Showrooms of Scottsdale, AZ – October 2013

Having spent an enjoyable couple of hours at the Scottsdale International Auto Museum, I decided to fill the remaining couple of hours in my day before heading to the Sky Harbor Airport for a flight back to Los Angeles with a visit to the large car showroom complex that surrounds the Penske museum, something which I have done a number of times before when in the area. Whenever I’ve been, there has been a warm welcome from at least one of the salesmen, with a sincere invitation to spend as long as I want looking at the varied metal on display, even though it is clear that I am in no way a prospect for a sale. With a variety of franchises on the same campus, there is plenty to look at, and you can be sure that there will be some new models since the last trip. October 2013 proved no exception as this short report will evidence.

The showrooms are ranged around about a quarter of ellipse, with plenty of display cars parked up outside both in front and behind the buildings. The represented marques are presented alphabetically here, though this was not the order in which I visited them.


By the time I got to Acura, time was running a bit short, and I confess I did not actually go into the showroom. Although they have toned down the worst excesses of the wilfully ugly styling that afflicted almost the entire range a few years, there is still nothing in the range that you could conceivable say is attractive, and the TL (undepicted here) is still positively hideous.

 photo Picture055_zpsf7c4e4ae.jpg  photo Picture076_zps2b6d7685.jpg  photo Picture077_zps21518ee0.jpg

This is likely the last year for the TSX, an Acura-ed version of the Euro Accord. Rumour has it that it will not be replaced, largely as there will not be a new Euro Accord.

 photo Picture071_zpsd9b35d87.jpg


Many complain that telling the different Aston models apart is far from easy, and this is true when you only get a fleeting glimpse. See them all parked up in a showroom when you can take a long hard look, as I could here, and there are plenty of ways to tell your Virage from the DB9 and the V8 Vantage. Helpfully, there were examples of all of them, as well as the Rapide to make the comparison easy.

 photo Picture048_zps33daa96b.jpg  photo Picture047_zps48958487.jpg photo Picture039_zpsae0dc888.jpg  photo Picture043_zpsd72e4eff.jpg  photo Picture046_zps8bcf1ff9.jpg  photo Picture045_zps4df86753.jpg  photo Picture044_zps2fbf4497.jpg  photo Picture041_zpse2bdbd48.jpg  photo Picture040_zps99eedb6b.jpg


I’d run out of time by the time I got to Audi, so had to look from the outside and walk past the RS7 which had pride of place inside the showroom.

 photo Picture086_zps526da200.jpg


It was when taking pictures of the Bentleys that were parked outside that a salesman spotted me, came out to talk to me, and invite me to come in and linger as long as I wanted. He told me that the new Flying Spur was been particularly well received by his client base, with the new rear end differentiating it more from the Continental GT and GTC. All these models were on display along with the latest Mulsanne.

 photo Picture021_zps1ffaa9a6.jpg  photo Picture022_zpscbaaaade.jpg  photo Picture019_zpsc76f9c92.jpg  photo Picture020_zps9336f2d1.jpg  photo Picture023_zpsb7fc5661.jpg  photo Picture011_zps34946582.jpg photo Picture026_zpsd9aae78a.jpg  photo Picture025_zps074c051a.jpg  photo Picture024_zpsba39454b.jpg  photo Picture010_zps06ca7003.jpg  photo Picture009_zpsd28d97d7.jpg  photo Picture008_zpsd54a2d9f.jpg  photo Picture007_zps069b2bc5.jpg


Newcomer here was the 4 Series which had just gone on sale in the US and the slightly gawky 3 Series GT.

 photo Picture107_zpsd7c3489c.jpg  photo Picture106_zps1be25ee2.jpg  photo Picture105_zps2e024dd0.jpg  photo Picture088_zpsd90957c2.jpg  photo Picture87_zps0d544423.jpg  photo Picture089_zps476dce82.jpg photo Picture109_zpsb4e50b2d.jpg

There were plenty of examples of the rest of the range, too.

 photo Picture090_zps9f02e735.jpg


This splendid 575 SuperAmerica was actually to be found in the Porsche showroom, and needless to say it was attracting even more attention than the Stuttgart products.

 photo Picture095_zps84cff86e.jpg  photo Picture096_zpsc2043470.jpg

A couple of 458 Spiders were to be found in the showroom, nestling up close to their nearest rival, the McLaren. There was a Coupe model also with the Porsche cars, and an early car parked up outside.

 photo Picture028_zps61b5dcd1.jpg  photo Picture027_zps5ac2e2ac.jpg  photo Picture038_zps96d9d75c.jpg  photo Picture104_zps070cea28.jpg  photo Picture042_zps78b73aa0.jpg  photo Picture097_zps11b58cd5.jpg

The red wheels on this 430 Spider are definitely not to my taste. Contrast with one with standard appearance.

 photo Picture079_zpsa4c613bb.jpg  photo Picture081_zps8ad36f97.jpg

Far more agreeable was this secondhand 599 GTB parked outside.

 photo Picture080_zpsbcc39383.jpg


The F Type would just be perfect on a day like this – blue skies and warm temperatures.

 photo Picture005_zpsc008c432.jpg  photo Picture083_zps20cb3b7d.jpg  photo Picture084_zps69fe4ff3.jpg

