Midlands Italian Car (MITCAR) – August 2014

Of all the themed events for Italian cars that take place around the country during the year, one of the most enjoyable, and best supported, is the one called MITCAR. That acronym stands for Midlands Italian Car, and although the event is masterminded and run by the East Midlands section of the Alfa Romeo Owners Club, it always attracts a wide variety of cars from quite a distance. The event has run for many years now, and every one has been held at a different venue somewhere in the Midlands. After the 2013 excursion to the very northern extremities of what you might think of as “Midlands”, the location for 2014 was further south, and east, at the splendid Rockingham Castle. As well as admiring the cars on display, the entrance ticket gave attendees the chance to look around this historic building, which dates back to the 11th Century, with the first edifice constructed on the instructions of William the Conqueror. The house has been in continuous occupation of the same family for 450 years, the Watsons, and contains a lot of historical artefacts on show in every room. There is a stunning view of 5 counties from the roof tops above the Long Gallery, and there are extensive grounds which would make a day here rather pleasant even without the cars. But with MITCAR in attendance, there were around 350 cars to savour as well. present there was something for everyone. Whilst a rather wet and very miserable start to the day kept several of the more exotic cars in their garages, you really couldn’t complain about the wonderful cars that were present,  and many people had made a special effort on their presentation too, in the hope of winning one of the informal prizes which were handed out in a small ceremony at 3pm There is also a prize voted on by all attendees, for the “favourite of the day”. Choosing is really hard, and there is the added rider that previous winners cannot claim the prize again. Read on to find what won, and also to see many of those other fabulous cars.


I was delighted to get such a positive response from my fellow Abarthisti, and counted 29 cars present bearing the Scorpion badge. Parked up in a long line, with just about colour that has been offered, apart from the very latest ones which have yet to hit our roads, the cars made for a colourful sight and attracted plenty of attention. 500 based models constituted the majority of the cars present, of course, with a mix of regular and C cars, and plenty of EsseEsse, 595 Turismo and Competizione  cars for attendees to have a look at. And. as always happens, there were plenty of non-owners who wanted to do just that, and to ask questions, and to utter the appreciation.

 photo P1420540_zps45d803f2.jpg  photo P1420541_zps62299d23.jpg   photo P1420575_zpsa6ece3a8.jpg  photo P1420556_zps8fadd859.jpg  photo P1420555_zps618da398.jpg  photo P1420583_zpsde3a3c72.jpg  photo P1420581_zps44597017.jpg  photo P1420582_zps0a58f821.jpg  photo P1420425_zpsc35ab02f.jpg  photo P1420580_zpsa096a020.jpg  photo P1420423_zps7eec2bf2.jpg  photo P1420438_zps610566d1.jpg  photo P1420426_zps1c69ac9b.jpg  photo P1420427_zpscad6093a.jpg  photo P1420439_zps9b6428f3.jpg  photo P1420424_zpse8127a48.jpg  photo P1420422_zps7e5ff358.jpg  photo P1420434_zpsb59e65dd.jpg  photo P1420421_zpsb510915d.jpg  photo P1420471_zpsd6f42fa8.jpg  photo P1420470_zps1b57eec6.jpg  photo P1420483_zps3fbac98c.jpg  photo P1420506_zps478d4327.jpg  photo P1420505_zps176cc986.jpg  photo P1420572_zps1f7e874a.jpg  photo P1420536_zpsebe3a919.jpg  photo P1420538_zpse3f77862.jpg  photo P1420539_zpsd1e1855c.jpg  photo P1420537_zpse2031f6e.jpg  photo P1420448_zpsa0b97f60.jpg

One car stood out for the judges, with Jen and Andy Butler winning the Detailing prize for the cleanliness and presentation of their 500C, much to their delight and surprise.

 photo P1420595_zps398640b0.jpg

This was the first time I have seen one of the special 50th Anniversary cars “in the wild”.

