Showrooms of Scottsdale, AZ – September 2016

My first visit to Phoenix, the largest town in the south western US State of Arizona, was as part of my first even trip to America. That was a work event, where I was one of a group of colleagues, selected for a “Study Tour”, which encompassed several days in the New York area, and finished in San Francisco. Whilst we were in Phoenix, we were bussed up to the Grand Canyon, and there was a detour en route back through the stunningly beautiful Oak Creek Canyon and Sedona. I vowed to return, and spend more time, exploring by myself, as opposed to with 50 other colleagues and a schedule I could not alter. Sure enough, on a couple of occasions in the following years, I was able to spend some more time in Arizona, seeing more of this picturesque State. Around 2003, my job started to require me to spend increasing amounts of time in Los Angeles, one State and 400 miles to the west of Phoenix, and it was not long before I figured out that it was perfectly viable and affordable to head east for a weekend, whilst I was out there, taking advantage of the year-round favourable climate and the very different scenery that you find. By the time that my globe-trotting job came to an end, at the start of 2010, I was hooked on the attractions of this part of America, and it is now one of my very favourite places to visit. Not in the mid summer months, I hasten to add, as it can get extremely warm, there, with temperatures routinely exceeding 110 degrees F, but between September and April, when the sun shines almost every day, and the combination of warm temperatures and a relative lack of humidity make it physically very appealing, even without taking account of the fact that I have found a hotel that always looks after me, and that the whole pace of life is just less mad that it is in the LA area, or indeed back in the UK. I usually managed to schedule a couple of visits as year to the area, and am now very familiar with many of the attractions, although I do make sure I keep making new discoveries as well. Whilst Arizona may not gather as many headlines among the car enthusiast community as neighbouring California, apart from one busy week of high profile auction sales in January, the reality is that there are more classic and high end cars per head here than there are further west. And there is a great museum just off the Scottsdale Road, north east of the Downtown area, which celebrates the tremendous contribution of the Roger Penske team over the years. Penske has diversified these days, and as well as operating a large haulage fleet – you see the distinctive yellow coloured trucks on the roads every day – with a number of car dealerships as well, and there are a large number of them surrounding the Racing Car Museum. Although the brands represented here are all “high end”, it is perfectly acceptable for enthusiasts like me to wander in and out of the showrooms, with an intent simply to look and take photos. The dealer staff are all friendly and even though it is immediately clear I am not a sales prospect for them, there’s always someone who will strike up a conversation. Accordingly, I usually try to schedule some time on every trip to stop by and see the latest new cars and the array of pre-owned models which are parked up on this large site. I last visited in March 2015, and at the time of the visit being covered in this report, more or less exactly six months later, there had been few genuinely new models launched, though of course the 2016 model years had largely arrived, and in some cases, discounted prices – heavily discounted in some cases – were being offered for remaining 2015 stock. That does mean that there are not that many new words for this article compared with the last (though I have not just cut and pasted!), but there are an array of all-new photos of what was on site at the end of September. Enjoy your online tour of what I was able to inspect for real, and in many cases sit in, and talk about.


Abarth is not set up as a separate brand in the US like it is in Europe. The reason for this is that when Fiat decided to launch the 500 in the US, they had to establish a complete set of everything, from dealers to the back-office support processes, and with relatively small sale volumes envisaged, the idea of dong the same all over again for Abarth just did not cost in. So this is a Fiat 500 Abarth. It is different from he European cars, just as the regular non-Abarth cars are, being made in Mexico, and using the Multi-Air engine rather than the similarly sized 1.4 litre T-jet that powers the European cars, as well as featuring a new front end with different bumpers, lights and some internal trim. The cars are still badged 500 and not the 595 that has been applied across the European range. Penske do not have a Fiat franchise on site here, but I came across this used model parked up at one end of the site.

 photo Picture 072_zpsliuri82y.jpg  photo Picture 073_zpsygxfijox.jpg


Acura, the premium brand that Honda launched as their drive upmarket much as Lexus and Infiniti had been added by Toyota and Nissan respectively, has had a pretty torrid time, lately. If you subscribe to the adage of “if it looks right, then it probably is right”, then yo just had to look at the range of models that they were producing – if, indeed, you could bear to do so – to get at least one large clue as to why customers were eschewing their product. A styling direction taken in the second half of the first decade of this century resulted in a range that was universally condemned for being plain ugly. That might have been acceptable if the cars were as scintillating to drive as they had been a few years earlier when the cars frequently topped their class, but this generation of product was also distinctly average on the road as well Couple that with oddities like the ZDX, a weird Crossover style Estate with negligible space for rear seat passengers and luggage and it is no wonder that the brand found itself with two cars that propped up the very bottom of the US Sales Charts. Only the SUV/CUV vehicles kept things alive, with the medium-sized RDX and larger MDX continuing to find favour. Both these models have been updated in the past couple of years, with rather unmemorable designs that are also quite hard for anyone other than the brand cognoscenti to tell apart.

 photo Picture 233_zpsayijgkex.jpg

It was the middle of the range where the real problem lay, with the ungainly TL being almost wilfully awkward both front and back, though a late-life facelift did at least tone down the grille a bit. The TL was replaced by the TLX for the 2015 model year and there were examples of both of these to be seen here.

 photo Picture 257_zpst2o21g1l.jpg  photo Picture 256_zps0h51b35p.jpg

The smaller TSX model will be more familiar to European eyes, as this was little more than an Americanised version of the last Euro-Accord. Although we may think of the Accord as quite a large car, the Americans did their usual moaning that the car was too cramped inside, and sales of both the Saloon and the Wagon were limited. It ceased production in 2014 and was not directly replaced, with the smaller Civic-based ILX and larger TLX being thought to be a more appropriate pairing of models to compete with other rivals.

 photo Picture 258_zpslgu5jftv.jpg


I had quite a chat with the Sales Lady in the Aston Martin showroom, which has now been partitioned off so that it is separate from the Bentley area with which it used to be combined. She told me that the 2016 range had just arrived. and they were still preparing some of the cars, so she was almost apologetic that they did not have quite everything available for inspection. As I looked around, and saw an  N430 version of the V8 Vantage and a DB9, as well as open topped Volante versions of both, as well as a V12 Vantage S, a Vanquish Volante and a Rapide S, I was not exactly going to feel short-changed.