There were plenty of saloons, XF and XJ, too. Note that most of them were painted white.

 photo Picture006_zps847ce6b9.jpg  photo Picture085_zps1b093c6a.jpg


Pride of place, as has been the case for the last couple of years, goes to an Aventador, but this time the latest Spider model.

 photo Picture014_zps09e13620.jpg  photo Picture013_zpsbe3f1668.jpg

There were also examples of the Gallardo on display.

 photo Picture018_zps5946968d.jpg  photo Picture017_zps2339ae74.jpg  photo Picture016_zps208e9fcb.jpg  photo Picture015_zps6d998f84.jpg  photo Picture012_zps39090f55.jpg


The familiar Freelander is badged LR2 in the US, as the name got tarnished early in the life of the first generation model. Needless to say, Land Rover sells far more of their larger and more costly models in America than they do of this, the entry level vehicle.

 photo Picture004_zps03b054e5.jpg


Parked up outside were a trio of the current range: a duo of GranTurismo alongside the new Quattroporte. A new dedicated showroom is currently being fitted out, in readiness for the larger sales volumes that will doubtless come when supply of the new Ghibli eases.

 photo Picture001_zpsa2c9c535.jpg  photo Picture002_zps28106d50.jpg  photo Picture003_zps6510a4ee.jpg


There were a couple of the 12C models, in Coupe and Spider formats on display.

 photo Picture036_zps2022a1c9.jpg  photo Picture037_zpsa3626018.jpg


America gets all the different MINI bodystyles, though they miss out on the sub Cooper and the Diesel cars. There were loads of examples of all of the range on show outside the rather small showroom area.

 photo Picture050_zps6179dbe1.jpg  photo Picture053_zps578b3fd5.jpg  photo Picture051_zpse79f99d7.jpg  photo Picture052_zpseaeb67ff.jpg  photo Picture078_zps95c8147b.jpg

Rarest, by some measure, was one of the first generation MINI Cooper JCW GP cars.

 photo Picture054_zps21b92994.jpg


The latest Cayman is now well established, and the 991-based 911 model range although continuing to expand is also a reasonably common sight on the roads, but even so it was nice to get a chance to see these, as well as the more familiar Boxster, Panamera and Cayenne, as well as a number of older models.

 photo Picture101_zps7c8a96d7.jpg  photo Picture093_zpsd9674434.jpg  photo Picture094_zps36107524.jpg  photo Picture100_zps70b4e13a.jpg  photo Picture092_zps11f6a336.jpg  photo Picture091_zps2acbb67a.jpg photo Picture099_zpsc6398d82.jpg  photo Picture098_zpsdd7647be.jpg  photo Picture102_zps57db6edf.jpg


Even in the smarter areas of Phoenix, Rolls-Royce are not that common a sight on the streets, but sales are steady, and there were examples of all the current range, except the yet to reach America, Wraith, all available for instant gratification to anyone who walked in with the necessary funds at their disposal.

 photo Picture030_zps615f616d.jpg  photo Picture029_zpsb0a8c2d2.jpg  photo Picture049_zpsc4559d72.jpg  photo Picture031_zps8f656a57.jpg  photo Picture035_zpsbebcb69f.jpg  photo Picture034_zpsf5641244.jpg  photo Picture033_zpsa7fe8700.jpg photo Picture032_zps72beeae6.jpg


The new brand for the Viper. Toned down perhaps over the first generation models, but still striking and a head turner wherever one appears.

 photo Picture082_zps9cebac8c.jpg


A fitting finale. The VW showroom always seems to contain a mix of the latest product with some classic machines. Needless to say the latter are designed to attract people in, and this time, I noticed that there were signs saying that all of them were for sale, though anyone expecting a bargain would be disappointed. My suspicion is that there is no real urgency to sell any of the classics, but if someone happened to wave enough fistfuls of dollars, they would not decline. Classics included a number of Type 2s, in pickup, van and caravan forms, along with Beetle and Karmann Ghia cars as well as my favourite, a Thing.

 photo Picture069_zps255a8b3c.jpg  photo Picture068_zpsfc4f574d.jpg  photo Picture067_zps3be32f07.jpg  photo Picture066_zps9da89820.jpg  photo Picture063_zpsf11ed1f2.jpg  photo Picture062_zpse2f7b9e7.jpg photo Picture061_zpsa7570294.jpg  photo Picture065_zpse755c0c4.jpg  photo Picture064_zps48eaaa7c.jpg  photo Picture058_zpsed395bd7.jpg  photo Picture059_zpsc5905563.jpg  photo Picture060_zpsc633cd8b.jpg

Among the brand new cars were the US-specific Passat as well as the Golf (still Mark VI in US for another few months), the second generation new Beetle as well as plenty of Jetta.

 photo Picture073_zpsed7e0878.jpg photo Picture056_zps1ae42220.jpg  photo Picture074_zps5cf80c87.jpg  photo Picture075_zpsf4d26f8d.jpg  photo Picture072_zps99576c03.jpg  photo Picture070_zps646bc883.jpg photo Picture057_zps46f83830.jpg

A diverting couple of hours before heading back to Los Angeles.

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