Los Angeles Auto Show – November 2013

Of all the major Auto Shows that are held around the world, the one in Los Angeles, which takes place around the US Thanksgiving Holiday is among my favourites. For a start, the venue is not just easy to get to, with car parking on hand, literally a couple of minutes away from the Show entrance (although the cost has increased steadily and at $20 this year was more double my ticket cost!), but even in November, Los Angeles tends to enjoy several hours of sunshine just when daylight seems in particularly short supply at home, and then there is the fact that as the second largest Show of its type in America (after Detroit), it always features more than a few global as well as US market debuts, so there is plenty that is brand new to see. I’ve only missed it once in 10 years. Although a slightly odd quirk of event scheduling meant that the bi-annual Tokyo show ended up taking place concurrently, this ended up playing to everyone’s advantage, as both Porsche and MINI decided to exploit this and make a double-headed launch splash of 2 of the year’s most eagerly awaited cars. With both the Porsche Macan and the third generation MINI to see, this would have been a good event in its own right, but there was an awful lot more besides. So much, in fact, that I spent the entire day, all 11 hours of it, wandering around the halls, getting in and out of cars, talking to stand staff and taking the 949 photos that are presented in this report. So whilst I can’t bring you that November Californian weather, I can at least give a very good idea of what was on display. Enjoy!


No sign of the Concept NSX this time, which is often an encouraging sign that work is going on to get a concept into production (here’s hoping!) and the bizarre ZDX has been out to pasture, having been an utter sales catastrophe for Acura (fewer than 3000 were sold ever). So Star Billing here was being given to a new version of the new RLX, replacement for the latterly very slow selling RL (one time Honda Legend in Europe). The RLX  looks OK, in a rather non-descript way, but the press are struggling with a good reason to buy one, and note that it has become rather costly. Acura hope that lack of pizzazz might be remedied by the latest version shown here for the first time,  the RLX Sport Hybrid SH-AWD. While it retains the standard car’s 3.5-litre V6, it adds three electric motors, one 35-kW motor in front and two 27-kW motors at each rear wheel, for a grand total of 377 bhp. All-wheel drive is provided by a clever torque vectoring system, allowing the rear electric motors to increase torque or brake independently, based on driving conditions. A seven-speed, dual-clutch transmission, a first for Acura, is tasked with sorting everything out and transmitting power. The performance gains made by the Sport Hybrid are made more impressive by the fact that it’s more efficient than the V6 on its own. Fuel economy in city conditions is bumped from 20 mpg to 28 mpg, although highway economy gets a less substantial bump, moving from 31 to 32 mpg. All this technology is unlikely to come cheap, though, and that could be the rub.

 photo P1210749_zps115ba8fa.jpg  photo P1210748_zps095657af.jpg

The rest of the range were also here. All painted in black, which is probably deliberate as it de-emphasises some of the, let’s say controversial, styling phase that Acura went through, with the TL being the most blatant example. Saloon cars are now the ILX, TSX (an Acura version of the Euro Accord, and with no plans to replace that car, an uncertain future ahead of it) and the TL, which is due for replacement in 2014.

 photo P1210756_zps6ee70dbc.jpg  photo P1210759_zps42d12303.jpg  photo P1210762_zps0a3bf8f0.jpg  photo P1210758_zpsf5ecc281.jpg  photo P1210755_zps76c3c215.jpg  photo P1210760_zps47094b64.jpg photo P1210761_zpsa1dce260.jpg

SUVs are the recently refreshed RDX and MDX. In toning down the styling, these have become rather bland.

 photo P1210752_zps91a3a4f6.jpg  photo P1210751_zps6842e1b5.jpg  photo P1210750_zps43bdc881.jpg  photo P1210754_zps9b57a5b4.jpg  photo P1210753_zps1eaca964.jpg


With no official presence from many of the other very high end manufacturers who used to attend the Show (until the 2008 credit crunch bit), Aston Martin have ended up with a nice large space at one end of the hall that contains the costly stuff, and they used this to full advantage with a row of cars representing each of the major models that they sell in America.

 photo P1210965_zpsf307c215.jpg  photo P1210964_zps4b8d5824.jpg  photo P1210958_zps6a0c5a5f.jpg  photo P1210963_zpsa402cff8.jpg  photo P1210962_zpsf20d4dcb.jpg  photo P1210961_zps684f3f8a.jpg  photo P1210960_zpsce881cb0.jpg  photo P1210959_zps646bb736.jpg  photo P1210957_zps5ca199b0.jpg  photo P1210956_zps487a23ea.jpg

Continuing a tradition which goes back 20 years, retailer Neiman Marcus announced a special limited edition model, and this year it is based on the newly announced Vanquish Volante. Priced at a lofty $344,500, the Vanquish Volante allegedly draws inspiration from the Prince Charles’ 1969 DB6 Volante. Limited to just 10 units, the Neiman Marcus edition will be among the first of Aston Martin’s 565bhp convertibles sold in the US market. Sporting Seychelles Blue paint and a black leather interior with blue accents, the Vanquish Volante’s mechanicals are unchanged from the standard car, making this an expensive style package. Even so, Neiman Marcus editions are known for selling out very quickly (the 100 Chevrolet Camaro Convertible examples offered in 2010 were all gone in just three minutes ), so it’s entirely likely that all ten of examples of the Neiman Marcus edition are spoken for, as orders opened back on October 23.

 photo P1390854_zpse27e4dab.jpg  photo P1390853_zps0c1c48be.jpg


I’ve learned from experience that the Audi stand tends to get very crowded, so this was one of the early ones I visited. Newcomer here were the latest A3 range of cars, with saloon versions of the A3 and S3 as well as Cabrio and the e-tron version of the Sportback. All were branded European spec models, as the range will not go on sale until well into 2014, as 2015 model year cars. The old A3 did not sell that well, but Audi are hoping for greater things with the new cars. The saloons were attracting a lot of interest, and I predict that although many will prefer the bold styling of the rival Mercedes CLA, once they realise that it is not only nothing like as cheap as Mercedes advertising suggests, but that the rear seat is practically inaccessible and unusable, then Audi have the perfect answer. We shall see.

 photo P1390802_zpsf87c3966.jpg  photo P1210693_zpsda46ec7e.jpg  photo P1390903_zps8a55e5a4.jpg  photo P1210655_zps080122c7.jpg  photo P1210654_zps0ac6c040.jpg  photo P1210686_zpsabb5e190.jpg  photo P1210681_zpsd319e83c.jpg  photo P1210683_zpsd18078aa.jpg  photo P1210682_zps33bce742.jpg  photo P1210535_zps0524b8e5.jpg

The Audi I most wanted to drive out of the place and blast into the distance was the RS7 which was parked temptingly on one corner of the stand. Too subtle for some, perhaps, but just right for me.

 photo P1210685_zpsd2e6adc9.jpg  photo P1210684_zpsee43a5bc.jpg

Of course I would not refuse an R8, either and this V10 plus was attracting the customary amount of attention.

 photo P1210689_zps85efac27.jpg

Audi are finally importing a wider range of diesel models to the US, taking the gamble that Americans can be persuaded that this fuel is not smelly and the cars are not noisy and unreliable. Several of the regular cars on show were TDi models, but there were plenty of petrol ones as well, among the wide variety of more familiar designs displayed.

 photo P1390800_zpsa3b63037.jpg  photo P1390801_zpsafd1c3de.jpg  photo P1390798_zpsdc4bc978.jpg  photo P1390799_zps9a7682a6.jpg  photo P1210688_zpsea5acd53.jpg  photo P1210687_zps05c8d36a.jpg photo P1390905_zpsc4381d34.jpg  photo P1390906_zps2321d4a5.jpg  photo P1390904_zps8c6c8a1a.jpg  photo P1210690_zps4c5e407c.jpg  photo P1210691_zps4108d4c4.jpg  photo P1210692_zps387d5910.jpg


A four car display here. And hats off to the very calm way in which one of the staff responded when some “youff” asked why there was a car called “Mullza – knee”. Scorn might have been appropriate, but she very politely told him how it was pronounced, and as she started to explain that it was a famous part of the Le Mans circuit, said youff scarpered, saying to his “friend”, “Well, how was I to know how it is called”! He did not look like the sort of person is ever like to be buying any Bentley, but these days, you never know!

 photo P1210668_zps1564ad8d.jpg  photo P1210666_zps03fedc7a.jpg photo P1210663_zps7d6dea90.jpg  photo P1210660_zps24682dc4.jpg  photo P1210658_zpsd65eb358.jpg  photo P1210659_zpsdccd2657.jpg  photo P1210664_zpsd49d2f42.jpg photo P1210657_zps4af95b7c.jpg  photo P1210662_zps695583ad.jpg  photo P1210661_zpsc501a096.jpg  photo P1210667_zpsec3f9548.jpg  photo P1210665_zps72dc12e9.jpg  photo P1210656_zpsee38693f.jpg


Another early port of call, as I figured that there were several cars on this stand that everyone would want to see. Actually, it never got truly crowded on the stand, which is a surprise. The two new electric cars, production versions of the i3 and i8 were both locked, so you could only inspect from the outside. I do like the i8, but am less sure about the i3 and it appeared to have a very odd lump of wood stuck across the top of the dash which just looked nasty.  I am sure both will do well in California, where Hybrid and Electric cars are popular.

 photo P1210556_zps15374ee6.jpg  photo P1210557_zps4b0464e7.jpg  photo P1210563_zps3efcdf6d.jpg  photo P1210564_zps9d498d72.jpg  photo P1210558_zps5074080c.jpg  photo P1210560_zpsc072a660.jpg  photo P1210559_zps7d18f825.jpg  photo P1210562_zps6c4d758e.jpg  photo P1210561_zps3c889329.jpg

The Concept X4 was here, though there was nothing to suggest it was a Concept, so I suspect that this is actually very close to the production car that we will see in 2014. Plenty have written damning comments about this, and whilst I would not buy one, it looked OK to me. Given the success of the X6, which is in reality a less practical and more costly X5, then I suspect that there are plenty of people out there who will prefer one of these to an X3.

 photo P1210545_zps47e3496c.jpg  photo P1210544_zps2706a872.jpg  photo P1210543_zps518a6d66.jpg  photo P1210566_zpsee043503.jpg  photo P1210565_zps6dddd30d.jpg  photo P1210575_zpsc42bf8c3.jpg

There were 4 Series Coupe and Convertible models on show. Of the two, I preferred the open top car, which does look elegant.

 photo P1210549_zpscd4993f0.jpg  photo P1210548_zps28e84102.jpg  photo P1210547_zpsdb83b292.jpg  photo P1210546_zps2573b589.jpg  photo P1210550_zps3c735dbd.jpg

Far less elegant is the latest X5, which I think is a styling mess compared to the previous model. The US press have effused praise, unlike the UK press who – perhaps mistakenly – found the M50d cars that they tested to be rather disappointing.

 photo P1210571_zps817ce256.jpg

Disappointing is not a word you would use for the 2 M cars that were at the back of the stand. The M6 Gran Coupe is probably the most elegant BMW of the current range, and certainly the one – money no object – I would pick. It is pricey, but by gosh does it look good.

 photo P1210567_zpsfaba1147.jpg  photo P1210569_zps2de36917.jpg  photo P1210568_zps3826b40d.jpg  photo P1210570_zpsc8cd03ae.jpg  photo P1210574_zps497161f1.jpg  photo P1390894_zps6d4386be.jpg  photo P1390893_zps18b10487.jpg  photo P1390892_zpscea1b328.jpg

