Gloucestershire Motor Show – June 2013

As is probably apparent from the number of events that I manage to squeeze into my busy schedule, a certain amount of diary planning well in advance is called for. Perhaps that was why I received a polite enquiry from my mother, wondering if I would be free to join her birthday party, which was conveniently scheduled for a Saturday evening in June, hoping that I was not planning to be elsewhere in the country, or even the world. Despite what you might sometimes think, the diary does have some flexibility in it, and this was one of those weekend which had deliberately been kept free so I could pay a visit, party or no party. That meant that I was committed to be in North Gloucestershire by Saturday evening, and then I realised that neatly located en route would be the Gloucestershire Motor Show, so I could even include a car event on my way to the parental homestead. I last visited the Gloucestershire Motor Show in 2010, and recalled that, although not huge, there was plenty there to entertain for a few hours, so once the domestic chores of the weekend were done, I set off under largely blue skies to see what the 2013 event had to offer. Here is what I found:


Spread around one of the lawn areas to the east of the house were a number of new cars, largely supplied by local dealers, all of whom were clearly eager to find prospects and perhaps even customers.


Alfa still only have two different model types in their range, so did not need a lot of space for their display here. There was one MiTo and a couple of Giulietta cars.

 photo Picture019_zpsfa829649.jpg  photo Picture020_zps6a80cb22.jpg  photo Picture027_zps57885023.jpg


There were two separate collections of Audi on show. Among the first group was the new RS5 Cabrio, a very nice looking car indeed, but with a price which edges well over £60,000 once options are added, destined not to be a common sighting.

 photo Picture180_zps0b9c056e.jpg  photo Picture179_zps72dd621d.jpg  photo Picture178_zps435da266.jpg

Among the cars adjoining it were a TT-RS and an RS5 Coupe, as well as the more prosaic A3 Cabrio and A5 Sportback, and a A7 TDi.

 photo Picture169_zps8f9e7cc4.jpg  photo Picture168_zpsc110e8bf.jpg  photo Picture167_zpsd5e376f2.jpg  photo Picture220_zpsa4740999.jpg  photo Picture218_zpscc83b8fb.jpg  photo Picture219_zpsd9060cac.jpg  photo Picture217_zps311843aa.jpg photo Picture166_zpsa1e0edbe.jpg  photo Picture165_zps58ddc722.jpg

A second collection of cars included the “Q” models, with huge Q7, smaller Q3 and the A6 Allroad parked at a precarious angle.

 photo Picture131_zps0273d838.jpg  photo Picture132_zps4f16229b.jpg  photo Picture130_zps1aaa630d.jpg  photo Picture128_zpsbeadc1ef.jpg  photo Picture129_zps698c58e9.jpg  photo Picture127_zpsca788c46.jpg  photo Picture214_zpsd51eee4b.jpg  photo Picture212_zps8882d97a.jpg  photo Picture213_zps6a8f8de8.jpg


Sharing a display area with sister brand Vauxhall were 4 of the latest Chevrolets: Captiva, Aveo, Spark and Cruze Estate.

 photo Picture215_zps6ab91f0b.jpg  photo Picture161_zpsb223c0f4.jpg  photo Picture162_zpsb0c39a54.jpg  photo Picture160_zpsf2646f3a.jpg


Newest model here was the DS3 Cabrio which was joined by the fixed roof car.

 photo Picture050_zps9893233a.jpg  photo Picture051_zpsf9bb6473.jpg

Other display cars included the DS4 and DS5 as well as the C3, C3 Picasso and familiar C1 mini.

 photo Picture052_zps82f9c3d9.jpg  photo Picture053_zpsd4a1a57e.jpg  photo Picture054_zps6d55130f.jpg  photo Picture055_zps4a614c54.jpg  photo Picture063_zps0c1f3dfe.jpg  photo Picture064_zps85a97ab2.jpg


