Gloucestershire Motor Show – June 2014

As has been repeatedly observed here, there is no UK Motor Show these days, so the car enthusiast who wants to see an assembly of the new cars available on the market has to content him or herself with one of a number of regional offerings. There are lots of these held up and down the land, mostly supported by dealers rather the manufacturer, and their scope and ambition varies widely. You might have thought that something held in Bristol, one of the larger cities of the UK, and with a significant target buying population within easy reach, but as anyone who visited or read my report of the recent Bristol Motor Show will know, it is a feeble effort with a handful of cars more or less abandoned in front of The Mall at Cribbs Causeway. Fortunately, only a few weeks later, and less than 30 miles to the north, another show takes place, the Gloucester Motor Show. Unlike the Bristol Show which is free, you do have to pay for this one, but there is more to see, with a number of local dealers touting the latest products, as well as an area of classic cars, some craft stalls and other entertainments, which means that you could take an entire family to Highnam  Court just outside Gloucester and there would be something for everyone. Held over two days, I went on the Saturday, and a combination of the fact that this is traditionally the quieter of the two days, and a rather unpromising forecast – which turned into ever better weather and culminated in a sunny end to the afternoon – and there was plenty to keep me interested for long enough to feel that the £7.50 admission fee was not wasted. Here are the highlights:



It’s not often you seen an Abarth in Legends Blue, a colour which shocked most people when Abarth first announced it in 2012. In bright sunlight, and with the white stickers, I have to say that it looks quite agreeable. This car is currently being used by the MD’s wife, I was told, and she more or less had to be tied down so the keys could be prised from her to bring it to the show. l had the usual “enthusiastic owner” conversation with the sales staff and more than a few interested show go-ers!

 photo Picture102_zps1c7031bd.jpg  photo Picture101_zps4dc28ea6.jpg  photo Picture222_zps6a1cbe6e.jpg  photo Picture103_zps2d09df35.jpg  photo Picture100_zpsc6588026.jpg  photo Picture223_zps68277a69.jpg


Sadly, no sign of a 4C, so the only cars on show were the latest MiTo and Giulietta. Both received mild freshenings last winter, and the interiors certainly look that bit higher in quality. The external changes are so subtle that they are harder to spot.

 photo Picture170_zps645db33c.jpg  photo Picture209_zps05175aea.jpg  photo Picture208_zpsd022b891.jpg


First cars on show as you walked through the entrance marquee were a number of Audi, with one of the cars that still, several years after launch proved to be a real crowd puller being the very first car to which you came. You have to hand it to Audi with their R8. Whilst most who have been privileged to test it and its competitors will tell you that whilst it is very good, there are rivals that are that tiny bit better, this car still has a massive “want one” pull to it, even among those who know little about cars. I have to say that a V10 Spyder in Misano Red would be on my list of Lottery Win cars, too!

 photo Picture217_zps46d6bc46.jpg  photo Picture212_zps6e6ba99d.jpg  photo Picture216_zps176ef915.jpg  photo Picture215_zps8d1ab55f.jpg  photo Picture162_zps4bef8293.jpg

Audi has a huge range of different models these days and there was not space to have examples of each, but they did bring along an A1, the latest A6 and A7, an A3 Saloon and a TT Spider.

 photo Picture158_zps1718b2ae.jpg  photo Picture210_zpsc42c948a.jpg  photo Picture211_zps10fea555.jpg  photo Picture161_zps99a766ca.jpg  photo Picture160_zps706cfb2b.jpg  photo Picture163_zps9f9b2c5b.jpg photo Picture159_zps9e475e78.jpg

A separate display contained an assembly of Q3 and Q5 cars, including the more potent RS Q3 and SQ5 versions.

 photo Picture225_zps488829f6.jpg  photo Picture226_zpsadd90c9c.jpg  photo Picture229_zpsa435a90a.jpg  photo Picture227_zps05e890f6.jpg  photo Picture228_zps4a6013eb.jpg  photo Picture224_zps01d92a9f.jpg photo Picture105_zpsccee2984.jpg  photo Picture106_zps7309336a.jpg  photo Picture108_zps0f400d60.jpg  photo Picture107_zps1355d66b.jpg  photo Picture109_zps870e4852.jpg