A subset of the rest of the vast range were also on show, with the 3 represented by the Touring, the 3GT and the ActiveHybrid, and the 5 by a 535d which is new to America as well as a 5GT. There was no sign of the 1 Series (nor its replacement, the 2), or the X3 or X6.

 photo P1220250_zps76ac00d4.jpg  photo P1220251_zpse89af724.jpg  photo P1210553_zps584a894d.jpg  photo P1390898_zps72b1652c.jpg  photo P1210554_zpsb93e8403.jpg  photo P1210555_zpsd397149d.jpg  photo P1210551_zpsffeb1e51.jpg  photo P1210542_zpsbf98e4d8.jpg  photo P1390896_zps1d4957d4.jpg   photo P1390897_zps7fc00e56.jpg  photo P1390895_zpsb541c221.jpg  photo P1210541_zps51f6b9f8.jpg photo P1210573_zps15922fb3.jpg  photo P1210552_zps8a012ef5.jpg  photo P1210572_zps107fc410.jpg


Centre of attention here was the 2014 facetlifted Regal, an Americanised version of the Insignia, which sports new front and back end styling and a revised interior.

 photo P1210872_zpseb3498ff.jpg  photo P1210871_zps87500496.jpg  photo P1210870_zps919228e0.jpg  photo P1210869_zps348f7909.jpg  photo P1210717_zps1fb4680c.jpg  photo P1210716_zps90838dac.jpg  photo P1210720_zps097d1b88.jpg  photo P1210719_zpsbd3992b8.jpg  photo P1210718_zpsbe9b7126.jpg

Also on show were the recently updated LaCrosse, the Astra-based Verano and the Encore and Enclave.

 photo P1210873_zpsb1e7f3f2.jpg  photo P1210721_zps4334e021.jpg  photo P1220273_zps63af9709.jpg  photo P1220275_zpsbd10e371.jpg  photo P1220274_zps293aa8b9.jpg photo P1390830_zps4c3136db.jpg


All the buzz on this stand seemed to be around the brand new CTS, but it was not the star of the Cadillac stand for me. That accolade goes to the stunning Elmiraj Concept. I understand that Cadillac are agonising over whether to build it, or something very similar. The problem is that large coupes are very much a minority thing these days, as consumers all seem to want big and bulky SUVs, so being confident in the business case is not proving easy. It will be a shame if it does not make it, as it is one of the most elegant concept cars of the year.

 photo P1210671_zps51ed6407.jpg  photo P1210669_zps47289081.jpg  photo P1210670_zpsf42ecaaf.jpg  photo P1210675_zpsd2558913.jpg  photo P1210674_zps8809b445.jpg  photo P1210673_zpsa4e647d9.jpg  photo P1210672_zps7affbf7d.jpg

Then I decided that I did need to go and have another look at the CTS, having first seen it at New York in April. The American press have gone into hyperbole about this car, and maybe it will sell well in the domestic market, but not withstanding the lack of a diesel engine, which is a fatal omission for Europe, I don’t think more than a handful would have anything other than scorn for the mishmash of colours textures and surface on the inside. This is not a car to appeal to the staunchly conservative proponent of an E Class or an A6, and the market for a car like this, no matter how good it is to drive, without those attributes is pretty small.

 photo P1390804_zps0675051c.jpg  photo P1390803_zps2fcb26cb.jpg  photo P1220268_zps26b55eeb.jpg  photo P1220271_zpsc1b2a756.jpg  photo P1220270_zpsb7c24179.jpg

The Estate and Coupe versions of the old CTS continue for now, with some uncertainty as to whether either body style will be repeated in the new range. An example of each was on show.

 photo P1220272_zpsf21d2d46.jpg

Making its show debut was the 2015 Escalade, Cadillac’s version of the new trio of models launched a few weeks ago, and due to go on sale in Spring 2014 as 2015 models. Looking more upscale than the Chevrolet and GMC models, as befits its higher price, this one will surely appeal to Escalade fans and horrify everyone else for its brash excesses just as the previous generations have been doing since 1999.

 photo P1210695_zps7f24a700.jpg  photo P1210694_zpsae2257f9.jpg  photo P1210696_zps86fdd763.jpg  photo P1220269_zps27f61438.jpg

The ELR was making another appearance, in advance of an imminent on sale date. This is best thought of (simplistically) as a Cadillac Coupe version of the Volt. With similar styling to the CTS Coupe, it certainly looks distinctive, but I suspect rear vision through the near horizontal window is somewhat limited.

 photo P1210678_zps3c413f6c.jpg  photo P1210677_zpsfc11677f.jpg  photo P1210676_zpse60c4455.jpg

Also on show were the increasingly familiar ATS, the XTS and SRX Crossover models.

 photo P1210679_zps56a0ed6b.jpg  photo P1210680_zps9df7f876.jpg  photo P1210697_zps8478eed6.jpg  photo P1210712_zps2780468d.jpg


Not surprisingly, the car that was attracting the most attention of anything in the entire show was the C7 Corvette. There were three examples on display, 2 Coupe and 1 Convertible, and there were always crowds around them. I saw my first one on the road earlier in the week, and this is a striking car. The interior is much improved, and according to the US press, it is fabulous to drive (mind you, they have said that about all previous versions even when they were not!). I do hope that Mr Hertz buys some so I can test one out.

 photo P1390831_zps8c71e7eb.jpg  photo P1390832_zps99f04d4e.jpg  photo P1220244_zps47fb67cd.jpg  photo P1220243_zpse6d1ec77.jpg  photo P1220242_zpsffa4d96a.jpg

Another new Chevrolet that appealed was the SS. Of course this is really a Holden Commodore, and it is destined to sell in small volumes in the US., but it looks good, and will  no doubt drive well.

 photo P1210714_zpsc7eadc54.jpg  photo P1210715_zpsaffc629d.jpg  photo P1220241_zps1851052c.jpg  photo P1220240_zps91b2335a.jpg

The Camaro received a freshening of the front and rear end styling, which I have to say is not entirely to my taste. As well as the familiar Coupe and Convertible body styles the show cars included not just the 1LE model, but the return of the famous Z28 name.

 photo P1210724_zpsa93a9927.jpg  photo P1210713_zpsf200a2de.jpg  photo P1210723_zpsf1973844.jpg  photo P1210722_zps29670cea.jpg  photo P1390889_zps876ba5f9.jpg

There were lots of examples of the rest of the passenger car range, from the small Spark (and its electric only EV version, sold only in California), through Aveo, Cruze,Volt, Malibu and Impala. This last was a real surprise for most people, as after years of being cheap and dowdy rental car fodder, the latest one has impressed all who have driven it. A saloon version of the Aveo RS was making its debut.

 photo P1210884_zpscc1956d4.jpg  photo P1210738_zps24e7b637.jpg  photo P1210740_zps1dc89890.jpg  photo P1210883_zpsce14a11f.jpg  photo P1210882_zps5428904e.jpg  photo P1210739_zps5489fc1d.jpg  photo P1210735_zps76d5017b.jpg photo P1220245_zpsa1f0a203.jpg  photo P1210874_zpsc105ccf6.jpg  photo P1210737_zps7167eacf.jpg  photo P1210736_zps381d4df9.jpg  photo P1390834_zps83d25b96.jpg  photo P1390833_zpsa4b620a9.jpg

Also shown were the SUV and Crossover models, the Equinox and recently refreshed Traverse.

 photo P1210876_zps4d04da93.jpg  photo P1210875_zpsaa0ec3f3.jpg

Commercially, the most significant vehicles on the Chevrolet stand were the trucks. The new Silverado models were first shown at the New York Show in April, but are now just starting to become available in the dealers and hence will be seen on the roads very soon. Big, and imposing, with a more brash front end design – which seems to be something that is being replicated by all the truck manufacturers at present – these machines are allegedly more efficient than their predecessors and certainly do boast a higher quality interior.

 photo P1210725_zps51aa6296.jpg  photo P1210726_zps75c557a1.jpg

Closely related are the new Tahoe and Suburban, which at first glance appear little changed from the outgoing models, but stare at them for a little longer, and they are sufficiently different that they will be easy enough to identify from the GM T900 models that have served since 2007.  Unlike the GMC and Cadillac versions, the Chevy models have a 5.3 litre engine. With 355bhp and 383 lb/ft of torque, it’s still more potent than the previous models’ engines, but is down considerably on the 420 bhp and 460 lb/ft of torque in the higher-end SUVs. Despite the lower power output, the 5.3 is fitted with the same suite of fuel-saving features found on the other models, including active fuel management with cylinder deactivation. In the cabin, the Chevrolet My Link system sits front and centre on higher-end models, complete with an 8″ touchscreen. Push-button start is the marque’s standard feature, although other items like power fold-flat seats, 20- and 22″ wheels are optional extras.

 photo P1210729_zps8125875a.jpg  photo P1210730_zpse0b84afe.jpg  photo P1210733_zps20f82dcc.jpg  photo P1210732_zps64d875ca.jpg  photo P1210731_zps4b53f5c4.jpg  photo P1210734_zpsbd4ae35b.jpg

Brand new for the Show was the 2015 Colorado truck, a smaller pick-up which marks Chevrolet’s re-entry into the mid sized truck sector and which will compete directly with the Toyota Tacoma and Ford Ranger. This seems to have been particularly well received and could do very well in the market.  A Lifeguard concept version was also on show, this one supposedly inspired by the local West Coast beaches, with its bed mounted surfboard rack and light bar.

 photo P1210728_zps1bccfb71.jpg  photo P1210727_zps0252ea4e.jpg


If the rumours are to be believed, Chrysler are saving their big launch for Detroit so all there was here were a series of familiar cars, with several of the 200 and 300 models as well as the Town & Country minivan.

 photo P1220215_zps143a8962.jpg  photo P1220214_zpsd7814afe.jpg  photo P1220213_zps6866b8e9.jpg  photo P1390775_zpsd46e369a.jpg  photo P1220129_zps92d35f69.jpg  photo P1220132_zps4acddae7.jpg  photo P1220131_zps84404a4a.jpg  photo P1220130_zps9368569e.jpg  photo P1390774_zps6501a380.jpg  photo P1390776_zps9e403108.jpg


2014 marks Dodge’s Centenary, and so they have come up with a special limited edition Centenary version of both the Challenger and the Charger. They were displayed alongside each other, looking resplendent in their High Octane Red Pearl paintwork. There are all sorts of little touches to distinguish the cars, which will available in all the standard colours as well. The duo were presented alongside a “regular” Challenger R/T and a classic 1970 Challenger.

 photo P1390872_zps7f312961.jpg  photo P1390871_zpse6b9c574.jpg  photo P1220125_zps97ebddc8.jpg  photo P1220128_zps8e9cf3e6.jpg  photo P1220126_zpsfbb46ab9.jpg  photo P1220127_zpsf8ae2d35.jpg photo P1220239_zpsa6a0a373.jpg  photo P1390870_zpsa9bb1f8f.jpg  photo P1390868_zpsc3633a65.jpg  photo P1390869_zpse0e55f65.jpg  photo P1210989_zpsa3918595.jpg  photo P1210988_zpsf9fd3529.jpg  photo P1210987_zpsee94ef69.jpg

Other Dodge models on show included the refreshed 2014 Durango, the neat looking Dart, some more Charger and Challenger models as well as Journey and a Grand Caravan.