A trio of Dacia: Sandero, Sandero Stepway and Duster. Whilst the value offered by all three is self-evident, they do feel like a return to the standards of 20 years ago when you sit inside them. That seems to be perfectly acceptable to the growing number of customers in this country who are happy to get a brand new vehicle for a bargain price.

 photo Picture041_zps9ee63bef.jpg  photo Picture039_zpse71c0d07.jpg  photo Picture040_zps906c11bf.jpg  photo Picture042_zpsfc23eaf5.jpg


Fiat’s range is still quite extensive but in reality it is only really the 500 and Panda that are being bought in any quantity. Worryingly, though, the salesman I spoke to said that the new Panda is not appealing to customers who have previously owned the model. Apart from the 4×4 version which is flying out of the showroom,  the car is not proving all that easy to sell, even though it has had excellent reviews.

 photo Picture140_zps5f06ce25.jpg  photo Picture142_zps099d13d8.jpg  photo Picture139_zps583c5006.jpg  photo Picture023_zps23439647.jpg  photo Picture022_zps83486725.jpg

The 500L is new to the market this year, and is starting to appear on our roads. It is certainly not a thing of beauty, but it is roomy and practical.

 photo Picture021_zps2d79344c.jpg  photo Picture141_zpscc60952c.jpg


From the comprehensive range of Ford models on offer, this display concentrated on product launched in the last year. This was my first chance to poke around a right hand drive Kuga, and despite all the rave reviews of the UK motoring press, I was sad to find that the interior is the same jumbled mess as afflicts the Focus.

 photo Picture031_zpseca71524.jpg  photo Picture030_zps608a0b16.jpg  photo Picture029_zps55d0c17e.jpg

The face-lifted Fiesta is now quite a common sight on Britain’s roads, so the new Aston-like grille is becoming ever more familiar.

 photo Picture034_zps492e58ae.jpg  photo Picture032_zps57889680.jpg

Coming to a rear view mirror on the outside lane of the motorway, for sure, will be the sight of the new Transit, a completely different looking model from its familiar predecessor, and the display vehicle here was the passenger Tourneo model. The interior has come a long way since the early and now very basic Transit vans of 1965.

 photo Picture036_zps529f6c84.jpg

Also on show were other models, including the ST and regular Focus, the S-Max and the Ranger pickup.

 photo Picture038_zpscf7bf382.jpg  photo Picture037_zps629a6750.jpg  photo Picture033_zps3c91904b.jpg  photo Picture035_zpse1e0ebef.jpg  photo Picture028_zps50d4fa26.jpg


There were some Jazz and Civic models which my camera failed to capture and the latest CR-V which it did.

 photo Picture137_zps263ec56b.jpg


Showing just how far this Korean brand has come in the last few years were examples of the current range, from diminutive i10, through to the latest Santa Fe SUV. I had quite a long chat with an enthusiastic salesman who extolled the virtues of the i40 Tourer, which I have to say looks better both outside and in than the similarly sized Insignia.

 photo Picture124_zps0303a6a3.jpg  photo Picture123_zpsfcfc2e6c.jpg  photo Picture122_zpsd214d271.jpg  photo Picture121_zps9c68ce73.jpg  photo Picture118_zpse3f62d61.jpg  photo Picture120_zps4595a8c0.jpg  photo Picture119_zps62dbf76f.jpg  photo Picture126_zps4db01e51.jpg  photo Picture125_zps5e5a466d.jpg


The latest Kia were also on show, also showing the progress made by the other half of this Korean corporate giant.

 photo Picture211_zpsa037f2aa.jpg  photo Picture153_zps5b24a481.jpg  photo Picture152_zpscad47f2a.jpg  photo Picture154_zpsc4cb9868.jpg


By some measure, Mazda is my favourite current Japanese brand, with some good looking cars that in the case of the SkyActiv cars have some interesting and clever technology under the bonnet. The new 6 Estate, in particular, is very sharply styled and has a much improved interior compared to previous offerings.