 photo P1420432_zpsc00d58cd.jpg  photo P1420433_zps774254df.jpg  photo P1420568_zpsbdda6654.jpg  photo P1420570_zps3bccdd7a.jpg  photo P1420569_zps25d665c2.jpg

There were not any of the earlier Grande Punto models, but there were several Punto Evos and a couple of the more recent SuperSport cars.

 photo P1420500_zps6540fbd7.jpg  photo P1420431_zpsb6980772.jpg  photo P1420571_zps39a19959.jpg  photo P1420430_zps13508def.jpg  photo P1420429_zps71b96218.jpg  photo P1420428_zps1c90a5b0.jpg  photo P1420501_zps280203e8.jpg


Winner of that Camshaft Trophy, for the “car of the day” went to this,  the 1957 Alfa Romeo 1900 Super belonging to Quentin Butler from Derby. They don’t come much rarer, it’s the only one in the country and only a handful of this model, Alfa’s first genuinely mass production car, remain in Europe. It was absolutely fabulous and a very worthy winner.

 photo P1420436_zps8200cbf6.jpg  photo P1420587_zps5db37120.jpg  photo P1420586_zpsf3d57773.jpg  photo P1420530_zps2cfb7ebe.jpg

There were plenty of other Alfas which could easily have taken the prize as well, with my favourites perhaps being the lovely trio of AlfaSud models. I had a nice chat with the proud owner of the very bright yellow Series 2 1.5 Ti model. He confirmed that this was an original (though rarely specified) factory colour, and he wanted one in this hue as his father had one when he was younger. This car was initially dark blue, but it needed a repaint when he bought it, and he decided to recreate the car he had so loved when he was young. It was joined by a couple of Series 3 Ti cars, as well.

 photo P1420529_zps67d80e82.jpg  photo P1420528_zps8d07dda9.jpg  photo P1420519_zps80da7d6a.jpg  photo P1420520_zpse01a3bec.jpg  photo P1420524_zpsc45cb155.jpg  photo P1420558_zps390f1b58.jpg

Another rarity these days is the 116 series Giulietta, so I was delighted to see 3 of these, including the very rare 2.0 RS Turbodelta model that appears at events from time to time. The styling of this car was quite controversial when new, with the very short tail drawing plenty of comment, but to look at now, it seems to me even more elegant than it did when new (and I liked it then!).

 photo P1420589_zps60635d4f.jpg  photo P1420401_zps0770355a.jpg  photo P1420588_zps6cb69977.jpg  photo P1420402_zps5f7210c7.jpg  photo P1420557_zps5d2dfcb4.jpg  photo P1420405_zps2c2b4395.jpg

There were none of the larger Alfetta Berlina models at the event (they are a rare sighting indeed in the UK), but there were a number of the lovely coupe models, the GT and GTV, including one of the South African 3 litre GTV6 cars.

 photo P1420403_zps524b7c22.jpg

Far more numerous was the popular 105 Series Spider, with lots of this ever popular open topped car present, with examples of all 4 different Series of the long running car.

 photo P1420404_zpsd168f924.jpg  photo P1420437_zpsd50906be.jpg  photo P1420585_zpse1950360.jpg  photo P1420521_zps31771f14.jpg  photo P1420579_zps89bf948c.jpg  photo P1420513_zps189c1a74.jpg photo P1420525_zps11fa15f2.jpg

The Coupe version of this car, variously called GT, GTV, GT Junior and with a bewildering array of different versions offered during a 14 year production life, were also well represented.

 photo P1420514_zpscbb2eb13.jpg  photo P1420516_zpsb6b17e82.jpg  photo P1420518_zpsa8dfcf9a.jpg

There was also an example of the very rare open topped GTC version. Only around 1000 of these were made, in a period of just over a year, so they are really rather special. And rather lovely.

 photo P1420515_zpsbd143b2f.jpg  photo P1420517_zps514f2aff.jpg  photo P1420526_zpsf940d315.jpg

