Caring with Cars – May 2014

Making a welcome return to the 2014 event listing was Caring for Cars”. First conceived and run in 2011 and repeated in 2012, but sadly unable to be held in 2013, this show is organised through the popular Pistonheads site, as a private members event, with the objective of enticing lots of people to bring and enjoy a disparate collection of cars and to raise money for a local children’s charity. It takes place at the Downs School, Wraxall, just outside Bristol, almost opposite the entrance to the Tyntesfield Estate, so it’s easy to get to. A limit of 500 display cars is set, and demand for places always exceeds capacity, but those who are on the “wait list” can usually find that more than a few last minute drop outs from those who booked early mean that they will still be allowed to include their car in the show. When the 2014 event coincided with a weekend of truly fantastic summer weather, with only a few clouds in the sky during the day, I guessed that almost everyone who had reserved a place would show up, but perusal of the entry list after the event suggests that there were a surprising number of no shows. Their loss, for sure, as those absentees missed an absolutely excellent event, with a vast variety of cars on show. Selected cars were invited to occupy a prominent position on the main lawn in front of the school buildings, and some other cars were parked in the adjoining courtyard, leaving a vast assembly of cars, where just about every one merited a photo or two, parked in neat rows the other side of a ha-ha, giving the enthusiast plenty to look at, and which kept’s reporters interested until mid afternoon when everyone departed. Among many highlights were the vehicles featured in this report.


There were 4 locally owned Abarths present. All were 500 based models, with examples of the regular cars like mine and the 500C among them. As ever, they appeared to be generating plenty of interest as whenever I returned to the car, usually to get another drink of water, there was always someone having a good look, and the only comments I heard were positive.

 photo P1440311_zps17cfd1a7.jpg  photo P1440217_zps33a27ead.jpg  photo P1440303_zps4683d203.jpg  photo P1440489_zps7cc240b1.jpg  photo P1440304_zpsd1469758.jpg  photo P1440490_zps25e9daea.jpg  photo P1440510_zps5e8329ea.jpg photo P1440486_zps27674e0e.jpg  photo P1440485_zpsbe54633f.jpg  photo P1440390_zps826a07a8.jpg


No genuine Cobra models from the 1960s, but plenty of more recent examples of cars bearing the legendary Cobra styling were present.

 photo P1440434_zps83989b3a.jpg  photo P1440468_zps423681a8.jpg  photo P1440327_zps7921b292.jpg  photo P1440469_zpsc131b84b.jpg

This Shelby Daytona replica was one of the cars on the main lawn.

 photo P1440268_zps122d594b.jpg  photo P1440266_zps3f2458c9.jpg  photo P1440267_zps92ee9173.jpg


There were not that many Alfa present, and nothing particularly rare, but even so there were some nice cars, and none more covetable than this fantastic Alfetta GTV.

 photo P1440491_zps5d779c74.jpg  photo P1440492_zpsf35bef35.jpg  photo P1440421_zpsf7e38232.jpg

I also liked seeing this 33 Veloce model, especially as it is not a car that you see that often, with few having survived.

 photo P1440409_zps13704649.jpg  photo P1440408_zps706950ed.jpg

Other Alfa included a couple of 147 GTAs, several of the 916 generation of Spiders and a MiTo.

 photo P1440338_zps73b749bb.jpg  photo P1440488_zps3c727625.jpg  photo P1440302_zps47dbc337.jpg  photo P1440422_zps0d4fe30c.jpg  photo P1440407_zps8b252464.jpg


Atoms are built not far away from this venue, in Somerset. This must have been a day with the weather to make driving the Atom to and from the event a lot of fun indeed.

 photo P1440233_zpsfdc087a9.jpg  photo P1440465_zps233002bb.jpg


No surprise that there were quite a few Astons present, all from the relatively recent past, with DB7,  V8 Vantage and DB9 among their number.

 photo P1440286_zps20ef5236.jpg  photo P1440368_zpsd820e9ab.jpg  photo P1440479_zpsa0f4a5f7.jpg


Bath Audi were one of the event sponsors, so that meant that they had an array of some of the sportier models from the vast Audi range on display. Pride of place went to an R8 Spider GT, the most expensive car that Audi has ever made, and very nice it is, too.

 photo P1440221_zps69f44359.jpg  photo P1440222_zpsdab9f6b2.jpg  photo P1440505_zps6c009c9d.jpg  photo P1440509_zps097ce5c4.jpg

