Showrooms of Scottsdale, AZ – April 2014

Among the many things which I like to do when in the Phoenix area, is to visit the array of car showrooms in the North Scottsdale area that surround the Penske Racing Museum. I am far from alone in putting this on the “things to do” list, by all accounts, as the sales staff in each of the different marques’ display areas are well used to the fact that quite a lot of people who come through their doors have no purchase in mind. This being America, though, they are far from rude or dismissive, with many only too happy to engage in conversation such that, unless they are busy, it can almost be difficult to get away yourself! I managed to include a visit on my last of the most recent (March/April 2014) trip, to have a close inspection of what was on show, and here is what I found:


I really struggle to like Acura. The styling of all their recent cars, whilst toned down a little from a few years back appears almost wilfully ugly. Sales volumes have, I would hope, taught them that abonimations like the ZDX, just don’t sell at all (it has now been put out to pasture having sold fewer than 8000 units in total, a complete and unmitigated disaster despite what the Acura PR spin may try to tell you ) and that if they want to be different, they need to find a better of doing it than with what they have recently attempted. The latest range were all on show, but I did not linger long, as I walked past. The TSX and TL will both be replaced later this year by the new TLX car.

 photo Picture207_zpsf3cb6d6f.jpg  photo Picture179_zps4541eacd.jpg  photo Picture182_zpsf39a2c80.jpg  photo Picture181_zps47763708.jpg  photo Picture183_zpsb69bba1e.jpg  photo Picture180_zpsa1049a1e.jpg

The smaller ILX model is based on the American Civic, and is selling relatively well in Canada, but struggling somewhat to find buyers in America.

 photo Picture184_zpsed13a2a3.jpg

It is the CUV models which really keep Acura alive. Both the RDX and larger MDX have been refreshed in the past year or so, and both were much in evidence here.

 photo Picture208_zps77a1cae5.jpg


Aston have quite a number of different models in their range these days, and there were examples of all of them on show: V8/V12 Vantage, DB9, Vanquish and Rapide.

 photo Picture161_zps4a633616.jpg   photo Picture162_zps18f641fb.jpg  photo Picture172_zps8513049a.jpg  photo Picture170_zps07ccb43f.jpg  photo Picture159_zps68558150.jpg  photo Picture158_zps47e71a1f.jpg  photo Picture163_zpsbbdbad40.jpg photo Picture164_zpsad8b17f5.jpg  photo Picture160_zps43530f80.jpg  photo Picture074_zps778abb5e.jpg  photo Picture171_zps4d21acf8.jpg


 photo Picture075_zps5c5d3e8b.jpg

Most recent arrival in Audi’s US range is the A3, offered in saloon guise only for now, until the Cabrio hits the market later in the year, unless you want the hybrid only 5 door hatch. An array of these cars were parked up outside, having just reached the dealership.

 photo Picture288_zpsbe083d58.jpg  photo Picture287_zpsb06cdf98.jpg  photo Picture271_zps20b4b8d2.jpg  photo Picture272_zps5ec6bfca.jpg  photo Picture270_zpsc390825f.jpg  photo Picture276_zpsdd9e1590.jpg photo Picture275_zpsa95e7dad.jpg

The A4 and A5 are now the oldest model in the range and the replacements will start to appear some time in 2015, we are told. The A5 Sportback is not sold in the US, but they do get, albeit with a reduced choice of engines, the other body styles which are familiar to Europeans.

 photo Picture070_zpsef1ba926.jpg  photo Picture069_zps8a701498.jpg  photo Picture077_zpsfe3381d9.jpg

2014 is the last hurrah for the current TT, with the new model due on global sale later in the year.

 photo Picture071_zps75047b37.jpg

This S4 looks particularly subtle, with only the badging and slightly flared wheel arches giving away the potency of the mechanicals. My sort of car!

