Moving Motor Show at Goodwood Festival of Speed – June 2013

2013 marks the 20th anniversary of the Goodwood Festival of Speed. What started out as a relatively small scale event, held on just one day, where the organisers wondered “if people would even come” has grown into something of world renown, held over three days, where capacity crowds can enjoy seeing some of the world’s rarest, most beautiful and fastest cars along with a number of past and current motor sport heroes and other celebrities. A couple of years ago, the event was further augmented by the addition of a fourth day to the schedule, the so called Moving Motor Show, which as well as allowing manufacturers to showcase their latest products, also provided an admittedly small number of attendees to get the chance to test the cars around a specially created circuit. There is an added bonus that attendees at this event get to see many of the cars that will feature for the rest of the Festival, albeit as static exhibits rather than in action, without having to contend with the huge crowds that now characterise the weekend. Having enjoyed my visit to the Moving Motor Show in 2012, there was no way that I was going to miss it in 2013. That the event happened to take place during a period of genuine summer weather was a bonus. In nearly 12 hours on site, I managed to take 600 photos, and to avail myself of hospitality which ranged from cold drinks (thank you, Audi), to freshly made ice cream (delicious, Skoda), ice lollies and a free torch for answering 5 easy questions (Ford) and a cup of coffee from Peugeot. Had time permitted, there was so much one that I could have done. As it was, I know that despite seeing a lot, there was plenty I missed, and some things I vowed to return for better photo opportunities when the sun had moved round, and yet never did. Here then is what I did manage to see.


One of the many highlights of the Festival of Speed is the annual creation of a crowd-stopping sculpture on the lawn in front of the house. Gerry Judah has been applying his creative talents to this on an annual basis since 1998, and always manages to come up with something which is not only different, but very striking. Although the theme selected for the sculpture is widely known well in advance of the event, the actual creation is a real surprise, only seen once the Festival opens. This year it was the Porsche 911 that got the star billing with three different models from the 50 years of production, a 1963 911, a 1973 911 2.7 RS and the latest 2013 991 model all suspended 35 metres up in the air on some tall and relatively thin looking supports. This structure was at least as striking as those in previous years. Although you could see where holes had been dug into the ground to secure the metal work, we did wonder how on earth the cars are secured into position quite so high in the air. The whole construction weighs a not inconsiderable 22 tonnes.

 photo Picture165_zps0105523e.jpg  photo Picture166_zps1767bafe.jpg  photo Picture047_zps207a02bd.jpg  photo Picture046_zpsa70fe7be.jpg  photo Picture045_zps7afbaca8.jpg  photo Picture044_zpsc95bdb09.jpg  photo Picture043_zpsf5109246.jpg  photo Picture040_zpse50508b7.jpg  photo Picture039_zps6d84f924.jpg  photo Picture038_zps277b3d19.jpg  photo Picture167_zps2eccd8ee.jpg  photo Picture168_zpsaa34fd2d.jpg

A phenomenal achievement in its own right, but although gazing at this in awe for some time really does seem appropriate, there is plenty more to see. Read on.


With no UK Motor Show any more, this event is probably the nearest thing that we have in Britain, so it was no surprise that there were plenty of UK and even global debuts taking place. Most of the manufacturers were present, with the major notable absentees being Vauxhall, Fiat and Kia among the volume sellers. As last year, there were two parts to the new car displays: a large hall near the main entrance gate contained relatively small display areas on either side of the area where test cars were collected to set off around the track; and then on the other side of that test track, there were a number of much larger display stands, many of which were elaborate and complex constructions. Some manufacturers were present in both areas, others only in one, and which one depended on whether they had cars available to test or not. Most of them had concentrated their displays on a subset of the range, generally with a focus on the more sporting models, so this was not as complete a showing as you would find at a traditional Motor Show. In what turned out to be the right strategy, we decided to visit the indoor display area at the end of the day on the way back to the car. This meant absolutely no crowds and more or less complete access to the cars, as well as meaning that early in the day while everyone was crowding around this area near to where they had come in, we got less obstruction in viewing some of the other exhibits.


No chance to look at the Abarths, as they were moving cars around when we arrived back at their area very late in the day, but as I am very familiar with the current range, and unlike last year, there was nothing that was brand new to see, I contented myself with a few photos.

 photo Picture586_zpsc8cb91b6.jpg  photo Picture588_zpsbf72e37c.jpg  photo Picture587_zpsebfff73c.jpg


Just two cars were inside the large Alfa exhibit, a Tipo 33/2 and the new and eagerly awaited 4C Competizione. Alfa are still being somewhat coy about some of the details of their new sports car, but with production starting soon, it cannot be too long before all is divulged. A second 4C was in one of the other tents.

 photo Picture339_zps85c14038.jpg  photo Picture338_zps1060281b.jpg  photo Picture336_zpsf3829216.jpg  photo Picture337_zps9b3c4a82.jpg  photo Picture335_zpscbe5a31a.jpg  photo Picture334_zpsc6c79897.jpg  photo Picture333_zpsd438152c.jpg  photo Picture332_zpsc92e3224.jpg

Outside the main display, there were both a Giulietta and a MiTo.

 photo Picture340_zpsee9625f3.jpg


Audi’s huge stand must have taken some considerable time to construct. This year all the exhibits were outside, even though there was a substantial indoor area as well. With their vast range, they had picked out mostly the newer models for people to see.

Yet to go on sale in the UK is the A3 Saloon and the new S3. The former makes an interesting contrast with Mercedes’ similarly sized CLA. Far less stylised, so some will see the Audi as dull (though as I do not like the CLA at all, I may see the neat lines as infinitely preferable), the real difference is that 4 people can actually get in the Audi and they will be comfortable once inside it, neither of which feats are possible with the CLA. According to the German press, the Audi is the better car in almost every respect, unless you happen to like its contrived styling.

 photo Picture418_zps3969dd72.jpg  photo Picture309_zps6179641f.jpg  photo Picture310_zps8b771136.jpg

There were a couple of RS6 Avants, one outside and one indoors to inspect. Very nice, I have to say.

 photo Picture312_zpsda05c54c.jpg  photo Picture311_zps1fca3017.jpg  photo Picture422_zpsb14a80cc.jpg  photo Picture524_zpse727f052.jpg  photo Picture523_zpsdea4a0f3.jpg  photo Picture522_zpsf942af4b.jpg  photo Picture521_zps6e5c91eb.jpg  photo Picture520_zps98810064.jpg  photo Picture519_zps163ba991.jpg

Other models on show ranged from the S4 Avant to the RS5, the S7, the S8 and the regular A1 and A6, as well as the RS Q3 and SQ5.

 photo Picture421_zpscb670886.jpg  photo Picture420_zps10729d46.jpg  photo Picture417_zps3765e99f.jpg photo Picture314_zps0ca87b97.jpg  photo Picture313_zps35245220.jpg  photo Picture416_zps05bc9c80.jpg  photo Picture419_zps462acdc8.jpg

I also liked this R8 V10 Plus.

 photo Picture527_zpsc3e08e29.jpg  photo Picture526_zps022af224.jpg  photo Picture525_zps56e05b35.jpg


Examples of the road cars were on show outside, but were always crowded, so defied photography. I could get to the Continental GT3, though.

