Showrooms of Scottsdale – March 2015

Long gone are the days when most car showrooms occupied a place on the High Street that was little bigger than a regular shop. The move to out of town locations was forced upon most garages as the volume not just of cars that they wanted to display, but also to work on in servicing or repair mode meant that a lot more space was called for. Nowadays you will find massive edifices, often grouped together with rival brands more or less next to each other, where parking is easy, providing an alternative to the retail experience that has also increasingly relocated out of traditional town and city centres. The other change has been a consolidation of garage ownership from small family businesses to a relatively small number of massive groups, well placed to leverage economies of scale not just of their own operations, but also buying power from the manufacturers. It is no surprise that America led the way on this in many respects, and in many towns and cities you will see a long line of dealerships, all apparently bursting with cars. That’s because there is still one significant difference between the US and Europe. An American customer expects to be able to walk into the showroom, do the deal and drive off in the precise spec of car that they want, all on the same day, which means that dealers have to keep massive inventories of new cars, whereas in Europe, consumers not only typically take longer to decide what they want before signing on the dotted line, but they are also accustomed to waiting for the car of their dreams to sourced, in many cases as a factory build. In America, this means that a large dealership can almost be better than a Motor Show stand. Couple that with an assembly of marques – many of them competing – that are all represented by the same dealer group such as the principal subject of this report, the Penske Group, and you have somewhere that the enthusiast can spend hours wandering around. Penske have a number of showrooms in the Phoenix area, but it is those which surround the Race Museum, just off the Scottsdale Road on the north eastern side of the city which have become a regular haunt for me on my trips to the locale. Enjoy here an array of cars – a mix of brand new and used – that were on show at the time of my visit at the end of March 2015.


Acura has had a tough time of things, lately. And you have to say that it is largely self inflicted. One look at their recent products – and one look was quite enough for most people’s eyes and stomachs! – is enough to suggest why, as the products went through a phase of trying to look bold. Worst culprit was the 3 series rivalling TL, which had once been among the best cars to drive in its class, but in the UA8/9 series generation produced from 2009, it failed in this respect, as well. A toned down front and rear end, part of a mid-life facelift removed the worst of the gawkiness, but even so, it remained an odd-ball choice, something that Acura will be hoping is not the case for its brand new for 2015 replacement, the TLX. Both were on site here for inspection.

 photo Picture 329_zpsmkvsxgu0.jpg  photo Picture 352_zpseupxfmhg.jpg

There was nothing particularly wrong with the old RL (a car known as the Honda Legend when sold in Europe), but with no particularly obvious advantages over its rivals, it was struggling to get into 4 figures of sales per year. An all new car, the RLX was also launched for the 2015 model year. Again, this is quite a competent car, but it would seem that it is finding no more buyers than its predecessor.

 photo Picture 354_zpscivwgzdi.jpg  photo Picture 353_zpsxxq3kshv.jpg

Acura had been offering an upgraded version of the Civic in the Canadian market for some time, and finally decided to offer American buyers a lower entry point into the range with the ILX, Several of these were on display.

 photo Picture 326_zpsux4zljze.jpg  photo Picture 325_zpssbqaujjm.jpg  photo Picture 35_zpsptc1g8vh.jpg

It is the SUVs that have kept Acura alive, really, with the mid-size MDX and smaller RDX now both firmly established on the market, both of them onto a third generation.

 photo Picture 324_zpscxvb5zjb.jpg  photo Picture 328_zpszcdpqznt.jpg  photo Picture 327_zpsrxseuump.jpg  photo Picture 330_zps14pxxx58.jpg


There were not many Astons parked up outside, but I did find a couple of examples of the latest Vanquish, and inside there were all the other current models on show, including the DB9, a V8 Vantage in the slightly brash N430 format and a couple of Rapide S models.

 photo Picture 296_zpseo8tkedg.jpg  photo Picture 291_zpsneakfvrn.jpg  photo Picture 312_zpshjbkfgk5.jpg  photo Picture 258_zpsnkeiskvi.jpg  photo Picture 311_zpsdqwyyj7c.jpg  photo Picture 289_zpsf1qxmfez.jpg  photo Picture 295_zps5mz8uikm.jpg  photo Picture 290_zpsbtpq5r8w.jpg  photo Picture 294_zpsvgbkztet.jpg  photo Picture 293_zpsdmptwjn7.jpg  photo Picture 292_zpsnwjgm5zw.jpg


in Europe, Audi vies very much with BMW and Mercedes in the sales charts, with barely a few cars in it between the three German brands. Not so in America, where far more BMW and Mercedes are bought than the Ingolstadt product. To some extent that is because the ranges that all three offer to American customers are somewhat reduced – a fact usually bemoaned by the Audi salesperson that I talk to when I go into the Audi showroom part of this complex and talk about my S5 Sportback, a model which is denied to American customers. Audi have increased the number of diesel models that they offer in America, as the first toe in the water proved that there was greater demand than supply, and then when the cars were not instantly available, customers simply went elsewhere. But looking around what was in the showroom and parked up outside, there was a very clear emphasis on the high end S and RS badged cars. Surrounding the showroom, for instance, I came across this S4 and S5, an SQ5, and both an S and RS version of the A7, variants that are particularly rare in Europe.

 photo Picture 103_zpsofdjto6e.jpg  photo Picture 114_zpspab5xcta.jpg  photo Picture 105_zpssm8qgz9h.jpg  photo Picture 221_zpsnxcabvkk.jpg  photo Picture 108_zpsrf7v7cqi.jpg  photo Picture 109_zpsrnv6ubwr.jpg  photo Picture 117_zpsrb5zgv0t.jpg

Needless to say, in an affluent area like Scottsdale, the R8 is very popular, so it was no surprise to find both the Coupe and Spider models here as well.

 photo Picture 217_zpsvlfnjemw.jpg  photo Picture 218_zpsljmgzri4.jpg  photo Picture 216_zpsfkhc8b9y.jpg  photo Picture 111_zpsvpwrsv4b.jpg  photo Picture 214_zpsusakpcx8.jpg  photo Picture 378_zps3vl5il8g.jpg photo Picture 411_zps6kksjuha.jpg

There were a number of what you might call “regular” models, too:  A4, A5 Cabrio, A6 and A7, and the Q5 all attracted my camera.