 photo Picture072_zpsa0ba7143.jpg

I also have a very soft spot for the R8, and there were a few of these on site.

 photo Picture223_zps1dc4ff1e.jpg  photo Picture222_zpsfb5b7171.jpg

The showroom also contained an A8L, an A6, a TT-S, A3 and A4 Sedans and the stylish A7

 photo Picture279_zps385cf039.jpg  photo Picture278_zpsc5119cc4.jpg  photo Picture280_zps59eb770c.jpg  photo Picture281_zpse2753602.jpg  photo Picture283_zps693f738b.jpg  photo Picture282_zps9fa8cc58.jpg  photo Picture285_zps6e3c7987.jpg  photo Picture284_zps5138ec1f.jpg  photo Picture286_zps3c632302.jpg

A further array of Audi models were in front of their brand showroom.

 photo Picture299_zps13529aff.jpg


Bentleys sell well in this area, and there were lots of new and pre-owned models on display. As is the case elsewhere., it is the Continental based models that are most popular and there were lots of these, from both the first and current generation.

 photo Picture141_zpsdca7cd8f.jpg  photo Picture140_zps12507f00.jpg  photo Picture168_zps88f4a897.jpg  photo Picture139_zpscc9609be.jpg  photo Picture138_zpse3cf3eaa.jpg  photo Picture137_zpsd46b859f.jpg photo Picture143_zpsd6e37ba5.jpg  photo Picture142_zpscbaf974e.jpg  photo Picture144_zps555f2243.jpg  photo Picture136_zpsfbf1eaba.jpg photo Picture053_zpsdaa9c07d.jpg  photo Picture031_zps5073e089.jpg  photo Picture167_zps93978832.jpg  photo Picture166_zps92f2d21c.jpg  photo Picture169_zps566f20c3.jpg

I recall being told on a previous visit that the latest Flying Spur had been well received by the Arizona customer and prospect base. Both generations were in evidence.

 photo Picture134_zps2f7db977.jpg  photo Picture135_zps80f0bac1.jpg  photo Picture050_zps27672742.jpg  photo Picture049_zps34aad4a9.jpg  photo Picture146_zpsa4839e6c.jpg  photo Picture133_zps2481b2e8.jpg

There were also a number of Mulsanne cars, along with is predecessor, the Arnage as well as the open topped Azure.

  photo Picture126_zpsae93e8e2.jpg  photo Picture221_zps0bd39606.jpg


Although the US market gets most of the same BMW models as we see in Europe, the badging of some of them differs. As America starts to shed some of its strongest antipathy to diesels, BMW have followed Audi’s lead in bringing some derv powered models to the US, but what we know as the 320d, for instance, is sold in America as a 328d, the thinking being that the car will sell better with an apparently bigger number in the designation.

 photo Picture022_zps63648bef.jpg  photo Picture063_zps577f82be.jpg

There have been plenty of new additions to the range in recent months, with the 2 Series Coupe and 4 Series Coupe and Convertible both only recently offered for sale.

 photo Picture068_zps3ffbd13e.jpg  photo Picture019_zps24dca8c2.jpg  photo Picture295_zpsda72ccc8.jpg  photo Picture020_zps506aff3a.jpg

More familiar cars from the range included an array of 3, 5, 6 and Z4 models.

 photo Picture297_zpsf6cca3fe.jpg  photo Picture296_zpsbb96a8d8.jpg  photo Picture061_zpsa0d3a893.jpg  photo Picture065_zps4dd518cf.jpg  photo Picture066_zpse1a0e700.jpg  photo Picture067_zps5c23cca1.jpg  photo Picture064_zps389e31db.jpg

This Alpina B7 was parked up inside the showroom (apologies for the slightly out of focus photo)

 photo Picture060_zps7bb74627.jpg

The X badged cars were much in evidence. The X1 was slow to reach the States, but is now an established part of the range, joining the X3, X6 and recently refreshed X5. I am no fan of the more brash styling of the last of these, but it seems that this is what many buyers do want, and the car is selling well.