Lots of recent product on the BMW stand, with the i3 proving the car of most interest. I’ve now seen a couple truly “in  the wild” (ie on a motorway a long way from a city), and this is definitely a striking car. The interior is even more radical than the outside, though whether you like the odd choice of textures will be a matter of personal taste. I can see why people might want one of these rather than a Nissan Leaf, but range and purchase price are still going to deter most from anything more than a casual inspection.

 photo Picture031_zps227af74d.jpg  photo Picture032_zps4b7b2912.jpg

The new 2 Series Coupe was on show, and to my eyes this is a significant improvement on the old 1 Series Coupe. Sitting in this M235i Coupe, it certainly felt like the driving position was spot on and this could well be the blast to drive that the press say it is.

 photo Picture125_zps14f04585.jpg  photo Picture033_zpsecb2fff1.jpg  photo Picture034_zpsda9ae4de.jpg

I am not sure I can say that about the 4 Series Coupe, which manages to look as if too much middle-aged spread has been inflicted on it.

 photo Picture142_zps560ebe35.jpg  photo Picture029_zps6f7d7e95.jpg

The latest X5 strays further into the “looks are not for me” department. Bolder and more brash than its predecessor, this one does not appeal.

 photo Picture028_zps44b76c19.jpg

Nor does the X6, though a quarter of a million have disagreed with me and bought one. The replacement car, unveiled online looks even more vulgar than this one, which will probably be part of the appeal to its target customers.

The BMW stand also included a number of more familiar offerings, ranging from 1 and 3 series to 5 and 7 and a  6 Coupe and a Z4.

 photo Picture124_zps34dcbcea.jpg  photo Picture126_zps545b3ed3.jpg  photo Picture030_zps8d5f56de.jpg


No sign of the new C1 that goes on sale in a matter of weeks, so it was down to the familiar models in the range to fill out the Citroen stand. Until the C4 Cactus arrives, there’s little here to appeal to me, frankly, though there’s nothing fundamentally wrong with the array of C3, DS3, C4 and Picasso models that were displayed.

 photo Picture076_zps9ac38fb0.jpg  photo Picture077_zpsab739445.jpg  photo Picture078_zps4c6d728c.jpg  photo Picture081_zps5656da49.jpg  photo Picture080_zps7f1d7255.jpg  photo Picture079_zps9516870b.jpg photo Picture232_zps9b49dd6d.jpg


Now starting to appear on our roads so that they are noticeable, Dacia goes from strength to strength with its range of honest no-frills cars. Three models were on show: Sandero, Logan MCV and Duster.

 photo Picture153_zps841cce64.jpg  photo Picture155_zpsfedbeec3.jpg  photo Picture154_zpsb3b5b154.jpg  photo Picture165_zps362ebc5a.jpg  photo Picture167_zps9880cad9.jpg  photo Picture166_zpsf8a30d2a.jpg


There were two separate Fiat displays. Both of them had examples of the latest Series 3 500 models, with the TFT dash, and both of them had cars in the new Electrochromatic Blue colour which I think looks absolutely fantastic. Part of the Spring and Summer collection, this is bound to be a popular choice for those who buy 500s. And that is a lot of people. The model is now in the UK Top 10 Best Sellers, and Wessex told me that they sell an average of one a day. Many of them are repeat customers who loved their car and want a newer one, or when the PCP runs out, just replace it with the latest car. There were some other examples on show, with the pale green colour also suiting this model very well.

 photo Picture175_zps30ece810.jpg  photo Picture174_zps4a75d357.jpg  photo Picture099_zpse0d3e56a.jpg  photo Picture221_zpse350a618.jpg

Also selling well (now) is the latest Panda, with the 4×4 proving particularly popular.

