Classics and Retro Action Day at Castle Combe – June 2013

There has been action on the track at Wiltshire’s Castle Combe circuit since 1950, and these days there is a very varied and packed program of events and activities that take place throughout the year. The spectator viewing is universally good all around the circuit, and even the most popular events never feel crowded. What’s more the circuit is just 20 miles from my home, so it is to my eternal chagrin that I seem to make no more than a couple of visits there in any given year. In 2012 I sampled the “Classics and Sports Cars” Action day, and thoroughly enjoyed it. However, when planning the 2013 program of what I was going to do, the 2013 version, slightly rebranded to “Classics and Retro” did not make my list, as it appeared to clash with other events that I also wished to attend. And that would have been that, had I not spotted an item in the local paper mentioning it, and quoting the finalised date, of Saturday 29th June. Thanks to lots of event date changes after Bernie moved the British Grand Prix, I realised that in fact there was nothing in my diary, so vowed to attend.  The concept was as in 2012: several hundred classics on show, thanks to a number of Car Clubs, and the opportunity for those who wanted to brave the circuit to do so in a controlled manner where they compete more against themselves than in any form of race. With several anniversaries to celebrate, and the promise of a massive lunchtime parade, this looked like perfect entertainment for me, on my door step. To make matters better, the weather forecast suggested that the event was likely not just to be dry, but to be bathed in some eagerly awaited summer sunshine. I arrived soon after the gates opened, and spent most of the day admiring the cars in the numerous Car Club displays, and on a couple of tours around the car parks, as well as watching all manner of drivers take to the circuit either to drive at speed, or at lunchtime to participate in a huge parade that almost became bumper to bumper around the entire lap of the circuit. Here are the highlights:


Sole example of the Abarth at the event was this 500 that I found in one of the car parks.

 photo Picture226_zps5beae823.jpg


The only  “Cobra” on display was this.

 photo Picture229_zps36e52a09.jpg


With a huge Alfa event scheduled to take place at Beaulieu the following day, it was perhaps a bit optimistic to expect too many Alfa, but there were a number of Owners Club cars on show, ranging from a lovely Giulietta Spider, through a 115 series Giulia 2000 GTV to a 916 series GTV and an SZ.

 photo Picture127_zps36516069.jpg  photo Picture129_zps171cd958.jpg  photo Picture128_zpsdfcea534.jpg

Not part of the Alfa Owners club display. this was my favourite Alfa of the day, a lovely AlfaSud Ti. This particular car is one I don’t recall having seen before, but I have been told that there are quite a few of these cars slowly being restored, so it is always possible that this one has only recently returned to the road.

 photo Picture162_zpsfa6eb380.jpg photo Picture294_zps80098d61.jpg  photo Picture293_zpse57d6a62.jpg  photo Picture164_zpsa6f93e2a.jpg  photo Picture163_zps670cbb02.jpg  photo Picture261_zps0b5878b0.jpg


Lone Aston present was this fabulous DB6

 photo Picture126_zps17c06004.jpg  photo Picture186_zps5e7e1fd5.jpg


There were three examples of the ur-Quattro at the event. The pearlescent white one sported “For Sale” signs in the windows. At £15,000 for a car that looked to be in decent condition, this is sure to tempt someone.

 photo Picture001_zps84b0b54b.jpg  photo Picture059_zps561b9485.jpg  photo Picture224_zpsa8e090f6.jpg


This 1940s Eight is a regular at Castle Combe. its owner it would seem being a member of a Calne based Car Club.

 photo Picture290_zps98bbd897.jpg  photo Picture064_zps8260cc4e.jpg

From the 1950s were a couple of Westminster models, the A90 and the later A95.

 photo Picture174_zpsefab406e.jpg  photo Picture003_zps9008d612.jpg  photo Picture268_zps833b8710.jpg  photo Picture159_zps7c614036.jpg  photo Picture002_zpsbc324018.jpg   photo Picture206_zps0f38f9e3.jpg