 photo Picture323_zps02948b37.jpg  photo Picture322_zps8b425467.jpg


Newest car on the stand was an example of the 3 Series GT. Although less ungainly than the larger 5GT, I still do not find this a particularly elegant car from all angles, but there is no denying that it is spacious, thanks largely to the fact that it is based on the long wheelbase Chinese market 3.

 photo Picture331_zps1cc538d5.jpg

Elegance certainly is the word for this one, though, the lovely Pininfarina Gran Lusso Coupe concept. Heaven knows how expensive it would be were BMW to build it, but given the positive reactions to its styling, I am sure it is being given serious consideration.

 photo Picture328_zpsfeb5fda8.jpg  photo Picture327_zps1cd186ec.jpg  photo Picture326_zps49ee9612.jpg  photo Picture325_zps957054aa.jpg

Among the M cars were one of the last ever M3 Coupes, an M5 and the nice, but oh so expensive at £97,500 M6 Gran Coupe. Another of these was in one of the tents.

 photo Picture330_zpsc716b5c6.jpg  photo Picture329_zpscde66114.jpg  photo Picture324_zps214ad961.jpg  photo Picture513_zps0c8940a8.jpg  photo Picture488_zps393e700a.jpg  photo Picture487_zps95852634.jpg

In the Moving Motor Show tent, centre piece of the display was Andy Priaulx’s DTM 3 Series racer.

 photo Picture512_zpsc46c7db9.jpg


Tucked away at the back of the stand, hidden behind the Brabus modified Smart forTwo and the CLS Shooting Brake was a lovely “pagoda” W107 230SL.

 photo Picture465_zps284945a9.jpg  photo Picture464_zpsd44b9132.jpg  photo Picture466_zps7dd395d8.jpg


Latest offering here is the 620R, a £50,000 version of the long-lived Seven design that will replace the R500 with an even more extreme and focused sports car.

 photo Picture441_zps4a007612.jpg  photo Picture442_zpsc3ad8adc.jpg  photo Picture440_zps4f87498c.jpg


Centrepiece of this stand was the DS3 Racing Cabrio. Officially still a concept, and the only example in existence, which is why the stand staff were being so protective of the car, I can’t see why this will not go into production, especially since demand for the hatch version was such that 2400 cars were produced instead of the initially planned 400! Be warned, though, all indications are that there won’t be much change out of £30,000 if its does.

 photo Picture017_zpsa235f5b7.jpg  photo Picture016_zps873c7de4.jpg

The stand also featured regular DS3 hatch and cabrio cars.

 photo Picture439_zps7efb08e4.jpg  photo Picture438_zps53a5947e.jpg  photo Picture020_zps0f57d5c8.jpg  photo Picture019_zps76bf6bc0.jpg  photo Picture018_zpsf9e77d9a.jpg  photo Picture015_zpsc4338a54.jpg

Upstairs was a 2CV.

 photo Picture022_zpsce9cff62.jpg  photo Picture021_zps9d8f6a29.jpg  photo Picture023_zps946cfda8.jpg

In the Moving Motor Show, we came across the new C4 Picasso. Distinctive, for sure.

 photo Picture584_zps6cad0894.jpg  photo Picture583_zps58e2cc71.jpg  photo Picture585_zps701e0ca5.jpg


An assembly of Sandero and Duster were available to test out.

 photo Picture514_zpsd24e6423.jpg  photo Picture528_zps387903c3.jpg

Making its UK debut was the Logan MCV.

 photo Picture530_zps2d21d276.jpg


Three models were to be found inside the Moving Motor Show, a 458 Italia, a California and the all new F12 Berlinetta.

 photo Picture562_zps6ecab09e.jpg  photo Picture556_zpsf3a01b27.jpg  photo Picture555_zps0b18b3b2.jpg photo Picture559_zps7badfb3e.jpg  photo Picture563_zps4638f1b3.jpg  photo Picture561_zpsa3fb0d34.jpg  photo Picture560_zps78fd00e9.jpg  photo Picture558_zps3d51d8fc.jpg  photo Picture557_zpse6da0162.jpg


Ford’s outdoor stand was unmissable. A huge three storey construction, it had an extensive sun lounge on the top deck, which was the perfect place to consume the ice lolly that they had given me on the ground floor!

 photo Picture437_zpsc7464fd5.jpg

That was after looking at a pre-production example of the new Mondeo, a very elegant looking large family hatch which is still at least a year away from European showrooms.

 photo Picture436_zps8768de2a.jpg  photo Picture435_zpsf58e0a84.jpg

Coming before that will be the European version of the EcoSport, a slightly gawky looking small SUV that I suspect will sell quite well. I understand that the first models are due to arrive in 4th Quarter and that the range will gradually be expanded in 2014 with a choice of engines and different trim levels.

 photo Picture026_zpsa2fc3141.jpg  photo Picture025_zps5c857846.jpg

Other examples of the range featured, including several of the highly praised Fiesta ST and the Grand C-Max.

 photo Picture027_zps504be521.jpg  photo Picture024_zps0de9aa0b.jpg  photo Picture549_zpsffed69ba.jpg  photo Picture546_zps25b97131.jpg  photo Picture545_zps84010f89.jpg

Inside the Moving Motor Show, there was a fabulous Fiesta XR2, a low mileage car which had recently been offered to Ford to join its historic fleet.

 photo Picture548_zps31a723d8.jpg  photo Picture544_zpsa867ac03.jpg  photo Picture543_zps626395b3.jpg  photo Picture542_zpsc118d320.jpg


With a presence solely inside the Moving Motor Show hall, the emphasis here seemed to be on the Civic, with numerous of this rather gawky and sometimes very pricey C-segment hatch available for inspection and test drives.

 photo Picture541_zps2b77b4aa.jpg  photo Picture540_zps5db170c2.jpg


Only represented in the indoor display, there were several of the slow selling Veloster available to test, along with the i40 and the latest Santa Fe.

 photo Picture535_zps614f59fd.jpg  photo Picture534_zpse010dead.jpg  photo Picture532_zpsb004f2c8.jpg  photo Picture531_zps3124bdf6.jpg

They also had the ix35 Fuel Cell prototype on show.

 photo Picture533_zps7a7b5afa.jpg


Big things are expected of the new Q50 when it launches later in the year, and I noted that the two cars on display both sported 2.2 Diesel badging which should give them a huge head start over dread rivals Lexus. The cars were attracting lots of interest which is probably why I have no photos and had to content myself with the other models from the range that were displayed.

 photo Picture361_zpscb0b6db4.jpg

The stand included the concept Emerg-e which is said to give us a clue as to what we might see in the forthcoming Q30 premium hatch model.

 photo Picture360_zpsb0eefc90.jpg


Needless to say, the focus here was on the new F Type, with both complete cars as well as a cutaway and a sculpture version to see. Just lovely!

 photo Picture344_zpsa157cd21.jpg  photo Picture347_zps7ee5f6c6.jpg  photo Picture346_zps19f86ab5.jpg  photo Picture345_zpsc09c2215.jpg

Other models on show included the new XJR as well as XF and XK models.

 photo Picture343_zps82e49a2f.jpg  photo Picture342_zps4ee667de.jpg  photo Picture341_zps17bf4721.jpg

In one of the tents there was an XFR and an XFR-S. Lovely!

 photo Picture483_zpsc6a98399.jpg  photo Picture482_zpse0ef4645.jpg  photo Picture481_zps56383f92.jpg  photo Picture480_zps1254ff33.jpg