 photo P1220141_zps6a2cf465.jpg  photo P1220140_zpse40c0d3b.jpg photo P1220139_zps38b13c2f.jpg  photo P1220143_zps2c0abe02.jpg  photo P1220144_zpsc9fb8570.jpg  photo P1220142_zps15c94782.jpg  photo P1220220_zpsee266b21.jpg  photo P1220219_zps0f23dd72.jpg  photo P1220216_zps8f90b45b.jpg  photo P1220217_zps95797422.jpg  photo P1220218_zpscd82fbcb.jpg  photo P1220222_zps670554a5.jpg  photo P1220221_zps681801c6.jpg  photo P1220238_zpsedada091.jpg


Nothing new here, unless you count further limited editions of the 500. And there were two of these. The first one, called 1957 Edition, which will only be offered in America, marks 57 years since the 1957 launch of the Nuova 500 did look rather cool, with its pastel hued paint, and retro styling cues.

 photo P1210993_zpsc5765b45.jpg  photo P1210994_zps7c554300.jpg  photo P1210990_zps44a97667.jpg  photo P1210992_zps145271f3.jpg  photo P1210991_zps902f1ece.jpg

The second was the 500C GQ Edition, Chief among the exterior changes are 16″ gloss black alloys with red-trimmed centre caps, a more aggressive lower fascia and black-bucket headlamps, along with the requisite GQ badging. The model borrows the US spec Abarth 160 bhp 1.4 litre Multiair engine and a five-speed manual gearbox. As you’d expect with a GQ-branded product, due attention has been paid to the interior furnishings, including a matte-finish body-colour gauge cluster nacelle, and Nero black leather seats lifted by Alcantara inserts incorporating a Steam leatherette centre stripe and GQ embossing on the backrest.

 photo P1210996_zpsd8903bf3.jpg  photo P1390777_zpscaf72682.jpg

These were joined by examples of the rest of the US range, including the US Abarth version, the all electric 500e and the recently available 500L.

 photo P1210995_zpsb7cd6a2f.jpg  photo P1220203_zps2189ec6a.jpg  photo P1220205_zps5ef67319.jpg  photo P1220204_zps077c7b4b.jpg  photo P1220207_zps0231fc50.jpg  photo P1220206_zps6fd2087f.jpg  photo P1220208_zps22f5a7a5.jpg  photo P1390867_zpsdab2a2a3.jpg


A vast stand area, so hard to know where to begin. Let’s start with the Mustang. Next year is the Big 5 0 and there will be an all new model to celebrate the fact (rumoured to be revealed on December 5th), so this was one of the last shows for the current and popular model, There were a whole load of cars from the regular V6 and GT 5 litre models, through to the Shelby and a special creation made for SEMA as well as a classic 1966 GT350 to enjoy.

 photo P1220094_zpsb06373ac.jpg  photo P1220090_zps2236cb4c.jpg  photo P1220083_zps66bc98af.jpg photo P1220110_zps0f3b22b3.jpg  photo P1220111_zpsc5892b52.jpg  photo P1220084_zps0a290b8d.jpg  photo P1220088_zps9b0d5705.jpg photo P1220194_zps5017475c.jpg  photo P1220193_zpscb48fe27.jpg photo P1390883_zps8652dc47.jpg  photo P1220087_zpsc0c44b20.jpg  photo P1220086_zps2c0cc1b7.jpg  photo P1220085_zps60302745.jpg  photo P1390793_zps54f5868b.jpg  photo P1390794_zpsc1618dfb.jpg  photo P1390795_zps8002129e.jpg  photo P1220093_zps240f3ffd.jpg  photo P1220092_zps94df27c5.jpg  photo P1220091_zpsa7be8373.jpg  photo P1220089_zps86acd571.jpg

Centrepiece of the whole stand was a concept Edge, which looked remarkably ready for production, even though Ford were using lots of “if” and  “might” in what they said about it. I have to confess to a certain disappointment in the reality compared to the pictures. The production car will be launched in 2014, and the Edge is destined to find its way to Europe as part of Ford’s plan to launch 25 new vehicles in Europe by 2015.

 photo P1220082_zps2a86945b.jpg  photo P1220081_zps5fafa074.jpg  photo P1220080_zpsdae4fe1b.jpg  photo P1220079_zpse0db0d1a.jpg  photo P1220078_zpsff41533e.jpg  photo P1220077_zpse13b2858.jpg

There were lots and lots of production cars, from the little Fiesta, through Focus, C-Max and Fusion to Taurus, current Edge, Escape and Explorer as well as an Expedition and the latest Transit Connect vans. Ford were making quite a lot of their electric cars, though you do lose a lot of boot space in the Focus if you go for battery propulsion.

  photo P1220105_zps2e0e3e70.jpg  photo P1220100_zps3398742b.jpg photo P1220071_zpsb4e13da8.jpg  photo P1220070_zps0560f6ca.jpg  photo P1220069_zps81e884cc.jpg  photo P1220068_zpse56be70a.jpg  photo P1220121_zpsfb8b232a.jpg  photo P1220104_zpsd9c817dc.jpg  photo P1220106_zps38c9fa0d.jpg  photo P1220103_zps0aa3e835.jpg  photo P1220102_zps8e8a82ea.jpg  photo P1220101_zps5feca06c.jpg  photo P1220072_zps7209a16d.jpg  photo P1220073_zpsfb4375d1.jpg photo P1390790_zps0bd22737.jpg  photo P1220099_zpsdc7a94ff.jpg  photo P1220066_zps2d20ca4c.jpg  photo P1390884_zps49ae2686.jpg  photo P1220067_zpsa1854056.jpg  photo P1220097_zpsa00c1a04.jpg  photo P1220098_zpsa70a1284.jpg  photo P1220074_zpsaf0564b6.jpg  photo P1220064_zpsc0065f78.jpg  photo P1220065_zps9ec009bb.jpg  photo P1220062_zps3b7af5c0.jpg  photo P1390796_zpsba0fdc61.jpg photo P1220122_zpsad28783a.jpg  photo P1390792_zps65240754.jpg  photo P1390791_zps470323b8.jpg  photo P1390789_zps077df1f7.jpg  photo P1220114_zps33c3996f.jpg  photo P1220063_zps09baa92d.jpg  photo P1220120_zpsa3516871.jpg  photo P1220119_zps2e5f86ae.jpg  photo P1220109_zps11174ad2.jpg  photo P1220096_zps337b5ef3.jpg  photo P1220095_zpsc4c307c5.jpg  photo P1220192_zps50a6e2d5.jpg  photo P1220191_zps0ed4788e.jpg  photo P1220108_zps50fdb3a0.jpg  photo P1220115_zpsbba78f71.jpg  photo P1220107_zpsf2b2ca86.jpg  photo P1220195_zpsbf63063a.jpg  photo P1220113_zpsc5079c21.jpg  photo P1220112_zps93bfc049.jpg  photo P1220118_zpse6c7e1bd.jpg  photo P1220117_zps1fad633d.jpg  photo P1220116_zps80387e06.jpg  photo P1220076_zpsafd81dee.jpg  photo P1220075_zps4b2d5317.jpg

Based on the Ford GT, this is a rather special machine indeed.

 photo P1210952_zps31c55972.jpg  photo P1210951_zps8a07fcbd.jpg  photo P1210955_zps81b641c1.jpg  photo P1210953_zps2d39ff96.jpg  photo P1210954_zpsd909870f.jpg


Big news here, of course was the combination of the new truck, the Silverado, and its SUV relative the new Yukon, available in regular and XL guises. Compared to the rather brash Chevrolet and deliberately glitzy Escalade, these appeared quite well done.

 photo P1210881_zps7f5568f1.jpg  photo P1210880_zpsccb7090b.jpg  photo P1210879_zps060bf1aa.jpg  photo P1210878_zps0ff794f4.jpg  photo P1210877_zps22e70c54.jpg  photo P1210885_zpsc0a96ccb.jpg photo P1210890_zps4696c9a4.jpg  photo P1210891_zps6a6ba48e.jpg  photo P1210892_zps986f773f.jpg  photo P1220249_zps0372a5a8.jpg

The familiar Acadia and Terrain were also on show.

 photo P1210887_zps12fbb17f.jpg  photo P1210886_zps673e34e3.jpg  photo P1210889_zpsb078757b.jpg  photo P1210888_zps0cef872e.jpg  photo P1220248_zps93eabc36.jpg  photo P1220247_zps03093415.jpg  photo P1220246_zps4ba5f7a5.jpg


 photo P1220175_zps6339bd06.jpg

Most interesting car on the stand was this Concept Fuel Cell HCEV Vehicle. Allegedly, this is close to the upcoming fuel-cell electric vehicle that Honda will launch in the US and Japan in 2015, and in Europet. There is little doubt that there is an element of  bravery on display here, and Honda says the concept we see here hints at “a potential styling direction,” but it is hard to imagine which parts of this spaceship concept vehicle will be seen on the road one day. That means that the five-seater’s technical details are perhaps more important than how it looks, since this is where the car really tries to set itself apart. A range of more than 300 miles will be possible from a 100kW hydrogen fuel cell stack that has a power density of 3kW/L, which is 60-percent higher than it was before while being 33-percent smaller than the stack in the FCX Clarity that Honda have been testing on a limited basis over the past few years. Honda doesn’t get into the issue of a lack of fuel stations in its press release (there are only 10 public stations in the US at present), but it does say that the FCEV Concept could be refuelled in about three minutes using a 70 MPa system. The fuel stack’s small size means this is the first time a fuel-cell powertrain has been “packaged completely in the engine room of the vehicle,” Honda says, which means the company should be able to do a lot of interesting things with vehicle design, just as some EV designers can do today. Honda also says the compact size means there is “flexibility in the potential application of FC technology to multiple vehicle types in the future,” so if you don’t like the look of the concept unveiled today, keep your eyes peeled for something different.

 photo P1210978_zps0c29cdce.jpg  photo P1210977_zpscf294d05.jpg

Hopefully that something different will look a bit more interesting that the array of current production Honda machines. I had arrived at the Show in a 2012 Civic, a car derided for being as cheap as Honda though they could get away with, only to find that they could not, as it was lambasted by the Press. An emergency facelift was rushed through within 12 months, and although that had been premiered at the 2012 Show, I had a renewed interest in comparing the revised interior with the car I had been driving for 24 hours. In fact, some more changes were made for the 2014 models, and this time Honda have also addressed the Coupe which was first shown at SEMA a few weeks ago and was making another appearance here. Suffice to say that although the interior design on the latest cars is the same, the quality of the materials is orders of magnitudes better. It will be interesting to see if they have made it any less anodyne to drive.

 photo P1210979_zps171f9b10.jpg  photo P1210981_zpsd1a3551d.jpg photo P1210986_zps227a52c4.jpg  photo P1210984_zps90d146ca.jpg  photo P1210985_zpsefd12766.jpg  photo P1210983_zps641c71eb.jpg  photo P1210982_zps882e975e.jpg photo P1220293_zps008a517c.jpg

The Accord was replaced a year ago, with a rather inoffensive, but slightly bland version, and there were plenty of these to inspect, including the production version of the Hybrid. Unmemorable to look at, perhaps, but this is still judged to be among the best cars in a highly competitive class. Hertz don’t carry many Hondas, but I will try to find one to test myself. There is a Coupe model which looks very similar to the old car, as well.