 photo Picture 107_zpsncvuer4d.jpg  photo Picture 112_zpskmnjffjq.jpg  photo Picture 110_zpssaqhiwmd.jpg  photo Picture 113_zpsho5u16tw.jpg  photo Picture 220_zpsd8gdw7n7.jpg  photo Picture 106_zpssvg2h3oe.jpg  photo Picture 104_zpspuxpmfbb.jpg  photo Picture 400_zpsaosle3ea.jpg  photo Picture 399_zpsrre1n2sj.jpg

Audi sold the previous generation of the A3 to American buyers only in 5 door form, and sales were correspondingly limited. When the new model was announced, Audi declared that they would not be bringing it to the US in conventional petrol-powered guise, and that buyers would have to wait for the eTron hybrid. That all changed when the Saloon model was unveiled in 2014, as this configuration is a far hotter sales prospect in hatch-averse America that the 3 and 5 door cars would be, so it is now available, along with the Cabrio, and selling decently well.

 photo Picture 116_zps7bpthf77.jpg  photo Picture 115_zpsbmff6gpq.jpg  photo Picture 215_zpsb4adj0vv.jpg  photo Picture 219_zps3kslwohr.jpg

Parked up around the back, among the older used cars included a nice example of the B7 generation A4 and the very nice S4 Cabrio

 photo Picture 409_zpsyvo3pu8x.jpg  photo Picture 410_zpslvhmmm5h.jpg


There have been two distinct generations of the Continental based cars, first seen in 2003, and for both, a number of variants. First time round the cars all had the W12 engine, in various states of power, whereas for the second generation cars, the Audi-derived 4 litre V8 was also offered. Many are surprised that it has not completely replaced the larger and thirstier unit, but recent years have seen enhancements to models powered by both units, meaning that there are quite a lot of different variants, eve before you factor in the different body styles of Coupe GT and Convertible GTC. Several examples, new and used, were to be seen on site and in the showroom.

 photo Picture 028_zpsipollhuo.jpg  photo Picture 030_zpskstguvsy.jpg  photo Picture 024_zpsusc45xwm.jpg  photo Picture 029_zpsvgysjyfc.jpg  photo Picture 472_zpsouz0eyfi.jpg  photo Picture 471_zpsnsali93r.jpg photo Picture 026_zpsvlat7fqq.jpg  photo Picture 479_zpscbnkqmuv.jpg  photo Picture 478_zpsrfacc0zq.jpg photo Picture 477_zpsyoaoxlko.jpg  photo Picture 252_zpsn2ehnvif.jpg  photo Picture 250_zpsb88cavwd.jpg  photo Picture 246_zpsfetchajs.jpg  photo Picture 245_zpsacshbqe7.jpg  photo Picture 239_zpsnyx7vw5i.jpg  photo Picture 236_zpsclczjuqa.jpg  photo Picture 235_zps7kehdkcn.jpg  photo Picture 238_zpscmarwjav.jpg  photo Picture 237_zpsmstibnwm.jpg

There were also a number of examples of the four door saloon version, the Flying Spur. In its first generation this was clearly a four door saloon version of the GT Coupe., but for its second iteration, the model has been separated to stand aside from the Continental range, a move which appears to have found favour with many buyers.

 photo Picture 251_zpsr7kgnswm.jpg  photo Picture 247_zps3bl71ebk.jpg  photo Picture 474_zpsucbzorgk.jpg  photo Picture 368_zpsp36mifx3.jpg  photo Picture 369_zpssuhnrqrs.jpg

Rumours persist that there will be larger Coupe and Convertible models than the Continental based cars once more, but until they are released, those who want a large and, dare I say, more “traditional” Bentley will need to look to the second hand market at cars like these Brooklands and Azure cars, very imposing machines indeed.

 photo Picture 031_zpsjmrsbkq2.jpg  photo Picture 032_zps8xe68r4l.jpg  photo Picture 370_zpsfhchv3pj.jpg  photo Picture 371_zpsrdcdmx7y.jpg

Going back a further generation, to the days long before the German ownership of the brand was even something that anyone might have considered possible or likely, were the Bentley versions of the Silver Spirit. This was the era when Bentley sales started to outstrip those of parent company Rolls Royce, thanks to the introduction of the Turbo engine in the Mulsanne. Subsequent to that 1982, launch, Bentley was positioned as a more overtly sporting brand, and a series of models were introduced to the range, using names from the marque’s illustrious past, such as Brooklands and Eight. Here was one such.

 photo Picture 255_zpsqmalpcg1.jpg


There was a vast array of i3’s parked up, many of them plugged into a charging point.

 photo Picture 127_zpscp273c5i.jpg  photo Picture 131_zpsljlz16jq.jpg  photo Picture 132_zpszs8h41a9.jpg  photo Picture 125_zps1uokc3rd.jpg  photo Picture 119_zpsvnekflgq.jpg  photo Picture 126_zps1fhhqfus.jpg  photo Picture 120_zps1kqhwjr0.jpg  photo Picture 122_zpsinkr1qeh.jpg  photo Picture 118_zpscjacx7ti.jpg  photo Picture 124_zpsosxceu8e.jpg  photo Picture 123_zpsamrpgxe5.jpg  photo Picture 408_zpsvwd0n3ko.jpg

Taking pride of place inside the showroom was the hybrid i8, BMW’s striking looking supercar which despite its lofty price tag has proved to be more popular than anticipated, with lead times stretching out as much as a couple of years.

 photo Picture 207_zps5doky9wi.jpg  photo Picture 206_zps6sychonl.jpg  photo Picture 205_zpsiwc71hii.jpg  photo Picture 208_zpsptcpgqyh.jpg

Other cars in the showroom were the rather more “ordinary” looking 3 series, now sold in the US with a diesel model added to the range for 2015, but mostly bought in the US in petrol or petrol/hybrid format, and seen here as the 320i and 328i, the 535i and a 650i Gran Coupe.

 photo Picture 209_zpshmigi77a.jpg  photo Picture 211_zps3oeqeyag.jpg  photo Picture 212_zpssuq0s7fb.jpg  photo Picture 213_zpsn0mn1mip.jpg  photo Picture 210_zpszkkqgzgq.jpg

Outside was an example of the latest M4 as well as the popular X3 and X5 and a 640i Convertible.