 photo Picture026_zps12611aca.jpg  photo Picture025_zps223cff70.jpg  photo Picture024_zps5355e7e0.jpg  photo Picture018_zps0a5b7d70.jpg  photo Picture017_zpse79f1aa6.jpg


The display here comprised a pair of the much acclaimed 3-wheeler cars as well as a trio of the long running Plus 4 and Plus 8 cars.

 photo Picture046_zpsd809c0ad.jpg  photo Picture045_zps34d6cdca.jpg  photo Picture044_zps605c3fbc.jpg  photo Picture043_zpse92fcbc3.jpg


An array of different Nissan here from the exciting GT-R and 370Z through the commercially successful Qashqai to the terminally mediocre Micra and the innovative Leaf.

 photo Picture149_zps49791905.jpg  photo Picture150_zpse103e93a.jpg  photo Picture143_zps2b38099d.jpg  photo Picture151_zpsa18617e1.jpg  photo Picture148_zpsfb77642a.jpg  photo Picture155_zps3d00e8cc.jpg

Newcomer was the Juke Nismo, which the salesman I spoke with said had proved surprisingly popular., He did go on to say that the Juke remains a “like it or loathe it” car, but among those who do find the quirky styling to their taste, then the Nismo changes would seem to have plenty of appeal.

 photo Picture144_zpsf8e2415e.jpg  photo Picture145_zpseb577320.jpg  photo Picture147_zps8b28bd66.jpg  photo Picture146_zps19e0a575.jpg


Among the cars I was expecting to see was one that I was not. The new 2008 does not officially go on sale until 18th July, so to find a right hand drive model here was unexpected. Not that one should get too excited about the car itself, as it would appear to be a worthy but rather dull alternative to the Renault Captur, cursed with the same idiotic combination of dinner-plate sized steering wheel in your lap and obscured lower half of the instrument cluster as bedevils the 208 hatch on which it is based.

 photo Picture058_zps70f32185.jpg  photo Picture060_zps19eeb585.jpg  photo Picture059_zps79005ac8.jpg

Also making one of its first UK appearances was the XY version of the 208 hatchback. I have to say that the interior ambience – that stupid steering wheel and instrument location notwithstanding – is very impressive, with some high quality trim materials.

 photo Picture056_zps784f6757.jpg

Among the more established models were the 308, 3008, 508 SW and 107.

 photo Picture061_zps54fdd027.jpg  photo Picture062_zps65b6ba4b.jpg  photo Picture057_zpsf9665aa6.jpg


Brand new to the UK market is the facelifted XMOD version of the Scenic. I was surprised and delighted to find that years of the cursed electronic handbrake, this model had a conventional lever between the seats.

 photo Picture016_zpsbe0d04ac.jpg  photo Picture015_zps462fd118.jpg

The all-electric Zoe is now officially on sale, too. It looks quite pert from the outside, but the interior was clearly styled by the same person who decided that sticking an iPad half on the dash in the Clio was how to present in-car information.

 photo Picture013_zpsd4125150.jpg  photo Picture012_zpsd68e4420.jpg

The new Clio has been on sale for a few months now, and there are quite a lot on our roads, though you may not have noticed if you only saw it from the back, as it can look quite like, well, all sorts of other cars. The front is more distinctive, especially if you see it with the DRLs, which look like a real afterthought, illuminated.

 photo Picture014_zps61bf5f30.jpg


Star billing here was the new Leon, and with good reason. This car looks neat, has a beautifully presented interior and eschews the electronic handbrake that is in the closely related and far more costly Golf. Judging by the number I’ve seen on the road, it would seem that Seat have hit the mark here and people are buying it.

 photo Picture005_zps607a65df.jpg

Also on display were the Mii, Ibiza, Exeo and even the Altea XL.

 photo Picture003_zpsacda1c9c.jpg  photo Picture002_zpsd89ae8bc.jpg  photo Picture001_zps4a8ff25d.jpg  photo Picture004_zpsce296449.jpg