 photo Picture298_zps40aff9b5.jpg  photo Picture062_zps8f1e4dc3.jpg  photo Picture059_zps9b850eca.jpg  photo Picture021_zps9590f013.jpg photo Picture293_zps995e6611.jpg  photo Picture294_zps14dae9f8.jpg

These M3 Convertibles were parked up outside.

 photo Picture292_zps77d2b441.jpg  photo Picture290_zps7e19ada5.jpg  photo Picture291_zpscda3c76b.jpg  photo Picture289_zps7961ab7f.jpg


Although the Bugatti badging has been in evidence in one of the showrooms, I’ve never seen a Veyron on show until now. This time, there was a SuperSport model occupying pride of place in the front of the showroom that also contained the Lamborghinis.

 photo Picture127_zps564c003c.jpg  photo Picture129_zps39526b00.jpg  photo Picture128_zpsde7085e6.jpg  photo Picture132_zps9a4ecef9.jpg


Not quite so pristine as all the other vehicles on site, but interesting nonetheless was this Chevrolet Pickup.

 photo Picture150_zps7ca9cb86.jpg  photo Picture151_zps72bfe519.jpg


Whilst I am a huge fan of the Challenger, it would not be on these rims which I think are just way OTT. This was a Challenger 392, a limited edition car produced a year or so ago.

 photo Picture058_zps39ef65b5.jpg


Ferrari and Maserati share a showroom, and the Ferrari side contained examples of the current range: 458 Coupe and Spider, as well as a 599 GTO

 photo Picture115_zps27a91beb.jpg  photo Picture119_zps131632c7.jpg  photo Picture117_zpsf0b31106.jpg  photo Picture114_zps0cf4e710.jpg  photo Picture120_zps146c5e01.jpg  photo Picture118_zps20d4d44f.jpg photo Picture098_zpsd1dcbfe3.jpg  photo Picture097_zpsbf445137.jpg  photo Picture100_zps73d00f23.jpg  photo Picture099_zps7f25de14.jpg  photo Picture122_zps498edf87.jpg  photo Picture121_zps44727c02.jpg  photo Picture116_zps5cd3ab3c.jpg  photo Picture113_zpsed1f7696.jpg  photo Picture112_zps01ec7243.jpg

There were a number of 458 Italia cars parked up outside, including one in this very unusual aubergine colour.

 photo Picture145_zps392ba374.jpg  photo Picture010_zps6a7bae4e.jpg  photo Picture011_zps37e4b85f.jpg  photo Picture015_zps7b1f9eb7.jpg  photo Picture014_zps79ddb159.jpg  photo Picture314_zps7d8b4565.jpg  photo Picture313_zpsb65c8fbc.jpg  photo Picture312_zpsfcf7c19f.jpg  photo Picture263_zps726d173b.jpg

The California was designed for this market, so it was no surprise to find several of these present.

 photo Picture086_zpsb0805f41.jpg  photo Picture055_zps72158fcd.jpg  photo Picture266_zps1c973d5d.jpg  photo Picture265_zpsc3b5eb82.jpg

Among the second hand cars on show were a couple of 599 GTB, a 612 Scaglietti and a number of 360 and 430 models.

 photo Picture264_zps75bdc317.jpg  photo Picture013_zpseb41f5a0.jpg  photo Picture012_zpsaad159e8.jpg  photo Picture090_zpsfb0ee6a6.jpg  photo Picture078_zpsccfaf834.jpg  photo Picture079_zps4153caf0.jpg  photo Picture080_zps9c34bd7f.jpg  photo Picture081_zpsd45b5a6e.jpg  photo Picture051_zpseb53b000.jpg


There were a couple of the ill-fated Fisker Karma on offer for sale among the second hand machinery. I always thought that this was a strikingly good looking car, so it was such a shame that the technology was not quite developed enough for it to be reliable and that the financial problems brought the firm to its knees a matter of months after production started.