 photo Picture104_zps05f7518b.jpg  photo Picture231_zps85cfcad6.jpg  photo Picture230_zps09d6d10b.jpg

The 500L is now getting to be quite a common sight on UK roads, though as a lot of them are currently in rental car fleets, I do wonder how many have really been sold. The Beats Edition has just gone on sale.

 photo Picture177_zpsc4567bd8.jpg  photo Picture178_zpsd618fbc0.jpg  photo Picture176_zps346b096f.jpg

It is fashionable to decry the Punto, but I remain a fan, even if it is now the oldest car in its class.

 photo Picture179_zpsd876baf6.jpg


The Ford display contained quite a disparate array of products. Needless to say, it was the 2 ST cars that were creating most interest, and of these, it was the Fiesta rather than the ST which everyone seemed to want to sit in.

 photo Picture003_zpscff78bf0.jpg  photo Picture233_zps0cc0ee87.jpg  photo Picture001_zpsb04ab7aa.jpg  photo Picture002_zpsb924ec6c.jpg

Perhaps wisely, the Indian built EcoSport was locked. From a distance, this rather dumpy looking thing looks like a worthy addition to the ranks of the small CUV/Faux Off-Roader, but I believe that the interior makes it all too obvious that it was designed for a less sophisticated market than Western Europe. It has been available in the UK since March, but I don’t think I’ve seen one on the roads, and the UK press don’t seem to have written much about it either.

 photo Picture004_zpsa1e83399.jpg  photo Picture145_zpsc2dd04ad.jpg

Other display cars included a regular Fiesta and Focus, Kuga and the Ka.

 photo Picture144_zpsae7e0848.jpg  photo Picture143_zpse340e3e5.jpg  photo Picture146_zps3e0f84b5.jpg


A marque that has really lost its way, I think. There were the versatile Jazz, the rather gawky and very pricey Civic and the simply ugly CR-V on stand as well as the about to be axed CR-Z.

 photo Picture205_zps01a5a8bb.jpg  photo Picture204_zps8c6be74e.jpg  photo Picture207_zps5ac29a79.jpg  photo Picture206_zpsd44f64d7.jpg  photo Picture168_zps7baad65f.jpg  photo Picture169_zps404f54bc.jpg


The press might have been slightly disappointed by the new i10 when they sampled it earlier in the year, but there is no denying the fact that it feels like quite a “grown up” car from the inside, even if the exterior dimensions remain pleasingly compact.

 photo Picture094_zpsf466b571.jpg  photo Picture184_zpse43fc1f3.jpg

One example of the rest of the range was on show, with i20, i30, i40, ix20, ix35 and Santa Fe all presenting a convincing case for why these Korean cars are well worth more than a second look.

 photo Picture095_zps40a182e7.jpg   photo Picture096_zps68257fd1.jpg  photo Picture183_zpsf34a5604.jpg  photo Picture186_zps2b170b5f.jpg  photo Picture182_zpsf1b5aef2.jpg  photo Picture180_zps321b4bbc.jpg  photo Picture185_zps89a35cca.jpg  photo Picture181_zpsa2db4c29.jpg photo Picture187_zpsc87bd62b.jpg


I make no secret of the fact that I like the Kia range of cars, and have done for a while. Still far from exciting, these are excellent value for money, capable cars that will get the job done with no fuss. The full range was on show, from diminutive Picanto through the Rio to the mid-sized Cee’d now available in warm hatch GT guise as well as the capacious Estate and stylish pro_Cee’d three door, with the saloon car offerings topped out by the stylish but slow-selling in Europe Optima.

 photo Picture088_zps93abb2d5.jpg  photo Picture089_zps0dd26c06.jpg  photo Picture092_zps599ee23e.jpg  photo Picture087_zpsb662cffc.jpg  photo Picture086_zpsfde132a6.jpg  photo Picture085_zps4598c905.jpg photo Picture091_zps6472f821.jpg

More versatility comes from the Venga and Carens and then there is the second generation Soul which has recently gone on sale in the UK.

