Haynes Motor Museum – Sparkford (GB)

For me, the Haynes Motor Museum has two particularly compelling advantages: not only does it house a fabulous collection of cars, in fact containing more than any other collection in the UK, and it is also nearer to my residence than any other. Located in what seems like the middle of nowhere, the postal address is Sparkford, a small village in rural Somerset which few will have heard of. However, describe it as near Yeovil, just off the A303, or about an hour south of Bristol and it all sounds a lot easier to find and to get to. The museum first opened in 1985, as a place to house the then relatively small number of cars acquired by publishing magnate, John Haynes. The collection quickly grew so that, like almost all museums, space has long been an issue, and one disappointment I have noted on previous visits is that the cars end up being somewhat crammed in, with no ability to walk around them and get a view from all sides. A remedy for this appeared to be on hand when, in 2011, plans were announced a major revamp of what had once been a series of sawmill buildings with a £3.25 million expansion, a striking new frontage at the heart of the proposed changes, intended to raise further the profile of what is now a world renowned museum. The building work has had to be done whilst keeping at least most of the museum open, though it has been necessary to close some of the halls for a period of time. The first phase was completed in Spring of 2013. It took until the Rare Breeds event, held outside the museum in September 2013, before I was able to pay a visit and see what changes had been made. For sure, there is more space, with quite a lot added to the frontage, creating an additional hall, which boasts an upper gallery for the extensive motorcycle collection. Phase 2, which will alter the entrance and cafe area is due to finish in Spring 2014. I will clearly have to go back after this time to report further, but can now present what I found in September 2013, along with some photos from previous visits.The museum is divided into 10 separate halls, some of which are further sub-divided, which allows for a combination of themed displays and special exhibits. In all there are over 400 cars on show, and plenty of other artefacts, so a visit that explores everything on offer will take some time


This small collection of cars from the earliest days of motoring used to be the first that you came to, but is currently shown in a temporary display in one of the other halls.

 photo Picture001_zpsa4ab2317.jpg

1903 Oldsmobile “Curved Dash”

 photo Picture326_zps3adfe9f9.jpg

1903 Darracq Type L 8hp

 photo Picture325_zps46b1d5ae.jpg

1910 Renault AX

 photo Picture327_zps80b856f4.jpg

1886 Benz

 photo Picture337_zps40297c68.jpg

1900 Clement Voiturette

 photo Picture050_zps23468931.jpg


This is one of the most striking sights of the museum, a hall where every single exhibit is finished in red. It contains a vast array, mainly of sports cars, and the fact that there are mirrors lining the walls further amplifies the experience.

 photo Picture319_zps40e3308e.jpg  photo Picture308_zpsc64ec198.jpg  photo Picture016_zps8374ee9e.jpg  photo Picture015_zps2321e6ee.jpg  photo Picture014_zps087f9271.jpg  photo Picture019_zps288bedfd.jpg  photo Picture018_zpsca3e4145.jpg  photo Picture017_zps28c7dddc.jpg  photo Picture022_zpsa1e159c8.jpg  photo Picture039_zpsed427758.jpg  photo Picture286_zps4a09a543.jpg

1934 Alvis Speed 20/25

 photo Picture273_zps60bdc638.jpg  photo Picture002_zpsc7464d7d.jpg

1956 Austin-Healey 100/6

 photo Picture278_zps999bf0e0.jpg  photo Picture280_zps528d3ae0.jpg

1959 Turner 950 Sports

 photo Picture277_zps862bd226.jpg  photo Picture274_zps2c9f4508.jpg

1951 Turner Sports

 photo Picture281_zps01f13620.jpg  photo Picture279_zps5fcecaa9.jpg
1971 Ginetta G15

