Ace Cafe Petrolhead Nirvana – June 2013

There are an awful lot of car enthusiasts out there, and with a vast array of cars also, it is no surprise that many people’s interest tend  to focus in a particular way, on a genre, brand or model, or time period. So, whilst there are lots of themed events at the iconic Ace Cafe, some will have a lot more appeal to me than others. As something of a purist, the heavily modified car scene is not really for me, so some of the Ace Cafe evenings would hold little interest, as I have learned the hard way, when trying a couple and only staying for a few minutes! Encouraged by reports I had seen on the PistonHeads site, I concluded that the PetrolHead Nirvana meeting, which takes place on the second Monday of the month could be one which I would enjoy, as although it attracts a few heavily modified vehicles, it also seemed to be the one where performance machines and plenty of supercars tend to appear. Finally, with a clear diary and an evening forecast to remain dry, I set out from the office in central London to see what this particular theme had in store. Although the supercars all appeared to be hiding, there was still plenty to divert me for more than a couple of hours. Here are my highlights.


In keeping with the theme, it was only right and proper that the Alfa present should be one of the more powerful cars made by the marque, a 147 GTA.

 photo P1180749_zps4402f51f.jpg


To be honest, it did not occur to me that I could have brought my car into the event, but when I saw a new shape Audi A3 parked up (albeit one that had been subject to a certain amount of modification), and an S4 Avant then clearly I could have done. Later on a rather nice RS6 arrived, and this ended up with a very central parking position.

 photo P1180711_zps9112e1f4.jpg  photo P1180716_zps40c30e1a.jpg  photo P1180750_zpsdad568ff.jpg  photo P1180751_zpse93f6700.jpg  photo P1180763_zps5d1514b8.jpg  photo P1180746_zpsaf397e20.jpg  photo P1180745_zpscc7d2bbd.jpg


The M-Coupe, as I believe this car was officially called, despite its clear Z3 basis, was fearsomely expensive when new, and even now the few cars on British roads are highly prized.

 photo P1180720_zpseace121c.jpg


A couple of Sevens.

 photo P1180742_zpsb537eb51.jpg  photo P1180731_zps244fa851.jpg


This Camaro SS made a rather noisy appearance, and certainly attracted lots of attention.

 photo P1180736_zpsd4118dc9.jpg  photo P1180729_zpsf619d326.jpg

Later there was an earlier 1972 Camaro as well.

 photo P1180743_zpsf98a9481.jpg  photo P1180740_zpsfe66c1a3.jpg

An even later arrival was this C6 model Corvette Convertible.

 photo P1180757_zpsc9bd09c5.jpg  photo P1180756_zps2703d335.jpg


This pair of Viper models arrived and departed in convoy, making a lot of noise in the process.

 photo P1180730_zpsaaf13f04.jpg  photo P1180728_zpsa640feee.jpg  photo P1180727_zpsbb1b3bbd.jpg  photo P1180737_zpse1afd8ab.jpg  photo P1180744_zps9794a63b.jpg  photo P1180726_zps7fa96039.jpg

Probably the largest vehicle of the evening was this Ram Pickup, in SRT 10 guise, which means a very large engine under the very large bonnet. The whole contraption is just massive and must be quite a daunting vehicle to thread through the narrow streets of Britain..

 photo P1180759_zps88d61daf.jpg  photo P1180758_zps4b5b51f0.jpg


Fast Fords are exactly the sort of car you would expect to be at an event like this, and sure enough when I arrived, a bright green Focus RS had a prominent position in the car park backing onto the Cafe building.

 photo P1180699_zpsdd7605a9.jpg  photo P1180721_zpsb75be271.jpg

Although I still think that the very original Mustangs were the nicest of all, this 1970 Fastback had plenty of appeal, too.

 photo P1180734_zps415e5320.jpg  photo P1180733_zpsaa82344b.jpg


Hethel cars were an S2 Elise and an Esprit V8.