 photo Picture090_zps76ba8e98.jpg


This is my favourite Japanese brand, and by some margin. The 3 and 6 impress and I enjoyed driving a basic 2 as a rental car in the US (I also think it looks very good indeed). The evergreen MX5 was also on the stand, in CC format.

 photo Picture171_zps71e3252a.jpg  photo Picture172_zps380bb178.jpg  photo Picture173_zpsbdc5a447.jpg


Although sales of the latest Longbridge assembled MG3 and MG6 remain very low, these cars do seem to be finding plenty of favour with their owners, scoring highly in the 2014 JD Power Survey and with an enthusiastic owners club.

 photo Picture049_zps4eae2de1.jpg  photo Picture051_zps1ca8348a.jpg  photo Picture050_zpsf15045c6.jpg


A full range of the MINI models was on show, with all the different body styles displayed.

I had a good look at the latest MINI 3 Hatch, and confirmed yet again that the new dashboard and ergonomics are welcome, addressing the issues that were apparent in the first two generations, but that despite the slightly longer wheelbase, space in the back is really as limited as before, and the boot appears little bigger (it gets its extra capacity from depth rather than floor area, I think).

 photo Picture128_zpsf4c6730e.jpg  photo Picture127_zpsd400c024.jpg  photo Picture025_zps0f8297b7.jpg

Even so, MINI 3 appeals in a way that the Coupe never will, and nor, if I am being honest will the Countryman or the Paceman.

 photo Picture139_zpsd0ccb285.jpg  photo Picture027_zps3e4b7e32.jpg  photo Picture026_zpsa3eac675.jpg  photo Picture140_zps91d3a320.jpg  photo Picture022_zps996f6705.jpg  photo Picture024_zpsa2cf4822.jpg  photo Picture023_zpsced301f1.jpg  photo Picture141_zps854cb4f5.jpg


A trio of cars from local Malvern Link maker, Morgan, it was the Three Wheeler which seemed to be attracting most interest. Over 1500 of these cars have been sold already, making it a huge success for the manufacturer.

 photo Picture110_zps4d1ceabc.jpg  photo Picture111_zps5ebfc9a2.jpg


I did not spend long looking at Nissan, and it was nothing to do with the product. All the boots were open, and after I had closed the second one to take a picture, a very abrasive and rather uncouth sales man came up to me, and complained. He told me that as the cars had their batteries disconnected, closing the boots would give him a problem as they would be unopenable again (odd, as most of them had a manual release on the boot lid and inside the car!), and in no uncertain terms, he asked me to leave them open. I protested that I was only taking pictures, but he made it very clear that he wanted it his way. So I left. Later I saw him half spread-eagled over the front of one of the cars, with coke can in hand looking rather bored. He is lucky I have not written an email to the MD of Wessex Garages to alert him to the way his sales staff try to win customers over!

 photo Picture093_zps10ba4aca.jpg


There was only space for a small sample from Peugeot’s large range of cars, so one example each of 208, 308, 2008, 3008 were all there was to see. Although less visually unpleasant than their predecessors and with much improved interior quality, these cars still do not do for me in a way that the Peugeots until the early 1990s did.

 photo Picture083_zpsf1fe995f.jpg  photo Picture082_zpsfd6cabbd.jpg  photo Picture084_zps9b3a6236.jpg


A couple of Clio display cars featured some deeply unpleasant red-trimmed wheels which I thought looked cheap an nasty. I am no fan of the latest Clio on a good day, but the trim detailing on these did little to persuade me to look at them for long.

 photo Picture148_zps68ffeed6.jpg  photo Picture151_zps182a55e1.jpg

Also on show was the latest Megane with the new corporate nose on it, a Captur and a Zoe.

 photo Picture147_zpsbe5f970e.jpg  photo Picture152_zps439bbce0.jpg  photo Picture242_zps65e7520f.jpg  photo Picture150_zps33d07309.jpg  photo Picture149_zpsd0de71bb.jpg