Another chance to poke around inside a new Octavia, and another occasion for me to comment on how impressed I am.

 photo Picture010_zps7c3d75c2.jpg

The slightly smaller Rapid does not seem to have had anything like the same positive reaction, even though it looks quite neat and the inside is well presented. It must be the driving experience which lets it down. I note that Hertz UK have some on fleet, so will try to source one to sample for myself.

 photo Picture007_zpscc0076de.jpg  photo Picture006_zps0920d0ee.jpg

There was also a MonteCarlo version of the Fabia, with its black roof and distinctive wheels, as well as a Citigo, a Roomster and a Yeti.
 photo Picture221_zps1a3da8c3.jpg  photo Picture008_zps922b7c18.jpg  photo Picture011_zps9325d0cf.jpg  photo Picture009_zpscdaa2ca1.jpg  photo Picture138_zpsa4fda571.jpg


Had a long chat with an enthusiastic young salesman on this stand. He asked me what I thought of the Adam, and I think I was polite. That is quite a surprise considering the truly ghastly garish yellow trim on the dash, half of the steering wheel and various other parts of the interior. In comparison, the outside seems quite acceptable.

 photo Picture216_zps966b09fb.jpg

There were more familiar models from the range, too, with Corsa and Astra joined by the Zafira Tourer, Mokka and Cascada.

 photo Picture158_zpse5bececa.jpg  photo Picture163_zps254fb4c7.jpg  photo Picture156_zps8488cf7d.jpg  photo Picture164_zps0aaa6ef0.jpg  photo Picture159_zps667ec3e1.jpg  photo Picture157_zpsf0e995d7.jpg


A representative sample of some of the different models from VW’s vast range were on show, ranging from the Up! to the Sharan and Touareg.

 photo Picture176_zpsfbc44732.jpg  photo Picture175_zps021be6e0.jpg  photo Picture174_zps2ad9490d.jpg  photo Picture173_zps2e6b10a8.jpg  photo Picture172_zpse0dc7847.jpg  photo Picture171_zps9d32c22e.jpg  photo Picture136_zpse9eed939.jpg  photo Picture134_zpsf7f21a9e.jpg  photo Picture133_zps0506ed78.jpg  photo Picture170_zps4d529559.jpg  photo Picture135_zps3ffaac55.jpg  photo Picture177_zpscabecf68.jpg


Lots of V40s on display here, along with the larger S and V60 cars, the V and XC70s and the XC60 and XC90. All have impeccable interiors, and look like a quality product. A sensible choice for those who want something a bit premium that is not one of the German trio.

 photo Picture115_zps3a34d00b.jpg  photo Picture116_zpsb8976af5.jpg  photo Picture114_zps93a0193f.jpg  photo Picture112_zps78d2b47a.jpg  photo Picture117_zpsf79ba6cc.jpg  photo Picture113_zps559808be.jpg


As well as the new cars on show, a separate area of the extensive grounds were reserved for Classic Cars, and that were some splendid machines, with great variety to enjoy.


This 1953 1900M is better known as the Matta, and was built as an off-roader for the Italian army until the venture was abandoned in favour of the Fiat Campagnola.

 photo Picture093_zps1c89c5d8.jpg


Probably the newest car in the display was this V8 Vantage convertible.

 photo Picture190_zps582c56ae.jpg


A rather nice 80 Cabrio.

 photo Picture100_zpsedd701ee.jpg


Although the majority of Austin sales in the post-war period were of affordable family cars, Austin did have a large luxury model as well, the A125 Sheerline and A135 Princess. This is an example of that imposing machine.

 photo Picture066_zpsa11793ca.jpg

Another are car was this A40 Sports. Based on the very prosaic A40 Devon family car, there was a complex arrangement to get the chassis from Longbridge and the bodies to the Jensen factory where the car was assembled. It was not a sales success and did not have a long production life, and accordingly it is rare to see the model.

