Queen Square Bristol Breakfast Club – November 2013

Much as I enjoy the monthly gatherings of cars at Ace Cafe, for the variety and sheer unpredictability of what will turn up, as well as the cameraderie among the participants, some of the appeal is lost when the winter darkness means that there is no daylight in which to enjoy the cars. That’s where a Breakfast meeting scores over an Evening gathering, and with the forecast (and reality) for a gloriously sunny (if rather nippy) second Sunday in November, I looked forward to the monthly Queens Square gathering all the more than usual. I was not disappointed. Although there were more cars parked around the square that had nothing to do with this gathering than usual, there was still plenty of space for all manner of cars from the 1920s to 63 plated newly acquired machines to be show off. Dspite the nice weather, many seemed not to stay that long, so some cars arrived, and were gone before I got to them with the camera, and a few others were parked in places where the long winter shadows made photography something that would have produced a disappointing result. So, apologies now that there is no picture of the Porsche Boxster Spyder (driven with its so-called roof nowhere in sight) or a lovely Citroen DS21, and nor is there a picture of David Roots’ Alfa Special, even though I spent a good while chatting to him! Anyway, there’s plenty that I did photograph as this report will testify:


There had been some discussion on the Abarthisti forum at making this an area meet, but despite a gentle reminder issued the night before, it seemed that all those who had initially expressed interest decided against the plan, and there were just three Abarths, all 500s, present.

 photo Picture459_zps9402cf7e.jpg  photo Picture514_zps125df703.jpg  photo Picture509_zpsf1057693.jpg  photo Picture510_zps05bbad78.jpg


A number of Cobra replicas, as ever.

 photo Picture524_zps733135fa.jpg  photo Picture508_zps0f1d112f.jpg


147 GTA

 photo Picture470_zps0941d59c.jpg

Series 4 Spider.

 photo Picture474_zpsa49eb059.jpg


A rather splendid 3 litre Open Tourer.

 photo Picture479_zps2a133387.jpg


There is quite often a very nice red E30 M3 here, but today it arrived in convoy with a silver grey one, and then I spotted that there was another red one on the other side of the square.

 photo Picture490_zpsce327373.jpg  photo Picture491_zpsc7a85b71.jpg  photo Picture489_zps822cb846.jpg  photo Picture492_zps67cbef6c.jpg

There was also an E28 M5, the red paint looking slightly faded, but otherwise this is a very appealing car, looking remarkably like the standard cars, giving few clues of the potent M engine under the bonnet.

 photo Picture484_zps9c8e3ee4.jpg  photo Picture485_zps4a82925a.jpg


There are always some interesting American machines present at this event, with a mix of cars which have been seen before and ones which are making their debut. This gargantuan Sedan de Ville comes in the latter category. Absolutely massive by comparison with everything else present, it was no surprise that the owner parked it on a corner, where we could all enjoy its period styling and interior.

 photo Picture500_zpscaff8cb3.jpg  photo Picture501_zps6e3343f1.jpg  photo Picture499_zps758ab9f2.jpg  photo Picture498_zpsdac4be3e.jpg


This 1956 Bel Air is a car I have seen here before. Still nice, though.

 photo Picture497_zps659bbe24.jpg

There was also a late model C4 Corvette Convertible.

 photo Picture456_zps8e25ba46.jpg


This is one of those British marques that few have even heard of, and yet what is great is that different models bearing the distinctive badge keep on showing up. I am sure I’ve not seen this particular car before.

 photo Picture480_zps0661ac08.jpg


328 GTS

 photo Picture482_zpsec107421.jpg


This Escort RS Turbo is one of the short-lived first generation models, and it was absolutely immaculate. Needless to say, it generated plenty of interest, with lots of wistful comments to be heard along the lines of “I wanted one of those when I was your age…… ” (dad to kid!).

 photo Picture468_zpscc280d91.jpg  photo Picture469_zpsc6b0f019.jpg

I also rather liked this Mark 2 Cortina 1600E, also in excellent condition.

 photo Picture455_zpsc0419888.jpg  photo Picture452_zps96822a71.jpg

There were a number of other Fords which make regular appearances at this event, including a Mark 2 Consul, a 1960 Popular 100E (and undepicted a Consul Classic)

 photo Picture471_zps0b0b4f02.jpg  photo Picture506_zpsaad4e1fe.jpg


I heard this one long before I saw it. A brief conversation with the occupants once they parked up confirmed my guess that it is a GN. Powered by a 3 litre Vee- twin motorcycle style engine and with chain drive, it attracted lots of interest.