The event was supported by a local dealer, Chris Variava of Nottingham, who brought along the stunning 4C as well as the latest Quadrifoglio version of the Giulietta. There were crowds around the 4C all day long, and who can be surprised, as this is a stunning piece of design. I can also tell you that it has real presence on the road, as it came tearing up behind me soon after I left the event, and the noise it made as he powered past me was just amazing.

 photo P1420407_zps5a32eb8e.jpg  photo P1420406_zpsb1227e4b.jpg

Parked up next to this was a stunner from over 50 years ago. Had this car not previously won an award, I am sure it would have stood a good chance to do so, as this Giulietta Spider is just drop dead gorgeous. A second one was to be found in among the other rows of Alfas.

 photo P1420408_zpsb57c61af.jpg  photo P1420567_zps6c52aa0a.jpg  photo P1420565_zps92630448.jpg  photo P1420566_zps069677d1.jpg

Alfa only really have 2 different models to sell at present, and there were plenty of both, with a long line of MiTO models proving that there is plenty of enthusiasm for this small car, with its presence among other Alfas now a given.

 photo P1420462_zps98f53c67.jpg  photo P1420464_zps8f0edc3c.jpg  photo P1420465_zps1527855a.jpg  photo P1420461_zpsc7022002.jpg  photo P1420463_zps608d294b.jpg  photo P1420460_zpsf01fc0b8.jpg photo P1420468_zps0a992aaa.jpg  photo P1420466_zps011a472f.jpg  photo P1420467_zps073e1fb2.jpg

The Giuliettas were more scattered around the rest of the Alfa models.

 photo P1420409_zps7a2cdbf5.jpg  photo P1420531_zpsf198eef7.jpg  photo P1420532_zps7e458d2d.jpg  photo P1420473_zpsea542960.jpg  photo P1420487_zps63a0e913.jpg  photo P1420495_zps8440683b.jpg

Recently discontinued models were much in evidence, too, with plenty of 159s, Brera and Spider cars as well as the stunning GT.

 photo P1420496_zps109b5dab.jpg  photo P1420485_zps01a009f6.jpg  photo P1420484_zps83b4b884.jpg  photo P1420523_zps3df4d308.jpg  photo P1420533_zps3686ba9c.jpg  photo P1420474_zps92f4d4b0.jpg  photo P1420477_zpsfa702a85.jpg  photo P1420489_zpsbdfbda48.jpg  photo P1420559_zps324a47b2.jpg

The 916 series GTV and Spider are still available for not much money, but for how much longer, I wonder? These cars are now appreciated for their styling, the noise of the engine, and indeed for being a “proper” Alfa. There were lots of examples present, including some of the facelifted models one with the very rare 3.2 litre V6 engine.

 photo P1420577_zps2ff012f4.jpg  photo P1420475_zps1accb925.jpg  photo P1420576_zpsc1982420.jpg  photo P1420486_zps65b88d16.jpg  photo P1420490_zps76584e0f.jpg  photo P1420478_zps584e7795.jpg  photo P1420563_zpsa6f91bd3.jpg  photo P1420435_zps0ec5b194.jpg  photo P1420494_zps3ff06100.jpg  photo P1420492_zpsf1e9dbea.jpg  photo P1420476_zps55fe5ad0.jpg  photo P1420497_zpsb8236e55.jpg photo P1420561_zpsbfdc2218.jpg  photo P1420562_zpsc694b7ac.jpg

There were no 146 models, but there were a couple of 145s, the very distinctive “breadvan” shaped mid sized car that Alfa sold in the 1990s.

 photo P1420469_zps729edf93.jpg  photo P1420534_zps927e2a9e.jpg  photo P1420535_zps3585bcab.jpg

Going up a size takes us to a sequence of cars that started with the 75, and went through 155 and 156 and there were plenty of each of these to see, and enjoy.

 photo P1420522_zpsfc165d74.jpg  photo P1420472_zps1bba544a.jpg  photo P1420488_zpsbbfa04a3.jpg  photo P1420493_zpsf1f8da1c.jpg  photo P1420491_zps36133102.jpg