There were also a duo of the later Farina-styled Cambridge, again with the initial A55 and the later facelifted A60 models on display.

 photo Picture292_zpscdd07645.jpg  photo Picture291_zpsc0fec6c3.jpg  photo Picture269_zps0c265846.jpg  photo Picture160_zps64024be3.jpg  photo Picture004_zps91c98713.jpg  photo Picture069_zpsf9bec3ae.jpg  photo Picture068_zps77d62702.jpg  photo Picture067_zpsfa68f204.jpg photo Picture205_zps6cde312b.jpg  photo Picture175_zps2f67ef43.jpg

Final Austin was an A35 van.

 photo Picture157_zpsf8c5289d.jpg


A good mix of Sprites and “Big Healeys”.

 photo Picture280_zpsbebbeda9.jpg  photo Picture035_zps4fec3ffe.jpg  photo Picture135_zps81a450c0.jpg


A Mark VI.

 photo Picture107_zpsd3156ace.jpg


This Bandit made a very noisy entrance during the early afternoon. The noise from its engine suggests that even if you could get comfortable in such a small car, your ears would not tolerate it for too long at a time.

 photo Picture279_zpseea06c81.jpg


Only a few BMWs present, which is probably quite surprising given the popularity of this marque among enthusiasts, with a pair of 2002 and an E30 325i Sport.

 photo Picture190_zps832d7ce8.jpg  photo Picture189_zps6296760a.jpg  photo Picture188_zps64e93d27.jpg


Several different Bristol models, some more familiar than others. Needing no introduction were the pair of 401 models, and these were joined by a rare 404 Coupe and a 405 Drophead as well as a 411.

 photo Picture180_zps6becc051.jpg  photo Picture056_zps61b1e91c.jpg  photo Picture124_zps6633ac23.jpg  photo Picture125_zpsf62ab620.jpg  photo Picture185_zps018a6e0e.jpg  photo Picture198_zpsd427333f.jpg  photo Picture197_zpsf03cc016.jpg  photo Picture196_zps83107da7.jpg  photo Picture187_zps3e63e9b8.jpg

This rather splendid looking machine is a one-off Bristol special, created relatively recently with a bespoke body that looks like a cross between a Maserati 200S and a Jaguar C Type.

 photo Picture183_zps6cf7bdcc.jpg  photo Picture182_zps82293bcf.jpg  photo Picture181_zpsc0964ce7.jpg

This was a further special, a 1958 Lister-Bristol.

 photo Picture199_zpse201e497.jpg


A rather nice 1969 Skylark model

 photo Picture060_zps131b673e.jpg


As was the case at the 2012 event, the Crossfire Owners Club had a big turnout, with plenty of this short lived Mercedes SLK-based Coupe and Convertible on display.

 photo Picture123_zps47f72637.jpg  photo Picture142_zps4bf2d3c0.jpg  photo Picture141_zps651542c5.jpg  photo Picture140_zpsb92488c1.jpg


A small collection of cars presented by the Fiat Owners Club included a very rare 127 (albeit not quite in original condition), a couple of first generation Pandas, a Uno Selecta, a Tipo Sedicivalvole and a 124 Spider.

 photo Picture109_zpsee3687ef.jpg  photo Picture108_zps729cd200.jpg  photo Picture270_zps5d380582.jpg  photo Picture110_zps118da9e6.jpg  photo Picture111_zps72ac627e.jpg  photo Picture145_zpsc9240583.jpg


Good showing from the Mark 1 Capri Owners Club, with a range of cars from some of the entry level L and XL cars all the way to the limited production RS3100 models.

 photo Picture047_zpscc4b8e3d.jpg  photo Picture046_zpsc171bb8a.jpg  photo Picture278_zps3eeaeeea.jpg  photo Picture277_zps7485e859.jpg  photo Picture045_zps58af6e6f.jpg  photo Picture037_zpsd14fe50e.jpg  photo Picture179_zps94f6dd12.jpg  photo Picture178_zps69f37d9a.jpg photo Picture257_zps24258530.jpg  photo Picture256_zps1527fc10.jpg  photo Picture087_zps7d44ac8c.jpg

