Canary Wharf Show – June 2013

Having attended the Gloucestershire MotorShow on the Saturday, you may well wonder why I felt the need to go to another UK show just 48 hours later, namely the so-called MotorExpo, taking place at Canary Wharf in London. Well apart from my seemingly insatiable appetite for things automotive, there turned out to be another good reason, in that the event in Gloucester was focused on the mainstream brands, whereas the Canary Wharf event, in keeping with its location and potential target client set, was more focused on the premium brands, so with the exception of a couple of marques, there was actually almost no overlap at all, and the combination of the two amounted almost to a “complete” UK Motor Show, something which does not now happen in the UK in its own right. The Canary Wharf event has been running for several years now, and has had to adapt to fit the available display space in the area, with cars spread between a couple of open squares and the foyer of the One Canary Wharf building. I managed to pop along for a couple of hours one afternoon, neatly missing the lunchtime crowds, and was delighted to find that almost everything on show was either making its UK debut or a very recently launched product.


Although the body style have not changed much in the past couple of years, Aston assert that so many changes have been made under the skin that the current cars are effectively new models. When they look as good as this duo of Vanquish and DB9, why change the styling anyway?

  photo Picture137_zps14c341f4.jpg  photo Picture136_zps1f97793f.jpg  photo Picture135_zps633a351b.jpg  photo Picture008_zpsee1c79d4.jpg


UK premiere for the SQ5. The performance numbers for this Biturbo diesel model are very impressive, and I can see this model proving very popular. It was joined by a Q3 model.

 photo Picture119_zps2bceb4ec.jpg  photo Picture118_zpsa0055de3.jpg  photo Picture117_zps55d768ad.jpg  photo Picture116_zps53e66f44.jpg  photo Picture115_zps2fd48c54.jpg


The Continental Speed had a prominent place inside One Canary Wharf.

 photo Picture085_zps92da7a69.jpg  photo Picture084_zps725928f2.jpg


Perfect timing to highlight the launch of the 3 series GT, which officially goes on sale on 12th June. The sales lady I spoke to volunteered the fact that the 5 GT has not sold well, as it is ugly – which is probably true, but was almost unnecessarily blunt – but she thinks that the 3 GT is “much better”. Looking at the over-stylised rear light clusters and the pointless false vents on the front wings, I’m not convinced that this will go down in history as one of BMW’s more beautiful designs, either!

 photo Picture069_zps085e4068.jpg  photo Picture068_zps97d28416.jpg  photo Picture108_zps85877014.jpg  photo Picture107_zps5df4d1c4.jpg  photo Picture106_zpsee0543f3.jpg  photo Picture105_zps6ea261b1.jpg

Of the current crop of BMW, there is one which is supremely elegant, and it was on the other side of the stand. Take a bow, the M6 Gran Coupe. It is also fearsomely expensive, of course, with a prospective buyer unlikely to see any change out of £100,000 once the car is optioned up and on the road. Still nice, though.

 photo Picture099_zps13466467.jpg  photo Picture097_zps5552b305.jpg

A bargain by anyone’s definition is the third car on show, the M135i.

 photo Picture098_zps00703509.jpg  photo Picture070_zpsa3e7f682.jpg

In a separate display in Cabot Square were the 3.0d version of the X3 and the 125d M Sport.

 photo Picture104_zps2893c515.jpg  photo Picture103_zpseff4ad8c.jpg


There were two examples of the utterly bonkers Wildcats on show, one of which proved impossible to photograph, thanks to light streaming in. Here is the other one.

 photo Picture010_zps029f1bd6.jpg  photo Picture011_zps2abbe29e.jpg  photo Picture009_zps14f96bc6.jpg


 photo Picture005_zps0e6c5495.jpg  photo Picture003_zpsb0128f7e.jpg


Although it is still some months before its UK on sale date, there was an example of the new Q50, the sports sedan that replaces the G37, and which Infiniti hope will sell in far greater quantities in Europe than the outgoing car. I’ve always liked the G37, and the couple I have driven have further endeared them to me, but I cannot get on with the looks of the latest model. Help could be at hand, though, as one of the biggest rivals was also on show, and it looks even worse.

 photo Picture019_zpsa1c9aacb.jpg  photo Picture020_zps296ef3e6.jpg  photo Picture018_zps09d9242c.jpg

The current range were also represented.

 photo Picture021_zps2040e757.jpg  photo Picture017_zps899fd81e.jpg


No prizes for guessing the most popular car of the entire event. Yes, the stunning new F Type was much in demand, and Jaguar must have guessed  it would be, as they had 2 of them on display. I can see this car being particularly popular with many of those who work in the Canary Wharf area (and plenty more people besides).

 photo Picture073_zpsf128e48a.jpg  photo Picture066_zps3f170a76.jpg  photo Picture065_zpsa24ed4ae.jpg

Also on display were the XFR-S, the XKR-S, the new XJR and an example of the Sport Break XF.

 photo Picture067_zps7bcb9771.jpg  photo Picture072_zps00ce763d.jpg  photo Picture015_zps4bfcd7e3.jpg  photo Picture064_zpsb6240db1.jpg  photo Picture016_zps4c9b422b.jpg