 photo Picture275_zps72933c27.jpg

1962 Porsche 356C

 photo Picture276_zps65363e83.jpg

1934 Riley Brooklands Special

 photo Picture282_zps373aace2.jpg

1954 MG TF

 photo Picture283_zps4e47f9df.jpg

1948 MG TC

 photo Picture284_zpsc5981163.jpg

1929 Alfa-Romeo 6C1750

 photo Picture020_zps83b89272.jpg  photo Picture285_zps296ffec5.jpg

1967 MG Midget

 photo Picture287_zps1cae22eb.jpg

1973 AC 428 Convertible

 photo Picture288_zps6ed4f9b7.jpg

1960 AC Ace

 photo Picture289_zps053cc67a.jpg

1973 BMW 3.0 CS

 photo Picture042_zpsece988d3.jpg  photo Picture290_zps56a65fde.jpg

1964 Gordon Keeble

 photo Picture291_zps92fd4465.jpg

1967 Alfa Romeo GT 1600

 photo Picture292_zpscf2f0af4.jpg

1972 Gilbern Invader Estate

 photo Picture293_zps882974b9.jpg

1973 Pontiac Firebird TransAm

 photo Picture294_zps9b3a4664.jpg

1960 Daimler SP250 “Dart”

 photo Picture295_zpsa265af28.jpg

1969 Marcos 3 litre

 photo Picture296_zps2411c4c6.jpg

1982 Maserati Merak SS

 photo Picture300_zps98e7d9ab.jpg  photo Picture298_zps71232f6f.jpg  photo Picture297_zps5cefbebb.jpg

1958 Facel Vega HK500

 photo Picture301_zpsac4a11ad.jpg

1975 Jensen Healey

 photo Picture302_zps158c9354.jpg

1973 Reliant Scimitar GTE

 photo Picture303_zpsf64af45d.jpg

1966 Lancia Flavia Convertible

 photo Picture304_zps82f83234.jpg  photo Picture305_zps0f9778bf.jpg
1962 Alfa Romeo 2600 Cabrio

 photo Picture307_zpscd1d129c.jpg  photo Picture306_zps2c8c694d.jpg  photo Picture313_zpsb894cef2.jpg  photo Picture041_zps7314901d.jpg

1969 Triumph Spitfire Mark 3

 photo Picture309_zps3ea3fd2a.jpg

1988 Fiat X1/9

 photo Picture310_zps9faebbc0.jpg

1965 Sunbeam Tiger

 photo Picture311_zpsd5da8d51.jpg

1958 MG A

 photo Picture312_zpsec6ea01f.jpg

1968 Alfa Romeo 1600 Spider

 photo Picture317_zpsf4c8c879.jpg  photo Picture314_zps46ad2949.jpg

1960 Triumph TR3a

 photo Picture315_zps1416485d.jpg

1964 AC Cobra

 photo Picture316_zps90f5ba4a.jpg  photo Picture021_zps65bd8bc5.jpg

1974 Bricklin

 photo Picture040_zpsf8bc964e.jpg  photo Picture318_zps9101ecc6.jpg


One of the largest halls in the complex, the displays in here cover a wide range of cars from some glorious pre-war Rolls-Royces to far more recent and familiar machinery from the past 20 years.

 photo Picture229_zpse1483da8.jpg  photo Picture272_zpsf2406864.jpg  photo Picture057_zps119d18cd.jpg