I am really impressed by the latest Seat models, especially the Leon, which I think is the car in its class I would pick over a few strong rivals. I’ve only driven the 5 door hatch in 1.6 TDi spec so far and it impressed. Here was a chance to look at the new ST (Estate) model and the very well received Cupra.

 photo Picture052_zps80bc7f62.jpg  photo Picture197_zps87438301.jpg  photo Picture056_zps0d3191db.jpg  photo Picture156_zps327210a9.jpg

A new Ibiza is scheduled for later this year, but there is little to dislike about the current one, as I found out when I drive one last summer.

 photo Picture055_zpsc8c0aba5.jpg  photo Picture200_zpse17b54a3.jpg  photo Picture201_zps37754cd2.jpg  photo Picture199_zps68d36256.jpg  photo Picture202_zpsc171a02e.jpg

Less convincing, perhaps, is the Toldeo, a sister car to the Skoda Rapid, though it has found favour with Spanish cabbies who appreciate its roominess and low price.

 photo Picture053_zps42d59a07.jpg  photo Picture203_zps6d28ce64.jpg  photo Picture054_zps2aa9544f.jpg


Seat does not have it all its own way, as the latest Octavia is also a very impressive product. A vRS would be a very agreeable car for me if I had to trim the budget a bit from the Audi, though I don’t think I’d want one in this particular colour scheme.

 photo Picture057_zpsc3b73b2a.jpg  photo Picture198_zps11c27deb.jpg

Newest model in the range is the Spaceback version of the Rapid, a car which neatly bridges the gap between the Fabia and Octavia, and which is destined to sell better than the saloon version which was the first mode launched in the range.

 photo Picture062_zps55239e71.jpg  photo Picture196_zps37a787c9.jpg  photo Picture061_zpsd6a1af70.jpg

I’m still not totally convinced that I find the facelift applied to the Yeti to be an improvement, as I was a huge fan of the front end styling of the original model. I still maintain that this could be the “best car in the real world”, though.

 photo Picture058_zpse48818ca.jpg  photo Picture059_zps10a349dc.jpg

The facelift applied to the Superb back in 2013 was, to my mind, rather more successful, tidying up the slight awkwardness of some of the detailing.

 photo Picture060_zps5089a105.jpg

There was also a Citigo, Skoda’s version of the small VW Group City car.

 photo Picture157_zpsca721f07.jpg


Whilst the wilfully ugly styling of the vast Rodius may have been consigned to history, few are going to look at the current range and declare them to be things of great beauty. Nor will they look at the interiors and marvel at the quality, but you could now say that for the price the cars are acceptable. The Turismo, Rexton and Korando were all on show.

 photo Picture069_zps20040021.jpg  photo Picture070_zpsf17a7e87.jpg  photo Picture193_zps23e760fd.jpg  photo Picture194_zpse1331fc4.jpg  photo Picture195_zps7c668303.jpg


I had quite a long chat with one of the sales guys here about the Adam. He told me that the initial briefing from HQ was that this car was aimed at the younger buyer, but the reality seems to be that older people are buying it, as a trade down from a larger Vauxhall. He did his best to big up the product and its sales success, but did admit that a more powerful engine cannot come soon enough!

 photo Picture074_zps47535bf5.jpg  photo Picture192_zps444257e7.jpg  photo Picture075_zps4dca3a7d.jpg

The other Vauxhalls on show were all familiar enough, ranging from Corsa through Meriva to Astra and Insignia as well as the slow-selling Antara and Cascada.

 photo Picture097_zpsef0a8d44.jpg  photo Picture098_zps3aad036b.jpg  photo Picture190_zps11461876.jpg  photo Picture189_zps31623710.jpg  photo Picture071_zps8db90b5f.jpg  photo Picture191_zps48936618.jpg photo Picture072_zps0535db78.jpg  photo Picture073_zpscf0675de.jpg  photo Picture188_zps269cc816.jpg


A number of VW were on show, ranging from the little Up! to the Sharan and Touareg, with lots of the different models in between including Golf, Scirocco, Touran and Tiguan.