There were plenty of sporting Fords from the past 30 years, as you might expect at an event like this.

 photo Picture121_zps0a3a33d4.jpg  photo Picture120_zps9d4abf30.jpg  photo Picture169_zpsf9b87ef9.jpg  photo Picture161_zps0e23f7a6.jpg  photo Picture130_zps930c2a83.jpg   photo Picture119_zps93a05a9d.jpg  photo Picture118_zps34279eb9.jpg  photo Picture085_zpsd7025847.jpg  photo Picture084_zps1fd34e3c.jpg  photo Picture083_zps3eef12ea.jpg  photo Picture082_zps666773a4.jpg  photo Picture058_zps6660fbbd.jpg  photo Picture057_zpsf8e5fefc.jpg  photo Picture245_zps5c0293d1.jpg  photo Picture228_zps31b35637.jpg

There was also a first generation Mustang.

 photo Picture054_zps4a7f8759.jpg



 photo Picture211_zpsc0b83e9b.jpg


The little Libra sports car, a kit car based on Fiesta components.

 photo Picture048_zps4e608389.jpg


Strong showing from the Avenger owners, with 4 Tigers joined by a number of other models.

 photo Picture053_zpsd0bfd378.jpg  photo Picture052_zps3237a373.jpg  photo Picture051_zps51472168.jpg  photo Picture050_zps4a081b03.jpg  photo Picture049_zps0cc326d7.jpg  photo Picture144_zpsba37cf78.jpg  photo Picture143_zpsbbde9de1.jpg

The Imp owners had a number of cars on show, but most of them were actually Sunbeam Stilettos and so are presented here under the correct marque heading. This one was a Hillman.

 photo Picture193_zpsbced4641.jpg


As was the case last year, there were some early diminutive Honda here, with a Z joined by the S800 Coupe and Convertible

 photo Picture055_zps6b9d1213.jpg  photo Picture260_zps5e1e03da.jpg  photo Picture258_zps7d7628c8.jpg  photo Picture259_zps52a69b4f.jpg  photo Picture122_zpsb513773d.jpg


There were a nice collection of E Types on show.

 photo Picture007_zpsb4c38498.jpg  photo Picture010_zpse47598d3.jpg  photo Picture288_zps312a1f04.jpg  photo Picture006_zpsbd53b196.jpg  photo Picture005_zps464bb910.jpg  photo Picture263_zps655a04b9.jpg

The XK8 is still an elegant looking design, even if it will not be long before it marks its 20th anniversary. These cars have become almost instant classics, and deservedly so.

 photo Picture009_zps9b347bb1.jpg  photo Picture008_zps0b9f41fb.jpg

Other Jaguar included an XK140 and a series 1 XJ6.

 photo Picture146_zps2ce44687.jpg  photo Picture287_zps83f154a8.jpg  photo Picture218_zps9db9e69c.jpg


A splendid M45 Tourer.

 photo Picture184_zps4b37b875.jpg


This late model Y10 was in the car park when I went back to my car to get water and food at lunchtime. It was gone not a lot later.

 photo Picture170_zpse202138f.jpg


A big display of Seven models, celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Owners Club. Most of the cars on show were Caterham rather than the original Lotus.

 photo Picture079_zpsca2fb65d.jpg  photo Picture078_zps5f5103c7.jpg  photo Picture077_zps8f707bea.jpg  photo Picture076_zpsabf392d4.jpg  photo Picture249_zps0ce630f9.jpg  photo Picture248_zps91e4e6ac.jpg  photo Picture247_zps0d704e78.jpg  photo Picture246_zpsc12a65cb.jpg

There were not many other Lotus models at the event, though I did enjoy both the Elans, the Esprit  and the bright yellow Evora was a late arrival.