 photo Picture083_zps31731a83.jpg

The 3 litre was widely held to be a real duffer when it was new, and consequently less than 10,000 were sold in a 3 year product life, but now these cars are seen to have a certain period charm. This stunning example certainly had plenty of appeal, with its genuine burr walnut interior fittings and leather seats. Fast it most certainly would not be (though it would not be painfully slow, either) and lacking the dynamic finesse of its smaller period relatives, it is a car in which to waft down the by-ways of Britain at a relaxed pace.

 photo Picture102_zpsff9376fe.jpg  photo Picture103_zps43ac19f3.jpg  photo Picture101_zps7abca6cb.jpg

Far more recent was this 1.0L Metro in the very period hue of Russet Brown.

 photo Picture090_zps03050aa4.jpg  photo Picture091_zpsf06ce6d3.jpg


There was a whole line of Big Healey models, ranging from the 100 to the later 3000 cars.

 photo Picture199_zps9e6895e6.jpg  photo Picture233_zps652adbbe.jpg  photo Picture228_zpse547087a.jpg  photo Picture072_zps8c027098.jpg  photo Picture071_zps693cba85.jpg  photo Picture187_zps31738744.jpg


Star showing on the lawn in front of the house went to this duo of 4.5 litre cars.

 photo Picture204_zps2b1a1a7a.jpg  photo Picture202_zps3cebc316.jpg  photo Picture203_zpsa9b6a3a5.jpg  photo Picture200_zps08b4a725.jpg  photo Picture201_zps3038e40c.jpg

This is a very elegant Derby model 4.5 litre machine from the late 1930s.

 photo Picture185_zpsb8fc5007.jpg  photo Picture067_zpse542bc99.jpg

The first post-war cars were the Mark VI and R Type cars, survival rates of which are relatively low thanks to their propensity to rust. This is one that has survived.

 photo Picture186_zps828e2ba7.jpg

I had seen this splendid James Young bodied R Type machine before. One of my favourite cars of the entire event, and perhaps the one I would have awarded the “Best Classic Car” prize to. The judges thought otherwise, as you will see by reading on.

 photo Picture097_zps13547a0d.jpg  photo Picture098_zpsb5b47643.jpg  photo Picture196_zpsa9466e93.jpg  photo Picture194_zpsbf94b7b1.jpg  photo Picture195_zps52cf92f0.jpg


An early 411

 photo Picture096_zps5752065f.jpg


Not a marque I had ever heard of. This was produced by a group of French engineers who were convinced that they could build a car that was in all respects “better” than the Panhard of the period. Splendid!

 photo Picture229_zpsf0da8971.jpg


The “sit up and beg” E93A Popular was joined, a post war offering based heavily on the pre-war models was joined here by a pre-war car.

 photo Picture189_zps2fb6dd6d.jpg  photo Picture198_zps5faac889.jpg


Among the classic Jaguars were a number of E Types and a lovely XK120.

 photo Picture077_zps1b496e31.jpg  photo Picture076_zps4ab72835.jpg  photo Picture206_zps78adc981.jpg  photo Picture205_zpsc388c678.jpg


This 4.5 litre model was unanimously voted as the “best” classic on show by a panel of local (and mainly anonymous) judges, much to the delight of its owner and local resident. Whilst admitting that it is a splendid machine, there were plenty of other very nice cars as well, so “unanimous” was perhaps a bit of a surprise.

 photo Picture222_zpse9c09354.jpg


Both Lotus in the event were from the 1990s, namely an Esprit and the front wheel drive Elan

 photo Picture094_zps32dab846.jpg  photo Picture095_zpsac7349c1.jpg


This SA only arrived mid way through the afternoon, was parked up under the trees and then departed. Although these cars were not that well thought of when new, I think they are splendid.

 photo Picture182_zps05aa0d32.jpg

There were a number of different MGs, showing the gradual evolution of this popular British sports car, from the early 1950s TD, through the late 1950s MGA in rare Coupe form, the Midgets and MGBs of the 1960s and 1970s and the MG R V8 of the mid 1990s.