 photo P1220228_zpsd9a87e89.jpg  photo P1220227_zpsfeddd9b6.jpg  photo P1220229_zpsd171fd0a.jpg  photo P1220292_zpsa3d7b1e7.jpg  photo P1390771_zps75a57045.jpg  photo P1220294_zpsbebd4cdc.jpg photo P1390882_zps696b030f.jpg  photo P1390881_zps9566bb8c.jpg

The CrossTour lost its Accord badging for 2013 and carries on as before, with a front end based on the old Accord.

 photo P1220226_zps69be57ac.jpg

Other Honda on show included the Fit (including the EV version), the big-selling CR-V, the Odyssey minivan and Pilot SUV.

 photo P1390769_zps15ab20b4.jpg  photo P1210980_zps7b13296d.jpg  photo P1220174_zps9ab0b532.jpg  photo P1390880_zpsb73e9e9f.jpg  photo P1390879_zps47cf5810.jpg  photo P1390770_zpsa46a6c7a.jpg


Although Hyundai did not have any completely new models, they did have some important changes to show off on their large stand. Hot off the press were the alterations to their big selling Elantra, which has received the mid-life facelift comprising detailed changes to the front and back, lights and wheel trims etc and the standardisation of the 197 bhp 2 litre engine in the GT (hatch) and Coupe as well as a new Sport sedan model.

 photo P1210708_zpsbeb63b2a.jpg  photo P1210707_zpsc58231d3.jpg  photo P1210701_zps9316064f.jpg  photo P1210705_zpsdf78b7a4.jpg  photo P1210706_zpsc3b4df3a.jpg  photo P1210704_zps14cc2bc3.jpg  photo P1210703_zps335fa9aa.jpg  photo P1210702_zps3d7d86ff.jpg

There was also something new for the Veloster, with a cheaper version of the Turbo, called R-Spec making its debut. Hyundai reason that many buyers of the Turbo model are more interested in the performance gains than anything else, and would rather spend their money on tuning accessories. (!). Only available with a manual gearbox, it does without proximity-key entry with push-button start, the premium gauge cluster, side-repeater mirrors, driver’s auto-up window, high-gloss interior trim and heated leather seats. It might be better if it did without the red-accented side skirts and front splitter which just look tacky.

 photo P1210700_zpsb255df43.jpg  photo P1210699_zpsd067cb52.jpg  photo P1210698_zps1ba1cee6.jpg

Hyundai have a very extensive range of product in the US, most of which we do not see in Europe, the exceptions being the Tucson (which we know as ix35) shown in regular and Fuel Cell guises and the Santa Fe Sport. A longer wheelbase version of this with space for 7 seats (and to my mind slightly better looking styling) is also available in the US.

  photo P1210709_zps948e3ed5.jpg  photo P1210710_zps96ce8a64.jpg  photo P1220266_zps80523de0.jpg  photo P1220264_zps17e9120a.jpg  photo P1220265_zps32173497.jpg  photo P1390908_zpsc0c19aa6.jpg  photo P1390907_zps63587b08.jpg

This could be one of the last shows for the current Sonata and Genesis as rumours persist that new versions of both will appear in the next few weeks.

 photo P1390912_zpsfe62fb30.jpg  photo P1390911_zpsa124dbd7.jpg  photo P1390852_zps50e24dae.jpg  photo P1390910_zps214242a3.jpg  photo P1390909_zps2c405404.jpg

Flagship of the range is the Equus and there was one of these S Class-sized cars at the back of the stand. Beautifully finished, if a little bland, there is no doubt that you get a lot of car for not a lot of money.

 photo P1390851_zpseeab2291.jpg  photo P1390850_zps9dafdedf.jpg  photo P1390849_zpse43d604d.jpg

Other models on show included the rarely seen Azera and the diminutive Accent.

 photo P1210711_zps835250c7.jpg  photo P1220267_zps872a64cf.jpg  photo P1390848_zps01cc945c.jpg


Stand star here was the concept Q30, finished in a rather odd shade of pink which was apparently inspired by a visit to a German jewellery fair. Hmm! Not wow-ed by the styling either.

 photo P1210768_zps7d1a6489.jpg  photo P1210769_zps46233c39.jpg  photo P1210770_zps0267d8a6.jpg  photo P1210771_zps6f8228a3.jpg  photo P1210773_zpse08dac3d.jpg  photo P1210774_zps0fd3ff5c.jpg  photo P1210772_zps2cfcfa6a.jpg

Nor was I that taken by the Q50. It would seem that this car has not really hit the spot, with many lamenting it as not a patch on the outgoing and much loved G37.

 photo P1390838_zps7d63a986.jpg  photo P1390842_zps6c8c379d.jpg  photo P1210776_zpsd3553b60.jpg  photo P1210775_zps8bd75d5d.jpg

The rest of the range, with their new badging, were all there, so get used to QX50 (EX37), QX60 (JX37), QX 70 (FX37), QX80 (QX56) and Q70 (M37/50). The Hybrid version of the QX60 was among the vehicles displayed.

 photo P1210780_zps257ac8f4.jpg  photo P1210779_zps80c56f5c.jpg  photo P1210778_zps3b67312b.jpg  photo P1210777_zpsb2c26aae.jpg  photo P1210781_zps37fc8c31.jpg  photo P1390839_zpsf0a573dc.jpg

Sebastian Vettel’s Red Bull Formula 1 car was on the stand,. You can tell that America knows (and probably cares) little about this particular form of motor-racing as some of the stuff the commentator was coming out with was just plain wrong.

 photo P1390841_zps06ab2879.jpg  photo P1390840_zpsb6ba467d.jpg


This stand was clearly going to be a highlight for me, as it was going to give me my first look at the newly unveiled F Type Coupe. I’m already a huge fan of the Convertible version, which I think is one of the best looking cars that has been made in many a year, and whose sound track is in some ways even better than its appearance. The F Type has generated lots of (positive) interest, so I anticipated that the stand would get busy, which meant that it is one of the first I went to. And anyway, I could contain my excitement no longer. I was not let down, with the sight of two Coupe models, a red one in the central display and a white one open to be sat in. I was not disappointed. This is a stunning car, and with prices promised to be £7000 less than the convertible model, I am sure that it will sell at least as fast as Jaguar can build them.

 photo P1210536_zps0d2aee6b.jpg  photo P1210537_zpsdaefcc49.jpg  photo P1210538_zps38aa1bcf.jpg  photo P1210577_zps56dbaa51.jpg  photo P1210578_zps00748ace.jpg  photo P1210576_zps67ea8f2a.jpg  photo P1210539_zpsf848f8f1.jpg  photo P1210540_zps9e696c56.jpg  photo P1210584_zpsbb28a5db.jpg  photo P1210583_zps36e24d12.jpg  photo P1390891_zps780bb222.jpg  photo P1390890_zpsae59ba20.jpg  photo P1220262_zps0794f74c.jpg

Jaguar had another surprise for me, which was that the Concept C-X17, first shown at Frankfurt to critical acclaim ,was also on display. Newly repainted in silver, this car impressed me massively, too. I’m not in the market for an SUV, but if I were, this is the one I would want. And judging by what I heard, I am far from alone, with lots of people saying that they would buy it now if only they could. Jaguar would be crazy not to build something like this. And soon.

 photo P1210582_zps3131f0da.jpg  photo P1210581_zps5641937b.jpg  photo P1210580_zps5d9f211c.jpg  photo P1210579_zpsc09fbe04.jpg  photo P1210645_zpsa29f6713.jpg  photo P1210644_zps008acfa8.jpg  photo P1210643_zps4d30cd62.jpg  photo P1210642_zps8305cb2a.jpg  photo P1210647_zpsb1b69167.jpg  photo P1210646_zps79430f96.jpg  photo P1390845_zps71e9cbd1.jpg  photo P1390844_zpse50553b5.jpg

Examples of the rest of the range included regular XF and the new XFR-S, the XJR and and XK.

 photo P1210591_zpsfcc93fd6.jpg  photo P1390843_zps78d284d5.jpg  photo P1220263_zpsf1caf713.jpg  photo P1210648_zps2f148eaa.jpg  photo P1210585_zpsca399962.jpg


The new Cherokee has finally gone on sale, though I have yet to see a production car on the road. Get past the polarising looks, and I gather this is a very competent machine. It certainly sports an interior that is leagues better than its predecessor, and would now rate as a strength of the product rather than a huge weakness.

 photo P1220149_zpsf64a76d3.jpg  photo P1220148_zps23bda931.jpg  photo P1220145_zpsda1fda2e.jpg  photo P1220146_zpsd822f2e8.jpg  photo P1220147_zpsba28cca7.jpg  photo P1220150_zpsc5dc2824.jpg photo P1220151_zps9c0b8f5e.jpg  photo P1220223_zps678304e8.jpg  photo P1390873_zps3eeb0dc7.jpg

The rest of the Jeep range was well represented, with several of the iconic Wrangler models on show, including the Willys Wheeler package, which is sort of a throwback to early CJ models, and wears “Willys” stickers on the bonnet. There’s also a gloss black grille, rock rails to protect the side sills, and unique 17″ black wheels wrapped in meaty BF Goodrich KM Mud Terrain tyres. For proper off-road prowess, this special edition uses a Dana 44 rear axle with a limited-slip differential and a 3.73 final drive ratio.

 photo P1390772_zps777abee5.jpg  photo P1390773_zps52c2d96a.jpg  photo P1220172_zps538827f0.jpg  photo P1220173_zps953ea2e2.jpg  photo P1220171_zpse0a77c6a.jpg


It is a measure of the confidence that Kia now has that two of their new cars sit at the top of the range, entering market territory that they have not previously explored. The Cadenza is already on sale. This is a large premium saloon which is aimed fairly and squarely at the likes of the Buick LaCrosse, Ford Taurus and Toyota Avalon. With neat, if slightly unadventurous styling, and impeccable looking build quality, it will be fascinating to see how well it does. Early reviews I have read  have been pretty positive.

 photo P1220023_zps2cc6bcb1.jpg  photo P1220021_zps73ff472e.jpg  photo P1220020_zps5c8da70e.jpg photo P1390782_zpsa2658ad1.jpg  photo P1220018_zps5b5789be.jpg  photo P1220016_zpsd19a182a.jpg photo P1220022_zps01091519.jpg photo P1220019_zps51c653bb.jpg  photo P1220017_zps6eb72a5d.jpg

Looking perhaps too similar is an even larger and more costly car, the K900. Sharing some of its underpinnings with the Hyundai Equus and Genesis, and sharing some of the same dimensions as well as the engines, is the US market version of the rear wheel drive Quoris, and will be offered with a 3.8 litre V6 and 5 litre V8, at prices starting from around $50,000. Whilst suggesting that this is an S Class Mercedes rival is taking things a little too far, Lexus should be very afraid, as all those who find their latest designs too ugly around the front, will find that the simple lines of the K900 could be right up their street. It is impressively roomy inside and beautifully finished. It does not really bring anything new – apart from Kia value – to the class, and I am sure that badge snobbery will remain a challenge, but it deserves to do well. We will see.

 photo P1220027_zps7b590fdf.jpg  photo P1220028_zpsdb624027.jpg  photo P1220029_zps91e3427a.jpg  photo P1220030_zpsc4ac6e68.jpg  photo P1220026_zpsad21c2c1.jpg  photo P1220025_zpsfb6b31df.jpg photo P1220024_zpsd015f093.jpg  photo P1220031_zps3f5c4fad.jpg  photo P1390778_zpse4bfb70b.jpg  photo P1390781_zps2ce72fc3.jpg  photo P1390780_zps7955020a.jpg