Sole exhibit was the facelifted Grand Cherokee. The salesman with it had clearly his entire speech and wanted to practice it on me, so he pointed out the new front end styling, the 8 speed gearbox, the much improved interior (and it is, finally looking like the luxury-ish SUV that Jeep always wanted the Grand Cherokee to perceived to be), as well as the practical features that make it still a Jeep.

 photo Picture092_zpscf4b17e3.jpg


UK premiere for the pro_Cee’d GT, which will be going on sale in the UK later in the summer. This is not going to be the hottest hatch on the market, with around 200 bhp, but its restrained styling enhancements, and all the benefits of Kia ownership could make this quite an attractive proposition for those who want something a little more measured than a Focus ST or a Megane. A 5 door model will follow.

 photo Picture088_zps9e36f51f.jpg  photo Picture087_zpsfc1599e0.jpg  photo Picture086_zps949b0fcc.jpg  photo Picture089_zpscef5b864.jpg

There were examples of the rest of the range, as well.

 photo Picture091_zps78116b42.jpg  photo Picture090_zps98ce273d.jpg


No outdoor display or “off-road” course this year, just space for 2 models parked up inside. Both were the imminently available new Range-Rover Sport, and unsurprisingly, both were attracting plenty of attention. I have to say that this is an impressive vehicle, whose biggest drawback may well turn out to be the stereotyped image of the owners!

 photo Picture134_zps368fcc67.jpg  photo Picture133_zpse063df30.jpg  photo Picture075_zpscfc9e595.jpg  photo Picture074_zps1dbcd1f0.jpg


Despite its long running production life, the Gallardo is still a crowd puller, and it was notable that this car seemed to attract more attention and more photos than either the Ferrari or the McLarens that were near to it.

 photo Picture002_zps3f8945e6.jpg  photo Picture004_zps5b6063c2.jpg  photo Picture001_zpsdbf68310.jpg


Here, in pride of place in the Lexus area, was that rival to the Infiniti. The all new IS. It goes on sale on 12th July, so we are going to have to get to used to its awkward and gawky looks. Well, that will be if they manage to sell more than the handful that constitutes the sales achievement of the outgoing model. Interestingly, the only thing that the sales staff appeared to be emphasising the low CO2 rating, and absolutely nothing else. If this model is as anodyne to drive as its predecessor – and the really reports suggests that it might be a bit less unmemorable – then it will hardly register a murmur on the sales success of the 3 Series, C Class and A4. I know that I could not bear to open the curtains in a  morning and have to look at something so visually unpleasant, so it is most definitely not the car for me.

 photo Picture034_zps1affcd3a.jpg  photo Picture033_zpsb22955f9.jpg  photo Picture031_zps9d9ad37a.jpg  photo Picture050_zpscbb6ebf8.jpg  photo Picture049_zps652d3b9b.jpg

There were examples of some of the rest of the Lexus range, providing a reminder of what they look like. The new GS, in particular, a year on from launch would seem to have sold as well, or rather badly, as its predecessor.

 photo Picture032_zps1ebb31ed.jpg  photo Picture030_zpsf860b1e7.jpg


 photo Picture006_zps4c88d47e.jpg  photo Picture007_zpsf9ed109c.jpg


A trio of Lotus on show, with Elise, Exige V6 and the Evora Sport Racer all reminding us that despite the rather parlous state of the company, they can still engineer some very impressive driver’s machines. Let’s hope that they find a more stable future and can grow and prosper once again.

 photo Picture139_zps582e16de.jpg  photo Picture138_zpsff9e139d.jpg  photo Picture077_zps6e5f0cbb.jpg  photo Picture076_zpsb113769e.jpg


Following the launch of the Spider, both models are simply known as 12C, making the name less of a mouthful than before.

 photo Picture140_zpsb8651183.jpg  photo Picture078_zpsa4eddde2.jpg  photo Picture082_zpsc1eb131e.jpg  photo Picture083_zps730d0f24.jpg  photo Picture132_zpsf137359a.jpg  photo Picture131_zpsbf211232.jpg  photo Picture081_zps1f35e8ec.jpg  photo Picture080_zps6ffb3463.jpg  photo Picture079_zps3144c319.jpg


Almost everything on display here was new. Pride of place went to the recently unveiled W222 version of the S Class. The interior is very nice indeed, but the external styling does not work for me, with the droopy rear looking particularly unfortunate.

 photo Picture048_zpsf7876936.jpg  photo Picture047_zpsca0860e9.jpg

Mind you, that’s nothing compared to the CLA which I really think looks terrible. With its awkward rear access and limited space inside, this is definitely a 4 door 2 seater, and the prices are nowhere near the bargain levels that the press so confidently predicted a few months back, starting at a few pounds under £25,000 for a rather weedy petrol engined CLA 180 and quickly clearing £30k for the more powerful CLA220 CDI and better trim. The sales staff tried to tell me that absolutely everyone just loved it, which frankly I do not believe.

 photo Picture045_zps1bcd6a32.jpg  photo Picture044_zps9511ca1b.jpg  photo Picture043_zps20bbc307.jpg  photo Picture046_zpsfb528473.jpg  photo Picture042_zpsa2f691d2.jpg