1956 Renault 4CV

 photo Picture222_zpsc234d5bd.jpg  photo Picture224_zpsd5c877b5.jpg

1965 Fiat 600D

 photo Picture225_zpsbb6b68d8.jpg
1971 Honda N600

 photo Picture027_zps5862dbef.jpg  photo Picture226_zps87c14a89.jpg

1973 Citroen SM

 photo Picture223_zps944641fe.jpg  photo Picture070_zpsd626d444.jpg

1963 Citroen DS21

 photo Picture227_zps4aca96fa.jpg

1955 Citroen 11CV

 photo Picture228_zps08a9c751.jpg

1973 BMW 2002

 photo Picture230_zpsf2990f22.jpg

1979 Mercedes 450 SEL 6.9

 photo Picture231_zps57c37192.jpg

This 1974 Mercedes 450SLC was once the property of Steven Spielberg

 photo Picture232_zps9da8940c.jpg

1970 Mercedes 280SL “Pagoda”

 photo Picture233_zps1978b3e5.jpg

1959 Mercedes 190SL

 photo Picture234_zps24d30689.jpg  photo Picture082_zpsf150ec78.jpg

1959 Gaz M13 Chaika

 photo Picture267_zpsec1eda96.jpg  photo Picture266_zps4d475695.jpg

1922 Citroen 5CV

 photo Picture235_zpsf303a7b2.jpg

1922 Rover 8HP

 photo Picture236_zpse065b07d.jpg

1980 Ferrari 400i

 photo Picture237_zpsf90a40b0.jpg

1939 Delahaye 135M Cabrio

 photo Picture238_zpscd109ae1.jpg

1959 Alvis TD21 Convertible

 photo Picture239_zps455a3073.jpg

1980 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow 11

 photo Picture240_zps236800bd.jpg

1928 Rolls-Royce Overland Special

 photo Picture078_zps950bc1e5.jpg

1930 Rolls-Royce Phantom 11 Sedanca de Ville

 photo Picture241_zpsa1497837.jpg

1922 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost Limousine

 photo Picture242_zps20220447.jpg

1905 Daimler Limousine

 photo Picture243_zpsf188fe63.jpg

1932 Rolls Royce 20/25 Sedanca Coupe

 photo Picture245_zpsf65edda1.jpg  photo Picture244_zps11d35563.jpg

1929 Rolls-Royce Phantom 1 Foursome Drophead

 photo Picture271_zps2f8943a5.jpg

1926 Star Scorpio

 photo Picture270_zps6bac2532.jpg

1928 Rolls-Royce 20HP Two Seat Drophead

 photo Picture247_zps93a52fd3.jpg

1937 Lagonda LG45 Drophead

 photo Picture246_zps40e37382.jpg  photo Picture055_zpsaa9f300c.jpg

1954 Daimler Conquest Roadster

 photo Picture248_zps822546fd.jpg

1996 MG F

 photo Picture249_zps2de89aeb.jpg

1967 MG B

 photo Picture250_zps604f3d26.jpg  photo Picture074_zpsc50c1ee0.jpg  photo Picture046_zpsea98674b.jpg

1980 Triumph TR8

 photo Picture251_zpsef451277.jpg

1977 Triumph Stag

 photo Picture252_zpsa97f286a.jpg  photo Picture025_zps7e878a66.jpg

1975 Triumph TR6

 photo Picture253_zps0ec1c85c.jpg  photo Picture043_zps9420ae06.jpg

1968 Rochdale Olympic

 photo Picture254_zps461286f9.jpg

Lotus Elan

 photo Picture255_zps7e77cedb.jpg  photo Picture045_zps35e6dad2.jpg

1971 Lotus Europa

 photo Picture044_zpsb02c4fd8.jpg  photo Picture257_zpsf88556ec.jpg  photo Picture256_zps0ff4a438.jpg  photo Picture263_zpsddeb21ef.jpg

1977 Lotus Elite

 photo Picture076_zps60c109f3.jpg  photo Picture258_zps47d4d8dd.jpg

Lotus Elise

 photo Picture003_zps04a85071.jpg  photo Picture259_zps24643f68.jpg

Trabant 601

 photo Picture026_zps9a9f1670.jpg  photo Picture260_zps6227c14f.jpg

1971 Daf 44

 photo Picture261_zps24f26d85.jpg  photo Picture065_zps99108c28.jpg

1981 VW Golf GTi

 photo Picture262_zps1424fc22.jpg

1967 Renault Caravelle Convertible

 photo Picture264_zps6fb790b9.jpg

1992 Hindustan Ambassador

 photo Picture265_zpsa5482906.jpg

1988 Bentley Continental Convertible

 photo Picture268_zps31cd7f28.jpg

1995 Mercedes 500SL

 photo Picture269_zps59326b84.jpg


This hall links the 2 largest parts of the collection together, and contains a number of different groupings of cars.

