian car events, and a lovely machine indeed.

 photo P1150817_zps8b55fa20.jpg  photo P1160307_zps72e5e656.jpg  photo DSC08024_zps21854746.jpg

From the same era of the 1950s was this fantastic 1900C Barchetta.

 photo P1160286_zpsa4236ce7.jpg  photo P1160288_zps82776ed2.jpg  photo P1160287_zpsf705e6c6.jpg  photo DSC08200_zps8ec3c215.jpg

The pretty 2600 Spider used to languish somewhat unloved, but no longer. Prices are on the rise.

 photo P1150990_zps0d6a56f7.jpg  photo P1150989_zps36729c8b.jpg

There were plenty of the 105 series Giulia cars, with Berlina and the pretty GT/GTV Coupes both well represented and a Junior Zagato.

 photo P1150985_zpsee59d1e4.jpg  photo DSC08115_zps14b020d7.jpg  photo DSC08100_zpsbc23f23a.jpg  photo DSC08101_zpsf8e5e979.jpg  photo P1160394_zps3b27668d.jpg  photo P1160393_zps1dbef1fe.jpg  photo P1160384_zps8439dd99.jpg  photo P1160388_zpsbd5fb4ff.jpg  photo P1160387_zps39802329.jpg  photo P1160389_zps9b0c4bd2.jpg  photo P1150984_zps79a68f52.jpg  photo P1150933_zpsafdc83c8.jpg  photo P1150936_zps5205e8a4.jpg  photo P1160081_zps5a1244e3.jpg  photo P1160079_zps05d110c3.jpg  photo DSC08145_zpsb2102093.jpg  photo DSC08144_zps69fee2f5.jpg

Other variants included the Giulia Spider and the SS model

 photo P1150952_zps3cc784b0.jpg  photo P1150951_zpsecb56a88.jpg  photo P1150950_zps7a27153a.jpg  photo P1150940_zps0ff558a0.jpg  photo P1150949_zps79f82dc0.jpg  photo P1150938_zps691bb707.jpg  photo DSC08261_zpsf974033f.jpg  photo P1160386_zps902b7a43.jpg  photo DSC08122_zps295c79f6.jpg

Giulia Sprint Veloce

 photo DSC08107_zpsc1360737.jpg  photo DSC08109_zps1fcb04a1.jpg

There were also lots of the Spider models based on the Giulia chassis, with examples from all four different versions of the long-running model on show.

 photo P1150946_zpsf7ce9923.jpg  photo P1150955_zpsad71f5b1.jpg  photo P1150943_zps184da3bf.jpg  photo P1160396_zps4c61609f.jpg  photo P1160391_zpsdb318fe0.jpg  photo P1150942_zpsbc59c3c3.jpg  photo DSC08106_zps934c0aca.jpg  photo P1150941_zps681e5961.jpg  photo P1150939_zps1da50925.jpg  photo P1160090_zps08b0b89d.jpg  photo P1160082_zps27cf1b58.jpg  photo P1160144_zps41e97720.jpg  photo P1150948_zpsbf77ec65.jpg  photo P1150947_zpsf882a431.jpg  photo P1150945_zps31f21dbf.jpg  photo P1150954_zpsb475cf93.jpg  photo DSC08110_zpsc2f33ac4.jpg  photo DSC08088_zpsaa084ee8.jpg

A couple of Montreals showed up.

 photo P1160361_zps384dd6f4.jpg  photo DSC08252_zpsf561cd76.jpg  photo P1160354_zps7a59a0b9.jpg  photo P1150988_zps7e20e0db.jpg  photo P1150987_zpsd7ce0280.jpg  photo DSC08118_zps43d42594.jpg  photo P1160194_zps5ef1aa3f.jpg  photo DSC08164_zpsef70b853.jpg  photo DSC08163_zps46722a7b.jpg

There were more Alfasud than you sometimes get at events like this, but as usual, most of the cars were Ti models or the pretty Sprint coupes.

 photo P1150922_zps8b8615b1.jpg  photo P1150921_zps14e90627.jpg  photo P1160403_zpsf33e8afb.jpg  photo P1160402_zpsb681543c.jpg  photo P1160014_zps2a816c72.jpg  photo P1160013_zps8398b0ef.jpg  photo P1160012_zpsa0d8234c.jpg  photo P1160011_zpscbcdd1ff.jpg  photo P1150917_zps750ca6b2.jpg  photo P1150924_zpsc8b92df3.jpg photo DSC08094_zps22dcf4b3.jpg  photo DSC08095_zps70cde58f.jpg  photo P1160104_zps8c0cd381.jpg  photo P1160103_zps32e4d449.jpg  photo DSC08264_zps016c6b26.jpg  photo P1150953_zpsc7f4d141.jpg  photo P1150944_zpsa97a67d8.jpg  photo P1160385_zps849c97c5.jpg

The larger Alfetta GTV was particularly well represented this year, with a couple of the South African market 3 litre cars on show, and a further model which bore 3.5 litre badges on its tailgate.

 photo P1160395_zps06895b34.jpg  photo P1160140_zpsf0893816.jpg  photo P1160158_zps15965af7.jpg photo P1150932_zpsa2a87bfc.jpg  photo P1150930_zps162ba4b3.jpg  photo P1150929_zps95cc89cb.jpg  photo P1150928_zps488c00f6.jpg  photo P1150957_zps9f4e4dce.jpg  photo P1150956_zps2ad99460.jpg  photo P1150808_zps34080a85.jpg  photo P1150807_zpse5e962f0.jpg  photo P1150813_zps45945118.jpg  photo P1150816_zpsba79b324.jpg  photo P1150815_zps9f60a4bb.jpg  photo P1150983_zpsfd6f05fc.jpg  photo P1150982_zps8081b067.jpg  photo P1160373_zpsa4cc6841.jpg  photo DSC08099_zpse6992aaa.jpg  photo DSC08117_zps4f24425b.jpg

There were a small number of 33s, with one example of the very rare estate version, called the Sport Wagon, being of particular interest.