 photo Picture457_zps0ffcc929.jpg  photo Picture458_zps1367568f.jpg


A rather neat kit car based on Metro mechanicals, and with plenty of Austin-Rover switchgear in evidence.

 photo Picture461_zpsee90a262.jpg  photo Picture462_zps9ea424c1.jpg


This splendid Avenger Tiger is a regular, and it was parked up next to a GLS model.

 photo Picture450_zps4bbb3791.jpg  photo Picture515_zpscddfea2b.jpg  photo Picture449_zps8881a456.jpg  photo Picture460_zpsab65f12d.jpg


This rather nice NS-X was one of those cars which did not linger long.

 photo Picture465_zpsfb9b1594.jpg


A couple of Mark 2 saloons.

 photo Picture454_zps2e62ede2.jpg  photo Picture522_zps9b4720db.jpg


There were plenty of kit cars, some more closely related to the Lotus/Caterham Seven than others. These are just a few.

 photo Picture486_zps1c46bd8d.jpg  photo Picture487_zpsdd45732d.jpg


Making a noisy entrance mid-morning was this Gallardo. Needless to say, once parked up, it also pulled in the crowds.

 photo Picture488_zpsf7c5f378.jpg  photo Picture525_zps18897ed8.jpg  photo Picture521_zps679d54f8.jpg


This distinctive Esprit attracted plenty of comment as it arrived and did a lap of the Square looking for a parking slot.

 photo Picture467_zpsf95d93b6.jpg


I’ve seen this first generation RX7 before. An elegant shape that still appeals over 30 years later.

 photo Picture481_zpsb5f09f05.jpg


There were a number of sporting Benz here, all of them from the last 20 years or so, of which only this SL55 AMG seems to have made it in front of my camera.

 photo Picture483_zpsfb07f390.jpg


Among the MGBs present were these two.

 photo Picture451_zps53b4110c.jpg  photo Picture503_zpsfd844fbb.jpg


Traditional Morgan

 photo Picture505_zpsb0f544fc.jpg


The 1920s Cowley saloon was making another appearance at this event, as was the J60 Pickup.

 photo Picture511_zps494c172d.jpg  photo Picture475_zps3cfb0b68.jpg


Firebird Trans-Am.

 photo Picture512_zps7f50f5a2.jpg


As usual, there were a number of 911s on show, with the newest being one of the special edition cars produced this year to mark the model’s 50th anniversary.

 photo Picture523_zpsa6d65ee4.jpg  photo Picture513_zps818759d3.jpg  photo Picture476_zps941395f7.jpg  photo Picture504_zpsb2e5c5b8.jpg

Other Porsche included a 928 and a 944 Cabrio.

 photo Picture466_zpsbaef1d5d.jpg  photo Picture478_zps56695ee2.jpg


A rather nice RM Series Saloon

 photo Picture453_zpsb3dcc7fd.jpg


This P6 model 2000TC is an event regular.

 photo Picture526_zps76a0719c.jpg


Perhaps the stand out car of the day for me was this, a stunningly presented Ensign Estate. The Ensign was the cheaper version of the 6 cylinder Vanguard, offered for the last few years of this once popular car’s life time. I’ve not seen this one before, but whoever owns it has clearly done a fantastic job on restoring it.

 photo Picture520_zps23974925.jpg  photo Picture494_zps1d9bd12b.jpg  photo Picture516_zpsa0b66cc0.jpg  photo Picture517_zpsd449e543.jpg  photo Picture518_zpsdb9bde0f.jpg  photo Picture519_zps3826e861.jpg  photo Picture496_zps9e80a908.jpg  photo Picture495_zps110aa8c2.jpg  photo Picture493_zps650dc4ed.jpg


No fewer than three of the 2000/2500 Mark 2 cars attended today.

 photo Picture472_zpsd1917976.jpg  photo Picture507_zps184d2581.jpg

There were also a couple of Stags.

 photo Picture464_zps04489f2d.jpg  photo Picture463_zpsabef6358.jpg


You can always rely on there being TVRs at this event, and sure enough there were. A couple of Tuscans were joined by a duo of S models and an early Grantura.

 photo Picture473_zpsd2061ca3.jpg


As I was taking a picture of this Cavalier Estate, the owner appeared, and seemed a bit bemused that I would find his car interesting enough to photograph. It turns out that he bought it last year for £700, and that he has another Cavalier of this generation. One has power steering and one does not, and he said that the difference is marked. Mark 2 Cavaliers like this are rare these day, especially the Estate.

 photo Picture502_zps50e26f12.jpg

As ever, a very enjoyable way to spend a sunny November morning.

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