Ace Cafe Classics Night – June 2013

Of all the themed events that take place at the Ace Cafe, the greatest variety of display vehicles is pretty well guaranteed to be on the second Tuesday of the month, at the Classic night. Working with Classic Cars magazine, many of the staff from which august publication attend in person, anything which passes the eagle eye of the car park attendant as being “interesting” has the potential to park onsite. On a busy evening, anyone arriving after about 7pm will find the forecourt full and will need to park up across the road, at least until the first few cars start to depart, creating space. Finally, my diary availability and the prospect of a dry evening came together and I was able to head down to see what had been brought along. As you can see from this report, there was lots – far more than fitted onsite, for sure – ranging from some vehicles you would expect to see at such a gathering and plenty that count as particularly rare.


Only a couple of Alfas were present, my guess (hope!) being that the others were saving themselves for the Italian night scheduled for later in the week. Both cars were the very popular “Duetto” style Spider models.

 photo P1180861_zps89f010ad.jpg  photo P1180795_zps27c78cac.jpg


Oldest car present was this, which I think is a Ten, though it could just possible be a Big Seven.

 photo P1180855_zps5213e2c4.jpg  photo P1180854_zpscc65a463.jpg

Attracting a lot of attention was a Russet Brown 1.0L Metro. Not often you see Metros of this age and certainly not in this condition. Sadly, I don’t seem to have taken its picture.


There were a couple of Frog-Eyed Sprites.

 photo P1180783_zpsb257aba2.jpg  photo P1180815_zps8033543e.jpg


A Mulsanne.

 photo P1180816_zpse11d743d.jpg


As ever with classic events, very few BMWs present, despite the popularity of the modern brand. The two cars that were there were nicely turned out, unlike the heavily modified models that tend to dominate at the BMW themed events run by Ace. Of the pair, the E9 3.0 CSi was particularly nice, and the E30 model 320i 2 door was a rare survivor of a car that sold in reasonable quantities in the mid 1980s.

 photo P1180800_zps485d528c.jpg  photo P1180842_zps9aa0d328.jpg  photo P1180801_zpsa31f4f36.jpg  photo P1180853_zpsdac361e4.jpg


 photo P1180857_zps5fda6f26.jpg


One of the louder cars of the evening was this 1970 Nova SS.

 photo P1180883_zps6524109a.jpg


I had more than an inkling that Chris Hendrie’s wonderful newly acquired CX GTi Turbo 2 was going to stage an appearance, and sure enough, Chris, Meadhbh and even Whistle duly arrived, though not early enough to get an on-site space. That may be the reason why there was rarely the sort of throng around this car that yo might expect.

 photo P1180860_zpscfa84d90.jpg  photo P1180859_zps4e8a413d.jpg  photo P1180858_zpscb5c8216.jpg


Sole Ferrari of the evening was a 308 GT4 Dino.

 photo P1180847_zps8fcc7976.jpg


A personal favourite – which will surprise no-one who knows my automotive tastes – was this lovely 130 Coupe. These cars are still seriously undervalued (and no, I’ve not got anywhere to keep one, otherwise the temptation might prove too great!)

 photo P1180789_zpsc9ca1c99.jpg  photo P1180790_zpsc497e69d.jpg


An early arrival was this Mark IV Zodiac. For sure, not one of the Blue Oval’s better products, but it was good to see this well preserved and clearly well loved example as a reminder of executive motoring 1967 style.

 photo P1180780_zpsab9bc69f.jpg  photo P1180782_zpsaf8a13a9.jpg  photo P1180781_zpsdafebf4a.jpg  photo P1180786_zps238e2074.jpg

Less well preserved was this Farnham bodied Estate version of the Mark 2 Zodiac. Not many of these estate conversions were produced, so they are particularly rare now.

 photo P1180833_zpsae79173c.jpg  photo P1180831_zpsb98ac288.jpg  photo P1180830_zpsd2193a5c.jpg

This V8 Pilot was brought by a lady driver who had really decided to act the part, sporting a period outfit.

 photo P1180818_zpsa62f9c7b.jpg  photo P1180817_zpsfeeb8ed3.jpg

Later arrivals, and hence parked across the road from the Cafe included a Series 3 Capri, an Anglia 105E and a Mark 2 Lotus Cortina.

 photo P1180862_zpse60b2c20.jpg  photo P1180882_zpsf69c04a2.jpg  photo P1180878_zps68aed9c8.jpg  photo P1180877_zpsb388ef3f.jpg  photo P1180864_zps3d4f4892.jpg


On the cusp of being “too new” to enter the main car park was this CRX coupe, but as it is little, and interesting and rare, it was allowed in.

 photo P1180846_zps77837b58.jpg


One of the more unusual cars of the evening, a 1991 Q45, one of Infiniti’s first models, and never sold in the UK when new. The owner (who was hoping to sell it) said that it is believed to be the only example in the UK. The V8 engine is very smooth and was almost inaudible at idle even with the bonnet open!