 photo Picture 214_zpshchi0irj.jpg  photo Picture 215_zpstxoslvrr.jpg  photo Picture 217_zpsw8qlh9b8.jpg  photo Picture 216_zpsxttqgooz.jpg  photo Picture 226_zpsquifhzqa.jpg  photo Picture 225_zpsqgt3w4rw.jpg  photo Picture 219_zpskd37useo.jpg  photo Picture 222_zpsupz7s0je.jpg  photo Picture 224_zpsuzwjoeau.jpg  photo Picture 223_zpstrpcwfla.jpg  photo Picture 221_zpsgsv6edrl.jpg  photo Picture 220_zps1llb7tup.jpg  photo Picture 218_zpszpxozzhj.jpg

Evidence of high demand for the brand comes in the fact that there were very few other examples of the range parked up outside.


Even before the brouhaha of “Dieselgate”, which was only just emerging at the time of my visit, Audi is far from the ever-present marque in America that it is in Europe. Although most of the same bodystyles are offered to the US buyer. the number of engine options is very much reduced, with a focus on the high end petrol powered cars. This could explain a conversation I had with a friend who lives in the area whose perception is that an S4/S5 is “common” compared to other premium models. He was very surprised when I told him that such versions probably garner less 5% of the sales of any of their respective model-lines in Europe. The TDi models that gather so many of those European sales had been growing in popularity, and the dealer had previously bemoaned the fact that his supply was far lower than demand. Whether that will continue to be the case in the coming months will be an interesting question. Best selling Audi model range in the US is the Q5, and there were plenty of these, as well as the more potent SQ5 models on display.

 photo Picture 045_zpsazrpynrx.jpg  photo Picture 044_zpse12ulap2.jpg  photo Picture 041_zpsisx4kinc.jpg  photo Picture 125_zpsoreuxu4f.jpg

There were also huge numbers of the outgoing first generation Q7 parked up around the back of the showrooms. US dealers hold massive inventory, as their customers expect to be able to drive in the car to their exact specification on the day they first walk into the showroom. That does mean that when a new model, or even a new model year spec arrives, there are vast quantities of cars which are discounted heavily, as dealers try to clear them before demand evaporates.

 photo Picture 279_zpsv71ipicm.jpg

The B9 generation of the A4 range will reach America as a 2017 model year car sometime in early 2016., so for now the B8 cars are still a current model, and there a number of these, in A4 and S4 guise, as well as a rather neat looking B7 model in the secondhand area around the back.

 photo Picture 039_zpsuxyhnmvt.jpg  photo Picture 043_zpstfyowbjv.jpg  photo Picture 047_zpsujhzmlum.jpg  photo Picture 284_zpsvowpohbh.jpg

The third generation TT has only just gone on sale to American buyers, several months after Europeans were able to buy one, and there was a brand new, unregistered car being driven around as some of the dealer staff got their first experience of this car.

 photo Picture 040_zpscscyanws.jpg  photo Picture 126_zpsg16ajoje.jpg

From the upper echelons of the Audi range were examples of the S7 and the even larger model in A8 and S8 guises.

 photo Picture 008_zpsm60nxgpy.jpg  photo Picture 007_zpsgrcxwitx.jpg  photo Picture 268_zpslrczfmpa.jpg  photo Picture 042_zpsgitmmqbg.jpg  photo Picture 124_zpsfckz56lm.jpg  photo Picture 046_zpsniy1javg.jpg

The R8 has sold strongly in Arizona. There was a Spider model in the showroom and a number of other R8s parked up onsite, presumably in for servicing

 photo Picture 281_zpsvtvnrntb.jpg  photo Picture 282_zpsgy9celx5.jpg  photo Picture 280_zps8hfeqwcg.jpg  photo Picture 273_zps9x3rsegr.jpg  photo Picture 272_zpswmccxf9l.jpg  photo Picture 271_zpsuhrnsu8e.jpg  photo Picture 270_zpss4meulmi.jpg  photo Picture 269_zpsakqncyv2.jpg  photo Picture 267_zpsppmrrlak.jpg


There was a long line of Bentley models parked up near the entrance gates, and a few more examples in the showroom. The majority of the cars were Continental GT Coupe and GTC models. Telling apart the two distinct generations that have been offered over the past 12 years is hard enough, but trying to identify the more subtle differences especially in the recent models, with a profusion of variants is more or less mission impossible!

 photo Picture 003_zpsuael3pmh.jpg  photo Picture 144_zpsssatyzfp.jpg  photo Picture 146_zpsruksba1m.jpg  photo Picture 147_zps4kkpccfc.jpg  photo Picture 145_zpswbkp3sbe.jpg  photo Picture 148_zpskmkik6w7.jpg photo Picture 138_zpsqtnsdgju.jpg  photo Picture 150_zpsfw0r9cxs.jpg  photo Picture 151_zpsk9m6tzhw.jpg  photo Picture 203_zpspgfafblp.jpg  photo Picture 202_zpsnqkhzenu.jpg  photo Picture 227_zps9c6v1zcp.jpg photo Picture 261_zpsm0yjhcj6.jpg  photo Picture 260_zps9mhcimtl.jpg  photo Picture 385_zpszqlvny1z.jpg  photo Picture 384_zpsp0klbnwh.jpg

Also on display in the showroom was the latest Flying Spur. Needless to say. this is a popular car among the affluent clientele of Scottsdale and environs. I was unsure about the look of the second generation when it first appeared, but familiarity has helped and I now reckon that it is a good looking luxury limousine.

 photo Picture 137_zpsqkrnl0js.jpg

There were a couple of older Bentley models on site, too. The duo that I found were a first generation Mulsanne, the model which was launched in 1980 as a replacement for the long running T Series and the exclusive Azure convertible.