 photo Picture036_zpsc288a303.jpg  photo Picture254_zps0c69688c.jpg  photo Picture286_zpsf6e73a39.jpg photo Picture168_zpsb80260c6.jpg  photo Picture132_zpsd444a1d6.jpg  photo Picture255_zps4e481ee0.jpg  photo Picture253_zpsad63bb0b.jpg


The Marcos Owners Club had a particularly comprehensive array of cars on show. Most of them were from the 1990s rebirth era, but there were a few earlier models as well.

 photo Picture073_zpsfd855352.jpg  photo Picture072_zpsff8f76b2.jpg  photo Picture013_zps7f45f94d.jpg  photo Picture012_zps8dcf20ba.jpg  photo Picture011_zpsae6dd460.jpg  photo Picture148_zpsa29b3cd6.jpg  photo Picture147_zpsc4530b3f.jpg


The local MX5 Owners club had quite a number of cars at the event, almost none of which were what you might call “original”.

 photo Picture215_zps716afa58.jpg  photo Picture214_zps7afc977a.jpg


A small number of Mercedes included mainly some recent cars, but there were some nice SL models as well.

 photo Picture177_zpsbf125383.jpg


There were a lot of MGF and TF cars on show.

 photo Picture116_zpsdedf2dbe.jpg  photo Picture115_zpsb751596b.jpg  photo Picture114_zps8367ab44.jpg  photo Picture113_zpsad67ad2d.jpg  photo Picture112_zps01cafccf.jpg

There was a large area allocated for the ZT/260 Owners, but only four cars were actually occupying it.

 photo Picture074_zps645a6db2.jpg

Not surprisingly there were plenty of MGBs and the more recent MGR V8.

 photo Picture231_zps2c2c07aa.jpg  photo Picture251_zps928739c2.jpg  photo Picture172_zps71c54914.jpg  photo Picture171_zps280bd236.jpg  photo Picture200_zps979f9e33.jpg

This is a pre-war model, the precise type of which I am not sure.

 photo Picture266_zpse3cd6612.jpg


There were several classic Minis, some more original than others.

 photo Picture139_zps486eb768.jpg  photo Picture138_zpsc7005af5.jpg


Rally Day is the Castle Combe when you can expect to see literally hundreds of Mitsubishis, but as a taster of that event, there was one Evo IV model at this event.

 photo Picture202_zpsfc305f61.jpg


There were a couple of Morris Minors, both saloons.

 photo Picture080_zps112914aa.jpg  photo Picture210_zps7a48a79c.jpg


An interesting array of Manta and Ascona cars, with one first generation Manta joined by several of the longer-in-production second generation car.

 photo Picture044_zpsc8ba3cb6.jpg  photo Picture042_zps12832277.jpg  photo Picture041_zps2a8a3346.jpg  photo Picture040_zpsfec3efff.jpg  photo Picture039_zpseceef108.jpg  photo Picture038_zps4562b36e.jpg

There was also a rather nice Monza GS/E.

 photo Picture043_zps0ffb5926.jpg


Club Peugeot had a small display area, where the dominant model was the much loved 205 GTi, three red examples of which were on display.  There was also a nice 306 GTi

 photo Picture223_zps988e42c8.jpg  photo Picture222_zps5743546e.jpg  photo Picture221_zps6c8c3bdf.jpg  photo Picture220_zps2fa13bb7.jpg  photo Picture219_zps092b4738.jpg  photo Picture137_zpsefacf5c4.jpg  photo Picture136_zpsc69dadad.jpg


This was yet another event which marked the 50th anniversary of the 911 with a large display of all generations of the model, and then a special parade of almost all of them at lunchtime.