 photo P1150986_zps517f00c9.jpg  photo P1150923_zps77d12dab.jpg  photo DSC08096_zpse355bc86.jpg  photo P1160401_zps020759be.jpg  photo P1150918_zpscba22222.jpg  photo P1150916_zpsd7c5bea0.jpg  photo P1150925_zps0016fb2f.jpg  photo P1150926_zpsb9a730e4.jpg  photo DSC08097_zps41cc0bb9.jpg  photo DSC08262_zpsc602d79e.jpg

Most of the 164s present were Cloverleaf models, and whilst I still don’t think the body kit was anything other than unfortunate, all of them were in a nice condition, and good to see, as these cars tend not to appear in quantity any more.

 photo P1150902_zpsecc50a36.jpg  photo P1150901_zpsfceeac7f.jpg  photo P1160153_zpsb49aaaeb.jpg  photo P1160152_zpsf8a66f7d.jpg  photo P1160151_zpsbcfdba2b.jpg  photo P1160150_zps66425933.jpg  photo DSC08152_zpsf8721121.jpg  photo P1160085_zps30ccc27b.jpg  photo P1160084_zpscc03ed18.jpg  photo P1160083_zps040c1450.jpg  photo P1160086_zps91622a35.jpg  photo DSC08090_zpse9a75959.jpg

The were more 75s, with examples of the model showing how it evolved from 1986 until its demise in 1992.

 photo P1150913_zps64c3bdf5.jpg  photo P1150937_zpsb3ac0140.jpg  photo P1160390_zps74349d5c.jpg  photo P1150931_zps671660f6.jpg  photo P1150935_zps88ada0e2.jpg   photo P1150934_zpsb37e9fa9.jpg  photo P1160105_zpsd13d6d39.jpg  photo P1160138_zps00038f2b.jpg  photo DSC08092_zps20072676.jpg  photo DSC08105_zps97b8788b.jpg photo DSC08104_zps09e37871.jpg  photo DSC08102_zps6dbc2026.jpg  photo DSC08103_zpsf5478ae6.jpg

It was replaced by the 155, and although this car was not terribly well regarded when new, these days there are a dedicated and quite sizeable number of enthusiasts for the car.

 photo P1150907_zps3fbe0146.jpg  photo P1150906_zps4270a9b0.jpg  photo P1150905_zps672cd197.jpg  photo P1160137_zpsea5ebe5b.jpg

That is even more true for the zany SZ, a couple of which were on display.

 photo P1160018_zps46593429.jpg  photo P1160089_zps61b03a77.jpg  photo P1160087_zpsd29c2fa4.jpg  photo DSC08135_zpsc3f6bed9.jpg

There were not many 145 and 146 cars this year.

 photo P1160131_zpsd381233b.jpg  photo P1150893_zpsa5b480c3.jpg  photo P1150908_zps105f6d78.jpg  photo P1160195_zps85081b01.jpg

916 series GTV/Spider

 photo P1150895_zps03b0e0f3.jpg  photo P1150919_zps28c1d884.jpg  photo P1150909_zps927f8e76.jpg  photo P1160378_zpse3f00bce.jpg  photo P1160049_zps9e9a7eb1.jpg  photo P1160048_zps9f57a88b.jpg  photo P1160047_zpsdcbe9e0b.jpg  photo P1160146_zps6c4b7159.jpg  photo P1160128_zps1b284827.jpg  photo P1160088_zps2d4fec88.jpg


 photo P1150894_zpsa303b694.jpg  photo P1150900_zpse8528523.jpg  photo P1160377_zps97578326.jpg  photo P1160134_zpseb0577f0.jpg  photo P1160145_zps23d5069f.jpg  photo P1160142_zps665b8ec6.jpg

There were examples of both the initial 166 design and the facelifted version

 photo DSC08091_zps034aaaa5.jpg  photo P1150897_zps3942e16d.jpg

Not many 147, with the GTA in short supply this year

 photo P1150910_zps7ea7cc70.jpg

By contrast, there were several of the elegant GT coupe cars

 photo P1150898_zps6a78a115.jpg  photo P1160155_zps92230553.jpg  photo P1160130_zps74245024.jpg  photo P1160129_zps2a4a3c2e.jpg  photo P1160136_zpsef3c27a3.jpg


 photo P1160196_zps08db51f5.jpg  photo P1160148_zpsb512b811.jpg  photo DSC08089_zps52753a24.jpg


 photo P1150911_zps9a7b1ae3.jpg  photo P1150903_zps72411ff2.jpg  photo P1160149_zps1a0d6f52.jpg  photo P1160143_zpsd23d3bec.jpg


 photo P1150896_zpsa7c6599a.jpg  photo P1150914_zps6e98561f.jpg  photo P1160154_zpsa79f3713.jpg  photo P1160147_zpse659e05d.jpg

The current Giulietta has already acquired a devoted following, and rightly so too.

 photo P1150904_zps5f76f818.jpg  photo P1150915_zps13f5f8d3.jpg  photo P1150912_zps2b71d0ab.jpg  photo P1150899_zpsc24c45ff.jpg  photo P1160157_zps03a5dd7a.jpg  photo P1160133_zps2ee72817.jpg

Final Alfa was an 8C Competizione, a truly gorgeous looking car with an engine noise to die for.

 photo P1150852_zps22aa1759.jpg  photo P1150851_zpscfb0c1fb.jpg  photo DSC08019_zps73992400.jpg


 photo P1160372_zps38f46104.jpg  photo P1160371_zps53aa7483.jpg  photo P1160370_zps24c26d85.jpg  photo DSC08052_zpsde3b9a01.jpg


It would seem that there are always a few cars that make their maiden appearance at any significant UK event, and to prove the point, this rather splendid Mangusta was doing just that. Something was clearly awry mechanically, judging by the screeching noise it made when moving (as well as the glorious rumble from its Ford V8 engine. It looked absolutely fantastic, though.