Parked up with it were a “regular” (if you can call any car that looks and sounds like this one by such a term) R8, an RS6, an RS4 and an S3. The Audi convoy left just before me, and I can assure you that the drivers appeared to be taking the long way home, and they absolutely floored the throttle in all of the cars when they got to the main road. The noise from each and every car was fantastic.

 photo P1440255_zpsfac2b399.jpg  photo P1440256_zps398a87d8.jpg  photo P1440272_zps4d7a2a72.jpg  photo P1440507_zps48d33af5.jpg  photo P1440506_zps5eb7e37d.jpg  photo P1440508_zpsbbfcce95.jpg

In the main car park there were a number of other S and RS Audis, ranging from a couple of the B5 model S4s like my old car, to the latest B8 model, as well as a last generation S3 and RS3.

 photo P1440385_zpsbd5d7fc6.jpg  photo P1440399_zps85eb1a3a.jpg  photo P1440395_zps92d58935.jpg  photo P1440429_zps211791ab.jpg  photo P1440381_zpsc40d75ed.jpg


One of the oldest cars at the event was also the smallest, the diminutive Austin Seven.

 photo P1440365_zps4e07d1eb.jpg  photo P1440364_zps8a794d23.jpg


There were a number of the Continental GT models here.

 photo P1440522_zps5d66bf17.jpg  photo P1440521_zps5e9ec123.jpg  photo P1440520_zps459c6ea9.jpg  photo P1440493_zpsf83ce5bf.jpg


It’s probably not a surprise that the M cars outnumbered the regular ones. Most of them were M3s, and there were examples of all  generations, with a particularly nice E30 model which is to be seen regularly at Queen Square Breakfast club events probably my favourite. We were shocked to spot that on one car – on an 03 plate – the rust that was bubbling through the paint around both front wheel arches looked like new wings were going to be required and soon. I thought such problems had long since been eradicated!

 photo P1440241_zpsf9a54933.jpg  photo P1440532_zpsf1ab3d6f.jpg  photo P1440309_zps70769cb8.jpg  photo P1440470_zpsa9e992d4.jpg  photo P1440305_zpse2b72163.jpg  photo P1440439_zps64076271.jpg

The 1M Coupe will surely become a classic pretty quickly as the car was well rated when new and not many were built in its rather short production life.

 photo P1440379_zpse5b588d8.jpg

Of the non M cars, the E30 saloon is a rare example of a car that was once reasonable common on our roads.

 photo P1440519_zps6dff05d0.jpg

From the top end of the range were E24 6 Series and the E31 8 Series that replaced it.

 photo P1440310_zpsb95d184e.jpg  photo P1440289_zps15e7136d.jpg

One of the smallest cars at the event bore BMW badges, as well as the Isetta marque that begat it. The BMW Isetta 300 was a popular bubble car in the 1950s which literally kept BMW in existence when the rest of their range consisted of very expensive and not particularly well regarded large saloons of the 501/502 range and the spectacularly costly 507 sports car.

 photo P1440234_zps490bf500.jpg  photo P1440235_zps7b1734b0.jpg


A couple of the ever popular Caterham cars were here.

 photo P1440353_zpsf9e02300.jpg


When we were admiring this Camaro SS, the owner’s wife called over her husband who came to talk to us about his car. It turned out that in two years it has covered over 40,000 miles, including a trip to Roumania which covered 14 countries in 9 days. This car has been modified, making it far more powerful than standard, and indeed more potent than Chevrolet’s own ZL1 model, and as it is also lighter, it really does shift. I was particularly surprised to learn that the standard one piece exhaust system weighs over  150 pounds, so one way to take bulk out of a heavy car is to replace it with a much lighter set up.

 photo P1440466_zps31352d61.jpg

Nearly sixty years its junior was Chevrolet’s first venture into the world of sports cars, a first generation Corvette. The early cars were all show and precious little go and sales were pitiful, but a program of continuous improvement rescued the model from what was nearly a premature death such that it celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2013.  Fittingly, there was a C6 generation Corvette here as well.

 photo P1440260_zps34fe5951.jpg  photo P1440535_zpsa3156236.jpg  photo P1440536_zpse8f7cb71.jpg  photo P1440496_zps4ce59df0.jpg

It is the 1957 model years from the “Tri-Star” Chevrolet range that lasted from 1955 for three years which are the most sought after, and the Bel Air badge is the one everyone wants. This is the Wagon version of the 1957 Bel Air.