 photo Picture 392_zpsmossz3hh.jpg  photo Picture 386_zpsmw9lwrxh.jpg


It’s much the same story at BMW as it is with Audi. A slightly reduced range in terms of bodystyles and considerably fewer engine options, reflecting the different tastes of the American consumer. The most numerous car on site was actually the smallest, the innovative little i3. A large number of these were parked up around the charging point infrastructure and the signs on several of them suggest that these are used as courtesy cars (“loaners” in US speak!), for which they would seem ideally suited. There are now noticeable quantities of the model out on the roads of the greater Phoenix area, too, though once you head north you don’t see many, as there is quite a steady climb towards Flagstaff which would quickly deplete the combination of electric motor and range extender.

 photo Picture 049_zpsbih5pilb.jpg  photo Picture 057_zpslgqajmut.jpg  photo Picture 275_zps6dnmavfp.jpg  photo Picture 050_zpszechufg4.jpg  photo Picture 048_zpsycfs4sbc.jpg  photo Picture 122_zpsp2wptm41.jpg

I’m not particularly convinced by the i3, but there are no doubts in my mind when it comes to BMW’s other all electric car of the moment, the i8. This futuristic looking machine just hits the spot perfectly, and the example out on show on the roadside here is unlikely to be there for long before someone snaps it up, especially as BMW cannot build new ones anything like fast enough to meet the demand.

 photo Picture 056_zpslhr2xhdq.jpg  photo Picture 054_zpsbiqepvjy.jpg  photo Picture 055_zpsqocwhnr7.jpg

There were plenty of more familiar BMW models on show, though some of them bear badging that is different in the US than in Europe. 5 and 3 series were parked up outside the showroom, along with a number of the X models, with X6 and the soon to be replaced X1 on display.

 photo Picture 051_zpsgrike4v2.jpg  photo Picture 053_zps6ism17rx.jpg  photo Picture 052_zpsjcq3bikn.jpg  photo Picture 123_zpsqxjawqko.jpg  photo Picture 121_zpso41p9ys5.jpg  photo Picture 274_zps3ikdsmv3.jpg

Also on show was a 1 series Convertible, The first generation 1 Series hatch models were never offered to American buyers, but they did get the Coupe and Convertible, though these did not sell that well, as they were seen – predictably – as being “too small”

 photo Picture 120_zpspqfsqgvp.jpg

Whether you have an epithet to qualify this M4 as “too….” or not, will depend on personal taste. Although I am rather fed up with rows and rows of grey and black cars, I am not persuaded that this colour on this car is the answer!

 photo Picture 373_zpslq7xcye0.jpg

It was nice to see an example of the Z8 parked up around the back of the facility. This was – in my opinion – a great looking car, successfully combining retro and modern styling touches. The cars barely lost any value ever, and if you can find one for sale now, you will be paying more now than you would have done when it was new.

 photo Picture 116_zps6ixq6utm.jpg  photo Picture 390_zps2leoyhpp.jpg


There’s no Chevrolet dealership in the complex, either, but this C7 generation Corvette Z06 certainly did not look out of place among all the other super- and hypercars on site. Whilst the rest of the world does not quite agree with the contention of the US press that the Corvette is in absolute terms a better car than rivals such as the Porsche 911, the gap is narrower than it has ever been, and if you factor in the value for money aspect, then you could clearly build a case to justify selecting the ‘Vette rather than a European Sports GT.

 photo Picture 382_zpsowoynuiv.jpg  photo Picture 381_zpscpmh97t3.jpg


Also paying what I suspect was a fleeting visit was America’s other production Sports GT car of recent times, the Dodge Viper SRT10 Coupe. News emerged a few weeks ago suggesting that when this model reaches the end of its production run in 2017, it will not be replaced, which will be a great shame. Sadly, of course, this decision is a straight commercial one, rather than the result of any emotional or sentimental plan. The reality is that sales volume of this car are simply too small for it to make sense -for now, at least – to build a replacement.

 photo Picture 006_zpsflryrjyq.jpg


If you want a good look at a Ferrari, this is a good place to come. There is a sizeable showroom, which holds around half a dozen cars easily, though more could be accommodated should the need arise, and there are some wonderful pictures and posters on the wall, along with an array of coffee table books and some branded goods, which could keep me entertained for some time. There were examples of all the current US range in the showroom, so the California T, 458 Italia and Spider, FF and F12 Berlinetta here, with a second example of the last of these being wheeled in and clearly prepared for a customer to take delivery later in the day.

 photo Picture 186_zpswlvgynpf.jpg  photo Picture 189_zpsug9eczw4.jpg  photo Picture 185_zpsvx35hsdk.jpg  photo Picture 188_zpsmkpjocz2.jpg  photo Picture 180_zpsfvdd60sk.jpg  photo Picture 179_zps2uryjsdn.jpg  photo Picture 183_zpsr5bwvdn1.jpg  photo Picture 182_zpslbdoancj.jpg  photo Picture 187_zps72lloego.jpg  photo Picture 187_zpsc6ksnjfz.jpg  photo Picture 184_zps5lqi4tuz.jpg  photo Picture 181_zpse6j9bg4y.jpg  photo Picture 178_zpspswlupqw.jpg  photo Picture 197_zpszen2lgtr.jpg  photo Picture 198_zpseeluccgz.jpg  photo Picture 201_zpspcsvxqpa.jpg  photo Picture 200_zps9drrxotc.jpg  photo Picture 199_zpsshrfru6d.jpg