 photo P1150850_zpse85e2e9b.jpg  photo P1150848_zpsfd6c61b6.jpg  photo P1150847_zpsfd8e0643.jpg  photo P1150837_zps84b3b2f8.jpg  photo P1150838_zps15ca1696.jpg  photo DSC08050_zps62653299.jpg  photo DSC08048_zpscb62c253.jpg  photo DSC08018_zpsd8bd3f90.jpg  photo DSC08017_zpsacac99f7.jpg  photo DSC08016_zps7cf80944.jpg


There were also three Pantera on show, ranging from an early car with the slim bumpers and moderate wheel arches to two later models which showed how the model evolved.

 photo P1150858_zps431a7a2d.jpg  photo P1150857_zpsc9eabfa4.jpg  photo P1150856_zpsda6a5b70.jpg  photo P1160002_zps74a2b7f7.jpg  photo P1160001_zps5ae1075c.jpg photo DSC08057_zps209c34fa.jpg  photo DSC08058_zps4d07d06d.jpg  photo P1160008_zpsb390cf20.jpg  photo P1160007_zpsdb5c351b.jpg  photo P1160005_zps8058b77a.jpg   photo P1160003_zps0e75d038.jpg  photo P1160016_zps6632dd2a.jpg  photo DSC08201_zps37f94680.jpg  photo DSC08124_zps9252fd99.jpg

Final De Tomaso was a late model Longchamp.

 photo P1160071_zpse435f3c0.jpg  photo DSC08141_zpse8b62337.jpg


There were plenty of Ferrari on show, with a concentration of more recent models, though some lovely 1960s machines were also on display The most unusual was this. No, it’s not a full size GTO, but a beautifully created model designed for children. Top speed was cited at 15 mph, and you would need to be quite small to get in it.

 photo P1160376_zps508bdd14.jpg  photo DSC08225_zps5d4bf410.jpg  photo DSC08259_zps9c33e3e1.jpg

250 GTE

 photo P1150860_zps576e75f3.jpg  photo P1150859_zps253e46bf.jpg  photo DSC08059_zpsc695258c.jpg

330 GT

 photo P1150812_zps74747839.jpg

365 GTC

 photo P1150999_zpsf1b66137.jpg

246 GT Dino

 photo P1160363_zps3904332a.jpg photo P1160364_zpsceb76d50.jpg  photo P1160366_zps87d10bb5.jpg  photo P1160365_zps5e3ded3f.jpg  photo P1160362_zpse52a1d86.jpg photo DSC08256_zps41ae62e6.jpg  photo P1160072_zpsc2d04efc.jpg  photo DSC08142_zpsf3232367.jpg

308 GT4 Dino

 photo P1160347_zps72516159.jpg  photo DSC08241_zps32fec7be.jpg  photo P1150830_zpsdc3638cc.jpg

365 GTC/4

 photo P1150831_zps687c17f3.jpg

A mix of 308 and 328 in both GTB and GTS guises

 photo P1160323_zps7f0fe424.jpg  photo P1160320_zps91771da1.jpg  photo P1160318_zpsf704c271.jpg  photo P1160343_zps6df11ce6.jpg  photo P1160342_zpsa79084db.jpg  photo P1160346_zpsb8327de0.jpg  photo P1150822_zpsed9c09d6.jpg  photo P1160232_zps51997622.jpg  photo DSC08239_zps7dcda094.jpg  photo DSC08173_zps24f4ba69.jpg


 photo P1160309_zpsb333ced5.jpg

512 BBi

 photo P1160322_zps78f1de91.jpg  photo DSC08236_zpsf6885571.jpg  photo DSC08171_zps2061164b.jpg  photo DSC08172_zps1e080b7a.jpg


 photo P1160312_zps2ae09fcb.jpg  photo P1160310_zps0fb08e4c.jpg  photo P1160281_zps9a57c479.jpg  photo DSC08233_zps244b5601.jpg

Testarossa and 512TR

 photo P1160304_zpsa8d72ca8.jpg  photo P1160350_zps1b678104.jpg  photo P1160333_zps4fbd018b.jpg  photo DSC08231_zpsc7604384.jpg  photo DSC08234_zpsd1eefa9f.jpg

288 GTO

 photo P1160367_zps4b6e0d1a.jpg  photo P1160368_zpsa49d7c76.jpg  photo P1160300_zps1b8e88de.jpg  photo P1160298_zps26dfd2f5.jpg  photo P1160297_zps2745c3cb.jpg  photo P1160296_zps0018500e.jpg  photo DSC08219_zpsa69afaa4.jpg  photo DSC08074_zps8c052968.jpg  photo DSC08073_zpsfa7061cd.jpg  photo DSC08071_zps9e959128.jpg  photo DSC08069_zps260fee76.jpg  photo DSC08207_zpsc771624b.jpg

No sign of the later F50 and Enzo models, but there were several F40s.

 photo P1150873_zps08f6cce6.jpg  photo P1150872_zps7bc32e90.jpg  photo DSC08014_zps6ea30bf4.jpg  photo DSC08013_zps9a6baa66.jpg  photo DSC08012_zps508ae130.jpg photo P1150871_zps86c5603b.jpg  photo DSC08015_zps44bdccfc.jpg  photo DSC08085_zpsac0ae909.jpg  photo DSC08087_zpse2fced4f.jpg  photo DSC08139_zpse0c9b478.jpg


 photo P1150829_zps30f0f2a4.jpg  photo P1150819_zps1714547c.jpg  photo P1150824_zpsa314c4ad.jpg  photo DSC08138_zps5812dae5.jpg  photo DSC08008_zps5eeebf01.jpg photo P1150823_zps46dece5b.jpg  photo P1160311_zpsd5e3c5a3.jpg  photo P1160352_zps5fe118fb.jpg  photo P1160351_zps53f12f1e.jpg  photo P1160349_zps7d238b10.jpg  photo P1160341_zpsbbab2c0e.jpg  photo P1160329_zpsa60de8ab.jpg  photo P1160327_zps8d9e585d.jpg  photo P1160326_zpsed61777f.jpg  photo P1160313_zps1da1b4c3.jpg photo DSC08007_zps309b69b9.jpg