 photo P1440451_zpsf6bf6299.jpg  photo P1440452_zps32de28a5.jpg  photo P1440450_zps322a460d.jpg


A nice example of the DS250 “Dart”, this one clearly had a non-original looking gearlver. It turned out that this is because it features a Toyota Supra gearbox, which apparently makes the car far easier and nicer to drive.

 photo P1440511_zpsc5d2caf2.jpg


Apparently this is the only yellow painted first generation Viper in the country. Still a bold looking car, and with a massive engine under that enormous hood, the finish does look rather crude in too many places, but I guess that 20 years ago it was more or less acceptable. No question about the styling or the noise, though. The world would have been a poorer place had Dodge not built it.

 photo P1440481_zps5d6ebdf0.jpg  photo P1440480_zpsd81460e2.jpg

There was a later Coupe model present as well.

 photo P1440525_zpsdff3208f.jpg


 photo P1440464_zpsca0762dc.jpg


There were not many bikes at the event, so these three Ducati models stood out.

 photo P1440245_zpsdafb70c1.jpg  photo P1440246_zps9cce1a7c.jpg  photo P1440244_zpsed30244c.jpg  photo P1440247_zpsc1033759.jpg


A couple of 458 Italia models graced the main lawn, and these attracted plenty of interest.

 photo P1440270_zpsa701bc0b.jpg  photo P1440269_zps6048d2c6.jpg  photo P1440276_zps632a2f28.jpg  photo P1440457_zpsf45ea722.jpg  photo P1440278_zpse7935bab.jpg  photo P1440277_zpsf0bd6382.jpg  photo P1440456_zps200fac0e.jpg

In the main parking area, a third 458 car, also not the now more popular Spider was parked up as one of a trio of yellow painted cars, with 430 and 360 alongside it.

 photo P1440319_zpscc464ef3.jpg  photo P1440318_zps211a731d.jpg  photo P1440317_zps453fc074.jpg  photo P1440316_zps25448f83.jpg  photo P1440315_zpsb71d22a1.jpg

There were a couple of California cars on show.

 photo P1440431_zps6d4da5fe.jpg

The 360/430 generation was well represented, which is not a surprise as this has been Ferrari most popular car to date and there are lots of them in the UK.

 photo P1440437_zpsd9802272.jpg  photo P1440320_zps996b9234.jpg  photo P1440322_zps96545da6.jpg  photo P1440389_zps7c3ebf67.jpg

Also here were some of the earlier V8 cars, with the 308, 328 and F355 in evidence.

 photo P1440384_zpsb36a50fa.jpg  photo P1440321_zps6a0af3e3.jpg  photo P1440252_zpsba6fdf58.jpg  photo P1440253_zps26595ccf.jpg  photo P1440438_zpsfb668533.jpg

I’ve included this car under Ferrari, although it is not. It certainly looks like a 330 P4, but as Ferrari only built 4 of those, you can be pretty sure that if you wee what looks like one, it is some form of replica. This one said “Renault” on the tax disc, which really surprised me, especially as I was sure that I had heard a V8 rumbling as the car was parked up. That bit proved correct as it features a Rover V8 in the middle of the car and the chassis is a sort of mix of Noble and Renault. So, not original, but still very appealing, and it looked well designed and assembled.

 photo P1440264_zpsad0e6b46.jpg  photo P1440263_zpsaf738f9a.jpg  photo P1440239_zps3c9fac0d.jpg  photo P1440444_zpsc0411ca9.jpg  photo P1440443_zps5e7385ed.jpg


There was just one the striking Chris Bangle styled Coupe models on show.

 photo P1440515_zpsafd52db6.jpg


Largest Ford, by some margin, was this monster F750 truck. It is the same one that appeared at Queens Square a couple of months ago., Even allowing for the lower fuel cost of LPG which it proudly advertises on the side, it will be a costly machine to run, and finding places to park it must be quite a challenge, as it is far too tall for any garage,  multi-storey or place with a height restrictor on it.

 photo P1440343_zpsd6169a7e.jpg

Continuing the American theme, there were a few Mustang models on show, all of them from the about to be superceded generation and its predecessor.

 photo P1440420_zpsa87042f6.jpg  photo P1440396_zps631cbf81.jpg  photo P1440513_zpsabf354ab.jpg

The oldest Ford present was also an American model, a 1930 Model A

 photo P1440366_zps8551d764.jpg

This Consul Classic is a regular at the Queens Square Breakfast Club meets.