 photo Picture215_zpsec0d605e.jpg

1969 Jaguar 420G

 photo Picture197_zps68cf5753.jpg

1957 Jaguar Mark VIII

 photo Picture198_zpsb7e8d986.jpg  photo Picture047_zpsbf35e81a.jpg

1965  Jaguar E Type 4.2 litre DHC

 photo Picture199_zpsc95a06b0.jpg  photo Picture200_zpscb367e5d.jpg

1968 Jaguar Mark 2 2.4

 photo Picture203_zps77f481d3.jpg  photo Picture202_zpscd4fa4b6.jpg  photo Picture201_zps415858d9.jpg

1949 Jaguar 3.5 litre saloon

 photo Picture204_zps02fc6016.jpg

1951 Jaguar XK120

 photo Picture205_zps6b07a49e.jpg  photo Picture206_zpsa55cdbe4.jpg  photo Picture380_zpsce5e093e.jpg  photo Picture048_zpsf5fd4546.jpg

1959 Jaguar XK150

 photo Picture208_zps42c0842c.jpg  photo Picture207_zpse9ece511.jpg
A collection of micro and economy cars included all sorts of vehicles including a 1954 Fiat Topolino, a Trojan, a 1956 Heinkel Cabin Cruiser as well as a 1930s Morgan, a Messerschmit, and a Sinclair C5

 photo Picture220_zps7bf0186a.jpg  photo Picture221_zps946ab1b6.jpg  photo Picture077_zps16618dbd.jpg  photo Picture381_zpsa433aa17.jpg  photo Picture383_zpsa5fc3ac9.jpg  photo Picture382_zps67870807.jpg  photo Picture023_zpsc9aaebb2.jpg  photo Picture024_zpse64d83cd.jpg

1982 Aston Martin Lagonda

 photo Picture210_zps0ed09ae2.jpg  photo Picture211_zps529049d4.jpg  photo Picture209_zps0d484b9e.jpg

1952 Aston Martin DB2

 photo Picture213_zps7f63b1d5.jpg  photo Picture212_zps0a333e44.jpg
1965 Jensen CV8

 photo Picture214_zps64049f64.jpg

1973 Jensen Interceptor

 photo Picture216_zps436d006b.jpg

This Hot Rod was built in 1979 and is based on a Ford Model T

 photo Picture217_zpsf3f57d22.jpg

1941 Chevrolet Pickup

 photo Picture218_zpsd9176d9a.jpg

1934 Albion 40/50cwt LCA 44 Van

 photo Picture219_zps2aa7e097.jpg


This is the largest hall of the museum, and it contains a veritable treasure trove of vehicles from Across the Pond, many of which must be rare anywhere in the world, and certainly in the UK.

 photo Picture054_zps0629de97.jpg   photo Picture064_zpsa0ba6fa4.jpg

Highlight of the collection, and the most valuable single item is the fabulous 1931 Duesenberg Model J Derham-bodied Tourster which sits on a turntable at one end of the hall.

 photo Picture053_zpsbfca84d5.jpg  photo Picture052_zpsd8c3f68b.jpg  photo Picture141_zpsc94dffa9.jpg  photo Picture142_zps78a5e2cb.jpg  photo Picture140_zps8adb9a6f.jpg  photo Picture139_zps9a1a9ff5.jpg  photo Picture068_zps7190b347.jpg

Alongside is one of the most beautiful American cars of the 1930s, the 1936 Auburn Model 851 “Speedster”.

 photo Picture145_zps5d3c4ba6.jpg  photo Picture144_zpsf8092fbc.jpg  photo Picture143_zps9b5b728c.jpg  photo Picture138_zps8d2ec224.jpg  photo Picture137_zps2cda98c3.jpg  photo Picture056_zps62fd5b41.jpg

1964 Chevrolet Impala

 photo Picture113_zps944f023a.jpg  photo Picture106_zpsfc5c422d.jpg  photo Picture073_zps92baafdc.jpg