 photo Picture089_zpsd368b1e6.jpg  photo Picture108_zpsd27e7686.jpg  photo Picture107_zps289f7750.jpg  photo Picture193_zpsba78b0a7.jpg  photo Picture092_zpse2e5ec97.jpg  photo Picture106_zps2d77cfb6.jpg  photo Picture105_zps1e2d45d5.jpg  photo Picture088_zps64fcd47d.jpg  photo Picture079_zps6b49cac6.jpg  photo Picture104_zpsc0d5ec7a.jpg


A trio of classic Mini ranged from an early 1959 car, through a 1960s Van and the rather elegant 40, a limited edition car produced to mark the 40th anniversary of the model., in 1999.

 photo Picture234_zps466dc120.jpg  photo Picture183_zps82876ead.jpg  photo Picture184_zps3165e85c.jpg  photo Picture068_zpsacefe85b.jpg  photo Picture069_zpseb3c1e6b.jpg  photo Picture070_zpsa8c27da2.jpg


A splendid 1930s Three-wheeler.

 photo Picture111_zpsd1595403.jpg


No surprise that there were several Minors on show.

 photo Picture086_zps2e3cd759.jpg


This Manta GT/E dates from 1983, towards the end of the production life of Opel’s Capri rival.

 photo Picture192_zps63d442da.jpg


Among the 911s on show were models from the 1980s and 1990s.

 photo Picture065_zps9259028f.jpg  photo Picture197_zpsd59b9152.jpg  photo Picture085_zps5df350d0.jpg



 photo Picture087_zps5403584f.jpg


There were plenty of truly splendid aristocratic pre-war Rolls Royce on display, any of one of which would been an impressive sight, but to get all this lot together was a real treat. The cars ranged from a 40/50 Silver Ghost to the 20/25 and later Phantom machines.


 photo Picture226_zpsf92983ed.jpg  photo Picture227_zps6fe526b8.jpg  photo Picture223_zpsc46b0eb8.jpg  photo Picture209_zpse487ffd5.jpg  photo Picture225_zps9caa7ba0.jpg  photo Picture224_zps0292f15b.jpg  photo Picture208_zps9a22cfca.jpg  photo Picture207_zps5dd64a2c.jpg  photo Picture232_zps3b84b237.jpg  photo Picture230_zps992705cc.jpg  photo Picture210_zps65d67230.jpg  photo Picture188_zps2a344b1c.jpg  photo Picture099_zps9851cc9e.jpg  photo Picture075_zps34a3b7ff.jpg

From the post was period was this Silver Cloud. Very stately indeed.

 photo Picture231_zpsef4730b8.jpg  photo Picture074_zps2f4cce27.jpg  photo Picture073_zps84e02de0.jpg

This later Silver Shadow looked almost small by comparison.

 photo Picture109_zps9096e4a5.jpg  photo Picture110_zps8aba9675.jpg


This little known Roadster dates from 1951, and was conceived as a competitor to the MGs of the period.

 photo Picture082_zps17c7228d.jpg


This is a late model Series V Alpine sports cars from the final months of production.

 photo Picture080_zpscf924d9d.jpg


This is a rare example of the pre-facelift 2500PI, the first British family car to sport (notoriously unreliable) fuel injection.

 photo Picture084_zps44157409.jpg

There were a number of the popular TR models, including a pair of TR4s.

 photo Picture078_zps4525847d.jpg  photo Picture081_zps5864e1a7.jpg  photo Picture191_zps17ef9218.jpg


A quartet of cars comprised both the luxury version of the ADO16 and the much larger A110 Westminster based 3 litre and 4 litre R cars.

 photo Picture049_zpsec731f25.jpg  photo Picture048_zps169f5af7.jpg  photo Picture181_zps1e204dc0.jpg  photo Picture047_zps178e10fb.jpg

This proved to be a very entertaining show. Not large enough to occupy the whole day, for sure, but there was plenty to see to fill my afternoon.

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