Third new model is the second generation Soul, which premiered at the New York Show in April, but which has now gone on sale in the US, with European versions due next Spring. I was particularly interested in this one as I spent a couple of days earlier in the week driving the outgoing car (which I liked). This one is based on the latest Cee’d and whilst the interior is different to that car, it has much of the same design treatment and higher quality materials than the old Soul. It should continue to build on the huge success of the first generation car.

 photo P1220046_zps1c1c2104.jpg  photo P1220196_zps7a138597.jpg  photo P1220197_zps99a48444.jpg  photo P1220049_zps1090fb5e.jpg  photo P1220048_zps89a6ca99.jpg  photo P1220047_zps1f0307d7.jpg

As if that were not enough, there were mild facelifts evident on the Optima and Sportage. New lights and grilles are the clue.

 photo P1390779_zps0e5f37e6.jpg  photo P1390886_zps0da9a80a.jpg  photo P1390885_zps4cbdb4b6.jpg  photo P1220037_zps9ad94932.jpg  photo P1220036_zps308d5de8.jpg  photo P1220035_zps93a2d9c0.jpg  photo P1220038_zpsad702268.jpg  photo P1220032_zps73ca6977.jpg  photo P1220041_zps7887af74.jpg

The 2014 Forte range is now complete with the 5 door and Koup versions joining the regular 4 door sedan.

 photo P1220043_zps32c9837a.jpg  photo P1220045_zps6ea419bb.jpg photo P1220034_zpsfdc1e6d6.jpg  photo P1220042_zps19ebc6dd.jpg  photo P1220033_zps7939c231.jpg  photo P1220054_zpsd9cf8c65.jpg  photo P1390784_zps364b8a21.jpg  photo P1390783_zpsc7bbef24.jpg  photo P1220053_zps443ddf46.jpg  photo P1220052_zpsdddf1816.jpg  photo P1220051_zpsc9b9eb3b.jpg  photo P1390788_zps04a9ba50.jpg  photo P1390787_zpsea8bfc28.jpg photo P1390786_zps832ff271.jpg  photo P1220210_zps5ea4cdc0.jpg

The Rio and Sorento were also on display, neither of which have been around in their current form for long, meaning that Kia has one of the newest ranges of all manufacturers.

 photo P1390785_zpsf8b59ffc.jpg  photo P1220050_zps717ded7e.jpg  photo P1220044_zps74846e1f.jpg  photo P1220211_zpse981d05c.jpg  photo P1220212_zpse255311e.jpg  photo P1220209_zps0efe1ee6.jpg  photo P1220039_zps79a2502c.jpg  photo P1220040_zpsee32a4ac.jpg


Another world debut, this one being for the long wheelbase Range Rover. When I first saw pictures, I was not convinced, but in reality, the conversion looks pretty good, and this version will certainly help to distance this car from the Range-Rover Sport.,  Land-Rover were also using the opportunity to show their new Autobiography Black specification. Available only with the long-wheelbase body, the Black model has a US starting price of $185,000, which compares with a starting price of just $84,195 for the “standard” version. For your extra $100,000 as well the LWB changes which bring you an extra 7.3″ of rear legroom and an extra eight degrees of incline when the individual rear seats are optioned. The LWB model also adds power rear sunshades and a panoramic sunroof. The Black model, meanwhile, is different all together. Exclusive to the US market and limited to just 100 units, the exterior of the Black has a new grille and blingy model-specific wheels, along with identifying badges. There’s also the availability of the stylish Valloire White paint shown on the Show car, which will be used on the first 25 Black models built, and which adds a cool $14,500 to the $185,000 starting price. And while the exterior tweaks are limited, it’s the cabin of this luxury limo that sees the biggest batch of upgrades. All four seats have their own memory, climate and massage controls, as well as 18-way adjustability for the front pair of seats. Passengers in back will enjoy 17 degrees of recline along with 10.2″ rear screens, with the passenger-side back seat as a deployable ottoman. LED mood lamps comes standard, and helps show off the exquisite wood and leather work of the SUV’s cabin.  The show example was on a display plinth, so you could not get close up, but when the doors were open, you could see that not only is there now a lot more space in the back, the luxury fittings go some way to justify the lofty price tag.

 photo P1210587_zps565af18c.jpg  photo P1210586_zps2aed969b.jpg  photo P1210588_zps40591567.jpg  photo P1210589_zpsa5466ad7.jpg  photo P1210590_zpsa62c0359.jpg  photo P1390846_zps63641271.jpg

There were examples of the rest of the range on show, with the latest Range-Rover Sport and Evoque joined by the older LR4 (Discovery) and LRS (Freelander),

 photo P1210650_zps750bb451.jpg  photo P1210649_zpseb609bdd.jpg  photo P1210652_zps72b2f99c.jpg photo P1210653_zpsc765f947.jpg  photo P1210651_zpsd9721a34.jpg  photo P1390847_zps20e63bf2.jpg


The US is Lexus’ most important market, so no surprise that they had a huge stand and that it was perpetually busy. The range of cars that Lexus offers in the US is larger than we see in Europe, and now that everything has adopted the spindle grille, they are remarkably difficult to tell apart especially from the front. I thought it was just me, but I heard countless people opining that they were looking at, say an IS with and without the F=Sport grille, only for someone to counter with. “no, that’s an IS and a GS”. Or may be it was an ES. After all the fuss created when the motoring mags raved about the new IS350, saying it beat the 3 series and other competitors, Lexus have unleashed the IS250, the version people actually buy, and what a surprise, it’s been declared as deeply disappointing with a particularly unimpressive engine. Anyway, there were several new IS models present, along with the old model IS-F, along with (I think memory tells me even I cannot be sure in recognising them), ES, GS and LS Saloons.

 photo P1210792_zps20af7977.jpg  photo P1210793_zps29b76a7a.jpg  photo P1210795_zpse4d6ac33.jpg  photo P1210794_zps9c554e8c.jpg  photo P1220254_zpsfdb62c42.jpg

The CT was also on show with its new grille the most obvious visible alternation. There have been plenty of under the skin changes, as well, with the intent of making it ride better and be a little less dull to drive.

 photo P1220260_zps6d1e10a4.jpg  photo P1220261_zps3cbd4113.jpg  photo P1220259_zps44df99f9.jpg

Lexus have an array of SUVs, too, and there was one example of each, RX, GX and LX The revised front on the GX looks particularly nasty.

 photo P1220258_zps366bdeda.jpg  photo P1220257_zps3725fffa.jpg  photo P1220256_zps1f0290b0.jpg  photo P1220255_zps39da2837.jpg

Centrepiece of the display was the striking LF-LC Concept.

 photo P1220253_zps26d2b28b.jpg  photo P1220252_zps7d8cfa96.jpg  photo P1210790_zpsbd4901bb.jpg  photo P1210791_zpse69818e6.jpg

However, it was the LF-A that was drawing the biggest crowds. I was under the impression that production of this supercar had finished, but it is such a striking machine that few are going to complain at it making another show appearance.

 photo P1210797_zpse53850d7.jpg  photo P1210796_zpsafcbf9e6.jpg


The new MKC was the star here. After the recent rash of rather boldly styled Lincoln models, this one looks quite restrained. Loosely based on an Escape (Kuga), but with a luxury interior and its own 2.3 litre Ecoboost engine, it may do well in the market. It needs to, as Ford Motor Company are still trying to find a new and successful direction for Lincoln, with rumours continuing to suggest that without a clear increase in sales, the future for the brand is not guaranteed.

 photo P1220060_zps2ebaee3e.jpg  photo P1220059_zps6e855bfa.jpg  photo P1220055_zpsfd95f702.jpg photo P1220234_zps7deb530f.jpg  photo P1220058_zpsacd45f17.jpg  photo P1220057_zps359ef5d2.jpg  photo P1220056_zps61dbbc9c.jpg photo P1220235_zpsa7ae9722.jpg  photo P1220233_zps9b9d2b7a.jpg

Everything else on the stand was familiar, ranging from last year’s new MKZ with its massive sunroof generating lots of comment through the MKS and MKT, the crossover MKX and the now rather elderly Navigator.

 photo P1220123_zps56f8d43c.jpg  photo P1220124_zpse7d30a14.jpg  photo P1220231_zpsade93c5e.jpg  photo P1220232_zps7039135b.jpg  photo P1220230_zpsb1ce4290.jpg  photo P1390887_zps092cc0f7.jpg  photo P1390888_zps680e35db.jpg  photo P1220237_zps91c123c8.jpg  photo P1220236_zps944e2ef6.jpg  photo P1220061_zpsaaecb193.jpg


For the past couple of years, Lotus have only offered the Evora to US customers, but the presence of the latest V6 Exige suggests that they may have a second  model to sell.

 photo P1210946_zpsd2ecf584.jpg  photo P1210947_zpsfabc2935.jpg  photo P1210948_zps458a992d.jpg  photo P1210949_zps6babba4b.jpg  photo P1210950_zps92d74a17.jpg


With a massive increase in sales envisaged following the launch of the Ghibli, the show stand was opened up to allow everyone to get a look at the cars. Several examples of the delightful Ghibli were joined by a new Quattroporte and the familiar GranTurismo and GranCabrio.

 photo P1210742_zpsa862cf9f.jpg  photo P1210767_zpsedabcf54.jpg  photo P1210765_zpsf3b156de.jpg photo P1210743_zpsbbc9ec8b.jpg  photo P1210747_zps93cb93ad.jpg  photo P1210764_zps587fdbf7.jpg  photo P1210766_zps5d4bf895.jpg  photo P1210746_zps436710ae.jpg  photo P1210744_zps5034d266.jpg  photo P1210745_zps9b6e2dba.jpg  photo P1210763_zps7b4cdba0.jpg  photo P1210741_zps901e45fb.jpg  photo P1390902_zps64c739f8.jpg  photo P1390901_zps860d8a90.jpg


This was a stand I really wanted to visit, as I wanted to see if the reality of the new 3, available in Sedan and Hatch models, is as good as the pictures suggested. Let me tell you it is. By some margin, in my opinion, this is the best looking car in its class that is sold on the US market, and with a style that combines the current Mazda look with a hint of Alfa Giulietta about it (no bad thing), it is one of the most elegant C-segment cars the world over. The interior has taken a massive step forward in quality and ambience, too, rectifying one of Mazda’s less strong suits. The cars have not hit the rental fleets yet, but I am sure they will, and it is high on my list of machines ti sample. That said, I have little doubt that the sheep-like unimaginative US buyer will still flock to the dull Civic and Corolla when they should be looking here.

 photo P1210846_zpsb3996699.jpg  photo P1210841_zpsf5df490b.jpg  photo P1210845_zpsdc90b752.jpg  photo P1210839_zps3c72ce7c.jpg  photo P1210840_zpsc825b37a.jpg  photo P1210847_zpsdeb4b504.jpg  photo P1210838_zpsd4e7819e.jpg  photo P1210844_zps22f3baf6.jpg  photo P1210843_zps2b105034.jpg  photo P1210842_zps56ed070a.jpg  photo P1210899_zps6979cbd3.jpg  photo P1390813_zpsdf79b817.jpg  photo P1390812_zpsd24e25b0.jpg photo P1390816_zpsfa939f66.jpg  photo P1390811_zps9a651a31.jpg  photo P1220278_zpse9401868.jpg

I am also a big fan of the new 6 (also yet to appear on rental car duty) and there were several of these – available in sedan form only in America, but they are about to get a diesel version to join the petrol models – on show. Again looks good and a much nicer interior.