 photo Picture316_zps6ff5a2f9.jpg  photo Picture320_zpscbfea3d3.jpg  photo Picture317_zps3edc9337.jpg  photo Picture004_zpsac05d5ec.jpg  photo Picture005_zps500cf12b.jpg  photo Picture006_zps75333a5a.jpg photo Picture007_zpsb91dfb8a.jpg  photo Picture318_zps5153101b.jpg  photo Picture319_zps70b77c87.jpg


Penske do not have the Ford franchise in North Scottsdale, but in keeping with the theme of performance and sports models, they do always have a few Mustang based cars in the Used Lot, such as this one.

 photo Picture073_zps4274428d.jpg


In Europe, Jaguars tend to be seen in sober hues – a mix of silver, grey and black, but the in the US, especially in the Pacific South West, the most popular colour is white. And whilst Europe largely buys diesel engined models, these are not offered to American buyers, who only get petrol models. The long running 5 litre V8 has largely been replaced in the range with the impressive 3 litre supercharged engine. Sales volumes remain low, with Americans not yet entirely convinced that the quality improvements which have been reflected in very high JD Power type survey results in Europe are merited. There were a number of XF, XJ and XK cars on show inside the showroom and out.

 photo Picture018_zps6955230f.jpg  photo Picture017_zps6520dd73.jpg  photo Picture304_zpsfa1d5017.jpg  photo Picture303_zps1a968428.jpg  photo Picture309_zps2616b79d.jpg

I am a real fan of the complete Jaguar range, but my favourite of the range is of course the F Type, and there were several of these displayed, all in convertible format.

 photo Picture305_zps039477f1.jpg  photo Picture087_zps71cb61a4.jpg  photo Picture274_zps7a5d1623.jpg  photo Picture273_zps233507ad.jpg  photo Picture277_zpsae39f8e6.jpg  photo Picture301_zps827b8537.jpg  photo Picture302_zps06aeab17.jpg

There was an XFR-S occupying pride of place inside the showroom.

 photo Picture307_zpsb5ed338c.jpg  photo Picture306_zpsd00f03b2.jpg  photo Picture300_zpsb10bb9e9.jpg


It was too early in the year to come across a Huracan, so the showroom contained what will doubtless turn out to be one of the last Gallardos and an Aventador.

 photo Picture224_zpsa7fd29d0.jpg  photo Picture130_zps967d80b3.jpg  photo Picture225_zpsd93002fd.jpg  photo Picture131_zpsd55d153f.jpg  photo Picture227_zps0f838019.jpg  photo Picture226_zps0e5ec70d.jpg

Outside, I came across a number of Gallardo in Coupe and Spider formats.

 photo Picture056_zps5fc1f2cd.jpg  photo Picture054_zps99968d7d.jpg  photo Picture229_zps97a100ca.jpg  photo Picture230_zpscb556249.jpg  photo Picture228_zpsc4ccadeb.jpg


The Freelander is badged LR2 in America, and there were lots of these on show.

 photo Picture076_zpsaab843c5.jpg  photo Picture310_zpsbd5188f2.jpg

There were plenty of the latest Range Rover and Range Rover Sport models, too.

 photo Picture268_zps4647f311.jpg  photo Picture269_zpsa34bfabf.jpg

Of course the Evoque was not forgotten, and these were around aplenty, as well.

 photo Picture308_zpsc70c431a.jpg


Lotus are not making many cars at all at present, and their cause is not helped by the fact that they only offer the one model in the significant US market. Elise no longer meets federal regulations, so if you want a new Lotus, you have to have an Evora. “Have to have” is not necessarily a hardship, though of course at the Evora’s price point, it has got a formidable rival which features a bit lower down this report.