Parked up outside where examples of not just the current generation of V8 cars, with 458 Italia and Spider and the California in original and facelifted T guises, but also the preceding ranges of 430 Spider and Coupe and the earlier 360 Spider

 photo Picture 030_zpssxridy8u.jpg  photo Picture 029_zps4xxi8njh.jpg  photo Picture 374_zpsdniv6pmf.jpg  photo Picture 372_zpstsqka31o.jpg  photo Picture 025_zpsgdvcppup.jpg  photo Picture 303_zpsrjfx712s.jpg  photo Picture 024_zpspaohfaiv.jpg  photo Picture 011_zps4xdat1iw.jpg  photo Picture 383_zps1wlyvita.jpg  photo Picture 298_zps2ua1widq.jpg  photo Picture 010_zpszfimqk67.jpg  photo Picture 306_zpsnilxuk3z.jpg  photo Picture 305_zpsvl9adnyi.jpg  photo Picture 307_zpsj7n6xwok.jpg  photo Picture 013_zpsairtta5s.jpg  photo Picture 012_zpsxvfhb4iq.jpg  photo Picture 023_zps03nxrrfl.jpg  photo Picture 020_zps0awyasoo.jpg  photo Picture 028_zpszyzixu2p.jpg  photo Picture 027_zpsp23o6qju.jpg  photo Picture 058_zpsmjizpakr.jpg

Also parked up, I suspect as it was in for a service, was this 599 GTB, the previous V12 grand touring top of the range model which still looks as stunning now as it did when we first saw it nearly 10 years ago.

 photo Picture 299_zpsxpi13jxf.jpg


The only Ford to attract my attention was this F100 Pickup. This is the second generation of Ford to bear the F-Series name, and was a complete redesign compared to the model it replaced. Launched in 1953, as well as an all new and more integrated look, the pickups acquired their now familiar names: The F-1 now became the F-100, with a payload of a half ton, the F-2 and F-3 now became the F-250 which could carry 3/4 of a ton, and the F-4 now became the 1-ton F-350. Optional interior amenities were new, including a dome light, lighter, arm rests, sun visors and a radio. On March 13, 1953, the Ford-O-Matic automatic transmission became an option. The 1953 F-100 was the last year for the flathead engine in the US. Models in Canada, however, (Mercury M-Series), retained the flathead. 1953-54 saw the introduction of the new 239 cubic inch overhead valve Y-block V8, dubbed “Power King.” The six-cylinder engine’s displacement was also increased from 215 to 223 Cubic inches and power steering was introduced as an option. In 1954 the 239 Y-block was replaced with the 279 and 317. There were further bodywork changes for 1956, with  vertical windscreen pillars and a wrap around windscreen as opposed to the sloped pillars and angled windscreen of the 1953-55. The 1956 model also offered a larger wraparound back window as an option. Starting in 1956, Ford offered the very rare “Low GVWR” versions of each model. Also in 1956, seat belts became an option. A completely different looking model arrived for 1957.

 photo Picture 394_zpsbgrcgjqb.jpg


Things will hopefully get far busier for Jaguar in the coming months, but that will only be when the XE and second generation XF reach the US market, and that had not happened at the time of my visit, so that meant that the showroom contained examples of the models which have been offered for a little now. America only gets the petrol powered Jaguars, much to the chagrin of some of their sales personnel, so there is a focus on the top of the range models, and that was evident here with the XJ seen in XJ- R guise and the F Type Convertible also in R spec.

 photo Picture 287_zpswymxxqle.jpg  photo Picture 288_zpshneqzzl8.jpg  photo Picture 292_zps1stt1ddg.jpg  photo Picture 291_zpsk5wsezhe.jpg  photo Picture 290_zps4whojuz0.jpg

There were lots more Jaguar models parked up both infront of and behind the showroom, and it was the array of F Types, in Coupe and Convertible formats which particularly attracted my camera.

 photo Picture 035_zpssju6yl61.jpg  photo Picture 036_zpssqyjmvoa.jpg  photo Picture 170_zpscwdghjg3.jpg  photo Picture 171_zpszyxyknt2.jpg  photo Picture 169_zpsghgtwxfi.jpg  photo Picture 174_zpsegycjk7k.jpg photo Picture 173_zpsvns6l039.jpg  photo Picture 172_zpstu0qamtl.jpg

The first generation XF remains a good looking car, and there were several of these to be seen, too.

 photo Picture 037_zpsvevksmkz.jpg  photo Picture 038_zpsa0mahhbj.jpg

Unmissable thanks to its distinctive bright blue paintwork was this XKR-S.

 photo Picture 164_zps4hiqo3li.jpg


The Huracan is now well established as the entry level and volume selling model in the range, even though it is still only available in a single version, as the LP610-4 Coupe, although the new Spider and the rear wheel drive models are not far away. Several of these cars were to be seen outside the showroom, lurking in the shadows. and more were inside.
 photo Picture 176_zpsempwfc6o.jpg  photo Picture 366_zpszeyvlcbh.jpg  photo Picture 365_zpswf1sfiqp.jpg  photo Picture 368_zps3cctoxog.jpg  photo Picture 149_zpswozqmn5v.jpg  photo Picture 130_zpskatl9y7u.jpg  photo Picture 129_zpsgugr6dbo.jpg  photo Picture 127_zpsdlgta7ay.jpg  photo Picture 143_zpsevsxfcas.jpg  photo Picture 142_zps7vfybu0c.jpg  photo Picture 139_zps6qy8dleu.jpg  photo Picture 140_zpsj4ohjsvg.jpg  photo Picture 141_zpswmxtchdz.jpg  photo Picture 393_zpsjyrkjjgu.jpg

Also outside was an Aventador, and another one was in the showroom, along with its predecessor, a Murcielago Spider which had pride of place in the front of the display area.

 photo Picture 136_zpstsllpkni.jpg  photo Picture 134_zpsxlmh3rb8.jpg  photo Picture 135_zpswpcsvvc5.jpg  photo Picture 131_zpspfvs9ov8.jpg  photo Picture 132_zpsjdtfcx7a.jpg  photo Picture 133_zpshco01obb.jpg photo Picture 128_zpsorbulmid.jpg  photo Picture 364_zpsotx0wox7.jpg  photo Picture 363_zpsorgybmy5.jpg  photo Picture 367_zps6d6bw7mp.jpg


It is well documented that the spectacular growth seen by JLR in recent years has come more from the Land Rover part of the business than Jaguar (though with the latest products of the latter now coming on stream, that may change in the next couple of years) and the company is struggling to keep up with demand. One look at the entire range, and even some of the recently superceded products, and it’s not hard to see why this should be, as this is a range of highly desirable products, from top to bottom. The Range Rover successfully combines the twin targets of being a luxury car with versatility an go anywhere capability in a way that no other rival has quite managed. That was true for the third generation model as much as the current, fourth iteration of the type, and there were examples of both parked up next to each other.