 photo Picture034_zps69c9ba6c.jpg  photo Picture032_zpsf6a2c860.jpg  photo Picture285_zpscb8d3c08.jpg   photo Picture281_zps84c72367.jpg  photo Picture276_zpsafd128af.jpg  photo Picture282_zps7ad76a94.jpg  photo Picture031_zpsdb4c20c9.jpg  photo Picture030_zps6ea89d64.jpg  photo Picture029_zps2564d277.jpg  photo Picture028_zps7f0fc4aa.jpg  photo Picture027_zps03ea9626.jpg  photo Picture026_zps9bc488a4.jpg  photo Picture098_zps5ae5701f.jpg  photo Picture097_zpsa82686c9.jpg  photo Picture096_zpsf6a18fb3.jpg  photo Picture095_zps8bf78538.jpg  photo Picture101_zps91527a3b.jpg  photo Picture100_zps8c622868.jpg  photo Picture099_zps5ba8cb7d.jpg  photo Picture092_zps45ab6cc4.jpg  photo Picture091_zpsa858c78a.jpg  photo Picture088_zpsc6ccbd5e.jpg photo Picture241_zps99c5e1fb.jpg  photo Picture240_zpscb0adbc5.jpg  photo Picture239_zpsa6613575.jpg  photo Picture238_zps367fcd79.jpg  photo Picture237_zps9aecf368.jpg  photo Picture236_zpse2c8317a.jpg  photo Picture243_zpseac1c5e2.jpg  photo Picture242_zpsad381bd7.jpg  photo Picture134_zpsbbbab6ca.jpg  photo Picture131_zps84238808.jpg

There were plenty of other Porsche models on show, too.

 photo Picture033_zps79e0144a.jpg  photo Picture094_zpsecc61895.jpg  photo Picture093_zps2f5681d6.jpg  photo Picture090_zps4e12c194.jpg  photo Picture089_zps7828a580.jpg

A separate display was for 356-type cars. Few of these were original, most were recreations, though all of them seemed to be quite well done.

 photo Picture063_zps48340b8a.jpg  photo Picture062_zpse5641f82.jpg  photo Picture061_zps99283a4d.jpg


A quartet of Scimitar models showed the evolution of this popular sports hatch, from the early SE5 cars through to the SE6 and one of the last Middlebridge models that was made after the original Reliant company had ceased trading.

 photo Picture262_zpsc2a8f06a.jpg  photo Picture025_zpsbbb8906a.jpg  photo Picture024_zps9c187cca.jpg  photo Picture023_zps520cb5a0.jpg  photo Picture022_zps86c324ae.jpg


A nice P6 model 2000 TC.

 photo Picture250_zps9f5e20bb.jpg


There were a number of modified SAAB competing out on the track, and there were a few left behind in the static display.

 photo Picture216_zpsfa0ecf4e.jpg


The Ten, a slightly less spartan version of the small car offered in the 1950s, antecedent to the Triumph Herald.

 photo Picture217_zps8a6e256f.jpg


There were a number of Imp based Stiletto models on show.

 photo Picture195_zps56b172f1.jpg  photo Picture194_zpsdb6d5cc4.jpg  photo Picture192_zps1a799316.jpg  photo Picture191_zps0ac09ac3.jpg

A very nicely presented Rapier Series IV.

 photo Picture133_zps5a62345a.jpg


A variety of Triumph cars on show, ranging from Vitesse through several Stags to a rare survivor from the last ever Triumph model, the Acclaim.

 photo Picture066_zps1b083b1f.jpg  photo Picture117_zps12f9690a.jpg  photo Picture075_zps66f315d1.jpg photo Picture166_zps81663d1c.jpg  photo Picture081_zpsbd80f122.jpg  photo Picture158_zpsf578505a.jpg  photo Picture176_zpsa9e9db49.jpg  photo Picture225_zpse09fdd6d.jpg  photo Picture165_zpsa6b1275e.jpg  photo Picture264_zps0ba95ae3.jpg

This Herald is a recreation of one of the fleet of 6 such cars that were acquired by Monmouthshire Constabulary for local police work. Despite the fact that they were only used for short journeys, the cars amassed a vast mileage within a matter of months, and were then withdrawn from service, not to be seen again, though the concept of the “Panda Car” became popular all over the country.

 photo Picture086_zps52bacc11.jpg  photo Picture213_zps0dc2f2f6.jpg  photo Picture212_zpsb7a4503e.jpg