Some of those were the famous GTA cars, and if you add them to the 147 GTAs cars present, there were no fewer than 26 GTAs at the event – an impressive tally.

 photo P1420481_zpsb8e2a3a5.jpg  photo P1420482_zps3cb04f63.jpg  photo P1420560_zps1e961098.jpg

There were some of the “cooking” 147 hatches, too.

 photo P1420498_zps7f722f00.jpg  photo P1420527_zps7efe3b73.jpg  photo P1420564_zpse0711424.jpg

There were only a couple of the large cars, 164 and 166 on show.

 photo P1420578_zps86741ec2.jpg  photo P1420479_zps3a9de33e.jpg

As well as the regular AlfaSuds, there were a couple of the pretty Sprint cars, including the much loved Trofeo limited edition car belonging to Bryan Alexander, the gent who masterminded and organised this event for many years. and who was presented with a special award in recognition of his contribution to MITCAR and the pleasure it has brought so many people for so many years.

 photo P1420499_zpsb2cb9cf9.jpg  photo P1420590_zps61ac284d.jpg

Final Alfa was one example of the striking SZ, a car sometimes referred to with the nickname “il Mostro” (the monster!).

 photo P1420544_zps38328d5b.jpg


There never tend to be that many Ferrari models at this event, but I am sure that had it not rained earlier in the day there would have been more than the three which were all that arrived. Nothing particularly unusual, with a 308 GT4 Dino and a 360 Modena joined later in the day by an F355.

 photo P1420459_zps5afdfa3c.jpg


Second in number only to Alfa, there was lots of variety among the Fiats on show, with plenty of rare cars as well as a good number of more recent and familiar cars. There was another showing for the Argenta Volumex that so attracted me at Stanford Hall. I had another chat with the owner who had found my report and was delighted to discover not only that it featured so prominently in my report, but that unlike many who are somewhat dismissive of the car, I had been so enthusiastic about it. I promised it would feature again, so here are a couple more pictures.

 photo P1420442_zps1cfb4931.jpg

He had brought along a facelifted first generation Croma, too, which was parked next to the Argenta, and elsewhere in the event was an example of the very first version of the model as well.

 photo P1420441_zps2b5adca9.jpg  photo P1420412_zpsf7c89d40.jpg

The rain did not deter people from bringing open topped Fiats, with a couple of the rare Strada Cabrios present, one of them belonging to Lisa, an Abarthisti friend who had promised to bring it along to this event. She kept her word!

 photo P1420440_zpse1d05d1b.jpg  photo P1420411_zpsba4a9d57.jpg  photo P1420507_zps2c200137.jpg  photo P1420574_zpsc17666b9.jpg

There were a couple of the later Punto Cabrio models as well.

 photo P1420414_zpsc3914c7f.jpg  photo P1420593_zpsc4ac3bcd.jpg  photo P1420508_zps7fbd11d2.jpg  photo P1420509_zpscebf8b11.jpg  photo P1420594_zps9d75f63d.jpg  photo P1420510_zpsb400cd79.jpg

Technically, this 124 Spider is not really a Fiat but the Pininfarina Europa 2000, the name given to the final year’s production of the model, identifiable by the door mirrors being attached to the side windows rather than the doors.

 photo P1420443_zpsc6925e89.jpg

Although over 8 million of them were built, very few Uno models survive even in Europe, and this was a car I don’t recall seeing before. The camera shows up the challenges of red paint, but otherwise the car looked to be in fine fettle.

 photo P1420410_zps4927fed7.jpg

This Strada 130TC is a nice car that its owner brings to events quite frequently.

 photo P1420591_zps1802dd5a.jpg  photo P1420418_zpsd6ceaf05.jpg

The Coupe is a popular modern classic and there were a few of this striking Chris Bangle car on show.