 photo Picture 130_zpsfiltr2f6.jpg  photo Picture 129_zpstj7jrr40.jpg  photo Picture 133_zpskmkflgme.jpg  photo Picture 128_zpswbmrqakr.jpg  photo Picture 486_zps1rpdtt2c.jpg  photo Picture 401_zpsrbg0z8jv.jpg


Chevrolet have always wanted us to think of the Corvette as a true rival to the Porsche 911 and others of that ilk, but despite successive cars getting steadily less rough and ready, that’s been a bit of a leap too far, but there is plenty to suggest that with the C7 generation, they are closer than ever. the ZO6 model certainly had performance that troubles even the Turbo 911, but with a rather lower price tag.

 photo Picture 161_zpsz1rsm3cu.jpg  photo Picture 257_zpsby4rw1ip.jpg


Although lacking the prestige badge of most of the other cars on site, there can no be no denying that the performance of this car would not give many a model with a much higher price tag a good run for its money. This is a top of the line 6.1 litre Hemi engined Charger SRT.

 photo Picture 121_zpswojf4h1g.jpg


The Ferrari showroom is a great place to visit, with not just cars to see, but some lovely pictures and other artefacts adorning the walls, and various books handily placed by the comfy chairs that presumably customers use when they are waiting to collect their cars. On display here were examples of all the current range: 458 Italia and Spider, an FF, a F12 Berlinetta and the latest California T as well as a car representing the approved used car program, an immaculately presented F430 Spider

 photo Picture 079_zpsrlfjtvdc.jpg  photo Picture 080_zpsltoqhhnu.jpg  photo Picture 081_zpsrlpu28bc.jpg  photo Picture 077_zps84in9trr.jpg  photo Picture 075_zpscdzokpet.jpg  photo Picture 076_zpsug1xdqha.jpg photo Picture 078_zps10mqstpy.jpg  photo Picture 091_zpsrqduy36m.jpg  photo Picture 092_zpsrtqnzkev.jpg  photo Picture 095_zpsmtfjz5pg.jpg  photo Picture 094_zpsqnoco75u.jpg  photo Picture 093_zps6trbgx9y.jpg

Outside, it was the 458 Italia and Spider that was most prevalent, with several examples of the model. When Ferrari introduced the Spider, they said that they thought that demand for this one would outstrip the closed Coupe Italia, and that would seem to have proved to be the case. Certainly the evidence here would suggest it to be true in this market.

 photo Picture 057_zpsvbohrfr6.jpg  photo Picture 056_zpsr5klbpho.jpg  photo Picture 060_zpsgernwset.jpg  photo Picture 066_zpsw1uycauz.jpg  photo Picture 065_zps3slok5cq.jpg  photo Picture 061_zps7x3une7q.jpg photo Picture 069_zpsxngtvo8j.jpg  photo Picture 259_zpsydmhbd17.jpg  photo Picture 382_zps5vyxhzgz.jpg

Although the basic silhouette is little different, there are so many changes between the original California and the new California T that the latter is almost a new car. It certainly is a better looking car, and comparison of the original with the turbo-charged T model shows that detailed changes have had a beneficial effect. I understand that the mechanical changes make it far nicer on the road, as well.

 photo Picture 063_zps0nys1rzt.jpg  photo Picture 062_zpshidr0ozy.jpg  photo Picture 058_zps5f8bnhwo.jpg  photo Picture 074_zpszofhhtrp.jpg  photo Picture 096_zpsdvlltkk3.jpg  photo Picture 381_zpsolnpo6rb.jpg

There were rather fewer twelve cylinder models present, but I did come across an F12 Berlinetta, and from its predecessor’s generation both a 599GTB and a GTO as well as the rather large 612 Scaglietti.

 photo Picture 387_zps4ujwlzs6.jpg  photo Picture 388_zpselxbxltm.jpg  photo Picture 395_zpso68nchef.jpg  photo Picture 380_zpsuqf1wm33.jpg  photo Picture 064_zpsocemzhp3.jpg  photo Picture 067_zpshwjyilh0.jpg  photo Picture 055_zpskva6qmfg.jpg

Older Ferrari models, most of which were parked up in the area where cars to be serviced were left, included F430s in Scuderia and Spider guises, one of the 575 SuperAmerica and the less well-received 348tb and Spider models.

 photo Picture 098_zpspfvs6efv.jpg  photo Picture 072_zpsz7rkjpdh.jpg  photo Picture 073_zpspewfvtgu.jpg  photo Picture 070_zpskjym4ym9.jpg  photo Picture 071_zpsngb0b2p1.jpg  photo Picture 384_zpshahf0d71.jpg photo Picture 390_zpsjogzovma.jpg


Two very different Fords to show here: an example of the GT, and then parked up among a variety of older cars round the back, a classic 1970 Mustang

 photo Picture 097_zpsl5htcwbk.jpg  photo Picture 407_zps6ulkq0ro.jpg  photo Picture 406_zpslnkzpngy.jpg


On previous visits, the conversations with the Jaguar sales team have elicited a certain frustration that the engine choice in the US market range has been a bit too limited, as the diesels do not figure, leaving just the high end petrols, which are a bit too high end for many customers who are looking at the obvious BMW, Mercedes or Lexus rivals. No such comment applies to the F Type, of course, which is available with the same engine options in America as it is in the UK, and which would seem almost made for this market, with no worries about CO2 emissions.

 photo Picture 225_zpsdjtnfb3r.jpg  photo Picture 102_zps4odsmiuc.jpg  photo Picture 230_zps8os0ymus.jpg  photo Picture 229_zpsto6u9pij.jpg

There were plenty of the latest XF and XJ models in the showroom and parked up around the back as well.

 photo Picture 101_zpsdqrvg3lq.jpg  photo Picture 100_zps1dhsqpxt.jpg  photo Picture 224_zpsdcmefobd.jpg  photo Picture 227_zpsprj6hmq2.jpg  photo Picture 223_zps86fiehml.jpg  photo Picture 222_zpsnchtpcyt.jpg photo Picture 396_zpsqijqbk7j.jpg  photo Picture 397_zpsaqzmceje.jpg  photo Picture 398_zpsfvu5tcsm.jpg

And that is also where I came across this XKR-S

 photo Picture 275_zpswmmegk1l.jpg


Pride of place in the showroom went to an Aventador Spider, and it was joined by a fixed head model and one of the relatively new Huracan models.