 photo P1440376_zpsb12e9cc4.jpg

Dating from later in the 1960s was this well turned out Mark 2 Cortina 1600E.

 photo P1440301_zpsce9ecf37.jpg

Although far from pristine, it was nice to see this first generation Granada. Once the staple of the management part of the corporate car park, these are rare cars indeed now.

 photo P1440397_zpsacf914ae.jpg

There were a couple of Sierra Sapphire Cosworth cars, both of them in splendid condition.

 photo P1440265_zps5a5878bd.jpg  photo P1440308_zps82b1a787.jpg

They were trumped by two real show cars, though. I don’t seem to have a picture of the Escort RS1600i which looks like it has never been used (it hardly has been!), but I did photograph this RS200, This is the same car that we saw at Stoneleigh a while back where the owner pointed out how everything is original and looking like it is factory fresh. It seems a shame that neither car is actually enjoyed for anything other than its static qualities.

 photo P1440455_zpseec2e4c9.jpg

It was good to see a nicely presented Fiesta XR2 here, too.

 photo P1440386_zpsff69a5c9.jpg  photo P1440477_zps6034a7cf.jpg

Other sporting Fords included an Escort RS2000 and an RS Cosworth, as well as the more recent Focus RS.

 photo P1440497_zps66c62d31.jpg  photo P1440498_zpsb2266b1e.jpg  photo P1440516_zps72c56371.jpg

A replica GT40 was on the main lawn, and a big attraction, as these cars always are.

 photo P1440531_zps29d2d91c.jpg


The G33 sports car promised much when it was revealed in 1991, but few were made before the company folded.

 photo P1440363_zpsf4bef239.jpg  photo P1440528_zps52f58860.jpg  photo P1440362_zps4b63f153.jpg


Nice to see an NSX. This is a late model car lacking the pop up headlights that featured on the first models.

 photo P1440307_zpsf5681185.jpg


Jaguar really was the marque that stole the show for me. And the absolute highlight was to see one of the uber-rare XJR15 road cars.

 photo P1440218_zpsd3282e05.jpg  photo P1440219_zps8b8f980a.jpg  photo P1440224_zps17b4bd4c.jpg  photo P1440499_zps77804e87.jpg  photo P1440223_zps1d4b0252.jpg

That was not all, though, as there was also the XKR-S GT to have a good look at. Jaguar have only made 30 XKR-SGT cars. 20 of them were in US spec and have been shipped over the Pond, leaving 10 for the UK. Except 3 of them have been retained by Jaguar, so there are only 7 that are privately owned, so to see 2 here today was amazing. Chatting with the owner of the red one, he told us that Jaguar had planned only to make them in white, but following extensive dialogue, lobbying and whatever, he managed to get his in red, and very smart is looks. He did say that he recently took to Castle Combe and it is right on the noise limit for track use even though it is of course perfectly road legal. The white car, it turned out, belongs to the same guy who owns the XJR15.

 photo P1440415_zpse5187efd.jpg  photo P1440413_zps549d5074.jpg  photo P1440412_zps20d55578.jpg  photo P1440410_zps109731ec.jpg  photo P1440503_zpsfc2ad6cb.jpg  photo P1440220_zps01752913.jpg  photo P1440411_zps231b4923.jpg photo P1440504_zpsef099161.jpg  photo P1440502_zps4eefc9ce.jpg

And there was more, as local Bath dealer had brought along a pair of F Types, a V6 Convertible and a V8 Coupe. Choosing between the two would be a pleasure and a pain, as I think I would want both. On a day when the sun shines, the Convertible would be particularly wonderful, but the Coupe does score on better practicality. Both of them look fantastic and sound equally epic.

 photo P1440416_zps8148b771.jpg  photo P1440417_zps9a4bcdaa.jpg  photo P1440418_zpsd2ec2498.jpg  photo P1440414_zps9477a2ec.jpg  photo P1440419_zpsa3eeb5ae.jpg

It hardly seems fair to call some of the other models more prosaic or ordinary, as they are also really rather nice. There were several XK and XK8 cars, as well as the predecessor XJS at the event.

 photo P1440534_zpsc5ee5dc8.jpg  photo P1440259_zps27231f15.jpg  photo P1440430_zpsa2bfbe2e.jpg

The much loved E Type model was also well represented.

 photo P1440237_zps90679a3e.jpg  photo P1440349_zps388a5e61.jpg

This C Type (replica, I assume) was parked up near the entrance gate.