Land-Rover had erected a vast stand and an adjoining off-road course, and the new Range-Rover Sport was available for people to put through its paces. This is a great looking car, but may be ruined by the image created by the people who will buy it.

 photo Picture390_zpsc23d7650.jpg  photo Picture409_zps6109121c.jpg   photo Picture405_zps70580818.jpg  photo Picture403_zps31af66f8.jpg  photo Picture402_zps6053614c.jpg  photo Picture401_zps816d8699.jpg  photo Picture398_zpsd1970db4.jpg  photo Picture397_zpsb9c3fb4c.jpg  photo Picture400_zps8777cd6f.jpg  photo Picture399_zps36c4ce3b.jpg  photo Picture396_zps27b5c3e9.jpg  photo Picture404_zps0e5a45ad.jpg  photo Picture395_zpsd51089de.jpg  photo Picture394_zpsd1c8353a.jpg  photo Picture393_zps327ed37f.jpg  photo Picture392_zpsea255671.jpg  photo Picture391_zps69b54852.jpg  photo Picture389_zpsd57c3042.jpg  photo Picture492_zps83a43a45.jpg  photo Picture491_zps4ec63364.jpg

The rest of the range was well represented, too, and there was an early Series 1 car on the approach to the stand.

 photo Picture406_zps56f6ecac.jpg  photo Picture408_zps15189205.jpg  photo Picture407_zpsd596152b.jpg


The new IS model goes on sale within the next few days, so the stand here was proudly showing it off. From the inside, all appears well, and I was intrigued by the party piece of being able to move the main speedo display from the centre to the right of the instrument cluster. Very clever. The rest of the interior is quite neat, too. But the outside. Oh dear. My suspicion is that in Europe this car will sell as well, or rather as badly, as its predecessor.

 photo Picture353_zpsf8594625.jpg  photo Picture352_zpsdb32afbd.jpg  photo Picture351_zps81e56599.jpg  photo Picture350_zpsff9c6f18.jpg  photo Picture349_zps51e0d710.jpg  photo Picture037_zps2dd28ed7.jpg  photo Picture036_zps11a327e9.jpg  photo Picture035_zpsfa7fdb36.jpg  photo Picture571_zps9bf3fc7c.jpg photo Picture547_zps59a46d40.jpg  photo Picture570_zps1e42eda8.jpg

That’s what appears to have happened with the GS, launched a year ago. In absolute terms, apparently, it’s quite a good steer, but a 2.5 litre petrol or an expensive hybrid as the only available models shows that Lexus just don’t care about Europe at all.

 photo Picture574_zpsfaa8a3e1.jpg  photo Picture573_zps2d11ce18.jpg  photo Picture572_zps8258863b.jpg

The familiar RX and CT were also on display.

 photo Picture034_zps9a438126.jpg  photo Picture348_zps3614a67e.jpg


A confident display for a manufacturer whose future looks anything but. There were Exige V6 Coupe and Roadster cars on show.

 photo Picture434_zps4a8c6d54.jpg  photo Picture429_zps4e76f6dc.jpg  photo Picture433_zps959da019.jpg  photo Picture432_zpsbfb05804.jpg  photo Picture431_zps2ffcdf91.jpg  photo Picture430_zpscffc8ef5.jpg


To celebrate 50 years of the Quattroporte, Maserati had arranged a line of cars showing the evolution of the model through the ages, with the latest car taking is place at the end of the line.

 photo Picture239_zpse209c6f2.jpg  photo Picture241_zpsba6cde6e.jpg  photo Picture262_zpsd07dcb15.jpg  photo Picture242_zps1c569d08.jpg  photo Picture243_zps8496218f.jpg  photo Picture244_zps420d4855.jpg  photo Picture260_zps015afd9a.jpg  photo Picture261_zps4c528dda.jpg  photo Picture264_zps131dc4ec.jpg  photo Picture263_zps3e2977b5.jpg  photo Picture240_zpsd7b8dae4.jpg  photo Picture238_zpscf36355d.jpg

Lovely though they all are, it was the new Ghibli, added to the end of the row which I really wanted to see. And now I have, and have sat in it, I am even more convinced than ever that this car could – corporate Fleet Management policy willing – be a serious contender to replace the S5 in 2016. It really does feel special inside, with a lovely standard of finish, and all the press reports suggest it will drive pretty well, too. My interest is logged with Maserati and I look forward to receiving more details as they become available. A second example was on show in one of the tents.

 photo Picture268_zps895bec06.jpg  photo Picture267_zpsc34c1c88.jpg  photo Picture266_zps3aa3a204.jpg  photo Picture265_zps81123531.jpg  photo Picture478_zps9c6514a6.jpg  photo Picture477_zpsa65ba395.jpg  photo Picture476_zps92001cac.jpg  photo Picture475_zps0819dc62.jpg


The large stand, the first we came to on crossing the track, contained only AMG models. The stand lady I spoke could not understand my problem with the CLA, even though I showed her not only how difficult it is to get in the back, but that my head was so unpleasantly jammed into the roof lining that I hope I never have to travel in one for any distance. I told her it was a pity that this car promised so much but that it really is not designed for anyone bigger than teenage kids to sit in the back seats. that’s before we get to the dash which looks like someone stuck an iPad on it (but that seems to be the latest fashion, so Mercedes are far from the only culprits).

 photo Picture010_zpsb00edd49.jpg  photo Picture005_zps38b0f3f5.jpg

There was an A45 AMG alongside it, and this suffers none of the packaging problems of the CLA. It is a very pricey car indeed, though.

 photo Picture002_zpsbaac8e98.jpg

Far more costly, but probably worth every penny is the SLS AMG GT, which was the stand centrepiece. Still a stunning car to took at.

 photo Picture006_zps40c16e25.jpg  photo Picture004_zps758fbae4.jpg  photo Picture003_zps37470efc.jpg

Other AMG cars included a C63 Coupe, a CLS 63 Shooting Brake

 photo Picture008_zpsb0a014ec.jpg  photo Picture007_zps3f4381eb.jpg  photo Picture013_zpsf0b61f6d.jpg  photo Picture012_zps8926b6d6.jpg

This latest GL 63AMG was on show indoors and there was a regular GL 350 CDI model parked up by the entrance to the Moving Motor Show when we finally left in the evening.

 photo Picture014_zpscc6d3c87.jpg  photo Picture009_zpsa28de8ae.jpg  photo Picture600_zpsa5a795d3.jpg

The W222 S Class was on the stand, and was attracting a lot of interest. I regret the droopy rear end styling, but inside, it is very luxurious and comfortable, just as you expect an S Class to be.