The gargantuan new GL has just gone on sale in the UK. I did like the old model, but in America, where its size is nothing like the issue that it would be here. Again, the sales lady I spoke to tried to deny it, and she asserted that it is just the sort of car that “lots of people” want and need. Hmm! I don’t even think the new look is an improvement, either.

 photo Picture052_zpsa3efb4cb.jpg  photo Picture038_zps0f14aa40.jpg  photo Picture037_zps5e79483c.jpg

The more I see them, the more I conclude that  this observation applies to the facelifted E Class, too. The rear light clusters on the saloon are particularly bland. On show here was an estate and a coupe

 photo Picture039_zpse5d653ef.jpg  photo Picture035_zpsd2d7b63e.jpg

There were a couple of longer running cars, as well, an SLK and a C Class saloon, as well as the A Class in rather brash AMG Sport trim.

 photo Picture036_zpse5801794.jpg  photo Picture041_zps0b2b853e.jpg  photo Picture040_zpsc4fb66a5.jpg


There was not space for an example of all the different models in the MINI range, so only a subset could be shown, with some of the more recent additions to the line-up getting priority. The sales man I spoke to told me that the JCW GP has sold out, but they are trying to get a larger allocation for the UK, and then went on to say that it really is intended as a track car for occasional road use and not the other way round. Viewed in these terms, it makes a lot of sense.

 photo Picture063_zpsc20ccacb.jpg  photo Picture062_zpsb5bf228e.jpg  photo Picture071_zpsb5725412.jpg  photo Picture061_zps630c0fb0.jpg  photo Picture060_zps575bb4f0.jpg  photo Picture096_zps4a998eb6.jpg


Four Porsche in total were on show, but in the main thoroughfare of One Canary Wharf and so hard to get close to, let alone to photograph.

 photo Picture013_zpsd545cf0b.jpg  photo Picture012_zpsa1c2cfe5.jpg


Occupying a display space inside the One Canary Wharf building was this RXC, the latest Radical road legal track car.

 photo Picture014_zpsbceb776e.jpg


There were five and SC three door versions of the new Leon on show, as well as the latest Ibiza. After struggling to define their identity in recent years, these sharp looking machines deserve to do well, offering almost everything that you get in the equivalent VW, but for a lot less money.

 photo Picture029_zps01623a17.jpg  photo Picture028_zpsb2401556.jpg  photo Picture027_zpsbcbec614.jpg  photo Picture026_zps18ec5212.jpg  photo Picture025_zps46f44119.jpg  photo Picture024_zps808de43c.jpg  photo Picture023_zpsa9d5de05.jpg  photo Picture022_zps4c74e86c.jpg  photo Picture114_zpsfd1dc3ea.jpg  photo Picture113_zps82918adc.jpg  photo Picture112_zps2848b9a4.jpg  photo Picture111_zpsce65ccfb.jpg  photo Picture095_zps4f45c089.jpg  photo Picture094_zpsc0121150.jpg  photo Picture093_zps88bb7959.jpg

The Mii was on show in Cabot Square.

 photo Picture110_zpsd12b69c7.jpg  photo Picture109_zps2f3f55fd.jpg


My first sighting of the facelifted Superb, and I have to say that I think Skoda have done a great job here, getting rid of the slightly awkward detailing.

 photo Picture130_zps61adf34d.jpg  photo Picture129_zps42892c41.jpg  photo Picture128_zpsd2bf82d3.jpg  photo Picture127_zps878d38e5.jpg  photo Picture121_zps644e89d2.jpg  photo Picture102_zps17d601cc.jpg

The new Octavia was also on show, in hatchback and Estate models. A careful evolution from the familiar second generation car, this looks good, too.

 photo Picture120_zps36e509f8.jpg  photo Picture100_zps3b91e429.jpg  photo Picture101_zps3d1604ef.jpg


Tucked away on the edge of Cabot Square was the Tesla display and a Model S, accompanied by a company representative who remembered me from Geneva. He said that they are hoping to get UK market right hand drive cars by late this year, though Tesla currently cannot build the model fast enough to meet demand, so this may slip. The car was attracting a lot of interest.

 photo Picture126_zpsa2c00264.jpg  photo Picture125_zpse34db1d2.jpg  photo Picture124_zps51525b17.jpg  photo Picture123_zps99dbc5cb.jpg  photo Picture122_zps86e1126f.jpg


Examples of the current range were all on show, and the observant will even spot the very subtle facelift that has been applied to most of them.

 photo Picture059_zpsec1a54c9.jpg  photo Picture058_zpsb23b7954.jpg  photo Picture057_zpsa7c274e8.jpg  photo Picture056_zps5b494f31.jpg  photo Picture055_zpsc32f9965.jpg  photo Picture054_zps8753c1c2.jpg  photo Picture053_zpsf0ae40c0.jpg  photo Picture051_zps8b359d47.jpg

This display proved a most interesting diversion for a good couple of hours. That it was free, and given the weather that followed during most of the rest of the week, that it was not raining was a double bonus!

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