 photo P1440345_zps6726ed24.jpg  photo P1440347_zpsf45635dc.jpg

Also very nice was this XK150 Drophead.

 photo P1440423_zpsab61e85e.jpg


Another showing for the bold K1 Attack sports car.

 photo P1440229_zpsb317a923.jpg  photo P1440230_zps9e076fa4.jpg


This was one of the few days in the year when the driver of the KTM X-Bow might just avoid the need to wear 6 layers of thermals to keep warm when piloting their car out on the open road. X-Bows remain quite a rare sight, as not only they are really intended as a track car, but they are far from cheap to buy.

 photo P1440226_zps6b873345.jpg  photo P1440225_zps6b9c5cd0.jpg


There were only a  couple of Lamborghini at the event. A rather nice Jalpa was one of the cars chosen to reside on the main lawn. Surprisingly, it did not generate that much interest.

 photo P1440231_zps45560d9b.jpg  photo P1440238_zpsda6f8ecf.jpg  photo P1440258_zpsa3f17205.jpg  photo P1440454_zpsecbcde29.jpg

People seemed more taken with the less rare Gallardo, though this was in fact a very rare version as it was an LP560-2, the rear wheel drive only model.

 photo P1440293_zpsfbd7b3c4.jpg  photo P1440292_zps26a2fa10.jpg  photo P1440435_zps69febcd6.jpg


Not strictly a Lancia, as it is a hawk replica, this car still says “Stratos” to you loud and clear.

 photo P1440271_zps49e01d6b.jpg  photo P1440453_zps4d845fb8.jpg

Rather than the more common Delta Integrale, the show contained an example of the cooking model, the humble 1300LX.


This trio of Elan models were all parked in a neat line. All bore S2 badges and closer inspection revealed that all had a plaque on the dashboard proclaiming that they were part of a limited edition and giving their number. I would guess that 1000 were made before the model morphed into the Kia Vigo.

 photo P1440514_zps78cc958f.jpg  photo P1440328_zps12f0fe21.jpg  photo P1440334_zps0cbafd12.jpg  photo P1440333_zps8fb6f36c.jpg

The Giugiaro designed Esprit remains a striking design, and one which I prefer to the “smoothed” out Peter Stevens styled facelift. Both body styles were represented.

 photo P1440428_zps36f46f71.jpg  photo P1440427_zps17be70d1.jpg  photo P1440424_zps1bde796b.jpg  photo P1440382_zps031451d0.jpg

In contrast, the evolution from Eclat to Excel -and it is the latter which you see, the former being very rare indeed – was probably an improvement in the looks department, and certainly mechanically.

 photo P1440425_zps9c2cf11c.jpg

More recent Lotus included Elise, Exige and Evora models.

 photo P1440403_zps79ab0bd4.jpg  photo P1440377_zpsc5cfc58e.jpg

Looking particularly dainty was this fabulous XI model

 photo P1440501_zps2d943283.jpg  photo P1440500_zpsb34b79bc.jpg


Both the Marcos on display were from the wilder end of the range offered in the 1990s, an LM600 and a Mantis GT.

 photo P1440533_zps367912f5.jpg  photo P1440404_zps67a0ca6f.jpg  photo P1440240_zps33248e0f.jpg  photo P1440440_zps075ceff6.jpg


There were plenty of the 3200/4200 generation cars present. Seeing them side by side reminds me yet again how good those boomerang lights like on the 3200GT car and how bland the square lights on its follow on appear!

 photo P1440351_zpsa7578d97.jpg  photo P1440325_zps402b9fb8.jpg  photo P1440324_zps5e270644.jpg  photo P1440406_zps03b84c9f.jpg  photo P1440326_zps70718929.jpg  photo P1440323_zps09aa3971.jpg  photo P1440523_zpsd947f6f8.jpg


Think Mazda, and you will probably conceive an array of the popular little MX5 sports car, and sure enough there were a goodly number of all three generations of what is now the biggest selling sports car of all time.

 photo P1440358_zps87d39869.jpg  photo P1440356_zps7b0310cc.jpg  photo P1440357_zps2caecf4d.jpg  photo P1440355_zps25686013.jpg  photo P1440360_zps961afdc5.jpg  photo P1440359_zps468a238b.jpg

Think a bit more, and you would probably say “RX7” and indeed there was a nice second generation one of those present, too.