Among the various 550/575 Maranello was a 575 SuperAmerica

 photo P1160344_zpsa96af1c9.jpg  photo P1160338_zps2235d5fc.jpg  photo P1160332_zps93c7586d.jpg  photo P1160321_zpsb8288696.jpg  photo P1160337_zpse6e8756c.jpg  photo P1160315_zpsbf56581e.jpg  photo P1160308_zps48daa57b.jpg  photo P1160314_zpsf28c6ca7.jpg  photo P1160335_zpse1eeefa2.jpg photo DSC08232_zps049b720a.jpg photo DSC08243_zpsf3c9b233.jpg  photo DSC08242_zpsdb446fed.jpg  photo DSC08244_zps5e35d056.jpg  photo DSC08079_zps0bdd2b1a.jpg  photo DSC08081_zps36848d96.jpg photo DSC08227_zpsc41f5dba.jpg  photo DSC08228_zps8a7f9317.jpg  photo DSC08230_zps2b619501.jpg  photo P1160336_zpscc3dac8c.jpg

456 GT

 photo P1160334_zpsbbb311c8.jpg  photo P1160331_zps213eb80f.jpg  photo DSC08240_zpsf9f1d1e4.jpg

360/430 Modena

 photo P1160353_zps36431442.jpg  photo P1160325_zps1562dae4.jpg  photo P1160324_zps8bd9159a.jpg  photo P1160319_zps22b83836.jpg  photo P1160328_zps437cce33.jpg  photo P1160317_zps6bcd8793.jpg  photo P1160316_zps5184a6d9.jpg  photo P1150828_zps05884845.jpg  photo P1150827_zps2ae1f236.jpg  photo P1160348_zps3d0d6975.jpg  photo P1160339_zpsbd787fea.jpg  photo P1160345_zps5c3983b9.jpg  photo P1160330_zpsff62fecf.jpg

Among the 599GTB cars were a couple of HGTEs with the Handling Pack fitted and two GTO’s

 photo P1150835_zps27c8112a.jpg  photo P1150834_zps1bf1821c.jpg  photo P1160375_zps3af199b4.jpg  photo P1160374_zps2020d58e.jpg  photo P1150998_zps46d50895.jpg  photo P1150997_zpsc460feae.jpg  photo DSC08223_zpsa5e472db.jpg  photo DSC08040_zps15e8979e.jpg  photo DSC08038_zps1ef926b6.jpg  photo DSC08037_zpsbd72a0e5.jpg photo DSC08034_zpsd3b4fb1d.jpg  photo DSC08033_zps806593d0.jpg  photo DSC08032_zpsbfed7532.jpg  photo DSC08030_zps8341662f.jpg

A couple of California

 photo P1160340_zpsda45b1d3.jpg  photo P1160229_zpsd5357055.jpg

There were only a couple of 458 Italia, one of which was the Spider model.

 photo P1150836_zpsb7ca8632.jpg  photo P1150826_zpsc4e21e67.jpg  photo P1150825_zpsb172acc5.jpg  photo DSC08009_zps305908a2.jpg  photo DSC08010_zps8f1df771.jpg photo DSC08011_zps0e739144.jpg  photo DSC07987_zpse84628c3.jpg  photo DSC07986_zps78830e82.jpg  photo DSC07988_zps699c6631.jpg  photo P1150855_zpse40b09e2.jpg photo DSC07991_zps43653510.jpg  photo DSC07989_zps0be79514.jpg  photo DSC08132_zps6b36cb5a.jpg  photo DSC08129_zps920098ed.jpg


 photo P1150821_zps3c812ca9.jpg  photo DSC08006_zpsa936d393.jpg  photo DSC08005_zps73d30fa5.jpg


There were lots of the Nuova 500, including a few of the Giardiniera version.

 photo P1160303_zps0feb97cc.jpg  photo P1160217_zps2e42221c.jpg  photo P1160216_zps5c7b8f99.jpg  photo P1160215_zps6d57ae8b.jpg  photo P1160214_zps874c3859.jpg  photo P1160213_zps4c5c5b15.jpg  photo P1160212_zps6b499f16.jpg  photo P1160211_zps16965bd7.jpg  photo P1160210_zps7fc0cb85.jpg  photo P1160209_zpsb29eb16f.jpg  photo P1160208_zps32758187.jpg  photo P1160207_zps9323008a.jpg  photo DSC08062_zpsbf660eb8.jpg  photo DSC08134_zps22dfef7a.jpg  photo DSC08149_zpsed53bcde.jpg photo P1160206_zps30856b3b.jpg  photo P1160100_zpseb75f1a1.jpg  photo P1160097_zps3398f746.jpg  photo P1160078_zpsda870e29.jpg  photo P1160077_zpsfe0bb1da.jpg

The larger 600 always seems to be in the shadow of the 500, so it was good to see a couple of them here, including a Serbian assembled Zastava version

 photo P1160059_zps950d7576.jpg  photo P1160058_zps837d3f66.jpg  photo P1160294_zpsad78c1b7.jpg

The 850 replaced the 600 and as well as the regular saloon model, there was a very pretty Coupe, of which a couple were on show

 photo P1160180_zpsf8632763.jpg  photo P1160179_zps87ba6bdd.jpg  photo P1160178_zpse6c06c82.jpg  photo P1160177_zps9d5df173.jpg  photo P1160176_zps6c25bf12.jpg  photo DSC08160_zps180e6a1a.jpg  photo P1160076_zpsc46858ed.jpg  photo P1160075_zpsfbb749fe.jpg  photo P1160074_zps82552010.jpg  photo P1160073_zps159af366.jpg

This 1200 Grand Luce is a very elegant convertible from the early 1960s

 photo P1150846_zpsbd252928.jpg  photo P1150845_zps6f80da23.jpg  photo P1150844_zps2779b276.jpg  photo DSC08045_zps642a8917.jpg  photo DSC08044_zps1f24f195.jpg

