Bristol Motor Show – May 2013

There is no national UK Motor Show, and has not been for some time, so for those unable to travel overseas to enjoy one of the events held in other countries, the next best option is one of the regional shows which take place up and down the land. With the exception of the Moving Motor Show event at Goodwood, these are dealer supported shows, which means that you are not going to get much in the way of concept cars, or even new product launches unless the timing is particularly fortuitous, but such events do give a chance to inspect a range of models close up. There has been a show in Bristol for a long time now, and a couple of years ago it relocated back to The Mall at Cribbs Causeway after being held in the city’s shopping centre. In the last couple of years there has been so little of it that it barely warranted a visit, let a lone a report, but encouraged by a glorious sunny day and a text message advising that there was a certain car present which I rather like, I headed over on the May Day Holiday to find surprisingly few people and quite a few cars. Here is what I saw:


Both end of the range were on show, with the Lancia-based Ypsilon and the all-American 300 and Caravan.

 photo P1330702_zps94254d4c.jpg  photo P1330664_zps277a31cc.jpg


Although I am no fan of the latest generation Focus, which has messy styling outside and an overly fussy interior, a sit inside the ST made me revise my opinions a little, as the seats fitted me perfectly, and I thought that the red trim inserts were quite tastefully done. I even liked the bright red paintwork. Now to get behind the wheel with keys and an open road available……..

 photo P1330704_zps033258fa.jpg  photo P1330703_zps0bc5f342.jpg  photo P1330705_zps069ce9f1.jpg  photo P1330658_zps4a4dd177.jpg

Also available for inspection were a B-Max and the latest Fiesta

 photo P1330657_zps5f84fe07.jpg  photo P1330656_zps4a25c7e5.jpg


The highlight for me, and indeed for most people, I would guess, was the F Type, and the chance to sit in a right hand drive production car. I can confirm that if fits me perfectly. The sales staff would periodically fire up the engine, and it makes as good a noise as you would expect. Only demerit I could spot from my static inspection is that the boot really is tiny, and there is no space behind the front seats to help out.

 photo P1330706_zpscc24fc56.jpg  photo P1330700_zpsc960836a.jpg  photo P1330699_zps7cc97a45.jpg  photo P1330659_zps6cd75f4d.jpg  photo P1330698_zps8fcff08b.jpg  photo P1330660_zpsea752fe2.jpg

There were also XF, XJ and XK models on show.

 photo P1330697_zpsb0b55cee.jpg  photo P1330696_zps391c98ab.jpg


The latest Grand Cherokee was the sole Jeep in the display.

 photo P1330701_zpseedf5e66.jpg


The new 6 was the highlight here for me, as I think the styling makes it the best looker in the class and the interior is noticeably better than on previous Mazda. I did hear several people say that they should have made a hatchback version, so whether that will hold back sales remains to be seen.

Other Mazda included the CX5, MX5 and the 2

 photo P1330663_zps0a37be4b.jpg  photo P1330661_zpsd4d35050.jpg  photo P1330662_zps1a3af66b.jpg


A line-up of 4 MINI included the new Paceman, as well as Countryman, Roadster and the familiar Hatch. If you like MINIs, you may well like the Paceman, and if you don’t, well this latest variant is unlikely to win you over.

 photo P1330691_zps28a42119.jpg  photo P1330690_zpsd979f5fc.jpg  photo P1330689_zps1732ace8.jpg


A mix of old and new here, with the latest Mirage and Outlander joining the familiar Colt, Lancer and Shogun

 photo P1330688_zps60a64b75.jpg  photo P1330687_zps58781b7b.jpg  photo P1330686_zpscd187b1a.jpg


Highlight here was the 208 GTi. Except when I got in and adjusted the wheel and seat, I realised that no matter how good the rest of the car might be, the dinner plate sized wheel that would go no higher than my lap, and obscured instruments would mean that this could not be the car for me. Deeply disappointing.

 photo P1330695_zps95ce72e8.jpg

Other models included the facelifted RCZ, the 107 and 5008

 photo P1330694_zpscb5061f3.jpg  photo P1330693_zpsb3642a70.jpg  photo P1330692_zps863bdc80.jpg


First chance to sit in a right hand drive new Leon, and I have to say that this feels very impressive indeed. The cabin is nicely finished and the outside looks neat without succummbing to the current fad for fussy overstylised features. Definitely worth considering as an alternative to a Golf.

 photo P1330680_zps0d6cb82b.jpg  photo P1330679_zps089cd106.jpg  photo P1330678_zps5a31e9c9.jpg  photo P1330677_zpse1392cc7.jpg

There was also a Mii and an Ibiza on display.

 photo P1330681_zpsb538f914.jpg  photo P1330667_zps66e8f263.jpg


New Octavia was here, and again this was the first right hand drive model in which I have say. In fact, the first that I have seen. Like the Seat, this is well finished, and it is incredibly spacious inside. A car that deserves to do well, even at is higher price point than the old model.

 photo P1330672_zps11ccea8a.jpg  photo P1330670_zpsdd8a64cb.jpg  photo P1330671_zpscb68b74b.jpg

Also on show were a Citigo and a Fabia vRS.

 photo P1330668_zpsd2b70ff4.jpg  photo P1330666_zps1cbdf058.jpg  photo P1330669_zps98514095.jpg


No sign of the new Golf GTi, but there was a regular Mark VII model, which feels very, well, Golf-like. Ford should study the interior of this closely, as this was classy and up market looks like as opposed to their interpretation of the idea!

 photo P1330674_zps35587a9d.jpg  photo P1330673_zps7873a335.jpg

Tiguan and Up! also featured.

 photo P1330676_zps23fa1485.jpg  photo P1330675_zpsb2c8c98f.jpg


A line of four cars ranged from one of countless Herbie recreations, a Starsky & Hutch Torino, Noddy’s car and a Checker Taxi.

 photo P1330682_zps45d234ce.jpg  photo P1330683_zps3f893e11.jpg  photo P1330684_zps8935dd14.jpg  photo P1330685_zps1f3f76c8.jpg

This Citroen H Van was serving coffee and there was also an undepicted Type 2 VW Bus selling ice-creams. The latter was doing far more business, which is not surprising given the sunshine.

 photo P1330665_zpsf9785707.jpg

So, an interesting diversion for an hour, and helped by the fact that the area was not at all busy. Apparently it had been the day before, but for some reason the crowds were elsewhere. No substitute for a proper Motor Show, of course, but still nice to get to sit in a few new cars and see what I thought in advance, I would hope, of getting some of them out on the road.

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