 photo P1210851_zps30f553aa.jpg  photo P1210900_zps177ee1c7.jpg

With the great to drive CX9 (the best cross-over I’ve experienced) the well received CX5, and the pretty little 2 hatch and useful 5 as well as the popular MX5, Mazda have by far the most interesting and most able set of cars of all the Japanese manufacturers in my mind.

 photo P1210850_zps8256efda.jpg  photo P1210852_zpsf10ec928.jpg  photo P1210853_zpsfae2eada.jpg  photo P1210837_zps37d66ed5.jpg  photo P1210849_zps5012e9b9.jpg  photo P1210848_zps3666716b.jpg  photo P1210854_zpsa03da4f0.jpg photo P1390814_zps769b328c.jpg  photo P1390815_zpsc102694c.jpg  photo P1390817_zps573bfe37.jpg


You might have expected the real AMG Vision Gran Turismo Concept to take centre stage on the Mercedes stand, but instead it was tucked away towards the back, but the reason for this was that it was near a bank of games consoles. Given that it was designed as a virtual supercar for Sony’s Gran Turismo 6 simulation for Playstation 3 at the request of the game’s creator, Kazunori Yamauchi, that was perhaps a fitting location for the real version, though in reality it’s a 1:1-scale model with no powertrain.
In the game, the AMG Vision GT has a 577 bhp twin turbocharged V8 that pumps out 590 lb.ft of torque which would make this rather sizeable 3053lb machine go pretty quickly. The weight distribution is 46 percent front and 54 percent rear, which should endow it with good traction out of turns and sharp transitional handling. For a model car with no engine, it’s surprisingly functional. The motorized rear spoiler raises and lowers, the tail lights work and the LED grille is fully functional. But as the Gullwing doors weren’t opened, you could not get any view of the interior. There was a “driver,” however: a dummy sitting in the driver’s seat that resembles the character who drives Gran Turismo’s virtual cars.

 photo P1210609_zps7a620df1.jpg  photo P1210608_zps6c5cbdb0.jpg

Mercedes have just launched the CLA in the US, and are majoring on the fact that it costs under $30,000. Well, it does if you order it in plain white with no options at all. And no-one will. It’s had a pretty luke warm reception in the US press, but not for the reasons I expected. They have mentioned, but not focused on the terrible rear seat access, and instead say that it lacks substance and feels cheap. Currently the US only gets the CLA 250 petrol, but the CLA 45 AMG was on show as well, pending an imminent on sale date.

 photo P1210593_zps49ea9d15.jpg  photo P1210592_zpseb0bd8fc.jpg  photo P1210603_zpscea8354d.jpg  photo P1210604_zps62a2d3b7.jpg  photo P1210607_zps4287c878.jpg

Based on the same platform is the new GLA, and there was a concept version of a potential GLA 45 AMG also on a display plinth as well as the confirmed GLA250. This was the first chance I have had to see one. It is very like an A Class inside and not that different outside. Mercedes are still being somewhat cagey about the production prospects of the AMG version, but I think it must be highly likely that a visually toned down version of what was shown will make commercial reality and probably not too far into the future.

 photo P1210601_zpse05912bf.jpg  photo P1210602_zps6cb0d198.jpg photo P1210597_zps5991b171.jpg  photo P1210605_zpsb26f3428.jpg  photo P1210606_zps120f5b49.jpg

The B Class will also be coming to America, in Electric guise.

 photo P1210789_zps77b87a83.jpg  photo P1210788_zpsbaaf6078.jpg

The new S Class is already on sale, and there was an S65 AMG on a plinth, making its global debut as well a non AMG car that people could sit in.

 photo P1210612_zps7e2a2c75.jpg  photo P1210615_zpsec56dd23.jpg  photo P1210613_zpsd0ca58f4.jpg  photo P1210598_zps6cf1c0ff.jpg  photo P1210599_zpsb42e56bd.jpg

Sadly, it looks like the SLS AMG will cease production in 2014, so this Show marked the debut of the Final Series edition. Mercedes will only produce 350 units, including coupe and roadster variants, and once that run is over, that’s it, leaving the space in the range for a new AMG-developed sportscar that’ll be introduced next year. The Final Edition has no more power, not that the the standard 583 bhp is exactly a deficiency. It does get some fancy exterior visual and aerodynamic upgrades, such as an exposed carbon-fibre bonnet, front splitter and fixed rear spoiler. At full throttle, the SLS AMG GT Final Edition accelerates from 0-60 miles per hour in 3.6 seconds, and, as it continues to drive away at full bore, it’ll see 124 mph in 11.2 seconds on its way to an electronically limited top speed of 197 mph. AMG added forged alloy wheels to the car, and customers will be able to choose between two colour schemes: polished, high-sheen wheel faces with matte-black inlays or all matte black. Mercedes will offer optional tyres developed specially for the car which improve steering precision and grip.

 photo P1210611_zps25097c72.jpg  photo P1210614_zps5041b007.jpg  photo P1210610_zpsb27fde8d.jpg  photo P1210616_zpsf883cbd1.jpg

There were plenty of other examples of cars from Mercedes’ extensive range, from C Class through E to CLS, SLK, SL, ML and GL.

 photo P1210622_zpse23b84ad.jpg  photo P1210623_zps7b7b6ae2.jpg  photo P1210621_zpsf7fb6fa7.jpg  photo P1210620_zps0bb79004.jpg  photo P1210619_zpsa4779488.jpg  photo P1210618_zps444f7c8b.jpg photo P1210617_zps0fe3290e.jpg  photo P1210600_zpsf90ccf70.jpg  photo P1390837_zps39870fd5.jpg  photo P1210595_zpsa53957b0.jpg  photo P1210596_zps43d8569c.jpg  photo P1210594_zps26e3633f.jpg


MINI had the first stand inside the South Hall, and I expected it would get very busy, as it was hosting the global premiere of the third generation MINI, or “the New Original” as they appear to be calling it. Actually, it never did seem that busy, as show go-ers were far more interested in 2 models whose brand begins with C a bit further into the Hall. That meant I could easily get a good look at it. I have to say that I don’t like the styling. Despite MINI’s protests at some rather unflattering scoop photos published in the summer, the reality is that car has lost any vestige of the cheeky styling it had, with the new bulbous front end and too much fussy detailing especially on the Cooper S. Whilst it is nice to find that the instruments are now in front of the driver, where they can be read, and the binnacle moves up and down with the wheel, the rest of the interior is just fussily over done. There is negligible space in the back, and the boot remains as pathetic as ever. MINI faithful will doubtless love it, but I really cannot see how this model is going to attract large numbers of new fans to the brand.

 photo P1210515_zpsf57ffe53.jpg  photo P1210519_zps5b55b06b.jpg  photo P1210534_zpsd9f9d581.jpg  photo P1210533_zps8c8d1141.jpg  photo P1210532_zpsae0f1a3a.jpg  photo P1210518_zps0addc93a.jpg  photo P1210516_zps07e5177d.jpg  photo P1210517_zps821890a1.jpg  photo P1210525_zps43f09f04.jpg  photo P1210524_zps36937d0b.jpg  photo P1210523_zps1ac67a8c.jpg  photo P1210522_zps57b91541.jpg  photo P1210521_zps7c22cd42.jpg  photo P1210520_zps2bec2a09.jpg

The rest of MINI’s extensive range was well covered with at least one example of all the current cars, ranging from the Clubman and Countryman through the open topped models to the ugly Coupe which does not appear to have found much love at all in style conscious California.

 photo P1210514_zpsea015f6b.jpg  photo P1210513_zps12462706.jpg  photo P1210531_zps4eeb7ba3.jpg  photo P1210530_zps4867d180.jpg  photo P1210526_zpsf96435c3.jpg  photo P1210527_zpse70a9090.jpg  photo P1210528_zps52c3923d.jpg  photo P1210529_zps12982f54.jpg  photo P1390809_zpsa244cf5f.jpg  photo P1390808_zpse291d445.jpg  photo P1390807_zps86589604.jpg


 photo P1220015_zps2922457c.jpg

There must have been lots of celebration going on behind the scenes as after a new model famine of several years, Mitsubishi had two completely new models to show off here. Both are familiar to Europeans who saw then earlier in the year, but at opposite ends of the range the new Outlander hits America now and the diminutive and very cheap (in all senses of the word) Mirage arrives as well. Will these two cars stop the continued sales erosion and predictions that Mitsubishi will be the next to exit the market following Suzuki’s withdrawal last year? Somehow I don’t think either has got what it takes, but at least it will give Mitsubishi some press coverage and there will be some buyers for whom these cars are just what they were seeking.

 photo P1220013_zpsdf407d46.jpg  photo P1220002_zps395039c6.jpg  photo P1220003_zps4aea6a44.jpg  photo P1210999_zpsa1d66fd3.jpg  photo P1220001_zps7c5d0782.jpg  photo P1220005_zps386347c7.jpg  photo P1220004_zps1d97d6c7.jpg

The familiar iMIEV, Lancer Saloon and Sportback and Outlander Sport were also on display.

 photo P1220011_zps1db791b3.jpg  photo P1220010_zps538f343c.jpg  photo P1220009_zps156150e2.jpg  photo P1220012_zps1c85d8d5.jpg  photo P1220008_zps4fe30a5c.jpg  photo P1220198_zpsa877f588.jpg  photo P1220007_zpse2c4c67c.jpg
 photo P1220006_zps2abc2a1b.jpg


One of the raised areas on this large stand contained a showing of 3 NISMO cars, evidence that Nissan intends to make of this sporting side of their portfolio. The familiar 370Z was joined by a production ready Juke Nismo RS, which has an upgrade in power to 215 bhp, and there was a concept Sentra Nismo with a 240bhp engine (up 110 bhp on the standard car) as well as suspension upgrades and the obvious body kit.

 photo P1390874_zpse9cdd3e4.jpg  photo P1390875_zps1febd5f1.jpg  photo P1220153_zps481bdbad.jpg  photo P1220152_zps21d3cd1d.jpg  photo P1220154_zps8d83fe86.jpg

Attracting more attention were the yet again facelifted GT-R cars, with two on show, one in the new for 2015 colour of red with genuine 18 carat gold flake in the paintwork and the Nismo version, with its astonishing levels of performance occupying .another of the display turntable positions.

 photo P1220160_zpse0bf0904.jpg  photo P1220159_zpse2bdfeef.jpg  photo P1220161_zpsbd833b7c.jpg  photo P1220162_zps74a6df1c.jpg  photo P1390878_zpseb81aa19.jpg  photo P1390877_zps0d44c4da.jpg

Take a good look at the new Rogue, as Europe will get this car as the new X-TraiI next spring. The new interior is noticeably more upmarket feeling than the old one, and there are now seats for 7, although the rear most row is only really for kids. When I was looking at the car, 2 of the stand staff decided to experiment, and I can confirm that adults can get in the back, and provided you don’t mind your knees being most of the way to your chin, even sit there for a while.

 photo P1220157_zps41985e70.jpg  photo P1220156_zps2ac06c96.jpg  photo P1220155_zps46db8f9e.jpg  photo P1220169_zps0ebfdf1d.jpg  photo P1220158_zps038f6bb8.jpg

The rest of the range was also present, from the new Versa Note, through Sentra, Altima and Maxima saloons, the Murano and Pathfinder SUVs and the massive high roof NV2500 Van.

 photo P1220166_zps9e0ea74c.jpg  photo P1220165_zps6d890d75.jpg  photo P1220163_zps35963c1f.jpg  photo P1220167_zps2f56be8e.jpg photo P1390876_zps8d8f7bc6.jpg  photo P1220224_zpsab371d66.jpg  photo P1220225_zps18eef818.jpg  photo P1220164_zpse847f93e.jpg  photo P1220170_zps55a6fe40.jpg  photo P1220168_zps649bba11.jpg


As in previous years, Porsche had their own hall. I know from experience that it can get very busy, and with the global launch of the Macan, that was likely to prove to be the case this year. I decided to make it my first stop, but was turned away at the door, as for some period of time, it was closed for a private function. When I went back late in the day, I found it was closed again, this time for another function, which on further questioning turned out to be for dealers and press, who were being shown the Macan and wined on glasses of bubbly, whilst the people who might actually spend money on the cars were being kept away. The doorkeepers promised that the hall would reopen at 9pm,. A few minutes later than that, it did, but a vast crowd then surged in, and the private guests were all still there. I went away again, returning as a very last thing just 20 minutes before the show closed, which gave me a chance to see something of the cars, but not to sit in the Macans. I have to say that such behaviour, closing off to the public on public days, with no warning that you are going to do it (the hall had been open during the late morning and early afternoon) sends all the wrong signals, as the very embarrassed Porsche employee did say to me when she said what was going on.