 photo P1420413_zps35289c35.jpg

The X1/9 is a popular classic, too, but there was only one of those in attendance at this event.

 photo P1420512_zps2e6aab4a.jpg

Attracting lots of interest were the duo of Nuova 500s. These little cars are always popular these days, and this pair were no exception.

 photo P1420447_zps66b43628.jpg  photo P1420446_zpsc8fe289c.jpg  photo P1420573_zpsce2420a5.jpg  photo P1420445_zpsff2f7421.jpg

There were a couple of the successor to that model, too, the 126. Viewed in the company of more modern vehicles, these cars appear tiny in every dimension.

 photo P1420416_zps6e0d5567.jpg

There were some nice examples of the first generation Panda, ranging from an early 45 through the facelifted FIRE engined cars to several of the completely classless 4×4 models, including the limited edition Sisley.

 photo P1420502_zps6d0a4fe5.jpg  photo P1420511_zps08eeef91.jpg  photo P1420444_zpsf38bd219.jpg  photo P1420417_zpsebe0380a.jpg  photo P1420542_zpsd50aed91.jpg  photo P1420592_zps406606f3.jpg

The Stilo never really captured the public’s imagination, but there is some interest in the 3 door models, and a couple of these were on show, including the Schumacher Edition car.

 photo P1420503_zps3bb2409b.jpg

Modern Fiats included the rather bulbous 500L and the almost forgotten Bravo.

 photo P1420415_zpsbab6cf57.jpg  photo P1420504_zpsd7884099.jpg

I’ve saved my favourite Fiat til last, though. Whilst the colour is perhaps not optimum the Dino Coupe is just fabulous in every respect. This could easily have been my pick of the day for that Camshaft Trophy.

 photo P1420450_zpsc87045aa.jpg  photo P1420449_zps3b35078f.jpg  photo P1420546_zpsa9e30323.jpg  photo P1420547_zpsa63309fa.jpg


A small collection of Lancia cars were parked up near the entrance, and several of my favourite designs of this once proud marque were represented. Among these was a lone Gamma Coupe, a car whose beauty somewhat exceeded its driving merit, but still a lovely car to behold, and one which can be made reliable given respect and care.

 photo P1420456_zps69bc5ba5.jpg  photo P1420457_zps41e51c29.jpg

A couple of Delta models comprised the Integrale and the earlier HF Turbo.

 photo P1420455_zps61304e73.jpg  photo P1420454_zpsdd899b8b.jpg  photo P1420552_zps0d645373.jpg  photo P1420554_zps0ff67e36.jpg  photo P1420553_zps627e3b75.jpg

Among the prettiest cars of the 1960s were the Fulvia Coupes and  there were a pair of these, both of them Series 2 models.

 photo P1420451_zpsbd86d834.jpg  photo P1420452_zpscba914ba.jpg  photo P1420453_zps29fec504.jpg

The Beta Coupe was also a very attractive design and there were a number of these as well as the HPE version.

 photo P1420550_zps12bdde0c.jpg  photo P1420551_zps32677982.jpg  photo P1420549_zps1d2f7ecc.jpg  photo P1420548_zps9c23cac4.jpg  photo P1420420_zps4fc3a293.jpg

This Stratos replica came complete with an Alfa V6 engine. Fabulous!

 photo P1420480_zpsb474780c.jpg


There were more Maserati than Ferrari cars on show, all of them from the last 15 years or so. The green 3200GT belonging to Dave Hood was a worthy prize winner. The very elegant Quattroporte featured among them as well.

 photo P1420419_zps063d6d69.jpg photo P1420545_zpsb9d7bdf2.jpg  photo P1420543_zps2094b5ba.jpg  photo P1420458_zps00ff1d2e.jpg

I really enjoyed this event. It has the right mixture of informality with plenty to see and a great setting that makes sure that it sticks in the memory long after the drive home. A special thanks to John Griffiths and his team from East Midlands Alfa Owners for all their hard work in pulling the event together.

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