Mercedes also had one of their Formula 1 cars on display.

 photo Picture011_zpsa09d46d4.jpg

Another A45 AMG was to be found in one of the tents.

 photo Picture486_zps298c24fc.jpg  photo Picture485_zps1365c0ff.jpg  photo Picture484_zps0012f1df.jpg


Reflecting the enormous contribution that this tyre giant has brought to motor sport over many years, Michelin had an interesting assembly of cars on this stand, as well as plenty of information about this famous tyre maker’s products. Attention was grabbed by a Sport Quattro S1 on the front corner of the display.

 photo Picture367_zps4dab938b.jpg  photo Picture369_zps84db5a15.jpg

Head further onto the stand, and as well as as Fiesta WRC, there was Fernando Alonso’ Formula 1 championship winning Renault, the 2012 Le Mans Audi R18 e-tron and deeper inside the stand, the Exagon Furtive e-GT and others.

 photo Picture368_zps8241701a.jpg  photo Picture370_zps29247ac7.jpg  photo Picture373_zpsba0fac89.jpg  photo Picture372_zps019cc453.jpg  photo Picture374_zps572fc362.jpg  photo Picture371_zpsd6c7f5d1.jpg


A large stand, with examples of every different body style, as well as classic Mini. Had an interesting chat with one of the stand staff who said that a surprising number of people are buying the top spec Paceman, even though this can mean £30,000 or more. Indeed one of the cars on show had a price tag of £36,000. 36 grand for a MINI. Gosh!

 photo Picture359_zpsd537d2de.jpg  photo Picture358_zps309eca6e.jpg  photo Picture355_zps4b6f43a7.jpg  photo Picture357_zpsa49c831f.jpg  photo Picture356_zps068c4099.jpg  photo Picture354_zps4dda86ea.jpg


Nissan are putting a lot of effort into establishing the Nismo brand and judging by the sales success of Juke Nismo, it would seem to be paying off.

 photo Picture028_zpsc75bb704.jpg  photo Picture529_zps8179a7e5.jpg  photo Picture592_zps955ead2b.jpg

Upstairs, along side an example of the familiar Leaf, there was an example of what Nissan called “the future of motor racing”, the all electric Zero Emissions On Demand Zeod RC. What surprised me was just how tiny it is.

 photo Picture031_zpsb87c5ef4.jpg  photo Picture030_zps9c3368fb.jpg  photo Picture029_zps703340a5.jpg

The new Note was making its UK debut. Nissan want us to think of this as a true Fiesta rival (tacit admission that the Micra. which used to fulfil that role has moved to some other position in the market where it is justly and rightfully shunned). It still looks awfully like the old car and more of a contender for the older Meriva (before it got big), Fusion, Modus type of customer, despite what any marketeer says. At least shown of the stupid body kit that the press launch cars had, it does look quite neat if rather bland.

 photo Picture033_zps1266a3c4.jpg  photo Picture032_zpsc4b83dd7.jpg


With the UK debut of the RCZ-R, Peugeot were no doubt hoping to make a big splash. And they were doing so, but far more of the splash came from the centre of their stand, where they had erected a massive tank, and those who wanted to cool off could have a go a trying to stay upright on a surf board for as long as possible before the powerful jets of water knocked them off their feet and sent them hurling upwards to the top of the tank. On a hot day, this was a guaranteed winner of an attraction for those who wanted to cool off, with quite a queue of willing volunteers even late in the day.

 photo Picture364_zps247a7960.jpg

The RCZ-R was there, too, and there was a second one which was rather easier both to inspect and to photograph in one of the tents.

 photo Picture365_zpsed096f1d.jpg  photo Picture490_zps7563e92d.jpg  photo Picture489_zps21ec88d4.jpg

The stand also featured a reminder of Peugeot’s long standing presence in motor sport.

 photo Picture363_zps208ced0c.jpg  photo Picture362_zps8f89d797.jpg

In the Moving Motor Show, there were several 208 GTi models, as well as the recently released 2008.

 photo Picture366_zps3bb2c443.jpg  photo Picture582_zps5a385434.jpg  photo Picture581_zps13108873.jpg  photo Picture580_zps299d4f32.jpg  photo Picture579_zpsda4c366d.jpg  photo Picture578_zps43f16990.jpg  photo Picture577_zps64191222.jpg  photo Picture576_zps31388d74.jpg  photo Picture575_zpsdb86042a.jpg


Highlight of the Porsche area in the Moving Motor Show was this, the Semper Vivens, dating from 1900. Amazing!

 photo Picture536_zpsbecf383c.jpg

Also featured was the Cayenne and the latest Panamera S e-Hybrid.

 photo Picture539_zpsf7944e38.jpg  photo Picture538_zps757b4b63.jpg  photo Picture537_zpsf394def6.jpg


Renault seem to have polarised the interesting bits of their range into the driver focused RS models and the ZE electric cars. Both genres were on show. The electric cars were outside and the array of Twizy were providing lots of entertainment for people to clamber in and out. Most recent addition to the range is the Zoe, a purpose designed electric car that certainly looks neat and with a realistic price tag could do rather better than Nissan’s Leaf.

 photo Picture454_zps2b0d03ed.jpg

The Captur is just going on sale, too.

 photo Picture453_zps28f36070.jpg  photo Picture452_zps75014351.jpg

Half under cover were the rather disappointing new Clio RS200 along with its larger Megane brother and the much loved Clio Williams as well as one of Alain Prost’s Formula 1 cars

 photo Picture460_zps54dc2b38.jpg  photo Picture450_zps827ea00c.jpg  photo Picture458_zpsc400009c.jpg  photo Picture449_zps3ff2d70f.jpg  photo Picture457_zps5eca98e2.jpg  photo Picture456_zps03a72439.jpg  photo Picture459_zpsa224401d.jpg  photo Picture448_zps09b30c9a.jpg  photo Picture447_zps31187040.jpg  photo Picture455_zpsaf93689b.jpg

Most splendid of all was this, though, which looked like the same vehicle as I had seen at RetroMobile back in February.

 photo Picture451_zps2f53527a.jpg

In the Moving Motor Show tent there were several new Clio models, along with the Twingo.

 photo Picture518_zps78c8bf8c.jpg  photo Picture517_zps4ab234c1.jpg  photo Picture516_zpse62e331a.jpg  photo Picture515_zps06487d5f.jpg


Star of this stand was the new Wraith.

 photo Picture591_zps55b03dc3.jpg  photo Picture590_zps5db34ac3.jpg  photo Picture589_zps6329c64a.jpg


After struggling for a few years, Seat suddenly look to have a strong rage, with the new Leon a particular highlight. This sharply styled hatch has a very neat interior and is by all accounts very Golf-like to drive. A real star of 2013.

 photo Picture423_zps53dad4e0.jpg  photo Picture321_zpsc19c7d53.jpg  photo Picture317_zpsafd5d58d.jpg  photo Picture316_zpsdc55a9c5.jpg  photo Picture593_zps3f721fd4.jpg

The outdoor stand included an Ibiza and a Mii as well.

 photo Picture320_zps4d8cf1f4.jpg  photo Picture319_zpsb4eb35f6.jpg  photo Picture318_zps6cef8ec7.jpg  photo Picture315_zps1fb4beeb.jpg

Indoors, there was an example of the rather low-key Toledo. I suspect that this car will do far better in southern European markets than in status snobby Britain.

 photo Picture596_zpsf9e22365.jpg  photo Picture595_zps38ce3596.jpg  photo Picture594_zps776354ec.jpg


Dominant in the large Skoda stand was the new Octavia vRS. Retaining all the strengths of the old model, but incorporating the latest technology and features, this is one of the best cars in “the real world”, in my opinion.

  photo Picture295_zps1154cefc.jpg  photo Picture296_zps65113b97.jpg  photo Picture294_zpsbd3ca15e.jpg  photo Picture598_zps182dcd8f.jpg  photo Picture597_zps2e44a303.jpg  photo Picture599_zps46d8f69d.jpg

This stand was also worth visiting as they were making fresh ice cream, which I have to say was delicious.