 photo Picture 248_zpsm21qtsk6.jpg  photo Picture 473_zpsukivdkix.jpg  photo Picture 249_zpsqqfsl0se.jpg  photo Picture 242_zpsjsuf0ngr.jpg  photo Picture 253_zpsngb833nn.jpg  photo Picture 241_zpsdzkmvurx.jpg photo Picture 476_zpscnrsaok0.jpg  photo Picture 481_zps8r653gkv.jpg  photo Picture 480_zpsvjje7hex.jpg  photo Picture 475_zps4slxxoyb.jpg  photo Picture 244_zpsdocs6hao.jpg  photo Picture 243_zpso5izxeyt.jpg  photo Picture 240_zpsnsspgavz.jpg

Outside, there were lots of Gallardo models, in both Coupe and Spider guises, with some of the myriad different versions offered during the 12 year production run among them.

 photo Picture 023_zps26xcxmac.jpg  photo Picture 022_zpswsjnsdhs.jpg  photo Picture 025_zps21kad9hj.jpg  photo Picture 027_zpsfxa9q8yy.jpg  photo Picture 256_zpsim48ysnm.jpg  photo Picture 469_zps7ke4urdb.jpg photo Picture 470_zpsnzj7t9c2.jpg  photo Picture 391_zpsxopmfrrj.jpg


As well as display space in a showroom shared with Jaguar, there is a small “off road” course set out behind, and although I saw no sign of any of the cars being demonstrated on it, I presume that should the occasion warrant it, any of the current range can be shown tackling a series of obstacles which range from very steep ascents and descents to very unlevel surfaces. Some of the large number of Land Rover products were parked up around this and in lines surrounding it, which is where you could inspect the latest Evoque, the full-blown Range Rover and the car we know as the Discovery, but which bears LR4 badging in this market. The new Discovery Sport had not, at the time of my visit, gone on sale in the US, so was not on show.

 photo Picture 099_zpsitcwz7xh.jpg  photo Picture 286_zpsldi0hml7.jpg  photo Picture 287_zpssk1zr6o6.jpg  photo Picture 288_zpsya5ml78h.jpg  photo Picture 234_zpsz8ulocay.jpg  photo Picture 231_zps4rrj0bpt.jpg  photo Picture 228_zpsmcixbwu9.jpg  photo Picture 413_zpslgfutka1.jpg  photo Picture 414_zpsb7h23hiv.jpg  photo Picture 233_zpsw41jdjec.jpg  photo Picture 232_zpstiwxt5n1.jpg  photo Picture 226_zpsxpgmtcjj.jpg photo Picture 412_zpsx2ksbhiw.jpg  photo Picture 415_zpsomjqobah.jpg


If you want to see the current range in all the available colours, this would seem to be the place to come. Lined up outside were in excess of 20 Ghibli models and almost as many Quattroporte cars. A Ghibli is still on my short list as a possible replacement for the S5, and I always thought that the deep metallic blue was the best colour, but having seem the rich metallic wine red, I could be persuade that in fact that, with a nice tan or cream leather interior is even nicer.

 photo Picture 036_zpsgvckt7r1.jpg  photo Picture 035_zpsukvxeyc5.jpg  photo Picture 039_zpsmz3nuyqj.jpg  photo Picture 373_zpsqoafuivq.jpg  photo Picture 037_zpsryw8u1jb.jpg  photo Picture 374_zpswpnjuvfz.jpg  photo Picture 042_zpspbr2djel.jpg  photo Picture 372_zpsfn5giko2.jpg  photo Picture 041_zpsyufbyuws.jpg  photo Picture 377_zps2uid4hmn.jpg  photo Picture 040_zps1pr7om0i.jpg  photo Picture 033_zpsfha2lalz.jpg  photo Picture 043_zpsxt1pden7.jpg  photo Picture 034_zpsdhtawjdl.jpg

Quattroportes seem to be offered in a slightly more restricted palette, with a range of white, silver, grey and black models on display. I still think that the previous generation model edges this one on looks, but this is still a good looking car.

 photo Picture 053_zpsnmxwobyc.jpg  photo Picture 046_zps7znssqgd.jpg  photo Picture 375_zpsjenafoei.jpg  photo Picture 482_zpscy6crode.jpg  photo Picture 416_zpsnderoltj.jpg

In the showroom, there were further examples of the Ghibli and Quattroporte as well as the GranCabrio.

 photo Picture 086_zpsphap6eyh.jpg  photo Picture 089_zpsnro2fldr.jpg  photo Picture 087_zps0jarmixu.jpg  photo Picture 084_zpsrizlgjm4.jpg  photo Picture 085_zps0os01d8h.jpg  photo Picture 088_zpskhuaxkfy.jpg photo Picture 082_zpso1mrhtsp.jpg  photo Picture 083_zpsdboprpch.jpg

Both the GranTurismo and GranCabrio were also much in evidence outside, with several further new and used examples parked up.

 photo Picture 068_zpsroqcwgvm.jpg  photo Picture 054_zps34fa5dof.jpg  photo Picture 044_zps798odwqo.jpg  photo Picture 045_zpsjus5g4di.jpg  photo Picture 379_zpslavydyzs.jpg  photo Picture 383_zps8ehu0le0.jpg photo Picture 389_zpsqo7sypkr.jpg

Also to be seen was the elegant open topped 4200 Spider from the generation of Maserati that really reawakened interest in the brand and which sold on an unprecedented scale.

 photo Picture 038_zpsomgm1dyl.jpg  photo Picture 376_zpsvbe5kj30.jpg


There were dozens and dozens of MINIs parked up around the back of the showrooms. The 5 door version has recently gone on sale in the US, and this was very evident along with the 3 door version in its latest, third generation guise, and so were the other body styles of Cabrio, Coupe, Roadster, Clubman, Countryman and Paceman.