1959 Ford Thunderbird

 photo Picture107_zps0859f8e4.jpg  photo Picture058_zps1ce38390.jpg

1959 Cadillac Sedan de Ville

 photo Picture109_zps6fb5be79.jpg  photo Picture157_zps9af766a6.jpg  photo Picture029_zps0fd0092a.jpg

1959 Edsel Wagon

 photo Picture111_zpse363a631.jpg  photo Picture110_zps202da44d.jpg

1965 Cadillac de Ville Convertible

1975 Cadillac Eldorado Convertible

 photo Picture112_zps0a9fd4f0.jpg

1979 Ford LTD Country Squire

 photo Picture130_zps7e9de57c.jpg

1979 Lincoln Continental Town Car

 photo Picture129_zps0a1ff8a9.jpg  photo Picture128_zps24769671.jpg

1961 Pontiac Superior Ambulance

 photo Picture127_zpsdb4ec425.jpg

1958 Ford Fairlane Skyliner

 photo Picture153_zpsfc329b42.jpg  photo Picture156_zpsbcf26600.jpg  photo Picture155_zpsc20897ac.jpg  photo Picture154_zps4ec54616.jpg

1955 Chevrolet Bel Air

 photo Picture108_zps481c7bf6.jpg

1949 Chevrolet Fleetline de Luxe

 photo Picture131_zps5e18b4d3.jpg

1947 Chevrolet Fleetline Aero Sedan

 photo Picture132_zps668a09d5.jpg

1940 Buick Series 40 2 door coupe

 photo Picture133_zpsc206edcc.jpg

1939 Packard 120 Drophead

 photo Picture136_zpsb1b6ea09.jpg  photo Picture134_zps145f8468.jpg

1937 Oldsmobile L-37 Sedan

 photo Picture135_zpsc7c212fa.jpg

1917 Haynes Light 12

 photo Picture152_zps0dc33f9a.jpg

1931 Cadillac 452A Madame X Imperial Cabriolet

 photo Picture150_zps457bed6b.jpg  photo Picture069_zpsc2d43f44.jpg  photo Picture051_zpsc5d99f5f.jpg

1936 Cord Beverley

 photo Picture151_zps5a3d3931.jpg  photo Picture149_zpsd166d563.jpg

1909 Reliable Dayton

 photo Picture146_zps4e35da67.jpg  photo Picture067_zps881974b3.jpg

1913 Empire Model 31

 photo Picture147_zpsff230b1f.jpg

1915 Ford Model T

 photo Picture148_zps0c3023ea.jpg

1934 Ford Model A

 photo Picture167_zps628c1bdb.jpg

1921 Stanley

 photo Picture166_zpse889307f.jpg  photo Picture165_zpsbbb6cd24.jpg

1920 Moon Model 642 Touring

 photo Picture164_zps95874753.jpg

1925 Stearns Knight Model 8

 photo Picture160_zpsd28ba271.jpg

1938 Lincoln Zephyr Saloon

 photo Picture163_zpsd939f429.jpg

1937 Ford V8 Luxury 78 de Luxe Woody

 photo Picture159_zpsa54b40a5.jpg  photo Picture158_zpsa6a315af.jpg

1949 Cadillac Fleetwood Sedan

 photo Picture114_zpsf75bdec3.jpg

1942 Willys Jeep

 photo Picture161_zps556f6018.jpg

1984 Jeep CJ7 Renegade

 photo Picture162_zps4ab0c81e.jpg

In this, the 60th anniversary of the Corvette, a splendid display contained one example of each of the 6 generation of the model which have been offered.

 photo Picture123_zps304dd23a.jpg  photo Picture122_zps63591fb6.jpg  photo Picture126_zps76d2da9b.jpg  photo Picture120_zpse4ad0eeb.jpg  photo Picture121_zps82f056f9.jpg  photo Picture124_zpsf50a9f4c.jpg  photo Picture125_zpsfdd80dda.jpg  photo Picture119_zps3f3aa05c.jpg  photo Picture118_zps2c55e93b.jpg  photo Picture116_zps74c8704b.jpg  photo Picture117_zps9db6bdf1.jpg  photo Picture115_zps73160b29.jpg  photo Picture071_zps64939940.jpg