 photo Picture 033_zps2yuq3km7.jpg  photo Picture 032_zpswdv3vw80.jpg  photo Picture 031_zpsyzwwbgnm.jpg  photo Picture 277_zpsidppfow6.jpg  photo Picture 285_zpsarbod1ds.jpg  photo Picture 289_zpsmm1wriwj.jpg photo Picture 293_zpsnybsqevk.jpg

Beloved of Premier League football players and their WAGs, among others, the first generation Range Rover Sport managed to get a reputation that whilst appealing to some, was a massive turn off for others. Somehow, that seems to have been completely shaken off with the second generation model which went on sale in 2014. A great looking car, this is slightly less bulky than the non-Sport car, and in top spec SVR guise, it is extremely fleet of foot indeed.

 photo Picture 165_zpsktylor2l.jpg  photo Picture 294_zpskpjdj9ve.jpg

It’s not always been a bed of roses for Land Rover, especially in the US, which is why the Discovery was rebranded LR3 (and now LR4) in an attempt to persuade people that the car was different from the somewhat troublesome earlier models.

 photo Picture 286_zpsbkjedlqe.jpg

Land Rover must be hoping that this is far enough in the past that their latest model can bear the Discovery name again without dredging up those memories, as the car we know as Discovery Sport in Europe bears the same name across the Atlantic.

 photo Picture 278_zpscca0ndlf.jpg  photo Picture 295_zpsq7lg2hls.jpg  photo Picture 296_zpsg1f8zia7.jpg  photo Picture 266_zpswpummuwv.jpg  photo Picture 168_zpsrs75iqff.jpg

Its predecessor was called the LR2 and there were some remaining 2015 model year examples of this on show, as well as the very popular Evoque.

 photo Picture 166_zpsuotalzwn.jpg  photo Picture 167_zpssaah5br6.jpg  photo Picture 034_zps825udeij.jpg  photo Picture 163_zpsaqxfpqpy.jpg  photo Picture 162_zpsjrddbu98.jpg photo Picture 276_zpstnmviusc.jpg  photo Picture 265_zpsisqnou7z.jpg  photo Picture 264_zpsafwaxadx.jpg  photo Picture 297_zpslq0detng.jpg


As was the case on my previous visit, you are likely to see more Maserati models here in one place than you’ve ever come across before. You can also see just about every colour and trim combination that is offered. The largest quantity of cars were Ghibli models. The Diesel is not offered in America, but the 4 Wheel Drive cars are, so there were a mix of regular V6 and the V6S in rear and four wheel drive cars. Once again, my favourites are the deep wine red and the lovely royal blue coloured cars.

 photo Picture 015_zpsgauu3bde.jpg  photo Picture 369_zps45uo3co1.jpg  photo Picture 016_zps9jkxsknq.jpg  photo Picture 018_zpsma4jykpv.jpg  photo Picture 175_zps6mw8xkps.jpg  photo Picture 304_zpsientqbou.jpg  photo Picture 301_zpsrourmaij.jpg  photo Picture 300_zpsd7d0xj4s.jpg  photo Picture 395_zpsommganzv.jpg

There was also a long line of the current sixth generation Quattroporte to look at. At a quick glance, telling one of these apart from a Ghibli is not easy, but when you see the two models parked up alongside each other, the differences are obvious.

 photo Picture 017_zpsgfqsbzsl.jpg  photo Picture 009_zpsoims3hjx.jpg

There were also examples of the longer established GranTurismo  and open topped Gran Cabrio, as well.  I was less than taken by the wheel rims on one of them, though.

 photo Picture 302_zpstb2xdsv8.jpg  photo Picture 014_zpskzzqiiqg.jpg  photo Picture 019_zps1k2h3vjt.jpg  photo Picture 022_zpsiwonwvi3.jpg

The showroom contained examples of the GranTurismo, Quattroporte and the Ghibli

 photo Picture 194_zpsmll0ukov.jpg  photo Picture 193_zpsjkukby0o.jpg  photo Picture 192_zps6ty9yfnp.jpg  photo Picture 195_zps2vrex9et.jpg  photo Picture 196_zpscvmwfqyf.jpg  photo Picture 191_zpsbofzdvsj.jpg photo Picture 190_zpsqnkwl3cl.jpg

There was one of the previous generation Quattroporte here, too.

 photo Picture 262_zps9es1db7u.jpg


Penske do have a franchise for McLaren, but it is not on this site. Accordingly, there was only example of the Woking manufacturer’s product here, a 12C Spider parked up among the Ferraris outside that marque’s showroom.

 photo Picture 026_zps6zfitagd.jpg


Much to their chagrin, Penske also do not have a Mercedes franchise in this campus, as there is a rival dealer situated literally across the road, called Schumacher’s. More than once, I’ve been told that if they ever get the chance, Penske want to buy them out, but that’s not on the cars for now. That means that the only Mercedes models on the Penske site were second hand ones. Three cars with the three pointed star on them grabbed my attention. Most unusual of them was this very well presented   W110 280SE 3.5, the top of the volume range in the days before the S Class.

 photo Picture 371_zpsefrenfse.jpg  photo Picture 370_zps6la1ueji.jpg  photo Picture 263_zps77jhzqnj.jpg

There were also a couple of high end AMG models, a CL63 and an SL65.

 photo Picture 308_zpscsfxuwhy.jpg  photo Picture 309_zpsauu4vj1w.jpg

I walked over the road to take a closer look at the cars on display there. In the showroom, it was AMG cars that constituted the majority of vehicles on display. The salesman I spoke with told me that they sell more AMGs than any other dealer in America. He said that they cannot get enough of them, so they do try to give priority to customers who live ij Arizona, even though they do get enquiries and indeed visits from people who live not just in adjoining States, but from all over the country.  Newest arrival is the GLE Coupe, and I had to choose my words carefully when asked for my view on this, so as not to cause offence. The honest answer is that from some angles, it is not quite as vulgar as the BMW, but from others, and especially as seen here in GLE63S AMG guise, it is simply brash. Not to my taste at all.