 photo Picture016_zps48b5d050.jpg


The Maserati area is just to the left of the main entrance of the Penske site, so these were the first cars I saw. With ranks of both Ghibli and Quattroporte lined up, as is the case at all US dealers, I doubt you will ever see quite so many of these cars in one place unless you were to go to the factory. When you see the two models together, they are easier to tell apart, especially if you can see the extra side window on the larger model, but although the details at the front and back are different, it’s going to take a while before we can be confident of correctly identifying which car it is when you see just one at a quick glance.

 photo Picture002_zpsdf770797.jpg  photo Picture106_zpsfb948c77.jpg  photo Picture003_zpsbcef55c1.jpg  photo Picture001_zpsa08a77bb.jpg  photo Picture315_zps6b48805f.jpg  photo Picture089_zpse47d8cc5.jpg  photo Picture083_zpsaf6aaa09.jpg photo Picture009_zps2d1752e8.jpg  photo Picture088_zps2cc363aa.jpg  photo Picture085_zpsdd334850.jpg  photo Picture105_zps8adb4453.jpg  photo Picture091_zps15631afc.jpg  photo Picture092_zps7aec7fed.jpg  photo Picture093_zpsb8fee785.jpg  photo Picture094_zpsbb94e1fa.jpg  photo Picture095_zpsb5a3560f.jpg   photo Picture107_zps6a3148d2.jpg  photo Picture084_zps6cee4afb.jpg  photo Picture082_zps2b7f1a56.jpg photo Picture102_zpsbfe93740.jpg  photo Picture103_zps23c13de1.jpg  photo Picture111_zps090e2cc9.jpg  photo Picture108_zpsee71257f.jpg  photo Picture109_zps91c57ba8.jpg  photo Picture110_zps82e8fbc7.jpg photo Picture267_zpsb5049bec.jpg

Needless to say, there were an array of GranTurismo and GranCabrio cars on show as well.

 photo Picture096_zps9ac1bf40.jpg  photo Picture101_zps184cc8d0.jpg  photo Picture104_zps68d3c137.jpg  photo Picture008_zps5ce7d451.jpg  photo Picture123_zpsce6b5e0b.jpg  photo Picture124_zps1fa57583.jpg photo Picture125_zps7fd8a41f.jpg

I am still a big fan of the looks of the previous generation Quattroporte, so it was nice to see one of these.

 photo Picture311_zpsce8c28d6.jpg


It was a bit too soon to expect to see a 650S on site, so McLarens were confined to the 12C models, in Coupe and Spider guises.

 photo Picture155_zpsb2178b00.jpg  photo Picture154_zps09185d75.jpg


Much to their chagrin, Penske do not have a Mercedes franchise in Scottsdale, and a rival, located right across the street does, but there were a few used examples out on the forecourt, including an E55 AMG and an SLS and there was an SL63 AMG inside one of the showrooms.

 photo Picture052_zps0c4fa064.jpg  photo Picture156_zps0df45191.jpg

I did walk across the road to see what was in the Mercedes showroom, and the answer is that there was not that much! Mercedes has a vast range, so there can only ever be a representative sample of that on show at any one time, and it is a bit random, I would guess, what is given showroom space on a given day. There were a CLS 63 AMG, SL and SLK sports cars, an E350 Coupe, and each of the SUV/CUV offerings, namely the GLK, ML and GL, as well as the latest E and S Class saloons and some of the last of the W204 C Class models.

 photo Picture231_zps12612726.jpg  photo Picture237_zpsd527aa95.jpg  photo Picture232_zpsff93cc16.jpg  photo Picture253_zpsc29f9fea.jpg  photo Picture252_zps068e8cff.jpg  photo Picture250_zpsf9f49fd8.jpg  photo Picture238_zps31434d8f.jpg  photo Picture241_zps69721cb6.jpg  photo Picture239_zpsfeb3a3bf.jpg  photo Picture240_zpsdd1a62de.jpg  photo Picture242_zps2b09f83a.jpg  photo Picture243_zps7330a333.jpg  photo Picture248_zpsbee73a1b.jpg  photo Picture251_zps488fff7d.jpg  photo Picture249_zps9fbc0182.jpg photo Picture247_zps75a28a6e.jpg  photo Picture246_zpsff135864.jpg  photo Picture245_zps0c24e4ba.jpg photo Picture244_zps7825a755.jpg