This is the new hall at the front of the museum, and it contains an eclectic mix of high performance and supercars.

 photo Picture172_zps5891d8a6.jpg

1967 Chevrolet Camaro SS Convertible

 photo Picture170_zps1f0ec3bb.jpg  photo Picture169_zps9a45e071.jpg  photo Picture168_zpsb307c108.jpg  photo Picture171_zps07cbcf96.jpg

1960 Aston Martin DB4

 photo Picture178_zps881c926d.jpg

1978 Chevrolet Camaro Z28

 photo Picture173_zps5d407d81.jpg  photo Picture174_zps50f6533f.jpg
Jaguar XJ220

 photo Picture176_zpse582c686.jpg  photo Picture175_zps9b4ad8ef.jpg  photo Picture038_zps5341cf12.jpg

1974 Jaguar E Type Series 3

 photo Picture177_zps0f6e6ffc.jpg

A replica of the 1957 Jaguar XKSS

 photo Picture180_zpsc8a9829e.jpg  photo Picture179_zps42d98b8e.jpg

1973 Porsche 911

 photo Picture182_zps18a68c42.jpg  photo Picture181_zps1fd6d1d6.jpg

Dodge Viper

 photo Picture184_zps8831113e.jpg  photo Picture183_zps171534cb.jpg  photo Picture004_zpse104f0ff.jpg
1972 de Tomaso Pantera

 photo Picture187_zps987bd66b.jpg  photo Picture185_zps18bb8775.jpg

A replica Ford GT40

 photo Picture186_zps0077d3ea.jpg

1981 Lamborghini Countach 400S

 photo Picture188_zps0b037313.jpg  photo Picture190_zpseeafe298.jpg  photo Picture066_zps05e778d5.jpg

1960 Ferrari 250 GT Convertible

 photo Picture189_zps661b0358.jpg

1969 Chevrolet el Camino SS

 photo Picture192_zps64432c20.jpg  photo Picture191_zps84c4d7f3.jpg

Dodge Charger

 photo Picture194_zps9385e0d8.jpg  photo Picture193_zpsa0f897fe.jpg  photo Picture072_zpsf8e0fd06.jpg

Plymouth Prowler

 photo Picture196_zps9452503b.jpg  photo Picture195_zpsc2fe859a.jpg  photo Picture037_zps2cfbda4a.jpg


One hall is used for special and temporary exhibitions which are typically changed a few times a year. At the time of my visit, this area is the first that you encounter having come through the temporary entrance area, and it contained a disparate collection of cars.

1958 Citroen 2CV

 photo Picture088_zps4c91184a.jpg  photo Picture089_zps91082aae.jpg
1934 Austin Seven Saloon

 photo Picture086_zps707d4bce.jpg

1931 Austin Seven Special

 photo Picture083_zps3283625b.jpg

1928 Jordan Playboy Roadster – sporting a 4.5 litre straight 8 engine, The company folded in 1931

 photo Picture084_zps317e8e52.jpg

1934 Austin 10 4 door

 photo Picture085_zpsdfde4e4b.jpg

2000 Mini Cooper

 photo Picture087_zps2bdb5d12.jpg  photo Picture090_zps95400b4c.jpg


A relatively small collection of motor-sport related vehicles includes everything from famous race cars from the 1930s to more recent times, as well as some road cars with obvious motor sport pedigree or potential.