Startech specialise in modifying the whole Land Rover range, and there were several examples on show.

 photo Picture468_zpse268bc7e.jpg  photo Picture467_zps7c7e1926.jpg  photo Picture470_zpsb65490cc.jpg  photo Picture469_zps14c671d8.jpg


No sign at all of all the boring Toyota models, which rather limited the options to a stand full of GT86s. And so it proved to be.

 photo Picture308_zps8c775ecd.jpg  photo Picture307_zpsdf8580d7.jpg  photo Picture306_zps70d7af90.jpg  photo Picture554_zps77911559.jpg  photo Picture553_zps24adc965.jpg  photo Picture552_zpseeba1958.jpg  photo Picture551_zps730ccb2d.jpg  photo Picture550_zps08e06f43.jpg

The FT86 Cabrio Concept was staging another appearance. Surely this will go into production.

 photo Picture304_zps82f912a5.jpg  photo Picture302_zpsadebf6fb.jpg  photo Picture301_zpsc40cf4b9.jpg

Nicest Toyota for me, though was the lovely GT2000.

 photo Picture299_zps01871025.jpg  photo Picture300_zpsef9689bc.jpg  photo Picture298_zps81508328.jpg

There was also a historic AE86 Corolla Coupe on show and the le Mans car.

 photo Picture305_zps7788fe5b.jpg  photo Picture303_zps5c479c88.jpg  photo Picture297_zps91819180.jpg


A trio of these much modified Land-Rover Defenders.

 photo Picture472_zpsc9fc57a1.jpg  photo Picture471_zps79fce1a5.jpg


Highlight of the main VW display was the amazing XL1. A second car was in one of the display tents.

 photo Picture503_zps0e5cf580.jpg  photo Picture425_zpseeb96389.jpg  photo Picture502_zps8e3612b2.jpg  photo Picture501_zps173ec040.jpg  photo Picture500_zpsadb04fa5.jpg  photo Picture499_zpsd35b5336.jpg  photo Picture424_zps31243079.jpg

Also attracting plenty of attention were the new Golf GTi and GTD.

 photo Picture428_zpsfbcc1118.jpg  photo Picture387_zps72e5c556.jpg  photo Picture427_zps53577bb1.jpg  photo Picture385_zps9dbdfdae.jpg

Also on show were the Up! and the WRC Polo.

 photo Picture384_zps8fdc8634.jpg  photo Picture386_zpsf2336c3e.jpg  photo Picture426_zps2f759e05.jpg


An arctic theme applied here, complete with offerings of refreshing ice shavings to the stand visitors. There were examples of all the current range, with the facelifted S60 and XC60 joined by the new V60 plug-in Hybrid and V40 and XC40 hatchback cars.

 photo Picture446_zps13bbb551.jpg  photo Picture445_zps220283f8.jpg  photo Picture444_zps33ba2224.jpg  photo Picture443_zpsdab17276.jpg  photo Picture463_zpsdd2f582f.jpg  photo Picture462_zpsc691d34b.jpg  photo Picture461_zps0e1826b1.jpg  photo Picture566_zps4f879b45.jpg  photo Picture565_zps4c601643.jpg  photo Picture564_zps2ad6142f.jpg

Doing sterling service on the track was the PoleStar version of the S60. This car sounds epic!

 photo Picture569_zpse5f90d08.jpg  photo Picture568_zps0e9788a7.jpg  photo Picture567_zpsec7c9010.jpg


A new Mexican two seat mid-engined sports car, powered by a 285 bhp Ford 2 litre Ecoboost engine. The chassis is claimed to be three times more rigid than an Elise, and although the car is intended to be used on the track, the design is also suitable for road use. Planned sale price is around £60,000. Looks promising.

 photo Picture479_zpsf6c2b74c.jpg


For many, me included, this element of the event would prove to be a real highlight. Every year there is an assembly on the lawn to the side of the house of all manner of fabulous machines, many of which are rare and/or one off designs. Some were more familiar than others. Many are shipped in from literally all around the world so they can take part.

One of the oldest of the Rolls Royce 40/50s built, this 1908 model is called  “The Silver Dawn” has original Roi de Belges coachwork built by Barker.

 photo Picture099_zpsec589752.jpg

This Vauxhall 30/98 is a relatively late model from the car’s 10 year production run. 2013 marks the centenary of this well regarded sporting Vauxhall.

 photo Picture155_zps633b01c6.jpg

1930s style and luxury, French style. This is the 1934 Renault Reinastella. Who says that La Regie cannot make convincing luxury cars?

 photo Picture063_zps4d309405.jpg  photo Picture064_zps41203602.jpg

1939 Delage D8120 Cabriolet with particularly elegant body work by Henri Chapron.

 photo Picture081_zps063f088c.jpg  photo Picture080_zps6277463f.jpg

Among one of the highlights for many people was the one-off Phantom Corsair. It first came to Goodwood in 2006, when I understand it proceeded gently to move across the lawn by itself in the middle of the night with the engine off, the car in gear, and the handbrake firmly on. A car shrouded in mystery, the aptly-named Phantom was a six-seater coupe designed by Rust Heinz of the famous Heinz 57 Varieties family. Built in 1938, Heinz lost his life in a car crash the following year and this curse has repeated itself with future owners who have met their demise in mysterious circumstances. Nonetheless, despite its morbid reputation the Phantom remains a stunning thing to behold.

 photo Picture097_zps3cb2ce5a.jpg  photo Picture098_zpscb4c62aa.jpg  photo Picture096_zps84bf31be.jpg

This 1939 Lancia Astura Series 4 Pininfarina Cabriolet had a 3 litre V8 engine where the cylinder were just 19 degrees apart.

 photo Picture070_zps32c8a876.jpg  photo Picture071_zpsc8e5d4d4.jpg

Another elegant French machine, a 1940 Talbot Lago

 photo Picture079_zpsb5730cbf.jpg

A lovely 1953 Ferrari 250 Europa Pinin Farina finished in Bordeaux with a contrasting Bianco roof and sills. The car was commissioned by a friend of Battista Pininfarina, founder of the Carrozzeria Pininfarina coachbuilding company, one of Ferrari’s longest-standing design partners

 photo Picture078_zpsaded9cff.jpg  photo Picture077_zps2a9cde81.jpg

This 1954 Fiat Turbina is a one-off prototype which was built as manufacturers experimented with how to exploit what had been learned about jet propulsion in the aviation sector in cars. This car had the lowest drag coefficient ever for 30 years and accordingly had a top speed of over 160 mph.

 photo Picture068_zpsabaac8f8.jpg  photo Picture069_zps6f49ed28.jpg  photo Picture067_zps719e8c0f.jpg

Also dating from 1954 was this one-off Alfa-Romeo 2000 Sportiva

 photo Picture157_zps6ef8e1e0.jpg  photo Picture073_zps8c991a9e.jpg  photo Picture074_zps80b0e4eb.jpg

Maserati built few road cars in the 1950s, but this1956 Maserati A6 GCS, styled by Frua is one of them.  All were bodied by specialist carozzeria, with Frua producing just 10. This particular car was delivered to a customer in San Francisco in December 1956.