Among the 124s on show were a couple of Coupes and several Spiders

 photo DSC08119_zpsd98825e3.jpg  photo P1160359_zps49623f40.jpg  photo DSC08120_zps8f67dc6f.jpg  photo P1150994_zps4f5ca2c3.jpg  photo DSC08155_zpsb674dce8.jpg  photo P1150887_zpsc3e0a572.jpg  photo DSC08068_zpscb0e1aae.jpg  photo P1150886_zpsd624d87a.jpg  photo P1160139_zps76b386e7.jpg  photo DSC08151_zpse7a18109.jpg

There was a lone example of the 125

 photo P1160125_zps6599b261.jpg  photo P1160124_zps1a250184.jpg

This 130 Berlina is one of my favourite Fiats of the era

 photo P1160166_zps96310329.jpg  photo DSC08159_zps67425d9e.jpg

Even more desirable in my opinion is the Dino. Sadly there was just one present, a Coupe model.

 photo P1160172_zpsbcaae370.jpg  photo P1160171_zpsa38dce85.jpg  photo P1160170_zpsa6f8673b.jpg  photo P1160169_zpsd5262d27.jpg  photo DSC08161_zps897288aa.jpg

A lone 126

 photo P1160121_zps6184eccb.jpg  photo P1160120_zps814687d9.jpg  photo P1160119_zps764b6370.jpg  photo DSC08154_zpse54121e7.jpg  photo DSC08153_zps77f5aee0.jpg

Three 128 3Ps were on show, with a couple of them sporting the rather distinctive stripes which were applied as a limited edition towards the end of the model’s life

 photo P1160096_zpsa55e474c.jpg  photo P1160095_zpsa2a35941.jpg  photo P1160094_zps0813b94f.jpg  photo P1160093_zpsd06071fe.jpg  photo P1160092_zpsc9805b74.jpg photo DSC08148_zpsad8960bf.jpg  photo DSC08147_zpsc41b255c.jpg  photo DSC08146_zpsb040ee04.jpg

The X1/9 owners put on a good show with a dozen cars, ranging from some of the early factory spec cars sold in the UK, through the limited edition Lido to plenty of the later 1500 cars.

 photo P1160030_zpscf19ea0b.jpg  photo P1160029_zps08591cc1.jpg  photo P1160028_zps6ccccb93.jpg  photo P1160027_zpsc3ae9bd1.jpg  photo P1160026_zpsec3f2421.jpg  photo P1160025_zps2cfd3ffc.jpg  photo P1160024_zpsa0d96f6b.jpg  photo P1160023_zps1c356ba5.jpg  photo P1160022_zps90f92642.jpg  photo P1160021_zps145e6288.jpg  photo P1160020_zpse3c162e2.jpg  photo P1160019_zpsfeae05cd.jpg

A quartet of 131 Mirafiori

 photo P1160276_zpsbb4cc644.jpg  photo P1160275_zps3033b689.jpg  photo P1160274_zps0293fc74.jpg  photo P1160273_zps1d861b40.jpg  photo P1160272_zpsb565fcdd.jpg

Now with a new owners, Mike Kitson having been made an offer he could not refuse, the charming 900T van was once used by the Ferrari F1 racing team, and it was rescued from “round the back” at Maranello.

 photo P1150874_zpsf26a3115.jpg

Just a couple of Unos

 photo P1160383_zpsc47e911f.jpg  photo P1160192_zps325899e6.jpg  photo P1160102_zps6c0bcc8f.jpg  photo P1160101_zpsd44bdd78.jpg

The Strada was equally limited in its number present.

 photo P1160174_zps5471c16e.jpg  photo P1160173_zps8f1fca0a.jpg

Despite its galvanised body which held the dread rust at bay, the Tipo has all but disappeared from our roads. This is a Sedicivalvole model, the hot model offered late in the car’s life

 photo P1150962_zpsf92ed5d5.jpg  photo DSC08114_zpsf855d14c.jpg  photo P1160098_zpsc908518a.jpg  photo P1160168_zpsa9ebfdaa.jpg

The Cinquecento and Seicento were well represented.

 photo P1160114_zps10e3b36e.jpg  photo P1150972_zpsd1909258.jpg

Lots of Punto from all three generations

 photo P1160113_zpsbfc92b95.jpg  photo P1160112_zpse7367977.jpg  photo P1160135_zpse152f5bc.jpg  photo P1160161_zpseabf9d9f.jpg  photo P1160165_zpsf43bd119.jpg  photo P1160115_zpsac211c56.jpg  photo P1160122_zpse3d4eca0.jpg


 photo P1160189_zps0af66077.jpg  photo P1160187_zps54ef0e49.jpg  photo P1160106_zps1b44290b.jpg


 photo P1160163_zps55b054d9.jpg  photo P1160162_zpsf105d9ed.jpg


 photo P1160190_zpsb774e140.jpg  photo P1160118_zpsb87af5fa.jpg

A couple of years ago it looked as if Coupe numbers were dwindling, perhaps as expensive maintenance tasks came onto the agenda, but judging by the number on show at this event, you would never believe it, as there were examples in just about every available colour

 photo P1160228_zpsaad9fa16.jpg  photo P1160227_zps9b16b4ef.jpg  photo P1160226_zpsf109c07f.jpg  photo P1160225_zps37e1f82e.jpg  photo P1160224_zpsed4c4036.jpg  photo P1160223_zpsb219a01f.jpg  photo P1160222_zpsf4f7402e.jpg  photo P1160221_zpsa0558a6e.jpg  photo P1160220_zpse41a4d3c.jpg  photo P1160219_zps4a919bc1.jpg  photo P1160218_zps548dba91.jpg  photo P1160186_zpsbf24d9e5.jpg  photo P1160185_zps5c74bf25.jpg  photo P1160184_zps2f84712e.jpg

The five door Stilo has already sunk almost without trace, but the three door models have some appeal, and this Michael Schumacher edition certainly looks good.