This Ferrari Type F310 is Michael Schumacher’s car from the 1996 season with the with the 1986 March 86C in the background

 photo Picture062_zpsb4978600.jpg  photo Picture097_zps5e672835.jpg

1974/75 Lola Cosworth T370

 photo Picture061_zps92004640.jpg  photo Picture098_zps63fabf78.jpg

1984 van Diemen 84 Formula Ford

 photo Picture099_zpsfa3279f3.jpg

1936 Delahaye 235, ex Rob Walker

 photo Picture059_zpsebbe97ad.jpg  photo Picture103_zpsaefb6ae0.jpg

1926 Bugatti Type 35B

 photo Picture060_zps77de5c45.jpg

1964 Lotus XI Westfield

 photo Picture102_zpse93f6985.jpg

1947 Allard K1

 photo Picture101_zps7e533158.jpg

1950 Healey Silverstone

 photo Picture063_zps5f7414be.jpg  photo Picture100_zps2ca77ffb.jpg

1998 Replica Longnose D Type Jaguar

 photo Picture091_zps4448f57e.jpg  photo Picture092_zps3a1c8596.jpg
1959 Elva Courier

 photo Picture093_zps4bf9dc75.jpg

1960 Lotus Elite

 photo Picture094_zps76aefacb.jpg

1980 Lotus Esprit Turbo

 photo Picture095_zpsde87fcc6.jpg

1967 Ford Anglia Estate

 photo Picture096_zps025ee32f.jpg

2003 Ferrari 360

 photo Picture104_zpsc96f8f21.jpg

1973 Porsche 911 RS

 photo Picture105_zps84ac6f12.jpg


A long and thin hall, this contains two lines of British made cars, with everything from family cars that once dominated our roads, to some more unusual cars which would have been a rare sight even when new. I was rather hoping that this area would get more space, as this is the part of the museum where the display vehicles do feel most jammed in, and nothing, sadly, has changed.

 photo Picture353_zpse42c5696.jpg  photo Picture035_zps91dac0f3.jpg  photo Picture007_zps96e1befe.jpg  photo Picture031_zps04e417aa.jpg  photo Picture030_zps89e8270e.jpg

1977 Rover 3500 Estate – one of 2 prototypes built (the other is at Gaydon, and the details are different), this one was driven by then BL boss Michael Edwards for a couple of years when new

 photo Picture338_zps4f01e48b.jpg  photo Picture341_zps5b297fdb.jpg  photo Picture075_zpsf7d3f28d.jpg
1977 Ford Cortina 1300L

 photo Picture340_zps390fe1af.jpg  photo Picture339_zps8314ca57.jpg

1979 Triumph Dolomite

 photo Picture342_zpsf35b036e.jpg

1973 Ford Capri

 photo Picture343_zpseb3511d1.jpg

1965 Ford Cortina

 photo Picture344_zps92625a7a.jpg

1966 Ford Anglia 105E

 photo Picture345_zps0a9da4be.jpg

1960 Ford Consul Mark 2

 photo Picture346_zps2a487b3b.jpg

1950 Rover 75

 photo Picture347_zpsd71d9207.jpg

1966 Rover 2000

 photo Picture348_zps281c7011.jpg

1969 Triumph Vitesse 2000 Convertible

 photo Picture349_zps7e1596a4.jpg

1973 Triumph 2000

 photo Picture350_zps8f3752e1.jpg

1961 Standard Vanguard

 photo Picture351_zpse0a9376d.jpg

Ford Popular E93a

 photo Picture352_zps8f130d91.jpg

1958 Standard Ten

 photo Picture354_zps751a7414.jpg

1966 Morris Oxford Series VI

 photo Picture355_zpsb77b604f.jpg  photo Picture034_zpsa2dd70f2.jpg

1974 Vanden Plas 1300

 photo Picture356_zps4cecce94.jpg

1959 Vauxhall Cresta PB

 photo Picture360_zps2116adb7.jpg  photo Picture357_zps4335915a.jpg  photo Picture033_zps6262114d.jpg