 photo Picture063_zpsdf62da81.jpg  photo Picture214_zpsd581e95b.jpg  photo Picture213_zps8c394507.jpg  photo Picture218_zpsc7977984.jpg  photo Picture220_zps14bcb9cb.jpg  photo Picture164_zps04f48a94.jpg  photo Picture066_zps7b8b6be6.jpg  photo Picture067_zpsc49e5651.jpg  photo Picture064_zps5424ee5a.jpg  photo Picture068_zps46b6ff97.jpg  photo Picture065_zpsc45de719.jpg  photo Picture219_zpsd189e7e7.jpg


Volvo are part way through a transformation of their range, and all the omens suggest that they are well positioned to thrive in the rather difficult niche they find themselves in. The V40 was launched a couple of years ago, and whilst press enthusiasm seemed to diminish quite quickly, this is a stylish car that is that bit different to the mainstream rivals. It is nicely finished, looks good and thanks to the chassis shared with lots of parts of a Focus, should drive well.

 photo Picture129_zpsf7dedad3.jpg  photo Picture130_zps5b9ef4a3.jpg  photo Picture131_zps8ac38393.jpg  photo Picture035_zpsc5ee4d3f.jpg  photo Picture037_zps98035cb3.jpg  photo Picture038_zpse718e101.jpg  photo Picture036_zps54a2d78d.jpg  photo Picture048_zpsd9921ae8.jpg

The mid-range cars, S60, V60 and XC60  have recently received a mild styling update and Volvo’s much praised new range of petrol and diesel engines, which by all accounts make them highly desirable machines well worth a second look. the V60 Plug-In Hybrid has some very impressive engineering, but it is a rather pricey proposition, so destined to remain a very low volume sales proposition.

 photo Picture043_zps0b68d404.jpg  photo Picture042_zpsa022123e.jpg  photo Picture040_zps029d7bec.jpg  photo Picture047_zps9c94c0b2.jpg  photo Picture045_zpsc6771d15.jpg

Top end of the range sees the old-stagers: V70, XC70, S80 and XC90, all good cars in the time, but now rather elderly designs. Replacements are in the offing with the new XC90 due to premiere in a few weeks time.

 photo Picture046_zpsf08e0d24.jpg  photo Picture044_zpsf69f681e.jpg  photo Picture041_zpse34532cd.jpg  photo Picture039_zps76b901d5.jpg


Doubtless there would be a much larger assembly of classic cars on the Sunday, but even so, there were some nice cars to look at on the main lawn and surroundings.


Not a genuine Cobra, of course, but still a real attention grabber. And that’s before firing up the engine!

 photo Picture135_zps715e064f.jpg


One of the least well known Austin models ever is this, an A40 Sports. Sharing mechanicals with the stodgy A40 Somerset, these cars were built in the very early 1950s by Jensen on Austin’s behalf, and they resembled a cut-down version of the car whose assembly plant they shared.

 photo Picture012_zpsedec9f43.jpg  photo Picture011_zpsd457d797.jpg  photo Picture115_zps5257a9a6.jpg


Far better known is this, the classic “Big Healey”, seen here in 3000 guise.

 photo Picture123_zpsfaa3e516.jpg


A pair of classic 1930s Bentley cars had pride of place on the main lawn. Both were 4.5 litres and both were absolutely magnificent. These are impressive and sizeable machines which would have been far from easy to drive. Contract them with the lithe and diminutive Bugatti and it is not hard to see why Ettore called them the “fastest lorries in the world”.

 photo Picture239_zps9ea79209.jpg  photo Picture240_zpse4b0ba6f.jpg  photo Picture238_zpse69458e0.jpg  photo Picture241_zps87cab54b.jpg  photo Picture018_zps88f21992.jpg


This splendid pair of Bugatti models were to be found on the main lawn in front of the house. I believe they are respectively a type 35C and a 43.

 photo Picture015_zps6244987b.jpg  photo Picture014_zps7a07635f.jpg  photo Picture016_zpscc21f6dd.jpg