 photo P1160183_zpse37d081e.jpg  photo P1160182_zps3b3e8fc4.jpg  photo P1160160_zps16af6451.jpg

Among the Panda on show was the very car which recently broke the record for driving from Cape Town, across Africa and to London in just 10 days. It was joined by further examples of the latest third generation car as well as a few of the second generation model.

 photo P1150803_zps05e87a21.jpg  photo DSC07992_zps2dae8a83.jpg  photo DSC07998_zpsa2e003a1.jpg  photo P1160167_zps71a711d1.jpg  photo P1160109_zps784b43ad.jpg

Current Fiats included not just the popular 500 and Puntos, but Bravo, Qubo and Doblo.

 photo P1160181_zps891c850e.jpg  photo P1160159_zpsb060aebd.jpg  photo P1160099_zpsb9c261cd.jpg  photo DSC08150_zpsf91e1a1d.jpg  photo DSC08167_zpsc938a317.jpg photo P1160117_zps842ad2ab.jpg  photo P1160127_zpsb5104bd2.jpg


This delightful 950 Spider is a particularly pretty small sports car, based on Austin-Healey Sprite mechanicals. The current owner, who also has a trio of the C coupe models in red, white and green, is selling all four of them. Mechanical parts should present no problem, given the underpinnings, so with decent bodywork a starting point, they are quite a tempting proposition.

 photo P1150814_zpsf3286f44.jpg


A silver Lele had only a short stay at the event, and so escaped my camera, but the ex John Lennon Fifia was there for longer and thus you can see my photos of that car.

 photo P1160358_zpsa3bc2c69.jpg  photo P1160357_zpsee222acd.jpg  photo P1160355_zps407f82a9.jpg  photo DSC08253_zpsfaf50b72.jpg


The area where the Lamborghinis were parked, nice and centrally, was pretty crowded when we got to it, and I despaired of getting clear shots of the cars, but then the black clouds that had suddenly appeared in the sky helped me out, and as the rain started to fall quite seriously, people all dived for cover behind the twin line of cars, leaving my view pretty unobstructed. There are worse places to stand when it is raining that where you can gaze upon two lines of this much loved marque, which celebrates its fiftieth birthday in a few week’s time! There were examples of most of the different models that have been produced in that time, though sadly, no Miura was present.


 photo P1160253_zps51660668.jpg  photo DSC08187_zps6576866b.jpg


 photo P1160236_zps29c7002d.jpg  photo DSC08176_zps32d0d151.jpg  photo DSC08174_zps7c07acaa.jpg  photo P1160268_zpsa9eecb02.jpg


 photo P1160249_zpsb374fd9f.jpg  photo P1160248_zps8165172e.jpg  photo P1160239_zps4508deb5.jpg  photo P1160244_zps7b8cb451.jpg photo DSC08189_zps60e4eb1c.jpg photo DSC08067_zpsae32965c.jpg  photo P1160241_zpscf505c09.jpg  photo P1160242_zps8e56b879.jpg  photo DSC08182_zps15798f38.jpg


 photo P1160237_zpsaf4e7b4e.jpg  photo DSC08181_zps715a5c5a.jpg  photo DSC08193_zpse1225229.jpg


 photo P1160246_zpsae2a2629.jpg  photo P1160270_zps4d30ed6e.jpg  photo P1160247_zps2bb3c76e.jpg  photo P1160252_zps436d1188.jpg  photo P1160251_zpsb9774758.jpg  photo P1160250_zps2844fed1.jpg  photo P1160235_zps1bacb23e.jpg  photo P1160234_zpsb35e68e1.jpg  photo P1160233_zps6d4e5372.jpg  photo P1160269_zps1d6f93be.jpg photo DSC08175_zps21c369ae.jpg  photo DSC08180_zpsdaa2c17c.jpg


 photo P1160267_zpse5bf55fd.jpg  photo P1160266_zps83274db5.jpg  photo P1160265_zps795803f1.jpg  photo P1160263_zps82a05c97.jpg  photo P1160262_zpscc6590d4.jpg  photo P1160264_zps56ec2ea5.jpg  photo P1160230_zps988b2b3a.jpg  photo DSC08186_zps4eb30655.jpg  photo DSC08177_zpsf6cab96d.jpg  photo DSC08178_zpsfc1d47f5.jpg photo DSC08179_zps82b6864f.jpg  photo DSC08170_zpscee90979.jpg  photo DSC08169_zpsf1bcd8c7.jpg


 photo P1150861_zps5f52fef7.jpg  photo DSC08043_zpsdaa6e834.jpg  photo DSC08041_zps83813418.jpg  photo DSC08185_zpsef17b003.jpg  photo P1160254_zps9df7d33b.jpg  photo P1160258_zps461de1d4.jpg  photo P1160260_zps2d95685e.jpg  photo DSC08190_zps12c29373.jpg  photo P1160245_zpsd0fef80e.jpg  photo P1160243_zpsc4d5ccd0.jpg  photo P1160240_zpsca29790b.jpg  photo P1160238_zpsee4bbc34.jpg  photo DSC08188_zps09cd702e.jpg  photo DSC08183_zps46500545.jpg


 photo P1160261_zpsdbfc7cd6.jpg  photo P1160257_zpsb0e6e309.jpg  photo DSC08191_zpsdd952292.jpg  photo DSC08184_zps34a46e10.jpg  photo P1160255_zpsf4247adb.jpg  photo P1160256_zps8762dc52.jpg  photo P1160259_zps874e0c95.jpg


 photo DSC08025_zps298a3e4e.jpg

Oldest car at the event, I think, was this fabulous Lambda

 photo P1150818_zpsfb950ae3.jpg  photo DSC08004_zps5e9f231a.jpg


 photo P1150842_zps06a22fdf.jpg  photo P1150841_zps15b8ec99.jpg


 photo P1160043_zpsb5698b03.jpg

Aurelia GT Coupe

 photo P1160290_zps9be34c51.jpg  photo P1160289_zps6f15bb70.jpg

There were a couple of Appia, a Berlina and a Convertible

 photo P1160284_zps4bbf5984.jpg  photo P1160046_zps2cae5d92.jpg

Flaminia Coupe

 photo P1160034_zpseec0acef.jpg

Flavia Coupe and Convertible

 photo P1160062_zpsdee6a89a.jpg  photo P1160061_zps4655f6fc.jpg  photo P1160277_zpsbf85ff3e.jpg  photo P1160038_zpsabfdd227.jpg  photo P1160042_zps96608254.jpg