There were 4 Macan on show in the public area, and needless to say they were attracting a lot of attention. I was amazed to discover that there was a whole separate part of the Porsche hall called the Macan Lounge, which had more cars in it, but was invitation only.  The only reason I guess why the press and dealers could not have used that is that there were so many of them. So, I cannot comment on the inside of the Macan, but I can tell you that it appears less bulky than the pics suggest and despite the similar front end styling, is very easy to distinguish from a Cayenne. I am sure it will sell well, doubtless becoming the brand’s best seller.

 photo P1390923_zps5e9ebc50.jpg  photo P1390920_zps443a90cf.jpg  photo P1390924_zps02dded82.jpg  photo P1390919_zps6c1b6dbd.jpg  photo P1390917_zps68fdf1d5.jpg  photo P1390921_zpse1c56600.jpg photo P1390918_zps9fae2b05.jpg  photo P1390916_zps693fabbf.jpg  photo P1390915_zps77045567.jpg  photo P1390914_zps36545aa0.jpg  photo P1220187_zpsc7e387a8.jpg  photo P1220186_zps858fb6dc.jpg  photo P1220188_zps5ef20e7d.jpg  photo P1220190_zps5bdeb925.jpg  photo P1220189_zps635db3b6.jpg

There was a production 918 Spider on display, too. But it was in a separate enclosure, which only selected invited guests could access. The rest of us had to look through the glass panels at the side to get a glimpse.

 photo P1220180_zps5217d10a.jpg  photo P1220182_zps014c437f.jpg  photo P1220181_zps69f7e4f1.jpg

Access to the quartet of 911 models, thankfully, was unrestricted, and these comprised the newly released 911 Turbo Cabriolet, shown in “regular” and S guises, as well as a GT3 and the special 50 model.

 photo P1390936_zps9b811411.jpg  photo P1390935_zps65c7eb58.jpg  photo P1390933_zps6c296f9f.jpg  photo P1220184_zpsa6a74c14.jpg  photo P1390934_zps8d784bac.jpg  photo P1390928_zps923bf8fe.jpg  photo P1390929_zpsc6a428a8.jpg  photo P1390927_zps338c350f.jpg  photo P1390926_zps789b5029.jpg  photo P1390925_zpsdaa4f1dd.jpg  photo P1220185_zps3439b73f.jpg  photo P1220291_zps221063a6.jpg  photo P1220290_zps8616959b.jpg  photo P1220289_zpsdcd820ca.jpg  photo P1220288_zpscd342630.jpg  photo P1220287_zpsf003c9ba.jpg  photo P1220286_zps77821bfd.jpg

A reminder of 911s of yesteryear, or rather specifically a 930 Turbo Cabrio, was positioned outside the Hall.

 photo P1210512_zps8712ff00.jpg

The latest 981 model Boxster and Cayman are now established in the market, and there was one example of each on show.

 photo P1390930_zpse152cc85.jpg  photo P1390922_zps913d7497.jpg

The display also included the recently facelifted Panamera, including the new eHybrid car, and the popular Cayenne.

 photo P1390913_zps25876a4f.jpg  photo P1390932_zps4da0e1f6.jpg  photo P1220178_zps565a810f.jpg  photo P1220177_zps548a393a.jpg  photo P1220176_zpsc98a298c.jpg  photo P1390931_zps41515467.jpg photo P1220183_zps1d68c63c.jpg  photo P1220179_zps8699d0bd.jpg


This is the branding used for what formerly were called Dodge Trucks, and an array of the familiar 1500 and 2500 models on show, as well as the recently released RamMaster, something that Europeans may recognise as an Americanised version of the Fiat Ducato.

 photo P1220200_zpsaf357986.jpg  photo P1220199_zps48e41db4.jpg  photo P1220202_zps5edfd143.jpg  photo P1220201_zps3a84a7db.jpg


Saleen has been tuning performance cars and building racecars for 30 years now, and to mark the occasion, launched a limited production line called SA-30. Based on the Muscle Car Trio of Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro and Dodge Challenger, Saleen will build 10 of  each SA-30 model at a base price of $95,000. For that money, buyers will get upgraded suspension, brakes and engines, and while the power figures have not been released for the SA-30 620 Camaro and SA-30 570 Challenger models, the SA-30 302 Mustang will be the top performer with 625 bhpr. Each car will be painted in a custom pearl white hue with black and yellow accents, and get white wheels shrouding yellow powder-coated brake calipers. Inside, the SA-30 offerings will all get a proper Saleen interior with black leather and white Alcantara on the seats, along with the expected smattering of SA-30 badges. On all three SA-30 models, customers will have various options available to further customize their cars, including a rear-seat delete option that transforms each car’s cabin into a race-inspired interior with a chassis-strengthening rear cross brace. Perhaps the coolest feature of all, though, is the Saleen Frost-Touch Glass that is an option on the SA-30 302 Mustang. Similar to the Sky Control roof first introduced on Mercedes’ SLK, the Saleen Frost-Touch Glass allows the Mustang’s optional glass roof and rear window to be switched from transparent to opaque at the push of a button.

 photo P1210945_zpsd8adb75e.jpg  photo P1210940_zps2a44d23d.jpg  photo P1210941_zpsdd415df2.jpg  photo P1210939_zps45af0009.jpg  photo P1210937_zps404bf33c.jpg  photo P1210933_zps3bbf3ff8.jpg  photo P1210943_zpsb26a1277.jpg photo P1210942_zps6f87a047.jpg

Interesting though the trio of SA-30s were, it was the S7, a supercar made between 2000 and 2004,  at the back of the stand that everyone really wanted to see.

 photo P1210934_zpsbe8ad499.jpg  photo P1210936_zpsa1ea7c2f.jpg  photo P1210938_zps1bc6ed9a.jpg  photo P1210935_zps45ce22a5.jpg

There was also an example of the first of a planned series of 250 Mustang Premier Heritage Edition cars.

 photo P1210944_zpsc33fcac5.jpg


Nothing new on the Scion stand, but thanks to the FR-S, which is the US name for the Toyota GT-86, there were always plenty of people looking at the cars. They were mostly focused on the FR-S, though, with far less interest in the little iQ, the boxy xB and XD and the tC Coupe.

 photo P1210908_zps9e88a8b1.jpg  photo P1210909_zpscb463b18.jpg  photo P1210911_zps64f22541.jpg  photo P1210910_zps36b2da81.jpg  photo P1390818_zpsf3bd00ae.jpg  photo P1210904_zpsfcaa3cf2.jpg  photo P1210903_zpscc49ca73.jpg  photo P1210902_zps54e98956.jpg  photo P1210906_zps934c958f.jpg  photo P1210905_zpsc9e6f60a.jpg  photo P1210901_zps6d2499db.jpg  photo P1210907_zpsa5559dce.jpg


A special display showed three versions of the Mustang, the GT350, GT500 and SuperSnake as well as a Shelby Focus and the mad F150 based Raptor.

 photo P1390856_zps550171e7.jpg  photo P1390861_zps28609567.jpg  photo P1390855_zpsa829ce4e.jpg  photo P1390858_zpsd47a4758.jpg  photo P1390857_zps11c2bbb9.jpg  photo P1390860_zps31540cdc.jpg photo P1390859_zps435ef696.jpg


Nothing new on the Smart stand, so they dug out the wacky concept that they showed a year ago to try to liven things up. America really has not taken to the Smart at all, convinced that the cars are not safe, so every Smart stand always has a display trying to show the Safety Cell and how the car actually is safe. The zany Smart for Jeremy limited edition car was making another appearance.

 photo P1210784_zps5910fd87.jpg  photo P1210783_zpsbf10c723.jpg photo P1210786_zps3121d670.jpg  photo P1210787_zps0aca56bf.jpg  photo P1210785_zps0e670541.jpg  photo P1210782_zps671d1969.jpg


The new performance branding for Chrysler Group cars, this is the moniker used for the latest Viper GTS. It remains as dramatic to look at as ever. The show car featured the Anodized Carbon Special Edition Package,  complete with its “metallic matte” bodywork. Apart from the paint, this special edition Viper comes with five-spoke “Rattler” wheels, gloss black badges, and a satin black finish on the exhaust bezel. The interior you’ll find to be blacker than the Earl of Hell’s waistcoat, with the exception of some tasteful orange accent stitching (as seen on the Viper TA). Nappa leather, Alcantara and carbon fibre abound inside the car, as well.

 photo P1220138_zpsc96106a3.jpg  photo P1220137_zps6808ccb4.jpg  photo P1220134_zps06c2b78b.jpg  photo P1220136_zps14d5c068.jpg  photo P1220135_zps3615d6af.jpg  photo P1220133_zps7f6bcd96.jpg


Everyone had high hopes for the new WRX, and had them cruelly dashed when what was unveiled was little more than a thinly modified Impreza Sedan. It  had better to drive well, if reputation is to be salvaged. The outgoing WRX was also on show.

 photo P1210809_zps5c831a72.jpg  photo P1210810_zpsc37cb712.jpg  photo P1210808_zpsad7aec85.jpg  photo P1210807_zps664bd32c.jpg  photo P1210806_zpsc60b3449.jpg  photo P1210805_zps48b90b37.jpg photo P1210804_zpse03ee993.jpg  photo P1210803_zps6a843799.jpg  photo P1210798_zps6deadc42.jpg  photo P1210800_zps47bda69b.jpg  photo P1210799_zps600e6d3f.jpg  photo P1210801_zpsa90a1252.jpg  photo P1210802_zpsb8d71650.jpg  photo P1390825_zps0db2619a.jpg

There was a Legacy Concept as well, produced, it is said, to mark the 25th anniversary of the model. A new model is expected in 2015, but there is no point in getting too excited about it, as the production car probably won’t look anything like the displayed concept!

 photo P1210817_zps3eb4e6c7.jpg  photo P1210819_zps23e7a24d.jpg  photo P1210818_zpscde68347.jpg  photo P1210816_zps0aa28487.jpg

That said, sales of Subaru in America continue to go up, so these rather gawky and now rather bland cars clearly have their appeal, even if it is somewhat concentrated in the snow belt states. A full array of Impreza, Forester, Legacy and Outback cars were on show, including the latest XV Hybrid.