1975 Ford Convair Special

 photo Picture359_zps43f50abe.jpg

1961 Vauxhall Victor de Luxe

 photo Picture358_zps673a597f.jpg

1973 Sunbeam Rapier

 photo Picture361_zpsacac292c.jpg

1972 Humber Sceptre

 photo Picture362_zps41264954.jpg

1967 Hillman Imp Californian

 photo Picture363_zps3ca8c0d0.jpg

1957 Wolseley 1500

 photo Picture364_zps69c4af5c.jpg

1950 Wolseley 6/80

 photo Picture365_zps3294c54a.jpg

1950 Austin A90 Atlantic

 photo Picture367_zps65d47e6e.jpg  photo Picture368_zpse4b0cb68.jpg
1960 Nash Metropolitan

 photo Picture369_zps2462428e.jpg

1960 Austin A40

 photo Picture032_zps0e8abd8c.jpg  photo Picture370_zps0fcb5be9.jpg

1953 Austin A40 Somerset

 photo Picture371_zpsaace08e1.jpg

1954 Sunbeam-Talbot 90

 photo Picture372_zps38779f9f.jpg

1953 Bristol 403

 photo Picture376_zps616db584.jpg

1967 Humber Hawk

 photo Picture379_zps6a544a4e.jpg

1964 Singer Gazelle V

 photo Picture378_zps00a2b821.jpg  photo Picture366_zps554e33e1.jpg

1954 Hillman Minx Special

 photo Picture373_zps51aa0ca8.jpg

1952 Riley RM Series

 photo Picture374_zpsbc63a619.jpg

1933 Triumph Pillarless Saloon

 photo Picture375_zps142f9782.jpg

Jowett Javelin

 photo Picture377_zpse2268c20.jpg


Currently closed, I saw this hall on previous visits, and at the time, it contained a collection of cars from Britain’s oldest and most prolific manufacturers, including Austin, Morris, MG and Rover, as well as some information on the history of the Longbridge factory, which was one the world’s largest production plant.

 photo Picture009_zps2af76b76.jpg  photo Picture008_zps8700ed0e.jpg  photo Picture013_zps80c3f0c8.jpg  photo Picture010_zps7f154a45.jpg  photo Picture012_zps0451ce18.jpg  photo Picture011_zps3e3c112e.jpg


This area contains cars that have been made in the last 25 years or so, and which are likely to be future classics, or of current interest.

Bentley S Type Series 2

 photo Picture322_zpsd63795ad.jpg  photo Picture320_zpsb3b58718.jpg

Bentley S Type Series 3

 photo Picture323_zps69e48f17.jpg  photo Picture321_zps92416bdd.jpg  photo Picture081_zps6a7a9f7d.jpg

1959 Armstrong-Siddeley Star Sapphire

 photo Picture324_zpsab7875ab.jpg  photo Picture080_zpscbf3f36d.jpg

Pontiac Firebird

 photo Picture328_zps3a7271e5.jpg  photo Picture336_zpsd3090c5c.jpg

DeLorean DMC12

 photo Picture329_zpsc99317a8.jpg  photo Picture005_zps28058ccc.jpg

Ford Mustang GT

 photo Picture330_zps3c38c957.jpg  photo Picture332_zpsbbc9bea4.jpg

Bentley Arnage

 photo Picture331_zpsc96b3452.jpg

Jaguar XK8 Cabrio

 photo Picture333_zpsde5f817e.jpg

Ferrari 360 Spider

 photo Picture335_zps288b6122.jpg  photo Picture334_zps35ccb0c7.jpg


The collection is extensive, and even with the enlarged display area, space does not permit everything to be on show at once. These cars were on display when I went in 2007 and 2008., but not in my September 2013 trip.

Alfa Romeo 164 Cloverleaf

 photo Picture006_zpsee58b6bd.jpg

Ford Sierra RS Cosworth

 photo Picture036_zpsb5cbe06d.jpg

Bentley 3 litre

 photo Picture049_zpsaacfb3b2.jpg

Bentley S Type Convertible

 photo Picture079_zpsf80fcaab.jpg

A Land-Rover Series 1 and assembly of ADO15 Mini-based models

 photo Picture028_zps989ba3f4.jpg

More details can be found on the museum’s own website: http://www.haynesmotormuseum.com/home

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