Far more cars were parked up outside, including C Class Coupe, rows of E Class models, a lot of MLs, a number of W222 S Classes.

 photo Picture254_zps8cbda5b5.jpg  photo Picture258_zps07c2c1a2.jpg  photo Picture255_zpseefa938d.jpg  photo Picture262_zps593966c3.jpg  photo Picture259_zpse70ee172.jpg  photo Picture256_zpsd38c7180.jpg photo Picture257_zps42fa68b4.jpg


I was half expecting to find examples of MINI 3, as the global press launch had taken place in Puerto Rico some weeks earlier, but as the car has not yet gone on sale in the US, it was not in evidence at all. Instead, there was a bewildering array of all the other models that are available, ranging from the long established 3 door and Cabrio through to Clubman, Countryman, Paceman, Coupe and Roadster.

 photo Picture175_zps9ffe26a9.jpg  photo Picture176_zps134882ab.jpg  photo Picture177_zps0fc4baa0.jpg  photo Picture174_zps9810dea4.jpg  photo Picture173_zpsdbe0582a.jpg  photo Picture178_zpscbd91d91.jpg photo Picture209_zpsf8011914.jpg  photo Picture211_zpsadd94b91.jpg  photo Picture210_zps6c005f2d.jpg  photo Picture216_zps00ce5184.jpg  photo Picture217_zpsc1d017a1.jpg  photo Picture220_zps259f7204.jpg photo Picture219_zpsd4531d0e.jpg  photo Picture218_zpsd328303a.jpg

I did enjoy finding this Moke in the back of the showroom.

 photo Picture213_zps50a6be9d.jpg  photo Picture215_zps0db66737.jpg  photo Picture214_zps2f3b8b64.jpg  photo Picture212_zps60188482.jpg


The Porsches are displayed right at one end of the long arc of showrooms, and there is always lots inside and out to interest the visitor. I overheard a rather difficult conversation going on inside the showroom where a couple had clearly set their heart on a car with the Porsche badge on it, but seemed completely unaware of how much even an elderly Boxster would cost, and a rather patient salesman was trying to get them to understand that the money they had available was not really going to fund the car of their dreams. There were lots of Boxster and Cayman models, of all generations to have a look at.

 photo Picture042_zps91693bc6.jpg  photo Picture045_zpse921f28f.jpg  photo Picture043_zps3cc2c545.jpg  photo Picture033_zps00ab340e.jpg  photo Picture032_zps0ca3d854.jpg  photo Picture057_zps48e9fde7.jpg

Needless to say, there were even more 911 models, including several of the more distinctive and “special” ones, such as the GT3 RS and the GT2.

 photo Picture041_zps28b16dfd.jpg  photo Picture027_zps09e9125b.jpg  photo Picture025_zps1ea8d2f2.jpg  photo Picture024_zps02c0e193.jpg  photo Picture026_zpsce5fef3a.jpg  photo Picture023_zps783f872c.jpg photo Picture044_zpsd4cf03cb.jpg  photo Picture046_zps44ae8b98.jpg  photo Picture030_zpse1cf064c.jpg  photo Picture029_zps2bcdabca.jpg  photo Picture037_zpsfeb91cb4.jpg  photo Picture036_zps796778d4.jpg photo Picture035_zps15174e81.jpg  photo Picture034_zpse891b685.jpg  photo Picture039_zps13a47221.jpg  photo Picture038_zps22528638.jpg