 photo Picture 316_zpsensno3al.jpg  photo Picture 315_zpsklrser4d.jpg  photo Picture 314_zpstahjbt35.jpg  photo Picture 317_zpsvx7cm4xq.jpg

Far more appealing was the G Wagen, with a couple of G63 AMGs on show here. I was to get behind the wheel of a non AMG model a few days after this visit, and although there are reminders of the fact that this model started its life in the 1970s, I still think it is a wonderful proposition if you can afford it. And make no mistake, even in G550 guise it is pricey, whilst as the somewhat bonkers AMG, it is very costly indeed. A real guilty pleasure.

 photo Picture 330_zpsjucfoii1.jpg

Far more restrained were some of the saloon AMG  models, and there were plenty of different ones here., Two S63 AMGs were joined by a CLS63S model and an example of the recently introduced C63, with its new 4 litre turbo V8  replacing the rumbling 6.3 litre old car.

 photo Picture 311_zpsfistcvzi.jpg  photo Picture 312_zpsopwsnxyb.jpg  photo Picture 313_zpsu235f6ke.jpg  photo Picture 318_zps2fd8bjcq.jpg  photo Picture 321_zpsxje8zfqk.jpg  photo Picture 320_zpsm3rnxmou.jpg
 photo Picture 319_zpsgrm4u7w9.jpg  photo Picture 328_zpsvjd61vaa.jpg  photo Picture 327_zpssvdaadpr.jpg

Also new this year is the Sports GT model, the AMG GT-S, a more direct rival for the Porsche 911 than the slightly disappointing SLS AMG that it replaces. A fabulous looking car from some angles, this model is proving very popular in the area, I was told, and the display car is unlikely to stay in the showroom long, as demand exceeds supply.

 photo Picture 339_zpsa1vusuoo.jpg  photo Picture 338_zpspbpjr9g2.jpg  photo Picture 340_zpsgoe8pal7.jpg  photo Picture 323_zpslhs2ptb6.jpg  photo Picture 325_zps2y4j9n5g.jpg  photo Picture 324_zpsfxt7srab.jpg photo Picture 322_zpsietaprmg.jpg  photo Picture 326_zpsypoyfq48.jpg  photo Picture 329_zpswslduqsv.jpg

Also elegant from some angles, but – to my eyes at least – awkward from some others, is the S63 Coupe AMG.

 photo Picture 331_zpstchd0ymx.jpg  photo Picture 332_zpstrncqhue.jpg

There were some “regular”, non AMG models in the showroom as well, and these included the CLA250, the roomier C300 and the gargantuan GL550.

 photo Picture 336_zpsjeu8ibqm.jpg  photo Picture 334_zpse9vtttw3.jpg  photo Picture 335_zpsscbe55jf.jpg  photo Picture 333_zpsj21xyxn3.jpg

Mercedes is going through a renaming exercise for some of its models at present, and this is one of the cars affected. You might think that this is an ML Series, but look at the badges and you will see that it is the mildly facelifted car and as such it is now called the GLE350

 photo Picture 337_zpsl9owfvcm.jpg  photo Picture 341_zpsgodtzdij.jpg

Open topped cars on show included an SLK and an E Class Convertible.

 photo Picture 342_zpsjrtgd7vp.jpg  photo Picture 343_zps0blitlla.jpg  photo Picture 343_zpsr7fompli.jpg

Outside, there were long lines of cars parked up, grouped by model. These covered a large area, as, just with Penske, the dealer has a lot of inventory so that the customer spec car would likely be on site, and also because Mercedes has lots of different model lines on offer.

Saloon car models included the entry level CLA, the C, and the E.

 photo Picture 356_zps2ghw4sgu.jpg  photo Picture 358_zpswdnwazfp.jpg  photo Picture 357_zpsttknlmra.jpg  photo Picture 345_zpsnviqrnym.jpg  photo Picture 346_zpsbjzy4zu7.jpg  photo Picture 347_zpsyow0ogch.jpg

Among the Crossover types, there were the GLA, GLK, GLE/ML and GL

 photo Picture 344_zpsikpgj0wl.jpg  photo Picture 350_zpstub8unjx.jpg  photo Picture 355_zpsnl0c432j.jpg  photo Picture 349_zpsjxodpknt.jpg  photo Picture 360_zpszosr4rfn.jpg  photo Picture 362_zpsu0hnbtuk.jpg  photo Picture 359_zpssdexsbd5.jpg  photo Picture 361_zpsb0kgr9pk.jpg  photo Picture 352_zpsnqbkruwy.jpg  photo Picture 351_zps3pwwqssi.jpg  photo Picture 348_zpspvlrepsi.jpg

And finally, I found one example of the recently relaunched Maybach. No longer a completely stand-alone brand, this S Class based machine is now called Mercedes-Maybach. I’ve yet to see one of these anywhere other than a Show, no matter which country I am in, but that will surely change in the coming months.

 photo Picture 353_zpstlpd6349.jpg  photo Picture 354_zpsqsxehu1a.jpg


The MINI showroom is relatively small, with space only for about five cars, around the perimeter, with a lot of unusable space in the centre, but if you want to see lots of MINIs, you simply have to go outside, and there you will find them by the hundred. With the bright colour palette, this is quite a vibrant part of the site, and there’s plenty of variety, probably with no two cars exactly the same. The third generation hatch has been on sale in the US for long enough that most of the 3 door models that I saw were F56 cars and there were also rows and rows of the slightly longer 5 door as well.

 photo Picture 157_zpszg5skkys.jpg  photo Picture 154_zpsfbfg9xqv.jpg  photo Picture 156_zpsoiqutoag.jpg  photo Picture 158_zpse9i8unz8.jpg  photo Picture 153_zpswinlicmx.jpg  photo Picture 160_zpshyw0u0va.jpg photo Picture 161_zps8vdi8hch.jpg  photo Picture 159_zpsqrgbezvu.jpg  photo Picture 230_zpsudak5kuk.jpg  photo Picture 231_zpsf9liswaw.jpg  photo Picture 259_zps4baflfoz.jpg