 photo P1440484_zpsc6957911.jpg

What there was in addition was a first generation 3 MPS. I always rather liked these, and the America press raved about them, rating as best in class but they never found much a following in the UK when new and are largely ignored now, which is a pity.

 photo P1440391_zps83804764.jpg


Not sure that the wrap on this one is quite to my taste, but I am still a fan of the 12C, so it was nice to find one present at the event.

 photo P1440530_zps1c230171.jpg


Starting point here has to be Mr Grazier’s recent acquisition, the C350 CDi Sport. He did decline to enter in the contest for noisiest exhaust for entirely understandable reasons, but I can assure that it is pretty urgent, as he demonstrated more than once on slip roads and pulling away on the motorway. There are still plenty of C Class on the road of course, but in years to come when the numbers have dwindled, I am sure we will look at the remaining cars, with slightly misty eyes and remember them with affection.

 photo P1440215_zps19f47636.jpg  photo P1440216_zps169c5f71.jpg

A local Mercedes dealer was another of the event’s sponsors, which gave them the opportunity to put a selected array of current models on show. These included the recently launched GLA, an SL and a couple of tasty AMG cars, a C63 Coupe and an E63 saloon. The latter was being used for passenger rides in exchange for a charitable donation, and it was in and out of the event a lot during the day.

 photo P1440460_zps6d16e8de.jpg  photo P1440459_zpsb0e55465.jpg  photo P1440461_zpse9e0a69c.jpg  photo P1440248_zps76f9168d.jpg  photo P1440250_zpsc8377e19.jpg  photo P1440463_zpscbeaf410.jpg  photo P1440249_zpse07e15ce.jpg photo P1440462_zpsf82734f3.jpg  photo P1440236_zpsc0eb6d96.jpg

The press raved about the A45 AMG at its launch last year, though they did wince at the price, and their enthusiasm for the car seems already to have waned. It really does not hit the spot for me, but someone must have liked it and bought this one.

 photo P1440306_zpsd7f7f88c.jpg

Looking very elegant was this nice R107 model 350SL.

 photo P1440251_zpsb148334d.jpg

There were not that many other Mercedes present, but among those which were, I did spot this R230 model SL55 AMG.

 photo P1440283_zps9a17a849.jpg


I was surprised to learn that 84 of the MG SV cars that were built were finished in this rather nice deep red colour, as I don’t recall ever seeing one in this paint finish before.

 photo P1440262_zpsea440173.jpg  photo P1440261_zps61c3713b.jpg  photo P1440441_zpsfb068660.jpg  photo P1440442_zps9c549e10.jpg

The popular MGB was ever present, as you might expect.

 photo P1440383_zpse73b2b13.jpg  photo P1440392_zps189307e7.jpg  photo P1440348_zpsb96b456c.jpg

There was lone example of its more recent recreation, the MGR V8.

 photo P1440400_zps54b2616c.jpg

There did not seem to be many more of the F and TF cars, surprisingly.

 photo P1440433_zps8d6c83bd.jpg


Lone Mitsubishi was this Evo Saloon.

 photo P1440290_zps61426aae.jpg


The reborn Three Wheeler has been a surprise hit for Morgan, with sales still exceeding the rate at which the Malvern Link factory can build them.

 photo P1440243_zps26e0dc4a.jpg


It was a bit of a surprise that there were not more GT-Rs present than there were.

 photo P1440394_zps2b32e5fe.jpg  photo P1440432_zps9f1f660b.jpg

There were a couple of earlier Skylines present as well.

 photo P1440478_zps68c0747d.jpg

Also in evidence was the Z Car with 350Z and 370Z both represented.

 photo P1440487_zps0d56d23c.jpg


This Nuffield tractor was on the main lawn and was attracting a lot of attention. Although much of this was from the kids, the adults seemed fascinated by it, too.

 photo P1440242_zpsf2ec7f7f.jpg


Both these cars are regulars at the monthly Queens Square Breakfast meetings. Unless anyone has read up on the marque, they are unlikely to be familiar with this short-lived British brand. The company was founded in 1950 by WA Hudson and S Underwood from Derbyshire, and the car they produced, the Paramount, had an aluminium over wood frame body with a BMW like grille, mounted on a separate tubular steel chassis with front transverse and rear semi elliptical leaf springs. It was originally intended to use Alvis engine and suspension but to reduce cost the production versions used Ford 10 components including the 1172cc side valve engines, but fitted with twin SU carburettors. Not surprisingly, performance was poor. The car was however well built and equipped and was listed in both 2 and 4 seat versions. In 1953, the company was bought by Camden Motors and production moved to Leighton Buzzard and the Ford Consul 1508cc engine was an option in a longer chassis as also was a Wade or Shorrocks supercharger. Unfortunately, the price had increased to a now uncompetitive £1009 and production ceased in 1956 after about 70 cars had been made, of which it is believed that just 8 survive and only 3 are roadworthy. The red car here dates from 1956 and is a 1.5 litre Roadster. The blue one is even more unusual, as it has a unique body which shares elements (so the blurb on the car said) much with the contemporary Doretti.