Among the Fulvia were Berlina, Convertible and the ever so pretty Coupe models, as well as the Zagato Coupe cars.

 photo P1160070_zpsd84c8c60.jpg  photo P1160069_zpscbf08a1b.jpg  photo P1160280_zpsf7c1dac1.jpg  photo P1160279_zps9303f430.jpg  photo P1160283_zps48d85fe9.jpg  photo P1160041_zps91789013.jpg  photo P1160039_zps941561cc.jpg  photo P1160037_zpsd6328696.jpg  photo P1160036_zpsa79ecc1d.jpg  photo P1160054_zpsd85aba48.jpg  photo P1160057_zps82061f55.jpg

The stunning red Series 2 Beta Berlina which I had first seen in Bristol a couple of weeks ago was making another appearance. There were also Coupe and Spider models on show as well as the Montecarlo sports car .

 photo P1160051_zps13665cf5.jpg  photo P1160050_zpsed366793.jpg  photo P1160056_zpsb40cf158.jpg  photo P1160278_zpsc43758b6.jpg  photo P1160053_zps9feaf295.jpg  photo P1160035_zps7fc91c63.jpg  photo P1160040_zps7b79d41c.jpg

The Delta were all the high performance HF and Integrale cars

 photo P1160066_zpseadf5218.jpg  photo P1160055_zps062ed84b.jpg  photo P1160065_zpse2316871.jpg  photo P1160052_zps03d36d8e.jpg  photo P1160032_zpsf759db4a.jpg  photo P1160045_zpse1cf5044.jpg  photo P1160044_zps35047285.jpg  photo P1160033_zps8e57455f.jpg


 photo P1160068_zps6bcf3cfd.jpg  photo P1160067_zps169cb001.jpg


 photo P1160031_zps25bd048f.jpg


 photo P1160271_zpsb464a435.jpg  photo DSC08260_zpse372f3e1.jpg

Gamma Coupe

 photo DSC08136_zpsab67afc8.jpg


 photo P1160285_zps67d2e86b.jpg


 photo P1160060_zpsd79f8839.jpg


Two of the nicest Maserati were the oldest examples of the marque on show, and regrettably, I don’t seem to have a picture of either. I did however photograph this 6CM1500,

 photo P1160302_zps94f722eb.jpg  photo P1160301_zpsf3f9c31e.jpg  photo DSC08065_zps66d58d4d.jpg  photo DSC08064_zpsa3121c45.jpg  photo DSC08063_zps3643598d.jpg

This Mistral Spider was very nice indeed.

 photo P1160064_zps7e647dbe.jpg  photo DSC08140_zps2964dbe6.jpg

Will the news that the Ghibli nameplate is being revived mean that there is more interest in the older models? Not sure, but when they look as good as this, it certainly should.

 photo P1150811_zps4f6d40df.jpg  photo P1150810_zpsdc2c7058.jpg  photo P1150809_zps8c701f8d.jpg

From the Citroen era were a trio of lovely cars: Merak, Bora and Khamsin

 photo P1160369_zpsd9f08223.jpg  photo P1160299_zpsac2926a4.jpg  photo DSC08213_zps1e748fb1.jpg  photo DSC08215_zps4fb72b1a.jpg  photo P1150863_zpsa1a1bbcb.jpg  photo P1150862_zpsd2c73fef.jpg  photo DSC08060_zpsb24d8e50.jpg  photo DSC08205_zpsed91ab64.jpg  photo DSC08322_zpse72aebf1.jpg  photo DSC08321_zps006a7d64.jpg

There were not many cars from the Biburbo generation on display, though I was delighted to see not one, but two Shamals present. There were also a number of the second car to bear the Ghibli name

 photo P1160199_zps101ba7e1.jpg  photo DSC08166_zps03a14b36.jpg  photo DSC08165_zps7b1828ed.jpg  photo P1150880_zps7c1666ca.jpg  photo P1150800_zpsc867d69b.jpg  photo DSC07984_zps21bcdcb4.jpg  photo DSC07983_zps1441893c.jpg 

The 3200/4200GT cars probably saved Maserati from extinction, and these elegant machines are deservedly popular. There were lots on show.

 photo P1150879_zpsaad2812d.jpg  photo P1150878_zps14cfd019.jpg  photo P1150877_zps99f9fff9.jpg  photo P1150876_zpsc5602d71.jpg  photo P1150875_zps6c446912.jpg   photo P1160015_zps33e38276.jpg  photo P1160295_zpsefbcfa01.jpg  photo P1160282_zpsaff11c42.jpg  photo P1160197_zpse47fb38f.jpg  photo P1160063_zpsce934531.jpg

There were a number of Quattroporte, too, with a fourth generation model sporting “for sale” signs and a tempting price tag of just £5600. Probably for the brave, though. The fifth generation car still looks just superb to my eyes.

 photo P1160292_zpsa9f88811.jpg  photo P1160291_zps3a20ab37.jpg  photo DSC08203_zpsacadbc8c.jpg  photo P1160198_zps287cfe09.jpg

From the current range there were also some GranTurismo and GranCabrio cars

 photo P1150802_zpsf77a3c54.jpg  photo P1150801_zpsafa2c96f.jpg  photo P1150854_zps55e5a203.jpg  photo P1150853_zps0aabde9d.jpg  photo P1160010_zps6a1d758b.jpg  photo DSC07982_zps57c157e7.jpg  photo DSC07985_zps54685d93.jpg