 photo Picture 268_zpsznrj3jka.jpg  photo Picture 285_zps2xpfm4nb.jpg  photo Picture 276_zpsr1hmie1q.jpg  photo Picture 318_zpsn5sj3snt.jpg  photo Picture 314_zpswji8kn68.jpg photo Picture 316_zpsfucwq0c3.jpg  photo Picture 284_zps1kaghu7a.jpg photo Picture 266_zps8hhhuewa.jpg  photo Picture 267_zpsf1x3xtu5.jpg  photo Picture 283_zps2nkcxayf.jpg  photo Picture 281_zpsjhkafxro.jpg  photo Picture 282_zpsf4lhcdxk.jpg  photo Picture 280_zpskbr4bjsu.jpg  photo Picture 274_zpsevw0rfi4.jpg  photo Picture 273_zpszwnkgtnv.jpg  photo Picture 277_zpsbo9id0lg.jpg photo Picture 278_zpsyzbq9eu5.jpg  photo Picture 279_zpspjnoufk1.jpg  photo Picture 271_zps8sqigtp8.jpg  photo Picture 270_zpsk0msfnlq.jpg  photo Picture 269_zpszxya2w0w.jpg  photo Picture 272_zpsxhjc4mof.jpg photo Picture 317_zps3pqjhm69.jpg  photo Picture 319_zpsevhqypev.jpg  photo Picture 320_zpsznv9wqa3.jpg  photo Picture 315_zpseooeh4li.jpg  photo Picture 321_zpsdxds8wtv.jpg  photo Picture 323_zpsel4lniij.jpg  photo Picture 322_zpsl4d5uorz.jpg  photo Picture 485_zpslxcgeuhe.jpg

Inside the showroom, it was none of these which caught my eye, although there were examples of the current range on display.

 photo Picture 359_zpsktj63dts.jpg  photo Picture 355_zpsylswtsqc.jpg  photo Picture 356_zpsqwvvrpgk.jpg  photo Picture 357_zpsgb0cxoi2.jpg  photo Picture 358_zpsj3pthd9z.jpg  photo Picture 365_zps8mxwvc91.jpg photo Picture 364_zpsg3c4x5jf.jpg  photo Picture 366_zpsmgkoq0i9.jpg

Instead, it was this fabulously cool Mini Moke of the 1960s that had me all interested. I did not think that they had ever officially been sold in the US, and a conversation with some of the dealer staff confirmed this to be the case. The car is privately owned by a local couple, and they do take it out from time to time, but when they are not using it, are very happy to leave it in the care of the dealer. The staff did go on to say that if they could only get their hands on several more, they’ve had lots of offers from people offering insane amounts of money to buy one. Perhaps this ought to the next bodystyle that MINI offers?

 photo Picture 363_zpsdahkpc3v.jpg  photo Picture 362_zpswxp2q1nm.jpg  photo Picture 361_zpsway1t1hf.jpg  photo Picture 360_zpsttho7aho.jpg


Although there is no Nissan franchise on-site, this GT-R Nismo was parked up in the showroom, and it did not seem out of place.

 photo Picture 090_zps65xdtpad.jpg


The Porsche showroom is at one end of the complex, and there is a huge area both in front of it and to one side which was crammed full of Porsche models. Some were new, but there were plenty of used machines among them as well, though in most cases you had to look quite carefully to verify this, as all long-running models have undergone gradual evolution in their looks. Most numerous, of course was the 911, with plenty not just of the current 991 generation, in Coupe, Cabrio and Targa guises, as well as the different engines from standard to S, GTS and the Turbo cars.

 photo Picture 138_zpsc2mlkodu.jpg  photo Picture 145_zpsvezw1hoq.jpg  photo Picture 195_zpsizsvcom9.jpg  photo Picture 134_zpswf8vcmqm.jpg  photo Picture 198_zpsuzw4f5k3.jpg  photo Picture 151_zps2zbarsd4.jpg  photo Picture 150_zpsvqumhc4t.jpg photo Picture 149_zpsqamdm9pp.jpg  photo Picture 165_zpshgth0kpx.jpg  photo Picture 164_zpsnlduntqf.jpg  photo Picture 162_zpsfxnxpgtj.jpg  photo Picture 137_zpsbm7i88os.jpg  photo Picture 146_zpsvoeqcetx.jpg photo Picture 196_zpsksc2vht4.jpg  photo Picture 171_zpsmir08snj.jpg  photo Picture 179_zps6xqtqkog.jpg  photo Picture 183_zpsad0ue1sj.jpg  photo Picture 160_zpsegpwtysc.jpg  photo Picture 142_zpsab0ii2je.jpg  photo Picture 141_zpshupi5yat.jpg  photo Picture 385_zpsk3tc3t4b.jpg  photo Picture 386_zpsw4pld22b.jpg  photo Picture 188_zps9a8vynwp.jpg  photo Picture 143_zpspgi2ags4.jpg  photo Picture 144_zpsssx0okr5.jpg  photo Picture 404_zps8ix40nqc.jpg  photo Picture 199_zpsws5dixwu.jpg  photo Picture 184_zpsgvlbh6v3.jpg  photo Picture 200_zps3mgu0aqh.jpg  photo Picture 173_zpssyfhrg9o.jpg  photo Picture 174_zpsrepuwzue.jpg  photo Picture 190_zpsyarezikx.jpg  photo Picture 194_zpsnxrgird2.jpg  photo Picture 197_zps66arwobh.jpg

There were several of the rare and highly desirable 911 GT2 and GT3 models on show, too. The GT2 car was moved out of the showroom, briefly, and then back in again. It makes a noise quite unlike – and far louder than  – the other cars in the range.

 photo Picture 168_zpsbechyyxl.jpg   photo Picture 182_zpsqz60mmmb.jpg  photo Picture 169_zpsmdd1exme.jpg  photo Picture 177_zpsobpdxxai.jpg  photo Picture 176_zpsfaqhyda3.jpg  photo Picture 175_zpszonie2jl.jpg  photo Picture 178_zpsy4bs7vvv.jpg  photo Picture 172_zpsdpr3wurs.jpg  photo Picture 159_zpsfdqxjurl.jpg  photo Picture 158_zpsr7m1vimj.jpg  photo Picture 181_zpsrpcbnrl2.jpg  photo Picture 170_zpsfkoymf9c.jpg  photo Picture 405_zpsppkncprc.jpg

Many people come into the showroom to look at a 911, but end up buying a Boxster or Cayman, as these are notably cheaper both to buy and run. As I found out when I drove the latest Cayman, they are excellent cars in their own right, so you really are not missing out unduly if that is what you drive away in. There were lots of these on show, both current and previous generation cars.