 photo P1440344_zpsc2cef19d.jpg  photo P1440527_zps30e49ad0.jpg  photo P1440346_zpsfed3155c.jpg


There were a couple of Pontiacs on show. Both were Firebirds, with an example from the last generation of Firebird that was sold and its rather more angular precursor.

 photo P1440449_zps4c51b8f9.jpg  photo P1440448_zps7b9b79cb.jpg  photo P1440482_zps61a48c3a.jpg  photo P1440483_zps3921e8a9.jpg


The 911 was very well represented, with examples of every model type from the original bodies through the 964, 993, 996 and 997 generations to the latest 991 cars. Among them were Turbos and GT3s as well as the “regular” cars.

 photo P1440227_zps8b2230a5.jpg  photo P1440228_zpsb0ce50f5.jpg  photo P1440332_zps65c47975.jpg  photo P1440331_zps16648ee2.jpg  photo P1440330_zps4109ed80.jpg  photo P1440401_zps88394e20.jpg  photo P1440398_zpsa6fc3a27.jpg  photo P1440329_zps1994d63e.jpg  photo P1440284_zpsef07eeed.jpg  photo P1440285_zps2bfc27ed.jpg  photo P1440313_zps573fef89.jpg  photo P1440312_zps6aee7a90.jpg  photo P1440254_zpsedf7ddc5.jpg photo P1440375_zps2aeb75a5.jpg

There were several Boxster and Cayman cars, too.

 photo P1440402_zps0edd90ce.jpg  photo P1440287_zps4567f968.jpg  photo P1440524_zps65aacb08.jpg  photo P1440380_zps9a1f90fa.jpg  photo P1440378_zps72ae85fc.jpg  photo P1440476_zpsa55673da.jpg  photo P1440350_zps9620f1eb.jpg photo P1440335_zps09c6a30a.jpg

Older models included a few 928s and some of the smaller front engined 924/944 generation models.

 photo P1440374_zps043004ed.jpg


There were a couple of Scimitar GTE cars on display. Both were SE5 cars, and the orange one belongs to one of the event organisers, another Queens Square regular.

 photo P1440232_zps04c916f9.jpg  photo P1440473_zps56a1b8d9.jpg


The Clio V6 remains an utterly bonkers looking machine even though we have had nearly 15 years to get used to the concept and the looks of putting a large engine where the rear seats used to be in what was once a family hatchback.

 photo P1440526_zps1fd1fb68.jpg  photo P1440512_zps45343e18.jpg


A very imposing 40/50 Phantom I, the only Rolls-Royce at the event.

 photo P1440282_zpse56fc937.jpg  photo P1440281_zps23aa05e4.jpg


A few years ago, an event like this would probably have been packed with Subaru models, but it is a measure of how the brand has been repositioned from something for the enthusiast building on a successful rallying pedigree to one that has gone back to its roots of practical cars with all wheel drive for those who need it. There were a few Impreza cars, including 1 of just 10 first generation Impreza Sport limited edition cars in pale yellow.

 photo P1440494_zps8760996f.jpg


This pairing of Series 2 Alpine models were parked next to each other. A rival to the MGA and MGB, the Rootes Group never captured the public’s imganiation (or wallet) in anything like the same way, yet I find it at least as appealing.

 photo P1440388_zps491d2f8f.jpg  photo P1440387_zps508a1e7f.jpg  photo P1440518_zps2fe9263f.jpg  photo P1440517_zps2206ac9b.jpg


Another monster truck was this one. How you even get in to it, I cannot imagine, as there did not appear to be anything to help!

 photo P1440467_zpsfc7e3f79.jpg

There were a couple of MR2 models, from the second and third generations of Toyota’s venture into mid engined small sports cars.

 photo P1440337_zpsc6576e8f.jpg  photo P1440339_zpsc39e1eff.jpg


There were a quartet of Stags, but they were parked in a place where there was a mix of sun and shadow and not conducive to decent photos, so they remain undepicted, sadly. I did snap this nice TR4, though.