Occupying a more prominent position on the main lawn was another model. I am not sure of the Type of this one, and there were no signs or labels to help me.

 photo Picture017_zps71f581d5.jpg


 photo Picture116_zps1e62ccc2.jpg


It would not really be a Classic Car Show without an E Type or tow. This event did not disappoint!

 photo Picture120_zps8182ef7e.jpg  photo Picture119_zpscd1e8ee3.jpg


There were plenty of examples of the ever popular Minor, from Saloon through Traveller, Tourer and Van.

 photo Picture138_zpsb8668895.jpg  photo Picture132_zps53902215.jpg  photo Picture133_zpsfac148d3.jpg  photo Picture021_zps82c150ea.jpg


This Formula 3 car dates from 1978, but it is still in competitive use today, most recently at the Grand Prix Historique in Monaco in early May.

 photo Picture118_zps2a62922f.jpg


Even when new, the R5 GT Turbo seemed to live in the shadow of its fellow countryman, the Peugeot 205 GTi. There are fewer surviving Renaults, and many of those who do remain seem to have been somewhat modified, so it was nice to see such an original car as this one.

 photo Picture008_zps698c2b76.jpg  photo Picture121_zpsfd2680cc.jpg


This show always seems to attract a number of stately Rolls-Royce models from pre-war, and 2014 was no exception with an array of cars from a 20/25, a 40/50 “Silver Ghost”,  through several Phantom models.

 photo Picture117_zpse3cbac75.jpg  photo Picture010_zpsab638723.jpg  photo Picture013_zpsb23adcf1.jpg  photo Picture009_zpsddd4361d.jpg  photo Picture236_zps412f1918.jpg

There were a couple of post war cars as well, with a lovely Silver Wraith joined by a Mark 1 Silver Cloud Saloon, as well as the rare Silver Seraph, the last introduced before Rolls-Royce and Bentley product lines diverged following their respective acquisition by BMW and VW.

 photo Picture137_zpsd3650307.jpg  photo Picture237_zpsdc8a74be.jpg  photo Picture019_zpsc19629ce.jpg  photo Picture134_zpsb315a443.jpg


Oldest car present was this, a fabulous little Singer from the early 1920s.

 photo Picture136_zpse8fe93e8.jpg


The first version of this car, the Standard Eight. was really rather too basic for many people, so it was not long before Standard added not just more power, but more in the way of, well, not exactly luxury, but features, let’s call them, such as a boot lid (!) and a passenger sunvisor. Even so, this car never reached the sales achievements of the Morris Minor or Austin A30.

 photo Picture020_zpse1ed0e35.jpg


Just a couple of classic Triumph models, a TR4, and a Mark 1 2000 Saloon.

 photo Picture113_zpsfdf5955c.jpg  photo Picture114_zpsa446097c.jpg


There were a couple of the luxurious Vanden Plas 1100 models parked up under the trees. Although expensive when new, these cars found a steady stream of buyers who appreciated the fittings that were otherwise only to be found in much larger and costlier cars.

 photo Picture005_zpsf3592119.jpg  photo Picture006_zpsde2ce104.jpg  photo Picture007_zpsc66e2c47.jpg


An H Type, dating from the late 1930s.

 photo Picture112_zpsc1723f16.jpg  photo Picture234_zps82db92c6.jpg  photo Picture235_zpsc8b8d135.jpg


This was nice example of the “Bay Front” Type 2, a vehicle which only went out of production a matter of months ago.

 photo Picture122_zpsa7ccce5f.jpg

Although it was a big boggy under foot in place, this was a nice event, made even better by the ever increasing amounts of sun during the afternoon. The churlish Wessex Garages Nissan person aside, it was nice to be able to have a good look at the cars and to chat to the sales people present at a very uncrowded event. I suspect that there would have been more to see on the Sunday, but more crowds as well, and my diary called for me to be at another event elsewhere in the country. As it was, this event was well worth the journey and the admission fee, and will be in my 2015 diary, for sure.

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