 photo Picture 152_zps54g5ne2c.jpg  photo Picture 148_zpsvczabn9k.jpg  photo Picture 163_zpsnezay2oq.jpg  photo Picture 167_zpsnqjjuwe9.jpg  photo Picture 187_zpsisdjmccr.jpg  photo Picture 147_zpswu7vptk5.jpg

Although there were outcries when it was first launched, of a further devaluation of the brand from its sports car heritage, the Panamera is now an established model, and while it will never win prizes for its beauty, it is a strong seller and an important generator of profits which funds the 911 and the Boxster/Cayman cars.

 photo Picture 135_zps47q7e42b.jpg  photo Picture 153_zps9qrugz0c.jpg  photo Picture 154_zps6viltezf.jpg  photo Picture 155_zpsxwvza8qw.jpg  photo Picture 156_zpsp4zyctol.jpg  photo Picture 166_zpszrpuinmy.jpg photo Picture 203_zpsxrepw2oa.jpg  photo Picture 403_zpsvdsclal3.jpg

That’s probably the way to look at the Cayenne, Porsche’s best selling model, and the recently launched Macan as well. With a whole raft of very high end SUVs about to be added to the range of many more marques, this success has clearly not been lost on the likes of Aston, Bentley, Jaguar, Rolls Royce and even Lamborghini.

 photo Picture 136_zps7ozrtvzn.jpg  photo Picture 157_zpsl8oblcxa.jpg  photo Picture 180_zpsbvi8wyvh.jpg  photo Picture 202_zps1xokt92v.jpg  photo Picture 189_zpsfbjvte1u.jpg  photo Picture 204_zpslhravy2s.jpg photo Picture 402_zpscydbwgyt.jpg  photo Picture 201_zpsqlfjino9.jpg  photo Picture 140_zpsg2lfzc0p.jpg  photo Picture 139_zpsvpcpqhjl.jpg

Whilst I was admiring this lovely 356C Cabrio which was parked in one of the servicing bays, one of the staff told that there was an even rare red model in the main parking area around the back, so I set off to find it, and sure enough I came across what looked like a Speedster with its low front windscreen. I don’t think it was one of those original and very limited production cars, but it was still a nice find among a vast area of other Porsche models.

 photo Picture 186_zpsqkgjrj9a.jpg  photo Picture 185_zpsey7cahwz.jpg  photo Picture 192_zpsy9nl8jne.jpg  photo Picture 193_zpshfbordgq.jpg  photo Picture 191_zpsvdissrjq.jpg


There remains something very imposing and stately about the Rolls Royce, even though the latest model, the Wraith, is apparently surprisingly sporty to drive. It is certainly a model that is more likely to be driven by its owner as opposed to being appreciated from the rear seats whilst the chauffeur pilots it down the road. The design has grown on me somewhat since I first saw it, but it does seem quite sensitive to colour, with some choices or combinations making it looking rather elegant, and others just making it look big and a little gawky.

 photo Picture 261_zpsztzzvrb6.jpg  photo Picture 260_zpskxxuwefk.jpg  photo Picture 308_zpstvpkvmb2.jpg  photo Picture 299_zpsuvnboqiu.jpg  photo Picture 309_zpsylsu1fht.jpg  photo Picture 297_zpszzkmhczb.jpg photo Picture 298_zpsojnnalhq.jpg  photo Picture 392_zpsrdlbjid1.jpg

No such allegation can be levelled at the Ghost, which is exactly how you imagine a modern Rolls Royce should be.

 photo Picture 264_zpshff240nm.jpg  photo Picture 265_zpssmcki5mu.jpg  photo Picture 313_zpse9mbhpdk.jpg  photo Picture 263_zps7rdrunez.jpg  photo Picture 262_zpseytm8pdb.jpg  photo Picture 303_zpswvpzw9vw.jpg  photo Picture 305_zpsdspcwh7p.jpg photo Picture 304_zpsndwnyv9w.jpg  photo Picture 300_zpswkbq0yn2.jpg  photo Picture 394_zpsc3ap3sim.jpg  photo Picture 393_zpsaoras2u5.jpg

The Phantom Drophead, a vast behemoth of a car, carries on the tradition of the imperious open Rolls that goes back to the very beginnings of the marque.

 photo Picture 307_zpsbu3hszax.jpg  photo Picture 306_zpsreiyeop6.jpg  photo Picture 302_zpsut7ze2ne.jpg  photo Picture 301_zpsxndjejbj.jpg


At the far end of the complex from the Porsche showroom is Volkswagen. This one seems permanently to have a number of classics on display, all of which are quite fabulous to behold. They are all nominally for sale, though the fact that they have been there for years suggests that no-one is trying that hard to sell that, certainly at realistic prices. My favourite, the bright orange “Thing” is on offer for $28,000 which is a lot, even if it is a rather cool looking, well, “thing”. Also from this era are a couple of the legendary Beetle, a Karmann Ghia Coupe and the Type 2 in Bus and Pickup formats.

 photo Picture 344_zpscv6mw6e8.jpg  photo Picture 345_zpsdyrdmht3.jpg  photo Picture 343_zpsroyctrsj.jpg  photo Picture 335_zpsplyqcybn.jpg  photo Picture 342_zps0snnbkmz.jpg  photo Picture 333_zpsa1kyd8ur.jpg photo Picture 334_zpstx6ww6fr.jpg  photo Picture 341_zpsm0lnwedc.jpg  photo Picture 340_zpsar72tata.jpg  photo Picture 346_zpsysayuxjj.jpg  photo Picture 348_zpsmzheucjp.jpg  photo Picture 347_zpscvxjlgqo.jpg

It is largely thanks to the American market that we got a second generation “new” Beetle. The first was a big hit for a while, featuring as the “must have” cool new car until the novelty wore off and the market moved on. The second generation car, objectively better than the first in many regards, never seems quite to have captured the public’s imagination in the same way.

 photo Picture 349_zpsqa43eh3f.jpg  photo Picture 350_zpso0ailecc.jpg  photo Picture 331_zpspucsrysi.jpg

VW’s best selling car in America is this, the Jetta. Moved away from being nothing more than a Golf with a boot, to being a separate model in its own right, the latest car was criticised on launch for being obviously cheaper in too many regards, and yet sales went up significantly, proving that the public do not take too much notice of what the press say.

 photo Picture 332_zpswv6y2egd.jpg  photo Picture 339_zpsz3eliury.jpg  photo Picture 336_zpsxsvphiqw.jpg