 photo P1210814_zps847deac8.jpg  photo P1210811_zps0e14e443.jpg photo P1210928_zpse6db0b20.jpg  photo P1210815_zpsdae37e7e.jpg  photo P1210813_zpsab320f93.jpg  photo P1210812_zps77003772.jpg  photo P1210927_zps44b64390.jpg  photo P1390826_zpsb5e04b32.jpg  photo P1390824_zps5cbddda7.jpg  photo P1390827_zps9fbd9736.jpg  photo P1390805_zps60361a09.jpg  photo P1390806_zpsb34b2be5.jpg


A vast stand by the entrance to the West Hall, and there was always lots going on with floor shows and cheesey competitions. I did have to snigger when a duo were prattling on about how “sporty” the new Corolla is. Frankly, it is about as sporty as my toothbrush, but that’s probably just what a lot of customers want. The interior is less cheap and unpleasant looking than the old model, and there is more space in the back thanks to a 5″ stretch in the wheelbase, but the real test will be whether they have put any feel (just “some” would be an improvement) in the steering. I am sure it will sell as well as its predecessor, but frankly, this remains automotive white goods.

 photo P1210825_zpsf523a33b.jpg  photo P1390828_zps9921020c.jpg  photo P1210826_zps5bd7d0fc.jpg  photo P1210924_zps708ac9de.jpg  photo P1210921_zps9d38f61f.jpg  photo P1210922_zps74a3c3e9.jpg  photo P1210923_zpsae9859a5.jpg photo P1390822_zps550a8b91.jpg

As, it has to be said is the Camry.

 photo P1210917_zpsa1cb425f.jpg  photo P1210916_zps2e62b0a0.jpg  photo P1210932_zps28a2ae6f.jpg

And the RAV4, which is the first UV. Calling it an SUV is a misnomer, as the “S” stands for “Sport” and there is nothing “Sport” about this rather gawky appliance.

 photo P1210915_zpsa7706404.jpg  photo P1210914_zps6f83456a.jpg

A new Highlander goes on sale in a few weeks time. Bigger than the outgoing model, I wonder if it will be better as opposed to different?

 photo P1210824_zps7c1ede1b.jpg  photo P1210822_zpsbffbb482.jpg  photo P1210821_zps3005abd9.jpg  photo P1210823_zps8a3e41c0.jpg  photo P1210820_zps6e75cac0.jpg  photo P1210833_zpsa555351c.jpg photo P1220279_zps2509b05d.jpg

Toyota has a very strong reputation for Hybrid technology, and nowhere more so than in California, so as well as full range of Prius models including the little Prius C and the larger Prius V, there was a plug-in hybrid and the regular car and hybrid versions of the Avalon and Camry.

 photo P1210926_zps73b57fbe.jpg  photo P1210920_zps0a814e83.jpg  photo P1210919_zpscbe09d31.jpg  photo P1210918_zpsbbeedf6a.jpg  photo P1210929_zpse72c08bf.jpg  photo P1210930_zpsbfca5850.jpg  photo P1390821_zps2e783921.jpg  photo P1210925_zps0f67a3ed.jpg

In addition there was an electric RAV4. Based on the previous model, this one is built by Tesla for Toyota and is only sold in California.

 photo P1210830_zps2a29306a.jpg  photo P1210831_zps233d8719.jpg  photo P1210832_zpsbd01dedc.jpg

Other road cars included the Yaris, the Venza and the Avalon

 photo P1220280_zps87d225f3.jpg photo P1390823_zps02cd5a12.jpg  photo P1220281_zps5a291e84.jpg photo P1210931_zps18cd5d7b.jpg  photo P1390820_zps0adc02ed.jpg  photo P1390810_zps48fc380c.jpg

The trucks were well represented, with the Tacoma and the new (and super ugly) Tundra much in evidence.

 photo P1210913_zpseca9b95c.jpg  photo P1210912_zps50a989aa.jpg

A trio of NASCAR and Funnycars based loosely on the Camry were tucked away at the back of the stand., whereas the Le Mans racer was in a very prominent position on the corner of the stand nearest to the entrance to the entire Hall.

 photo P1390819_zpscd63fcf8.jpg  photo P1210835_zps54062608.jpg  photo P1210834_zpscc383f40.jpg  photo P1210836_zps9494e103.jpg  photo P1210829_zps0e08e4c7.jpg  photo P1210828_zps1b1a95a8.jpg  photo P1210827_zps20b8046e.jpg


It says something when the US launch of Golf VII, which was the case here, in advance of a Spring 2014 on sale date was confined to a single three door model discretely display at the back of the stand, an eGolf which was making its global debut and a GTi tucked away in a corner.

 photo P1210856_zpsb3ba01df.jpg  photo P1210855_zpsa52ba4e9.jpg  photo P1210863_zps45b1ff39.jpg  photo P1210858_zps82b2c46f.jpg  photo P1210857_zpsfe36c854.jpg  photo P1210862_zpsbf8a0c29.jpg   photo P1210861_zpsa9aa5bac.jpg

Best selling VW in America is the Jetta and there were several of these on show including the GLi (with Golf GTi levels of power) and a Hybrid as well as a TDi.

 photo P1210894_zps63c7df0b.jpg  photo P1220277_zpsf411394c.jpg  photo P1220276_zpsd909bf9d.jpg

The US built Passat has increased sales of this large family car quite significantly over its German built predecessor, so there was one of these to look at.

 photo P1210859_zps064d3dff.jpg  photo P1210860_zps6b72f2ab.jpg

Other models included a number of Beetles and the familiar CC, Eos, Tiguan and Touareg.

 photo P1210893_zpsdf19a405.jpg  photo P1210897_zpsd03e03b2.jpg  photo P1210868_zps0a41b819.jpg  photo P1210864_zps6cfcb0c9.jpg  photo P1390829_zps3b5dcad2.jpg  photo P1210898_zpseb897b08.jpg  photo P1210895_zps95254a07.jpg  photo P1210896_zps298d890c.jpg

Centrepiece was the Concept CrossBlue SUV. This looks quite neat. Rumour has it that something rather similar is already scheduled to become a production vehicle in due course.

 photo P1210865_zpsbae2f4ff.jpg  photo P1210866_zpsd20994ff.jpg  photo P1210867_zps78d8dc59.jpg


A very large stand, but with not many cars on it! The V60 is finally going to go on sale in the US, so this had pride of place on the stand.

 photo P1210636_zps1e0f2102.jpg  photo P1210637_zps365f6f1c.jpg  photo P1210638_zps679ee9ab.jpg  photo P1210639_zps8aa260ed.jpg  photo P1210631_zps638152d0.jpg  photo P1390900_zpseb82cfc3.jpg  photo P1390899_zpsdebf850d.jpg

Other cars included the long running S80, V70 and XC90 as well as the recently facelifted S60 and XC60.

 photo P1210634_zpse9e83404.jpg  photo P1210635_zps0840956c.jpg  photo P1210641_zps74e64bb7.jpg  photo P1210633_zpsd2402a74.jpg  photo P1210632_zps8ff8cc17.jpg  photo P1210640_zps7d70bfaa.jpg  photo P1210624_zpscc06a193.jpg
 photo P1210627_zpse1463344.jpg  photo P1210626_zps61c62d7a.jpg  photo P1210628_zpse24c39e5.jpg  photo P1210630_zpse10e8e69.jpg  photo P1210629_zps1e74b483.jpg  photo P1210625_zpsc9e5149e.jpg photo P1390835_zpsd3a83fa2.jpg  photo P1390836_zpsa7297dea.jpg


A special display in one of the smaller areas between halls contained a quartet of cars that had been designed in California, along with a whole load of material reminding us that numerous concept and production cars have indeed come from the drawing boards, or rather screens, of designers in the State. The four show cars included the very neat looking Honda Gear, the not quite so convincing Kia Cross GT, a Mazda and a Hyundai Veloster.

 photo P1210968_zpse7be49e9.jpg  photo P1210967_zpsf2ce080e.jpg  photo P1210970_zpsdce15ab1.jpg  photo P1210969_zpse7a3ad86.jpg  photo P1210971_zps1e5b3376.jpg  photo P1210973_zpsb37d9526.jpg  photo P1210972_zps3c6c5118.jpg  photo P1210966_zps7a104101.jpg


No official presence for Ferrari, Lamborghini, McLaren or Rolls-Royce but there were examples from each of these ranges on the Euro Exotics stand. Some were more original than others!

 photo P1390862_zps622bfc33.jpg  photo P1390863_zpsf207984b.jpg  photo P1390864_zpsfc0b3b60.jpg  photo P1390865_zpsbbeec37b.jpg  photo P1390866_zps73b44dc0.jpg


This is the area under the main South Hall reserved for After Market and Tuning stuff. I had a quick wander around, and noted that it was not completely full, but what was there was sufficiently bleugh that I have the camera a rest until I emerged to go back upstairs again.


One of the world’s best and most renowned auto museums, the Petersen is to be found a few miles away from the show. Ambitious plans to clad the external faces of the museum with a most striking new surface were unveiled earlier in the year, and information about this was posted on one side of the Petersen display. Of more interest, though were the duo of Jaguars that were being shown. A brand new F Type was parked up by one of the genuine 1956 XKSS cars. The museum houses a special Jaguar display for the coming months.

 photo P1220282_zpsaa6b48ab.jpg  photo P1220283_zpsa0b31fce.jpg  photo P1220284_zps80b3c5fc.jpg  photo P1220285_zps805ae3d0.jpg


……. there was this bizarre creation, the Youabian Puma. In a prominent position at the top of the stairs just inside the West entrance, not even the preview of pictures that I had seen online quite prepared me for this. The biggest surprise is that it is huge. Far larger than I had anticipated.  This weird-looking, four-seat convertible is a full 242″ long, 93″wide and 72″ tall, riding on a 163.5″ wheelbase, which makes it significantly larger than a Bentley Mulsanne. It rides on 20″ chrome wheels wrapped in 44″tyres. And man, is it ugly. According to the Los Angeles-based manufacturer, the Puma was “conceptualized for those individuals who dare to be different than the ordinary. Those who go a step beyond achieving and dreaming the best that they can be.” The car’s creator has said that he does not consider it to be a roadster, convertible, SUV, or anything else – it is simply a “pleasure vehicle.” Power comes from a 7.0 litre V8 (a version of GM’s LS7), putting out 505 bhp and 470 lb/ft of torque, mated to a six-speed automatic transmission. That apparently allows the Puma to accelerate to 60 miles per hour in 5.9 seconds, and it will reportedly return 14 miles per gallon in the city and 22 mpg highway. It rides on an aluminium and steel chassis, with a body made of aluminium and fibreglass composites. Inside, the Puma is loaded to the gills with creature comforts, with a cabin that’s somehow less ostentatious than the car’s exterior. It even has goodies like Bluetooth, voice-activated navigation, Sirius XM satellite radio, xenon headlamps and more. The interior colours can also be fully customized to the buyer’s specific desires, and the interior – folding hardtop included – is basically ripped straight out of a Volvo C70. And the best part? The Puma costs – wait for it – $1.1 million. It is tempting to say “only in LA”

 photo P1210976_zps3fdb1dab.jpg  photo P1210975_zps9f3dbce5.jpg  photo P1210974_zps8d5606dc.jpg

And with that, and 11 hours of exploring all that there was to see in the 2013 LA Auto Show, I staggered back to the car, drove to the hotel and collapsed exhausted into bed, to dream of those 2 lovely Jaguars.

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