 photo P1180715_zps7bc0bafb.jpg  photo P1180714_zps45836058.jpg  photo P1180768_zps2bbf927d.jpg  photo P1180767_zps0083268a.jpg


In the spirit of the evening, then this was not just any old SL Mercedes, but an SL63 AMG. Not perhaps the prettiest to look at, but it certainly sounds good.

 photo P1180741_zps9cc48655.jpg


That a GT-R was present was no surprise. Indeed I would almost have expected a few more of these modern day supercars.

 photo P1180753_zps8c550f60.jpg  photo P1180752_zps9dddbb30.jpg


Not a car for the quiet shy retiring type, this 911 GT3 RS was certainly prominent among the display cars.

 photo P1180710_zpsc450cd0c.jpg  photo P1180704_zps40f8897e.jpg

There were some less extreme versions of the 911 as well

 photo P1180748_zpsb9d4ff49.jpg  photo P1180725_zpsca621f6f.jpg  photo P1180724_zps89deed71.jpg  photo P1180739_zpsec3efd1b.jpg


There were probably more TVR on site than anything else, which should probably not have been too much of a surprise, given the popularity of this marque. What I perhaps did not expect is that the dominant model was the Cerbera, as these cars tend to play something of a backseat to the more numerous Chimaera and Griffiths and the later Tuscans.

 photo P1180701_zps0a913909.jpg  photo P1180700_zps56e2cc08.jpg  photo P1180719_zpsa2f55ef5.jpg  photo P1180718_zps7c52cd3a.jpg  photo P1180717_zpsac9fd34a.jpg

Among the other TVRs were a couple of Sagaris, a Chimaera, a Griffith, a couple of Tuscan, and relegated to a position up the road as the main car park was full, a T350C.

 photo P1180713_zps1a010ec6.jpg  photo P1180712_zps3f8d9216.jpg  photo P1180762_zps706c6924.jpg photo P1180747_zps74e82833.jpg photo P1180723_zps0f48bdbe.jpg  photo P1180722_zpse9bbfb14.jpg  photo P1180761_zps85ca0fa6.jpg  photo P1180760_zpsb8032657.jpg  photo P1180735_zpsbb305ae0.jpg  photo P1180732_zps4beffeff.jpg  photo P1180766_zpsc095b8e6.jpg  photo P1180765_zps2109d919.jpg  photo P1180764_zps1256e108.jpg


This Mark 2 Golf GTi was parked up across the road, and its proud owner spotted me admiring it and came over to have a chat. Although it looked to be in excellent condition, he pointed out some of the minor details where he still wants to improve it further. His goal is to try to restore it back to original appearance, and although he intends to put the later VR6 engine under the bonnet, he wants that change to be well hidden, too. It turned out that the car has had one owner for most of its life and had gradually deviated further and further from standard,, but had remained structurally very sound. A nice project, and a nice car.

 photo P1180755_zpsbebe1922.jpg  photo P1180754_zpsdfe0e1a7.jpg

A very different sort of Volkswagen was this Baja Beetle, complete with all the evidence of its interesting and varied history.

 photo P1180703_zps0e44deea.jpg


 photo P1180702_zpsf478d655.jpg


What caught my eye on arrival, and intrigued me, and everyone else all evening was this, a Carver. Dutch made, the owner has had this once since about 2005, soon before the company who made them went into administration, and he said that once you get used to it, it is a lot of fun. He proceeded to demonstrate how you can tilt the body from side to side, much to the alarm of his rear passenger!

 photo P1180769_zps19550563.jpg  photo P1180709_zpsaf77ee2b.jpg  photo P1180708_zps47a3f6d3.jpg  photo P1180707_zps14c5400b.jpg  photo P1180706_zpsb90d789b.jpg  photo P1180705_zps126facae.jpg

Although it was disappointing not to see the Lamborghinis and other supercars which often attend, this was still an enjoyable gathering and a themed evening that is attractive for those who are not “in” to the modified scene. I will be back, for sure.

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