Other VWs that went before my camera included the familiar GTi (branded separately from the Golf to Americans) and the long established Tiguan

 photo Picture 337_zpsd65nskbk.jpg  photo Picture 338_zpssrao5exe.jpg


Penske do not have a Mercedes showroom at this site, as there is a rival group across the road selling the brand, but you do see some secondhand models on the Penske site, such as a McLaren SLR, these SLS AMG Coupe and Roadster models and a number of other AMGs including an SL65 a CL63 and an S63 as well as the latest S550 and S63 AMG Coupe and some previous generation S550 Saloons.

 photo Picture 484_zpsmqtewcio.jpg  photo Picture 483_zpsjo634ua1.jpg  photo Picture 254_zpsmryq3rr0.jpg  photo Picture 047_zpsdy4vmkbk.jpg  photo Picture 367_zps48zvywq3.jpg  photo Picture 048_zpsj6zekxfj.jpg  photo Picture 049_zpskchianao.jpg  photo Picture 050_zpsncrzpqty.jpg  photo Picture 051_zpsji9kqoij.jpg  photo Picture 052_zpsp7mq823s.jpg  photo Picture 310_zpsjjh04vty.jpg  photo Picture 059_zpsq2vfsz6h.jpg  photo Picture 418_zpsaaqekrmq.jpg photo Picture 417_zpszxxnf2ee.jpg

Crossing across the street, there is a far wider selection of Mercedes models on show, with lines of each different model parked up in the area surrounding the showroom, and a small selection on display indoors. Many of the cars indoors were AMG models, of which my favourite were the pair of G models, which included a G63. There was another of these completely bonkers machines outside.

 photo Picture 438_zpswq5bzhep.jpg  photo Picture 437_zpsk0wjjkx1.jpg  photo Picture 436_zpsyhwlr8mp.jpg  photo Picture 435_zpsr1g7ktx0.jpg  photo Picture 434_zpsglmfkwkn.jpg  photo Picture 442_zpsc2cdyikv.jpg photo Picture 440_zpsclcq8eqd.jpg  photo Picture 421_zps1meecvhu.jpg  photo Picture 420_zpsoubqkuoo.jpg

Also in here was SLS AMG Roadster with some particularly unpleasant rims, absolutely not to my taste at all.

 photo Picture 423_zps7axl0nzl.jpg  photo Picture 424_zps5ryqcr3p.jpg  photo Picture 422_zpshzzwmank.jpg

The cars outside were parked up by model type, so you could see a whole line of each of the ranges that Mercedes sell to American buyers. Oldest model in the range, and next for replacement, as early as next year, it is understood, is the E Class.

 photo Picture 450_zps1z9tzymt.jpg  photo Picture 451_zpsuy32qir2.jpg  photo Picture 426_zpsblps3cml.jpg  photo Picture 425_zpseb9hreje.jpg  photo Picture 432_zpsge2k4gcg.jpg

S Class models, along with other higher end cars, have different numeric badging from the European cars, with the 550 badging being used where we would see 500. And as the American customer does not care about CO2, these are the staple of the range as opposed to the 350 Diesel that is the strong seller in Europe.

 photo Picture 466_zpsmfmbiydo.jpg  photo Picture 427_zps9dg65cgh.jpg  photo Picture 448_zpskjvk6qtf.jpg

The same applies to the CLS Class, sold in America only in Saloon (Coupe) guise and not in the Shooting Break model that we in Europe can choose.

 photo Picture 468_zps6dejmmmw.jpg  photo Picture 467_zpsb7lk8peo.jpg  photo Picture 430_zpsmyk0vp8j.jpg

The A Class is not offered to American buyers at all, but they do now get both the CLA and the GLA. The former made headlines when launched, as it was priced at $29,995, so all the advertising concentrated on the fact that you could get a Mercedes for under $30k. By the time you had added the Destination Charge (their term for Delivery) plus a few choice options, you were probably looking more like $40k than 30, and whether you really wanted one or not is a moot point. The US press suggested not to bother, using words like “cheesy” and “contrived”, finding lots to fault – and not the things which I don’t like about it, which are its truly terrible rear seat access and space – but the car was found a steady market even in CLA250 guise, the entry level model.

 photo Picture 441_zpsaeasp2ax.jpg  photo Picture 439_zpses1rg5ym.jpg  photo Picture 433_zpsoxw0dfkn.jpg  photo Picture 445_zpsiv3hjo66.jpg  photo Picture 455_zpsqy6fexos.jpg  photo Picture 453_zpsxrfer7tj.jpg  photo Picture 447_zps1kq7jo6u.jpg  photo Picture 458_zps1jruzfhu.jpg  photo Picture 459_zpsavbchyg8.jpg

You would probably be better off spending a little more and getting a new C Class, and there were loads of these cars, with their S-Class aping styling parked up at one end of the Mercedes area.

 photo Picture 457_zpsazmexjgg.jpg  photo Picture 462_zpsgbsxltdj.jpg  photo Picture 461_zpsogx3vk3v.jpg  photo Picture 460_zpsgudctui7.jpg

With the launch of the GLA, Mercedes have a comprehensive range of SUVs, now, and there were examples of all of these: GLA, GLK, ML, and GL.

 photo Picture 429_zps4canxzb8.jpg  photo Picture 428_zps4ord8aig.jpg   photo Picture 465_zpsfgjaboqf.jpg  photo Picture 463_zpsxx9amihn.jpg photo Picture 464_zpsc4zpevow.jpg  photo Picture 443_zpslq1qn3xx.jpg  photo Picture 431_zpspsbrxc9y.jpg photo Picture 449_zpsc79yegk9.jpg  photo Picture 454_zpsfoqzmgrq.jpg  photo Picture 446_zpsek16f4wu.jpg  photo Picture 452_zpsgodefzk8.jpg

Sporting models were represented by this used SL63 AMG, an SL550 and an SLK.

 photo Picture 419_zpsr7ayqzaw.jpg  photo Picture 456_zpsvpfuj1qr.jpg  photo Picture 444_zpskmoqjmlw.jpg