I did not take pictures of all the different versions on site, but the among the photos that I do have are several featuring the Countryman and the recently discontinued Roadster.

 photo Picture 155_zpsa95hie1w.jpg  photo Picture 232_zpsbm7adkn2.jpg  photo Picture 229_zpsch6wdpup.jpg


Porsche have the showroom right at one end of the complex, and there’s a vast area beyond that where new cars are parked up. But I did not get there before reaching for the camera, having spotted a rare model. Indeed this was the first car to attract my attention on arriving, a rare “flat nose” 930. There was another one that I later found, parked up around the back. These cars were offered by the factory, under the “Sonderwunschprogramm” (special order program) beginning in 1981. Known as the “Flachbau” (“flatnose” or “slantnose”) , this was an otherwise normal 930 (ie a 911 Turbo) with a 935-style slantnose instead of the normal 911 front end. Each Flachbau unit was handcrafted by remodelling the front bumpers. So few were built that the slantnose units often commanded a high premium price, and an initial premium of up to 60 per cent (highly individualised cars even more) over the standard price. 948 units were built. The Flachbau units delivered in Europe usually featured the 330 hp  performance kit. You don’t see them very often, so to come across two at the same time was particularly special.

 photo Picture 002_zpsrhbwsqoy.jpg  photo Picture 001_zpsznysblqa.jpg  photo Picture 177_zps8tlxptro.jpg

That was not the only Porsche treat, as when I did arrive the showroom, as well as the brand new cars presented there, I spotted that pride of place was afforded to 3 classic 356s models. These three were absolutely stunning. All were for sale, and the price tags reflected their condition and relative rarity. In other words, these were very costly indeed, with six figure asking prices, where the first digit was not always a 1. The 356 Super with the factory fitted sliding roof is one of less than 100 cars that were built like that, I was told, and the earlier Cabrio1600 Super was also very lovely.

 photo Picture 099_zpsozxvb8ot.jpg  photo Picture 103_zpshldr6khp.jpg  photo Picture 100_zpsl7g5zhyj.jpg  photo Picture 098_zps6kquavc9.jpg  photo Picture 101_zpslerqehaw.jpg  photo Picture 104_zpsn3ixkhk8.jpg photo Picture 102_zpsb8cqpglo.jpg  photo Picture 105_zpsdy5evtit.jpg  photo Picture 106_zpsgs9amf1y.jpg  photo Picture 379_zpshegiu1oa.jpg  photo Picture 378_zpshraqpvvr.jpg  photo Picture 377_zpss9pm0csh.jpg

There was another 356 model, a 1956 Carrera parked up outside, which had been there on my last visit in March

 photo Picture 118_zpsbsi96mb3.jpg  photo Picture 375_zpswbywkbue.jpg  photo Picture 376_zpsqlt46xhk.jpg

There were vast numbers of 911s on site, mostly from the 991 generation. Many of the different model types were to be seen, including the Targa with its removable roof that is more like a piece of theatre than you will find with any other car. There were a number of older second hand one models, too, including some of the highly desirable GT3 and GT2 models of yore. Not all of them were desirable, such as this one with gold wheels.

 photo Picture 097_zps7k1hu7yy.jpg  photo Picture 380_zpsqdveicyo.jpg  photo Picture 065_zpslcl24qxr.jpg  photo Picture 064_zpsb8v1osdj.jpg  photo Picture 063_zpsaoupdjr1.jpg  photo Picture 069_zpsoejb0e2c.jpg  photo Picture 066_zpsitscjxx5.jpg  photo Picture 067_zpsnybofabk.jpg  photo Picture 068_zpsrqfpejhs.jpg  photo Picture 093_zps5hjq1kpd.jpg  photo Picture 091_zpsoortquoi.jpg  photo Picture 107_zpsqz52ohat.jpg  photo Picture 108_zpshndijnuz.jpg  photo Picture 084_zpsnulzuxdv.jpg  photo Picture 085_zpsht3htpjv.jpg  photo Picture 062_zpsvsrinxyb.jpg  photo Picture 061_zpsetx5bzqn.jpg  photo Picture 021_zpsasv39orq.jpg  photo Picture 005_zps4zt2w01z.jpg  photo Picture 095_zpsakjnaysd.jpg  photo Picture 096_zpsdc5kbzls.jpg  photo Picture 114_zpsncwtnsoz.jpg  photo Picture 113_zpsczezvrcv.jpg  photo Picture 115_zpsiijecobp.jpg  photo Picture 112_zpsnoangspe.jpg photo Picture 109_zpsn1kek6v9.jpg  photo Picture 119_zpscsgwgp86.jpg

It is the Cayenne and Macan models that generate a huge percentage of Porsche sales these days, and indeed were it not for these cars, it is quite conceivable that the brand would not still be around, certainly not able to produce some of the other low volume cars that we have so enjoyed in recent times.

 photo Picture 083_zpsejyeu3rj.jpg  photo Picture 082_zpsmvnjmjiu.jpg  photo Picture 086_zpszy63syxj.jpg  photo Picture 071_zpshy9yqkgf.jpg  photo Picture 087_zpsymq0awhq.jpg  photo Picture 059_zpshdsqylzs.jpg photo Picture 080_zps7tqlhpu7.jpg  photo Picture 081_zpsus5rkz38.jpg  photo Picture 111_zpsp36mlr3a.jpg

That is probably also true for the Panamera. Most will still tell you – at least privately – that the looks are somewhat awkward, but I’ve driven one, and almost all was forgiven. This is an impressive car, even in the relatively low powered eHybrid model that I sampled. Maybe the next generation car, rumoured to be destined for a launch at the 2016 Geneva Show, will look a little less ungainly.

 photo Picture 077_zpsrwpemr0e.jpg  photo Picture 074_zps6pxwezjm.jpg  photo Picture 079_zps9grhsdkl.jpg  photo Picture 078_zpsooqh2nyw.jpg  photo Picture 076_zpswzazbgp5.jpg  photo Picture 075_zpsdo8txp16.jpg photo Picture 060_zps7wqyfxeu.jpg  photo Picture 110_zpsugol8lsm.jpg