 photo Picture162_zps9c1b7c54.jpg

The V8 engine which featured in this car was originally intended for a large family car which never came to fruition. All was not lost, though and it was installed in a number of sports car chassis, which were then bodied by a number of different coachbuilders. Of these, this Zagato body is one of the most elegant. This car dates from 1953.

 photo Picture076_zps9bfb9e58.jpg  photo Picture075_zps62413642.jpg

The body on this 1952 Supersonic also appears on the Fiat 8V chassis, so I was quite surprised at this mid morning arrival when it turned out to be based on a Jaguar XK120 instead.

 photo Picture101_zps6561599f.jpg  photo Picture100_zps860c1abf.jpg

Only 243 of these lovely BMW 507s were built, as they were fearsomely expensive when new. One of my favourite BMWs ever.

 photo Picture051_zps3b66e737.jpg  photo Picture050_zpsfb6a31cc.jpg

An original 1957 Jaguar XK-SS

 photo Picture161_zpse7218b5f.jpg

One of the most valuable of all the cars in this display was this 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California Spider. Lovely.

 photo Picture053_zpsadb2b5d8.jpg  photo Picture052_zps34fc579d.jpg  photo Picture160_zpsded50aba.jpg  photo Picture159_zps450a0476.jpg

Rivalling it in the value stakes, and definitely unique, as there is just one such car is this 1960 Aston Martin DB4 Bertone Jet. Styled by the young Giorgio Giugiaro, it was premiered at the 1961 Geneva Auto Salon. After not being heard of for many years, the car recently surfaced, and was put for auction earlier in the year. It sold for an impressive £3.25 million, which is the highest price ever paid for an Aston Martin.

 photo Picture057_zps335c590a.jpg  photo Picture056_zps76d59239.jpg  photo Picture055_zpsee008c4f.jpg  photo Picture054_zps5d141a04.jpg

This is a reminder of what the base donor looked like, a DB4 Convertible, a car which in its own right can attract price tags heading close to the £1 million mark these days.

 photo Picture093_zps3a85cde7.jpg  photo Picture092_zps72a4a4a9.jpg

I also loved this Ferrari 250 LM. I had a Corgi model of one of these when I was a child.

 photo Picture060_zps75f8d3a2.jpg  photo Picture058_zps9f3b1198.jpg  photo Picture059_zps4cf26e06.jpg

This is the oldest known Jaguar E Type, and is the very car in which Autocar achieved 150 mph in their March 1961 Road Test.

 photo Picture062_zps2b32f9f3.jpg  photo Picture061_zps7a658269.jpg

1963 Bizzarrini GT 5300 Strada.

 photo Picture095_zpseb3b1d8b.jpg  photo Picture094_zps0c3fb039.jpg

A 1964 Maserati Mistrale, a lovely Touring design.

 photo Picture158_zpsd57b2621.jpg  photo Picture072_zpsa1dafa0d.jpg

What were the designers of this one thinking? “They” were OSI and the “car”, the Silver Fox, was designed very much like a catamaran. Odd!

 photo Picture156_zps715f68fe.jpg

One of only 2 concept Vauxhall cars made in the 1960s, the 1967 VXR. Very striking even now, nearly 50 years later.

 photo Picture066_zpsbafc4bd8.jpg  photo Picture065_zpsd9ef12f2.jpg

1970 Mercedes C111.

 photo Picture102_zps924dfe93.jpg

An early Lamborghini Countach LP400S

 photo Picture088_zps737a3286.jpg  photo Picture087_zpsebd5b3ec.jpg

Ferrari F40

 photo Picture083_zps9a3dce28.jpg  photo Picture082_zpscff623c6.jpg

Among the small collection of Porsche 911-based cars were a Flatnose 935, the very rare 1998 GT1 and a 996 GT2

 photo Picture164_zps7787d0ba.jpg  photo Picture048_zpsca1a4921.jpg  photo Picture049_zpse76f5b99.jpg  photo Picture089_zps8930c0c9.jpg

Jaguar XJ220

 photo Picture091_zps980b3db9.jpg  photo Picture090_zps0c6d51e8.jpg

Yes, this is indeed the McLaren F1 belonging to a certain Rowan Atkinson.

 photo Picture163_zps6681951e.jpg

Newest design in the concours was an example of the Bugatti Veyron

 photo Picture085_zps14d9712d.jpg  photo Picture084_zps768f98de.jpg  photo Picture086_zpsb05c57c4.jpg


This is one part of the event where you probably won’t see everything on Moving Motor Show day, and so it proved, with a few empty spaces in the paddock, and a sign above that space to tantalise with what would be there for the rest of the Festival. Even so, this was an impressive display, with plenty of rare cars, the like of which you do not see every day, even in London.

Bentleys included the Speed versions of the GT Coupe and Convertible

 photo Picture148_zps2457f9a1.jpg  photo Picture147_zpsa9ee02dd.jpg  photo Picture154_zps99791f2c.jpg

Among the Ferraris were a F12 Berlinetta, an FF and a 458 Italia Spider, but the most special of all was Eric Clapton’s one-off SP12 EC.

 photo Picture125_zps635b0a4e.jpg  photo Picture133_zpsf6cde39a.jpg  photo Picture124_zps0ec2c335.jpg  photo Picture126_zps68c2ed8f.jpg  photo Picture134_zps03268dfa.jpg  photo Picture137_zpsd086fffa.jpg  photo Picture136_zps6a635eb8.jpg  photo Picture135_zps22c7b856.jpg    photo Picture132_zps9977f69d.jpg

Ginetta G60

 photo Picture123_zpsb3fa05d7.jpg  photo Picture146_zpse8c19706.jpg

ItalDesign Parcour

 photo Picture142_zps39228330.jpg

Jaguar had the XKR-S GT which was rather put in the shadow by the F Type Project 7 that was parked next to it.

 photo Picture153_zpsee49a5f7.jpg  photo Picture149_zpsc98b968d.jpg  photo Picture152_zps2ec60727.jpg  photo Picture151_zpsd2ed0647.jpg

Koenigsegg Agera

 photo Picture145_zpsddcedd56.jpg  photo Picture144_zpsab7d85d2.jpg

Lamborghini Aventador Spider

 photo Picture139_zps037744eb.jpg

Mercedes SLS GT Black Series

 photo Picture131_zps97768f33.jpg  photo Picture130_zpsb20daf27.jpg  photo Picture129_zpsb36b9a63.jpg  photo Picture128_zps31f4c389.jpg  photo Picture127_zpsa5a6066f.jpg

The latest Morgan Plus 8

 photo Picture150_zpscc658246.jpg

Noble M600

 photo Picture138_zpsa743b526.jpg

I had hoped to see the Porsche 918, but it was not in the paddock. We did find it elsewhere on site, hidden under a cover.

 photo Picture259_zps197ccf58.jpg

Ruf CTR2

 photo Picture141_zps228f2fd1.jpg  photo Picture140_zps6bd1ec59.jpg

Spano GTA

 photo Picture143_zps9fd29735.jpg


McLaren had a huge display at one of the Supercar paddock area, which contained the much talked about P1, flanked by Coupe and Convertible versions of the MP4 12C.