A Lexus dealer opened on the other side of Scottsdale Road a few months ago. It is well documented here that I am no fan of Lexus, who seem to have perfected the art of producing cars that are appliance-like dull to drive, with some wilfully ugly styling in the mistaken belief that this will make their cars interesting. in Europe, where they also have not got the model mix right, so the CO2 efficient cars are the costly ones compared to the CO2 inefficient affordable models in the range, sales are quite frankly deservedly pathetic, but it is very different in America, who cannot get enough of the entire model range. It was the sight of  Plymouth Prowler which had been on a display plinth beside the road which suggested that it would be worth heading on for a look. When I actually did so, the Prowler was nowhere to be seen, and the salesman who greeted me, as I was looking around outside told me that it had been sold to a new owner from New Jersey and had been shipped there the evening before. He did then go on to tell me that there was an LF-A inside. That was all the incentive I needed to go in and have a look! The LF-A remains something of an oddity in Lexus’ 26 year history, as it is, by universal consent, a very impressive supercar indeed. Sure enough, I found a bright yellow example, with protecting ropes rather tightly arrayed around it.

 photo Picture 489_zpsuubvp0ms.jpg  photo Picture 490_zps5chpsvcl.jpg  photo Picture 491_zpseyjwjxrs.jpg

The same salesman was equally ebullient about the RC, telling me excitedly that they had an RC-F on site. It transpires that this car, which is aimed at the M3 and C63 AMG Coupe, but which in the opinion of most Europeans at least, fails to rival them in anything other than price and raw performance stats, sells almost before the cars reach the dealer. Accordingly, most of the RC models I found were the lesser RC350, a variant which is not currently offered to Europeans. Whilst I can accept that the car’s bold styling will appeal to some, to me, it is just an over-wrought mess, trying too hard with lines., surfaces, grilles and fussy details which show that Lexus is not afraid to court controversy, recognising that they will likely alienate at least as mean as they can embrace with this bold new look.

 photo Picture 499_zpsgi540hvq.jpg  photo Picture 498_zpsckc26osr.jpg  photo Picture 514_zpssoepnxoj.jpg  photo Picture 510_zpsoclorays.jpg  photo Picture 508_zpsqfxi76pl.jpg  photo Picture 509_zpswcnmrhuq.jpg

Elsewhere on site, I found examples of the current range: CT, IS, ES, GS, LS, NX, RX, GX and LX.

 photo Picture 513_zpszph5odvb.jpg  photo Picture 512_zpsdijlmkif.jpg  photo Picture 511_zpshymmhdye.jpg  photo Picture 502_zpstpzcpnvg.jpg  photo Picture 500_zpsd3hbrhyn.jpg  photo Picture 487_zpsmutme5kh.jpg photo Picture 507_zpsd44vnh89.jpg  photo Picture 497_zpsuk5irdkp.jpg  photo Picture 495_zpssucqqaya.jpg  photo Picture 496_zps5kgscpg9.jpg  photo Picture 494_zpslkdada6r.jpg  photo Picture 493_zps19ovaely.jpg  photo Picture 492_zpsdik4edoz.jpg  photo Picture 506_zpsnlicpt8d.jpg  photo Picture 504_zpst1sitrov.jpg  photo Picture 503_zpsnpszcizz.jpg  photo Picture 488_zpsarpbnbr9.jpg  photo Picture 501_zpszweyppqo.jpg  photo Picture 505_zps4t70tdeq.jpg


These final pictures don’t come from Scottsdale, or even Phoenix. In fact that they are not from Arizona, but neighbouring California. If you head north west up the 101 freeway from Los Angeles towards Ventura and the Pacific Ocean, when you go up the hill past Calabasas, up on the right is a very prominent car showroom which contains Lamborghini, Maserati and other high end marques. On my last day in the area, before flying out to Phoenix,   I pulled off the freeway and went to have a look.

It was the brightly coloured McLarens which caught the photographer’s eye first, with both 650S Coupe and Spider gleaming under the Californian sunny skies.

 photo Picture 002_zpslhh7qxkb.jpg  photo Picture 004_zpswvvjbt5v.jpg  photo Picture 003_zpsdkxiz3at.jpg  photo Picture 005_zpskiju6n8b.jpg  photo Picture 001_zpsiomturbi.jpg

Parked up with them were a row of Maserati models, with the latest Ghibli and Quattroporte joined by the longer-running GranTurismo and GranCabrio.

 photo Picture 009_zpskpbk0koy.jpg  photo Picture 006_zpscrqcorwp.jpg  photo Picture 007_zpsp38djdpl.jpg  photo Picture 008_zpssoca51bc.jpg  photo Picture 010_zpssyhumr19.jpg  photo Picture 011_zpsafbnfpjt.jpg photo Picture 013_zpsecgw0r5v.jpg  photo Picture 015_zps5yyxsbwk.jpg  photo Picture 012_zpstbe3efed.jpg

It is doubtless thanks to sales in the US (and other affluent markets such as the Gulf States and Russia) which has kept the Mercedes G-Wagen in production quite so long. Conceived as a rival to the Range Rover of the 1970s, the G has grown steadily more luxurious and more expensive. AMG versions, such as this G55, cost in the region of $130,000, so they are a long way removed from the vision of those first cars which were seen in 1979, even if the same body shape presents itself when you see one.

 photo Picture 018_zpsahyy890r.jpg

Even the secondhand cars – or rather, the “pre-owned models”,  in car sales euphemistic speak! – are rather special, such as this Ferrari California, Mercedes SL63 AMG and BMW 650i Cabrio

 photo Picture 014_zpsjl4ciro2.jpg  photo Picture 016_zpseklpjtab.jpg  photo Picture 017_zpsmevbpqh4.jpg

The service area is a few hundred yards down the road and there I found this rather nice Bentley Continental GTC parked up for special attention.

 photo Picture 021_zpszkeyseva.jpg  photo Picture 019_zpsfl7wrhzu.jpg  photo Picture 020_zpsxulwetfi.jpg

For the car enthusiast, calling into places like this is a bit like being taken to a large toy shop when you were a small child. You almost certainly can’t afford anything that is on show, but that does not detract from the pleasure of looking. Unlike a lot of high-end dealers in the UK, where supercilious and overbearing staff make it very plain very quickly that you are not really welcome unless you are likely to buy, it is perfectly acceptable to stop by,. just to look, and dream. The sales staff will engage you in conversation – that’s the American way – but just being honest, and saying that you are there to look is absolutely fine, And anyway, a British accent will have them so intrigued that they will want to carry on talking just so they can hear it!

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