TVR were also well represented, as you might expect, with the earliest car on show being a Vixen from 1970, and the majority being from the 1990s and 2000s.

 photo Picture105_zps65e73505.jpg  photo Picture104_zpsf9a5ceaa.jpg  photo Picture265_zps75f5eaea.jpg  photo Picture252_zpsda29b34a.jpg  photo Picture227_zps366bea9a.jpg  photo Picture103_zps2b472f76.jpg  photo Picture167_zps6f63b37d.jpg         photo Picture102_zps1ad8ad31.jpg  photo Picture021_zpsdb2e9b24.jpg  photo Picture020_zps1c7cd7cf.jpg  photo Picture019_zpsaaa0c475.jpg  photo Picture018_zpsff9a86f7.jpg  photo Picture017_zpsbc861a21.jpg  photo Picture016_zps8046a33c.jpg  photo Picture015_zpsce39ae9d.jpg  photo Picture014_zpsa5e23398.jpg  photo Picture204_zpsbc34f6cd.jpg  photo Picture203_zps905c27c4.jpg photo Picture106_zps0e836d8a.jpg  photo Picture235_zps8b4b24da.jpg  photo Picture234_zps47de1c5d.jpg  photo Picture233_zps5a04ebe1.jpg  photo Picture232_zpsa877af75.jpg  photo Picture149_zps49619d7c.jpg


Arriving in mid afternoon was this rather nice FD series Victor.

 photo Picture209_zpsa0eef310.jpg  photo Picture208_zps971aee96.jpg  photo Picture207_zpsc26027da.jpg

The CD version of the first front wheel drive Cavalier was the sort of upgrade that many company cars aspired to in the early 1980s. They are a rare sighting now.

 photo Picture201_zpse941d54e.jpg


At first I walked straight past this new Beetle, and then I turned on my heels and returned, as I realised it was one of the rare RSi cars. Ferociously expensive when new, only a small number were made.

 photo Picture244_zps381181de.jpg


A 131 “Amazon”.

 photo Picture289_zps87661036.jpg  photo Picture065_zps31fce590.jpg


Parked up with the Cambridges and Westminsters was this early Farina-styled 15/60.

 photo Picture071_zpse8cf8470.jpg  photo Picture267_zps1e332bad.jpg  photo Picture070_zpsc475dcd0.jpg  photo Picture173_zps4b1a3c02.jpg

This Hornet was parked up alongside the track.

 photo Picture230_zps0d3e2d83.jpg


A series of 6 vintage buses, brought along by the Bristol Vintage Bus Club were attracting a lot of interest as static exhibits. A couple of them made very sedate laps around the track during the day, taking 4 minutes and 30 seconds to do a lap, which is about 3 minutes more than most of the cars. A lap in one of these at 40 – 50 mph was probably more alarming than in a race car at more than double that speed! I did think of trying to get a ride, but such was the demand that when I got to the bus, it was full!

 photo Picture274_zps23aa6bd5.jpg  photo Picture273_zps8b3113f2.jpg photo Picture283_zpsd4a079eb.jpg  photo Picture155_zps68e20204.jpg  photo Picture154_zpscb70995a.jpg  photo Picture272_zpsdbfc3c1a.jpg  photo Picture271_zpsa61fff6a.jpg  photo Picture153_zps6f940872.jpg  photo Picture156_zpse646bc84.jpg  photo Picture284_zps4c23214f.jpg  photo Picture152_zps0d07b062.jpg  photo Picture151_zpsea93664f.jpg  photo Picture275_zpse6e19aa4.jpg  photo Picture150_zps364337b7.jpg

This was a very enjoyable event. The good weather certainly helped, but even without the benefit of the sun (and I was not entirely convinced it was pure benefit when I realised what it had done to the back of my neck!), the variety of cars on show, the friendly ambience and the constant change of what was on the track made this a lot of fun. I will be monitoring the 2014 date more closely when doing my event planning.

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