 photo P1180843_zps720ac416.jpg  photo P1180895_zpsb8989c8e.jpg


This rather splendid E Type Coupe belongs to Phil Bell, editor of Classic Cars magazine. I’ve read about his prized possession in the magazine over the years, and now I’ve seen it in the metal, you can see why he is really smitten.

 photo P1180827_zps841890da.jpg  photo P1180826_zps3a2232d0.jpg

As if one magazine Jaguar was not enough, then Graeme Hurst brought along his XK150. Initially parked over the road, when a space became available, he had the challenging task of hauling his car into a tight spot backing onto the cafe. No mean feat given the power assisted nothing of the model, and he got a rousing cheer once the car was installed

 photo P1180885_zpsbc131428.jpg  photo P1180884_zps44704236.jpg

There was also a very nicely turned out Mark 2 saloon as well as couple of E Type Roadsters in Series 1 and Series 3 guises.

 photo P1180802_zpsc9fb059a.jpg  photo P1180850_zps3663046c.jpg  photo P1180852_zpsd7897191.jpg  photo P1180851_zps5da4b514.jpg


Not one, nor two, but three Interceptors turned up.

 photo P1180772_zps56dd3ad0.jpg  photo P1180775_zpsf8b6b8ce.jpg  photo P1180797_zps36b98210.jpg  photo P1180796_zps412ffdf9.jpg  photo P1180841_zps99842220.jpg


Sole Lancia was this Fulvia Zagato Series 2.

 photo P1180819_zpsd14f585a.jpg  photo P1180811_zps86e495bc.jpg


This duo of 1960s Mercedes were among the only cars on site when I arrived: a W115 220 and the larger and more luxurious W108 280SE, which I recall seeing at the recent Mercedes evening at the Ace.

 photo P1180770_zps7717ae6e.jpg  photo P1180784_zps462f3bca.jpg

Now a popular classic, especially in its native Germany is this W123 model 280 CE Coupe

 photo P1180813_zps3bec4be1.jpg  photo P1180812_zps7e685539.jpg

Star Mercedes, though, with a shadow of doubt was this fabulous “Pagoda” model 230SL.

 photo P1180821_zps76fc5e8d.jpg  photo P1180820_zps594a864f.jpg  photo P1180822_zps650b6168.jpg

This W201 190E was for sale. It occurred to me that the oldest of these small Mercedes will now be 30 years old, so definitely in “classic” territory.

 photo P1180863_zpsb5aa4e35.jpg


Both the pair of MGB Roadsters and the MGB GT looked particularly well presented.

 photo P1180865_zps05643107.jpg  photo P1180771_zpsa04de978.jpg  photo P1180774_zps9801469f.jpg

There was also a rather more “used” looking Midget, along with a more presentable one.

 photo P1180814_zpsd0a178a7.jpg  photo P1180845_zps046b5988.jpg

Not really an MG at all, the clue was the 1700 badge on the side of the car. I initially thought that it would therefore be a Naylor, a Yorkshire company who made around 100 TF lookalikes in 1984/85, using a BL O Series engine, but this turned out not to be that either, but the later Hutson version. The Hutson Motor Company built 61 further examples of this car after buying the remains of the failed Naylor business in 1986.

 photo P1180836_zpse2c766f6.jpg  photo P1180835_zpse98f1885.jpg


There were a couple of the much loved Minor models, a 2 door saloon and a Traveller.

 photo P1180839_zps82dd6051.jpg  photo P1180838_zpsbda2bdc7.jpg  photo P1180794_zps30c4b21e.jpg


This little 1200 saloon, dating from the early days of Datsun sales in the UK is a car I have seen at Ace before now. Not exactly exciting, but when did you last see another one?

 photo P1180890_zps3419d277.jpg  photo P1180889_zps8f3f1551.jpg  photo P1180888_zps62682f59.jpg


A Manta A, repainted in a rather bold shade of orange and modified just about on the border of what I find acceptable.

 photo P1180824_zps830825d4.jpg  photo P1180825_zps8e4c16ed.jpg  photo P1180823_zps26972112.jpg


Several 911s, different to the ones which had been present the day before.

 photo P1180793_zpsd44bdb3d.jpg  photo P1180844_zps6e0dfa38.jpg


A very clean Scimitar GTE

 photo P1180897_zpsf27aa527.jpg


In many ways, this was the stand out car of the evening. A 1971 Renault R12 TL saloon which had been lovingly restored to a condition that is probably better than when the car was new. Apparently this R12 does about 5000 miles a year, not all of which is to shows, as it also carries two small children around on family errand duty. The owner did spent a good 30 minutes cleaning and polishing it when he arrived, but I guess to keep it in this sort of condition, that is what has to be done.