 photo Picture108_zps0a8bf07f.jpg  photo Picture107_zpsecb7051e.jpg  photo Picture113_zpsf08a3eb7.jpg  photo Picture117_zps52e9531e.jpg  photo Picture116_zps1846b606.jpg  photo Picture115_zps516e5d4f.jpg  photo Picture119_zps44ba57ed.jpg  photo Picture118_zpsf6d3d400.jpg  photo Picture114_zpsba689aeb.jpg  photo Picture112_zpsffedbeda.jpg  photo Picture111_zps77635c91.jpg  photo Picture110_zps748895dd.jpg  photo Picture109_zpsc4c8fe46.jpg  photo Picture106_zps441f93dd.jpg  photo Picture105_zps6f13e762.jpg

Sitting in front of these, but in that difficult mix of bright sunshine and deep shadow were examples of the F1 in “normal” and LM guise.

 photo Picture104_zps208d3d50.jpg  photo Picture103_zpsb4bd273f.jpg

There was also a fabulous Can Am racer.

 photo Picture122_zps320f749d.jpg  photo Picture121_zpsb443e7a1.jpg  photo Picture120_zps218da58c.jpg


Celebrating 50 years of Lamborghini, a special display of some of the more notable models were lined up on the walkway leading to the BlackRock Drivers Club. This is a reserved area, not accessible to the general public, so all viewing of these splendid cars had to be done from a distance and the other side of a fence. In a way that helped the photographer, though some close up investigation would have been nice, especially when one of only 20 Reventons ever made was among the cars.

 photo Picture181_zps9c6bc12e.jpg  photo Picture183_zps67a27f00.jpg  photo Picture182_zps009824ca.jpg  photo Picture192_zpsc473b5c5.jpg  photo Picture188_zps2b9cd946.jpg  photo Picture187_zpsad689b93.jpg  photo Picture186_zpsa78da0dc.jpg  photo Picture185_zps8fa364e8.jpg  photo Picture184_zpsb858a2b7.jpg  photo Picture189_zps7f7955de.jpg  photo Picture191_zpse389383d.jpg  photo Picture190_zps9c843757.jpg


More accessible was the line up of 911 models, reflecting the evolution of Porsche’s popular sports car over its 50 year life, both on the road and in motor sport.

 photo Picture287_zps6dbdca9e.jpg  photo Picture286_zps70346c8d.jpg  photo Picture285_zps795ba049.jpg  photo Picture284_zpsa09a6aa1.jpg  photo Picture283_zps2a3f22ad.jpg  photo Picture282_zps6954dfd8.jpg  photo Picture281_zps4269fa03.jpg  photo Picture280_zps38348160.jpg  photo Picture279_zps93d8803a.jpg  photo Picture278_zpsca3fa08e.jpg  photo Picture277_zps933136d4.jpg  photo Picture276_zpsa95c993e.jpg  photo Picture275_zps88528219.jpg  photo Picture274_zpscf36cb07.jpg  photo Picture273_zps7e3208dd.jpg  photo Picture272_zpsccb5727a.jpg  photo Picture271_zps5ebf00ef.jpg  photo Picture270_zps7ed125c1.jpg  photo Picture269_zps125647e4.jpg


This is where there would be a lot of action during the three days of the Festival of Speed itself, but most of the places were filled with vehicles even on the Thursday, giving us the chance to look at much of the machinery, albeit as static exhibits.

Audi had the actual 2013 Le Mans winning R18 e-Tron car present (still uncleaned!), as well as a Quattro

 photo Picture225_zpsa3ce20ab.jpg

Bentley’s Speed 8, winner of the 2003 Le Mans event was also present. Nice to see this car again. having seen it last at Cholmondley a month ago.

 photo Picture288_zps63c31978.jpg

Honda had an interesting showing of both racing cars and bikes. The display included the very car in which John Surtees won the 1967 Italian Grand Prix, a V12 engined RA3000. What a shame that they seem to have given this all up and now produce a set of road cars about as insipid as fellow countryman Toyota.

 photo Picture209_zps7dfdb08d.jpg  photo Picture208_zpse75e8e7e.jpg

Among the classic Lotus were a Type 49B and a Type 25

 photo Picture205_zps6719bab5.jpg  photo Picture207_zpsc937467e.jpg  photo Picture206_zps01e9a46c.jpg

A splendid display of Martini liveried cars was one of those lines where the shadows were such a problem that I did what I could and vowed to return when the sun had moved around. Of course, we never did.

 photo Picture237_zps1ac298a6.jpg  photo Picture236_zpsed72b283.jpg  photo Picture235_zps729c5567.jpg  photo Picture293_zps3d2b0c42.jpg  photo Picture292_zpsc9ad317e.jpg  photo Picture291_zpsba8bc953.jpg  photo Picture290_zpsaf2c32ff.jpg  photo Picture289_zps79fc00e9.jpg

Among the most valuable cars in the paddock were some fabulous Mercedes, including the 300 SLR a W196 (not the ex Fangio car that sold for auction at over £19 million the following day) and a W125.

 photo Picture218_zpsaf3ae077.jpg  photo Picture217_zpsff5177c9.jpg  photo Picture219_zps528b9261.jpg  photo Picture220_zpsd76be0ad.jpg  photo Picture221_zps7b6ffd85.jpg  photo Picture222_zps13d5934a.jpg  photo Picture223_zps416056b7.jpg

This Austro Daimler was rather special, too.

 photo Picture224_zps70efa6e4.jpg

Nissan GT-R

 photo Picture226_zps280b772f.jpg

The Classic Renault collection ranged from the amazing 40CV Racer that I have seen many times before and a 1902 Paris-Bordeaux Racer (both victims of the sunlight/shadow problem so undepicted) , to the very latest TwinRun Concept, a rear engined concept car first shown at the Monaco GP earlier this year that uses the 3.5 litre V6 from the racing Megane. The R5 Maxi Turbo and Alpine A310 were also included.

 photo Picture212_zpsdfea0c37.jpg  photo Picture211_zps02493fdb.jpg  photo Picture210_zps6fdeae32.jpg

Also rather fascinating was this Concept Twizy F1 Racing, which was parked up next to Jean-Pierre Jabouille’s 1978 RS01 F1 car, one of the first of the turbo charged Formula 1 cars.

 photo Picture214_zps00e2dc3f.jpg  photo Picture213_zpse485645e.jpg  photo Picture215_zpsc55982bf.jpg

Representatives of the 2012 F1 paddock were all lined up. Not a year where the cars are going to be remembered for their elegance and beauty!

 photo Picture216_zps58a844dc.jpg

Most of the current Formula 1 teams had at least own motor home there, along with their own relatively small paddock/pit/workshop area. Most were still being set up. The poor guy in the Ferrari area seemed to be spending his entire time apologising that he did not speak English, apart presumably from that one phrase that he had learned!

 photo Picture229_zpsb605d9f0.jpg  photo Picture228_zps9ce3effe.jpg  photo Picture227_zps9dd3ad44.jpg

McLaren had a display which included a number of historic racers, including an MF8 Can Am raced by Denny Hulme as well as several of their older Formula 1 cars.

 photo Picture234_zps61ab139f.jpg  photo Picture233_zps5d071181.jpg  photo Picture232_zps826d90cb.jpg  photo Picture231_zpseafdbb6e.jpg  photo Picture230_zpsd045b34f.jpg

Toyota had their Le Mans entrant on show.

 photo Picture247_zpse1de2d9e.jpg  photo Picture246_zps0f30929c.jpg  photo Picture245_zpsc8eeec89.jpg

Chevron had a display of a trio of their track day oriented GT3 models.