A regular at this event, and even though Monteverdi was Swiss, and the cars were made in Biningen, a suburb of Basel, the styling was done by Pietro Frua, a well known Italian design house, and when the result is as elegant as this, who could deny this car, a 375L High Speed, a place at the show?

 photo P1160360_zpsf04eb519.jpg  photo P1160356_zpscf1f0b62.jpg  photo DSC08226_zpsb2060ef6.jpg  photo DSC08254_zpsd6538a85.jpg


There weren’t just fast Italian cars at the show, there were also some very fast Italian bikes too.  Mostly Ducatis 916, rare 916 ‘Senna’ and 1198 Panigale versions, but there was also a late model MV Augusta F4R

 photo DSC08250_zps7ae4cc1f.jpg  photo DSC08249_zpscc17b490.jpg  photo DSC08248_zps7dafd030.jpg  photo DSC08251_zps5dc8834b.jpg


Sunbeam is not Italian, you may well cry, and indeed it is not. However, this Rapier-based Venzia sports a body built by Carrozzeria Touring and so I guess it sort of qualifies, especially with only just over 200 of these cars built, it has always been rare. This particular one dates from 1964

 photo P1150833_zps085bf34b.jpg  photo P1150832_zps215535dc.jpg  photo DSC08003_zps26c62036.jpg  photo DSC08021_zps2ea1e131.jpg  photo DSC08020_zps9282e768.jpg


Without question, this was the rarest car of the day. Indeed, although I have read the occasional article in magazines on it, I am pretty sure I have never ever seen one. It is called the Samanatha, and is based on a Fiat 125. Launched in 1967, this car was from a period when Vignale made a number of Fiat based models sold under their own name. There was a rather ambitious plan to sell a large quantity of these in the UK, which is why the car attending was a right hand drive model. Needless to say, 1960s “volume” coachbuilding had its challenges and the cars were poorly put together and expensive, and hence almost impossible to sell when new. It is believed that only 2 remain in the UK, both currently resident in Northern Ireland.

 photo P1150840_zpsdcf72bb0.jpg  photo P1150839_zps47294fa7.jpg  photo P1160306_zps2c9b663c.jpg  photo P1160305_zps8e43f9d6.jpg  photo DSC08002_zpsa1b15c92.jpg  photo DSC08023_zps7710e873.jpg  photo DSC08022_zps5abbe479.jpg


 photo DSC08246_zps01336b6b.jpg  photo DSC08162_zps3ce55f15.jpg  photo DSC08056_zps1de43a76.jpg


 photo DSC08298_zps1d08026f.jpg

We were greeted in the foyer by a fully liveried Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren ‘Stirling Moss’.  The first one I had seen.  It’s quite a sight, the driver sits almost impossibly far back right over the rear wheels with no protection from the elements

 photo DSC08271_zps2b1e6bb0.jpg  photo DSC08315_zps746e2af8.jpg  photo DSC08317_zps9c48c189.jpg  photo DSC08316_zps62e2c77e.jpg  photo DSC08318_zps30f5f12e.jpg

The SLR’s successor is the SLS was on show is a rather nice matt blue finish, although the odd fake aluminium look throughout the interior and engine bay was a little odd

 photo DSC08273_zpsbdec755b.jpg  photo DSC08283_zpsb965e7fc.jpg  photo DSC08276_zpsb2b778a6.jpg  photo DSC08275_zps874e44a0.jpg  photo DSC08274_zpsb78d8072.jpg

There is always a good display of classics from Mercedes’ past

 photo DSC08301_zpsfe476888.jpg  photo DSC08313_zps59441157.jpg  photo DSC08277_zps4e350284.jpg  photo DSC08302_zps7055928f.jpg

There were also a number of classic AMG versions, one of just 14 C36 convertibles made (this one had the even rarer hardtop), an E60 (one of 126 made for the Japanese market) and an S70 with a 7.0L V12 that was later used in the Pagani Zonda!

 photo DSC08303_zpsc05bb5cf.jpg  photo DSC08307_zps8aacb809.jpg  photo DSC08304_zps216fdb7e.jpg  photo DSC08306_zps3c21e8fe.jpg  photo DSC08281_zps27d5b8ef.jpg photo DSC08278_zps9121478a.jpg

Currently AMG cars were on display in C, CLS, CL and SL and SLS roadster guises

 photo DSC08296_zps93eca5dc.jpg  photo DSC08297_zpscd7b32b7.jpg  photo DSC08286_zps100516a0.jpg  photo DSC08299_zps067357b1.jpg  photo DSC08285_zpsa170c72a.jpg

There was also an SLS GT3 racer

 photo DSC08287_zps9fe69946.jpg  photo DSC08295_zpsf8349885.jpg  photo DSC08294_zpsb6354b00.jpg  photo DSC08292_zpsafc84925.jpg  photo DSC08289_zps47ef944d.jpg

All current road cars were on display, but I only took pics of the latest CLS Shooting Brake and the brand new (and huge) GL

 photo DSC08300_zpsb9290d6b.jpg photo DSC08282_zps498eef8a.jpg

Only concept car on show was the F200 Imagination from a few years ago

 photo DSC08284_zps298520cb.jpg

Just a few of the models on show representing Mercedes cars throughout the years

 photo DSC08311_zps5fe6386f.jpg  photo DSC08310_zps28f01275.jpg  photo DSC08309_zps3eaf0a4b.jpg  photo DSC08308_zps34ba7550.jpg

The car park is always worth wondering around

 photo DSC08267_zpsada2c98d.jpg  photo DSC08266_zps17d5e634.jpg  photo DSC08320_zps0a57fda6.jpg  photo DSC08319_zps74e67150.jpg

Despite the weather, which was disappointing (and plain chilly) in the morning, this was an excellent event. In many ways, I would say it was the “best” of these Brooklands events that I have attended (and I have been every year since 2008). I look forward to what 2014 will bring.

 photo DSC08121_zps34141a8f.jpg

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