 photo P1440426_zps80aaa6ab.jpg


I did not count, but it would not surprise me to learn that there were more TVR than any other marque represented here., as there were an awful lot of them. Almost all were from the 1990s or more recently, and whilst some were parked up by themselves, there were plenty that had clearly arrived in small convoys and were grouped together. The Chimaera was, unsurprisingly, the most numerous individual model.

 photo P1440294_zps1ef74af4.jpg  photo P1440372_zps33605101.jpg  photo P1440370_zpsf8b28b00.jpg  photo P1440472_zpsb181e3ef.jpg  photo P1440342_zpsd18c4a16.jpg  photo P1440341_zps569aa28e.jpg

There were far fewer Griffiths and Cerbera.

 photo P1440529_zpsc19f113b.jpg  photo P1440291_zpsa45f74ea.jpg  photo P1440296_zpsea3cf2ee.jpg  photo P1440369_zps09eaa96f.jpg  photo P1440295_zps7213f27b.jpg  photo P1440300_zps5070336c.jpg photo P1440436_zpsaa2662cd.jpg

Several of the Tuscans had not just the roof panel off, but also the rear window removed, and we spend quite a few minutes looking at one car trying to figure out how it was attached. It would seem that velcro is the answer!

 photo P1440352_zps8ce88875.jpg  photo P1440354_zps5557149d.jpg  photo P1440495_zps35491a68.jpg  photo P1440340_zps3c1899ef.jpg

There were 4 Tamora cars, with the earliest plated 02. I did not realise the car was on sale for that long.

 photo P1440371_zps8ada2727.jpg  photo P1440298_zps71a33b10.jpg  photo P1440297_zpsde07d8af.jpg

The two oldest cars on show were “wedges” with a 400SE joined by the much rarer 420 SEAC.

 photo P1440373_zpsc1afe190.jpg  photo P1440299_zpsda2a4619.jpg  photo P1440274_zpsd0f39156.jpg  photo P1440458_zpsd9717311.jpg  photo P1440273_zpse8b6f25a.jpg  photo P1440275_zps68f94624.jpg

Bridging the gap between the wedges and the later cars was the S and there were a couple of these as well.

 photo P1440474_zps56d6c0af.jpg  photo P1440361_zps6ccf7f2e.jpg  photo P1440475_zps1e920e08.jpg


This Corvette V8 engined Ultima GTR made quite a throaty sounding entrance when it arrived and was manoeuvered into position on the main lawn.

 photo P1440279_zpsd5069c6b.jpg  photo P1440280_zpsce546302.jpg


There were a number of the Australian built cars here, with Monaro and later VXR models on show.

 photo P1440288_zpse416b17a.jpg  photo P1440314_zps809e4489.jpg  photo P1440471_zps23ffa57a.jpg

Oldest Vauxhall was this Magnum Coupe. Dating from the mid 1970s, the Magnum was an attempt to match the appeal of Ford’s far more popular Capri which never really managed to conceal the humble Viva origins of the car.

 photo P1440538_zpsfba802a3.jpg  photo P1440537_zpsd60032f1.jpg  photo P1440445_zpsc1e0faf2.jpg  photo P1440446_zps7e6c19b9.jpg  photo P1440447_zps955dd501.jpg

I’ve seen this hot Nova at Queens Square a number of times. UK market cars were badged GTE, but this proclaims itself to be a GSi, the nomenclature adopted by Opel models, so I wonder if it started out life in Ireland.

 photo P1440405_zpsc3377b01.jpg

There were a couple of the VX220  sports car as well.

 photo P1440367_zps062420a6.jpg  photo P1440336_zps9b798613.jpg


A nice example of the long lived Mark 1 Golf Cabrio.

 photo P1440393_zps80666947.jpg


The same pastiche replica Mercedes in the 500K style that had been at Queen Square the previous weekend was here. And yet again, the owner seemed like he was glued to the seat, as he never seemed to get out of his car all day!

 photo P1440540_zps93231198.jpg  photo P1440539_zpsaabf47b0.jpg

This was a splendid event, helped in no small measure by the glorious weather. At the time of writing, the total raised for charity was still being calculated, so for bring so much joy to the enthusiasts who attended and to be able to help out disadvantaged children as well, the event organisers are to be particularly commended. Let’s hope that they are able to repeat the experience in 2015.

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