 photo Picture250_zps2a01b48e.jpg  photo Picture249_zps5c5181cc.jpg  photo Picture248_zps6a8aef69.jpg

The Drayson B12 69/EV, originally designed for Le Mans, smashed the sub 1000kg World Electric Land Speed Record at Elvington earlier in the year.

 photo Picture251_zpsa4e669d3.jpg

There were plenty of bikes of all ages, to see.

 photo Picture204_zpsa1b34fbd.jpg  photo Picture203_zps39d31fcc.jpg  photo Picture202_zps943925ec.jpg  photo Picture201_zps0722d8e4.jpg  photo Picture200_zps345085c0.jpg   photo Picture198_zpscbbd9f54.jpg  photo Picture197_zps2fbefc99.jpg  photo Picture196_zps7bf11b8c.jpg  photo Picture195_zpsa0ea5192.jpg  photo Picture194_zps713d08dd.jpg  photo Picture193_zps5377b5fa.jpg

We were particular intrigued by this pair, which are both powered by helicopter engines. Made in Guernsey by an enthusiastic small group of engineers, the two guys by the bikes were happy to talk about what they had created, why and how. We are talking a top speed of over 200 mph for both, but prices not far short of £200,000. Yes, you did read that right. 200 Grand!

 photo Picture199_zps8d82b636.jpg


Although intended to amuse a younger audience, it was probably people of my generation who will remember Wacky Races, a children’s TV cartoon series produced by Hanna Barbera. Famous characters and vehicles from the show which were recreated, life size, included Dick Dastardly and Muttley in the Mean Machine, Penelope Pitstop in the Compact Pussycat, and Luke and Blubber Bear in the Arkansas Chuggabug.

 photo Picture170_zpscc96935f.jpg  photo Picture169_zpsff75b51b.jpg  photo Picture180_zps642ca6dd.jpg


Motor racing on a budget! Lots of ingenuity had gone into many of these amazing creations which were gathered together in a marquee. Some of them looked so improbably narrow that I cannot imagine how a driver managed to squeeze in at all.

 photo Picture179_zps5e789512.jpg  photo Picture178_zps2118568e.jpg  photo Picture177_zps5e431113.jpg  photo Picture176_zps64721758.jpg  photo Picture175_zpsf1876342.jpg  photo Picture174_zpsc158627b.jpg  photo Picture173_zps3ef3c34c.jpg  photo Picture172_zpsf3fb3a30.jpg  photo Picture171_zps00f5c11a.jpg


This was one of those displays that we almost missed, only coming across it late in the day, and what a treat it was. Set in a diaroma intended to resemble Daytona Beach were a number of land speed record holders, assembled from museums around the world. Among them was the Blue Flame, in which Gary Gabelich achieved 622mph in 1970. Sir Malcolm Campbell’s Bluebird, which was the world’s fastest car in 1935, and the first car to enter into the 200mph-plus club was reunited with Donald Campbell’s  1967 Bluebird CN7 for the first time in many years. Other cars in the display included Henry Segrave’s 1000hp Sunbeam.

 photo Picture510_zpsdf3710e5.jpg  photo Picture509_zpsfca4bb2e.jpg  photo Picture508_zps8405d20c.jpg  photo Picture507_zpsb0796a7f.jpg  photo Picture506_zps2c33bae6.jpg  photo Picture505_zpsc62c9eba.jpg


A vast assembly of BMW bikes from the inception of the marque to the current day. We came to these late in the day and did not have time to linger over the collection, which was a shame, as there was lot to take in here in four lines of bikes.

 photo Picture383_zpsdb106c26.jpg  photo Picture382_zps6654ac9b.jpg  photo Picture377_zps16c2f94b.jpg  photo Picture381_zps04815e21.jpg  photo Picture380_zpsb7dad084.jpg  photo Picture379_zps4558a277.jpg  photo Picture378_zps3bf17933.jpg   photo Picture376_zpsda329cc9.jpg  photo Picture375_zps8c0abc40.jpg


There were a few interesting cars just parked up in among the displays. Without doubt the rarest of all of these was this a Schuppan Porsche 962

 photo Picture254_zps95986be9.jpg  photo Picture253_zps1537d10e.jpg  photo Picture252_zps436f84f8.jpg

Near by were a duo of Noble M600s and a Jaguar XJ220

 photo Picture258_zps5f1dd1be.jpg  photo Picture257_zpsc48a107f.jpg  photo Picture255_zpsdeb2212e.jpg  photo Picture256_zps3ec5908c.jpg

This Porsche 356 was a competitor in the 1953 Carrera Panamerica.

 photo Picture001_zps7616435a.jpg

This Ferrari FF was part of the Veuve Cliquot stand.

 photo Picture042_zpsd7ef3575.jpg  photo Picture041_zps2568fd1f.jpg

A somewhat “used” Chevrolet truck.

 photo Picture410_zps8354ad37.jpg

The Innotech Aspiron, a Czech-based track car got its UK debut. It’s a car of big numbers, with 800bhp on tap and a price tag of £117,000 and is based on the Corvette, an example of which was parked alongside it.

 photo Picture411_zps6d3b103a.jpg  photo Picture412_zps6b276678.jpg

The Caparo T1 was part of a group of track focused cars which also included an Ariel Atom 3.5,

 photo Picture473_zps9e08dbe0.jpg  photo Picture474_zps75830bf1.jpg

The Porsche Owners Club had a small display.

 photo Picture415_zps334bca16.jpg  photo Picture414_zps558aade3.jpg  photo Picture413_zps9b43457e.jpg

The Mustang Owners Club had a larger display with an array of cars from the early models to the very latest.

 photo Picture498_zps4f059ba2.jpg  photo Picture495_zps233a23ca.jpg  photo Picture493_zps3f829eb0.jpg  photo Picture497_zps4ffed19c.jpg  photo Picture496_zps493ed4e8.jpg  photo Picture494_zps28843b63.jpg

An array of American cars were on show by the Land Speed Record cars, including a fabulous Ford Galaxie SunLiner.

 photo Picture511_zps8f0cf851.jpg  photo Picture504_zps5dcb056f.jpg

I’ve started to see examples of the “Boris Bus” on the streets of London. A vast fleet are assembled just by the Hangar Lane gyratory, clearly ready for a action just as fast as the crews can be trained.

 photo Picture388_zpsf501170f.jpg

If you’ve studied this report from  the top, and enjoyed the 600 photos that accompany the words, you would probably be feeling as sated as I was at the end of a long day. But there’s plenty that is not covered here. There was a huge poster display of the festival over 20 years which was well worth the time we spent seeing what we missed since 1993, there were plenty of cars that had the weather not been so sunny would have been photographed, and that’s before all those blank spaces were filled.

My most grateful thanks go to the Daily Telegraph, who once again made available (a limited number of) tickets meaning that there was no admission charge for this amazing day. Mind you, even at full admission price, I don’t think I would have felt short-changed. Far more than “just” a Motor Show, there was more than could be fitted into one very long day, and that was without taking any real rest from our 8:15am arrival to 8pm departure! Next year, I will find the solution to the (relatively) local accommodation problem, and stay for Day 1 of the Festival of Speed, thus giving more time to enjoy the vast array of exhibits. This has to be one of the top events not just in the UK but in the world, and it really is worth more than a 1 day visit.

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