 photo P1180869_zps555bf2e3.jpg  photo P1180868_zps3a12eb71.jpg  photo P1180894_zps62a014ca.jpg  photo P1180893_zps2ed5c910.jpg  photo P1180892_zps4373e682.jpg  photo P1180871_zps3ec46173.jpg  photo P1180870_zps42968456.jpg  photo P1180867_zpsa7a0e36a.jpg  photo P1180866_zps6b627e25.jpg  photo P1180856_zps56c367f5.jpg  photo P1180849_zps69a09504.jpg  photo P1180848_zps6a5e322b.jpg

Also nice, and as the owner pointed out gleefully, worth a lot more than the R12 was this example of its predecessor, the R8.

 photo P1180810_zps5513a30c.jpg  photo P1180891_zps05c22dd4.jpg


As well as a Silver Cloud Series 3 there was an example of the car which replaced it, a Silver Shadow, making it clear how the latter was a significantly “smaller” car than the Silver Cloud. No wonder the die-hards were so up in arms in the mid 1960s getting used to the new model!

 photo P1180804_zps1d743491.jpg  photo P1180803_zpsa2096748.jpg  photo P1180779_zps1c8e848f.jpg


Three SD1 models showed up, and none of them were entirely unmolested. This is such a good looking design even now, and it is a treat to see these cars in good condition.

 photo P1180791_zps6c1dae68.jpg  photo P1180788_zpsa7a9de1d.jpg  photo P1180787_zpse8903bfc.jpg  photo P1180896_zpsff295962.jpg


A rather nice Series 2 Alpine.

 photo P1180903_zps15b79c78.jpg  photo P1180902_zpsb8443023.jpg


One of the more unusual machines of the evening was this first series Celica in ST trim.

 photo P1180777_zpse36b165d.jpg  photo P1180776_zpsb1abe1a2.jpg  photo P1180778_zps100cd380.jpg


I would not have been surprised to see more Triumphs than there were, with just a duo of Stags and a TR4 present.

 photo P1180792_zps60ada3f6.jpg  photo P1180900_zps3336f8af.jpg


This Vixen S2 has been undergoing restoration work for many years, according to the current owner. He said that when he bought it, all the hard work had been done, but there has been plenty to keep him busy ever since!

 photo P1180874_zps210090dd.jpg  photo P1180873_zps9cce6dce.jpg  photo P1180875_zps137328d8.jpg  photo P1180872_zps416c0df7.jpg


This PA Cresta is apparently a local car, and so makes frequent visits to Ace. It was one of the more popular cars of the evening, with crowds around it most of the time.

 photo P1180834_zps8d6bf51e.jpg  photo P1180799_zps1274e643.jpg  photo P1180798_zps97ddaee6.jpg

Two pairs of interesting classic Vauxhalls. The first duo were VX4/90s, with an FB and FD on show. The latter was making its first public appearance after several years off the road following a major oil leak in the engine which the owner has now fixed. The latter is a car I have seen before, but always enjoy spotting as this is the sort of car I would likely have owned had I been 50 years younger!

 photo P1180881_zpsfd8e85be.jpg  photo P1180880_zps1086aeb0.jpg  photo P1180879_zps98beef99.jpg  photo P1180899_zps334abe04.jpg  photo P1180898_zpse217c689.jpg  photo P1180809_zps180c1a32.jpg  photo P1180808_zpsfdf5ec89.jpg  photo P1180807_zpse81c0935.jpg  photo P1180806_zpsbf9c29a5.jpg  photo P1180805_zpscb85215a.jpg  photo P1180876_zps1708657f.jpg

The other duo were first generation Astra models, now also very rare, in SR and GTE guises.

 photo P1180886_zps7f58d80a.jpg  photo P1180887_zps15b7e743.jpg  photo P1180773_zps86a2a86f.jpg


A late arrival was this Allegro 1500 in the very period colour of Pageant Blue

 photo P1180901_zps411f0c28.jpg  photo P1180904_zps89e0cb12.jpg


A late model Beetle 1303 Cabrio.

 photo P1180840_zps7eab20f7.jpg  photo P1180837_zps7b0f1ce4.jpg


Winner of the “gosh is that actually roadworthy” prize must go to this 221 Estate, belonging to Mr Glen Waddington of Classic Cars magazine. I knew it was rough, but I had not realised quite how rough. He has a lot of work to get it to concours standard!

 photo P1180785_zps102cefaf.jpg


This 16/60 looked superficially good, but from close up you could see just how perforated the body is in so many places.

 photo P1180832_zpse639836a.jpg  photo P1180829_zps6f124f10.jpg  photo P1180828_zpsdcd4bb1a.jpg

A fascinating evening. If you can only ever make one trip to Ace, then the second Tuesday of the month is probably the one to target.

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