Scottsdale is prime target market for the larger Panamera and Cayenne and there were plenty of these on display as well, of course.

 photo Picture028_zps6d9aed85.jpg  photo Picture047_zps6f06ef92.jpg  photo Picture040_zps633ac01a.jpg  photo Picture048_zpsf56f769c.jpg


There were several of these stately machines on show: Ghost and Phantom, the latter in Limousine, Drophead and Coupe format.

 photo Picture152_zps068cc683.jpg  photo Picture165_zps48e2f1e9.jpg  photo Picture157_zps46f8d2dd.jpg  photo Picture153_zpsb2c7a5c0.jpg  photo Picture149_zpseef62dca.jpg  photo Picture147_zps29c2a81a.jpg photo Picture148_zps1b3c987d.jpg


The Smart has been available in America for some time, but it remains a very niche choice indeed, with few people convinced that the cars are even safe. Hence almost every display of any size has an example of the Safety Cell, aimed at reassuring buyers. That was the case here, and there were a number of complete cars on show as well.

 photo Picture236_zpsa77da407.jpg  photo Picture261_zps3a45005b.jpg  photo Picture260_zps8204d099.jpg  photo Picture235_zps272de85f.jpg  photo Picture234_zps8d7d0bce.jpg  photo Picture233_zps6ebf5e9e.jpg


As ever, the VW showroom contained a nice collection of classic machines, and I always enjoy seeing these. Ostensibly they are all available for sale, if you offer enough money (and there are price tags on most of them) but the fact that they are still the same cars as were present when I first found this dealership some years ago suggests that they are not trying very hard to move them on. My favourite is the Thing (yours for $28,000, potentially), and there are also nice Beetles, Type Karmann Ghia and Type 2 models to see.

 photo Picture192_zps645ce755.jpg  photo Picture191_zpse20fc974.jpg  photo Picture196_zps34e7a848.jpg  photo Picture200_zps675cf795.jpg  photo Picture194_zps77ed7b86.jpg  photo Picture199_zpsdfa274f4.jpg photo Picture198_zps997fd1bb.jpg  photo Picture197_zps922245fc.jpg  photo Picture195_zps4a86fb76.jpg

Among the current range, the latest Beetle does not seem quite to have captured the American imagination like the first New Beetle did, though it does sell decently enough in both hatch and convertible guises.

 photo Picture186_zpsc5edb908.jpg  photo Picture187_zps7e042499.jpg  photo Picture188_zpsf21e8a7d.jpg  photo Picture185_zps81cadff0.jpg  photo Picture204_zpsd27e11f1.jpg

The Golf GTi Mark VI was sold in America just as a plain GTi, without reference to the Golf name at all. Golf VII has still not reached America, some eighteen months after going on sale in Europe. It will arrive later in the year as a 2015 model, so the older generation car was still on show.

 photo Picture193_zpsb6b0f532.jpg  photo Picture189_zpscfefe74b.jpg

US Sales of the Chatanooga built Passat have rocketed compared to the previous version, and my own testing has revealed that it is a competent and likeable car if not perhaps quite top of the class.

 photo Picture190_zps9522a841.jpg  photo Picture205_zps58e81ce3.jpg  photo Picture206_zps2ee73543.jpg

The CC is seen very much as a different car, as this is less like a Passat in the US than is the case in Europe.

 photo Picture202_zpscad5be9e.jpg  photo Picture201_zps7ed7598a.jpg

It is the Jetta which is VW’s top seller in America, with TDi versions and a Hybrid available as well as those with petrol power.

 photo Picture203_zps3131ccad.jpg

This proved an interesting diversion for a good part of an afternoon before I needed to head off to the Sky Harbor for a flight back to Los Angeles. Even so, I was quite surprised when I uploaded the photos to discover that there 320 of them. Testament, for sure, of the variety of cars on show. Well worth a visit for those in the area with an interest in things automotive.

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