There were lines of the smaller Cayman and Boxster as well, of course.

 photo Picture 070_zpsky0juy1b.jpg  photo Picture 090_zpshp9r66cw.jpg  photo Picture 089_zpsqxpbhdqu.jpg  photo Picture 094_zpsfcetild3.jpg  photo Picture 088_zpskaey3hsh.jpg  photo Picture 092_zpsy6jed2mr.jpg photo Picture 117_zpsdmzahrkn.jpg  photo Picture 389_zpsxtuxpx3s.jpg

I also came across this rather special machine. The Cayman GT4 sold out almost even before it was officially announced, back in February. It’s taken a while for production to begun, but cars have started to be shipped from August, so this is one of the early cars. Grey (or should that be “gray”, given where I was?!) would not be my choice of colour, and unfortunately, the layer of dust on it had fused all over it in the overnight rain, so it looked less than clean, but what a car!

 photo Picture 388_zpswabkwvkh.jpg  photo Picture 387_zps9cfdshvs.jpg


There were plenty of examples of the current Rolls Royce range, of Phantom, Ghost and Wraith, on show both indoors and out. There were plenty of apprehensions after the marque passed out of British hands, but the reality of BMW ownership has been that this has provided the funds that were so necessary to allow for the development and production of a range of very imposing machines which are fully in the spirit (no pun intended!) of this marque.

 photo Picture 004_zpszmcotyqc.jpg  photo Picture 310_zps3mjci957.jpg  photo Picture 206_zpsbs7ojqpu.jpg  photo Picture 204_zpscjdp40yw.jpg  photo Picture 211_zpszkc90hy0.jpg  photo Picture 213_zpsiasidkj0.jpg  photo Picture 212_zpszb6oz8is.jpg  photo Picture 205_zpsvfkegsgs.jpg  photo Picture 208_zpsdqopee4z.jpg  photo Picture 207_zpsardutxca.jpg  photo Picture 209_zpsw8owdatt.jpg  photo Picture 210_zps72ljij57.jpg  photo Picture 152_zpskvctxkiz.jpg

I did come across a couple of Silver Shadow models on site, a Series 1  and the later S2. What struck me about these cars is just how small they seem now. When new, in the 1960s and 1970s, these were large machines, but now they don’t seem that big at all.

 photo Picture 391_zpswgwt0olt.jpg  photo Picture 228_zpslrdb5itb.jpg


Final brand, and the one at the far end of the array of showrooms from Porsche is parent company, Volkswagen. “Dieselgate” was just starting to unfold, and become a news item at the time of my visit, but there was no evidence of panic in the showroom, which, as has been the case on previous visits, contained a mixture of brand new cars and a number of classics. The classics are nominally all for sale, but the very same cars have been on show for as long as I can remember, so the staff are clearly not trying that hard to sell them. In many ways, it would be sad if they were to disappear, as these are lovely machines to look at. There are a number of traditional Beetles, a Karmann Ghia, a couple of Type 2s, a Bus and a Pickup and my personal favourite a “Thing”, as the Americans called it, or the 181 Trekka was it was known in Europe. This last one is offered for $28,000, which is a lot, even allowing for the factory fresh condition of the machine.

 photo Picture 248_zpsimipiwyj.jpg  photo Picture 245_zpslwvpmq2y.jpg  photo Picture 241_zpstdytyxw7.jpg  photo Picture 242_zpsdbr6uw19.jpg  photo Picture 244_zpsbhzskzkx.jpg  photo Picture 249_zpsjsny2zds.jpg photo Picture 247_zpsuhdsnsq6.jpg  photo Picture 243_zpsbcatlprw.jpg  photo Picture 246_zpsrpl44epw.jpg

Best selling VW in America is the Jetta. Indeed, this version appeared in the US long before it reached Europe, back in 2013. Built in Mexico, there were quite a lot of measures taken to make the car cheaper to make, and hence to buy, which generated plenty of negative comment from the US press. Sales went up quite a lot, though. Running changes since then have restored some of the more obvious cost take-outs, with new engines, a return to independent rear suspension and better quality trim applied to 2015 model year cars. As well as petrol and diesel models, a Hybrid version is sold in the US.

 photo Picture 238_zps7ns5vslk.jpg

VW applied much of the same thinking to the Passat, with a US model designed and manufactured in the US, in Chatanooga, TN, taking the place of the German model in 2012. Physically larger than Euro Passat, this is a very roomy car indeed, and it drove quite well – good enough indeed to win Motor Trend’s Car of the Year award at launch, though more recently, the car has slipped down the rankings in comparison tests. A 2016 facelift was unveiled a few days after my visit.

 photo Picture 239_zpsbcunq22b.jpg  photo Picture 240_zpsmcvqivtg.jpg

The other models on show will be more familiar to those who know the European VW range, with several examples of the CC, the Golf VII, which finally made it to the US for 2015, the long running Tiguan and the second generation Beetle in Hatch and  Cabrio guise all on display.

 photo Picture 234_zpsxc2mlxij.jpg  photo Picture 236_zps28ox5cjg.jpg  photo Picture 235_zps2sentrqg.jpg  photo Picture 237_zps3huf56kq.jpg  photo Picture 250_zpsbmlzeygd.jpg  photo Picture 255_zpsdzhqo06q.jpg photo Picture 251_zpsd6zcv1oc.jpg  photo Picture 252_zpsafpfn0hy.jpg  photo Picture 254_zpshhhleuj0.jpg  photo Picture 253_zpszbehabze.jpg

As ever, then, this was an interesting diversion for a good couple of hours one afternoon whilst I was in the area. Indeed, I spent so long looking at the cars, wandering around the extensive site and talking to a number of sales staff, that I ran out of time to go and renew my acquaintance with the Racing Museum, itself. That gives me the excuse to go back again next time I am in Phoenix. Not that any excuse is really needed!

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